06.27.3013: Feelings of Helplessness
Summary: The medical team and Sophie hold a serious discussion as they can only wait helplessly for their soldiers to return from battle.
Date: 27 June 2013
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Triage at Shelter
Your basic triage setup with rows of cots for the injured.
27 June 3013

Sophie follows Ariana deeper into the settlement until they arrive at the triage. Caedmon stands behind her, looking a bit nervous as he fiddles with the hilt of his greatsword. Either way, Sophie takes the offered datapad while looking around in wonder, "it would seem the triage has been well organized already. Did you do all this, Ari?" She firmly nods her head, "just tell me the word, and I will document all you need me to." She smiles proudly, "I can bandage wounds in moments. I have encountered a number of small injuries in the Arborenin Woods, and Eadric Peake has taught me enough to keep me well prepared even on a batleground." She glances towards the screen as well, softly replying, "indeed…" After a long moment of silence, she suddenly asks, "so what has kept you busy the past few years?"

Ariana blinks at the question posed and looks around at the triage in all of its glory. "I cannot take complete credit for this, no, but I did did lend my assistance and organization skills to the matter. And we have been planning on this attack for a while now, so we made sure to have a variety of medicines in stock and ready for this very day." Her lips purse tightly now as her attention once again settles on the monitor in the distance and while her expression looks to be relaxed, her entire body is rigid and tense. "Though as for myself, I've been keeping busy with all of this, as you can guess. Though with political talks underway, I have engaged in some interesting conversation in that regard." A pause. "Have you had the chance to speak with Prince Emund or Princess Janelle and all of their siblings yet?"

Sophie grins, "well, it is impressive. I could never do so well. I'm so terrible at keeping anything organized." She chuckles lightly, voice filled with excitement, "I have never actually done something like this before. Healing massive numbers of soldiers. Or waiting for them to enter, for that matter." She arches a brow and glances to Ariana, "political talks?" She nods her head in perceived understanding, "oh, you mean with Emund and Janelle." She shrugs her shoulders, shaking her head, "they have not had the time to speak more than usual, anyway. Simply too busy with the newly arrived war." Sophie and Ariana are standing in the well-organized triage area of Shelter, a castle-like structure with snow all around it. Sophie is presently wearing a white dress with fluffy material along the hems of long sleeves and a hood, while Caedmon, her guard stands behind her in dutiful silence. He wears his usual green waistcoat over a white long-sleeved shirt, looking nervous as he waits for the outside battle to complete, idly running his fingers along the hilt of his greatsword. Sophie glances up to the screen displaying the battle, "I hope none become to grievously wounded…"

Ariana, sadly, isn't dressed in a flowing gown as much as she'd like to be. No, instead she is here as a medic, and thus is wearing her usual medic's attire, a jacket and pants set in pristine whites. However, she does have a chic cloak that drapes over her shoulders made of the fur of silver foxes. Her arms now crossed over her chest, her eyes remain on the images of soldiers on the screen even as she speaks to the Sauveur, "Once you have helped to set up a triage so many times before, you get used to the placement and spacing. This really isn't so different than the setup on the Ring. Just the sense of actual spacing configuration does come into play, depending on the size and shape of the room alotted for it." She finally tears her gaze from the view screen to look upon Sophie in full now, "I see. I'm sorry for the grief and suffering your family must be feeling right now. But yes, there have been some discussion regarding who King Symion will choose as his rightful heir and there was some concern that without their authority, that many of our Houses are at a standstill in military matters."

Sophie looks around the triage, amber eyes taking in the sight of how the area has been set up while Ariana explains it. She nods her head slowly in understanding, "it does seem similar to the Ring…" She moves to face Ariana more fully in turn, letting out a soft and somewhat weary sigh, "I wish there was a way around all of it. I wish my Uncle was not in bed, slowly…" She shakes her head, "well, anyway. I wish this was not happening. Thank you for your words nonetheless, Ari. You are a good friend." She forces a smile and adds, "a terrible time for the Hostiles to have come, when our leadership is…not as strong as I am sure our ancestors hope. I hope we manage to get through it all. There is far too much at stake, and I believe we must fully defeat them here, rather than allow them to return in five hundreds years again." She licks her lips lightly, curiosity flaring, "if I may ask, what did your family conclude?"

"Oh how things might be so much more different if a lot of things did not or were not happening at the moment." Ariana says in a soft, rather wistful tone. "What if King Symion were healthy and strong. What Prince Emund did not lose the love of his life. I do wonder, would we truly be in a better position now? I suppose so. We would have the full attention and focus of our leaders and yet still, our battle would be just as fierce from the side of our enemies." In an idle maner, Ariana takes graceful, almost dancing steps, towards one of the metal trays which rests beside the medical cots. With a gentle sigh, she merely shakes her head before crossing the room once more to fetch one tube or other, which she now sets down on the offending tray, as it disturbed her that the setup wasn't complete without the analgesic. "Better." She comments mostly to herself. Returning to Sophie, she considers this, "Oh, I did not speak to my family about these political matters. Though I did exchange words with Young Lord Kadmus Volen and even he seems undecided on the issue."

"Darnit Evald, you know I can't stand just waiting around…" the dark haired woman entering has her hair pulled back into a ponytail and the helmet of her protector armour tucked under her arm, and a quiver of arrows along with a bow strapped to her back. "My brother and sisters are out there, I should be there for them… be ready to help them, not-" she waves a hand towards the screens once inside, "just watching the screen for them and waiting for them to come to me." The helmet gets tossed on a cot, and Elodie stalks in frustration as the guard in the colors of the Iah family follows impassively. "Lady Elodie, you've just barely returned from Landing, and you didn't spend all that time learning to put people back together for it to be wasted within half an hour of your homecoming with you being skewered or dismembered."

Sophie sighs again, nodding her head, "indeed, much would be different were my Uncle well and my cousin happily coupled with his still-living wife." She shrugs her shoulders at the follow-up comments however, "I agree that the battle would surely be still fierce, but the people would act more united, the Houses would be pointed more directly at the Hostiles rather than choosing sides, and the Citizens would feel safer under a more stable rule." She watches Ariana dancing about, picking up a tray and adding a tube. She smirks, chuckling lightly, "you are such a perfectionist." At the explanation about political matters, she replies, "it is a difficult decision, I think. It is loyal to wish Emund for the throne. But…he has lost his wife and he will have to lose his father before taking leadership. He has hardly reacted when the Hostiles arrived, and I worry gaining the crown will do little to cure him of his grief." She falls silent upon hearing someone speaking and approaching from afar, fingers curling against her palms and whispering beside the Larent noble, "I should be out there…I shouldn't just be standing here chatting…" She looks up as the newcomer arrives, overhearing her name during this 'Evald's' overbearing words, "hello, Lady Elodie. You are…Una's sister, are you not?"

"And everyone would be happy." Ariana speaks out to Sophie at this talk of the Sauveur family situation and how things would be faring so much better if fate were kinder. She then turns slowly, her eyes meeting with the young Sauveur when she adds in, "Even Princess Janelle, I would expect." A simple smile is given at the comment of her being a perfectionist, but she finds no need to make any response to this. Instead, her gaze now follows Sophie's at the entrance of Elodie Iah, someone who she does know from both her time at the Academ and at any any Orelle function. Politely, she lowers her head in greeting to the woman, "Lady Elodie, it's been a while since we last spoke. Your Lady Sister did inform me that you will be joining us and…" A pause, her gaze shifts to Sophie, "And you would worry your family so if you did go off to fight, My Lady."

At the other voices, and most especially, the sound of her name, Elodie cools off a bit. She turns to Evald for one last moue of frustration, but then lifts the bow and quiver over her head to hand them over. The guard receives them with a nod, and then moves off to also pick up her helmet and find a place to stow them safely before returning to her vicinity.
"Lady Ariana, it has been awhile. I came as soon as I finished my shift, but it took awhile with the people crowding through the Waygate." Elodie inclines her head politely to the other ladies in the room, a little deeper to Sophie. "You are correct, Lady Sophie, I am Lady Una's little sister. I apologize for my unseemly entrance, and if I have interrupted your conversation with my outburst. I am just worried as I haven't seen my family in so long." She glances to the monitors and grimaces, her fingers now curling against her impotence as she waits.

Sophie nods her head, "truly, Janelle loves her father. They both will be greatly wounded at his loss, but Emund has shown difficulty in remaining reliable. He will only worsen with yet more death, I think…" She glances to Ariana at the warning, "I know they would. I promised…" She sighs, "I promised Ellie I would keep away from fights, at least for a time…" She smiles, "it's just…just difficult, you know?" She giggles gently and shakes her head to Elodie's words, "it is perfectly fine, Elodie. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." She cants her head to the side nonetheless, letting curiosity take over, "you just missed your sister. She is indeed out there fighting…have you not been living here with her?"

"I'm glad that you were able to make it back in time, My Lady." Ariana speaks out to the other medic, before her blue eyes flitter yet again towards the video screen. "So far, there has been little action. However." And her eyes now narrow as she watches the video screen intently, "It looks like something is happening out there." Gracefully, her fingers toy and wring at the fabric of her jacket, a nervous gesture to the fact that the battle may very well have begun. "I do not fault you for being concerned for our soldiers, especially close friends and relations. My own father is out there now as well, so I can truly understand your desires to go and help." Despite, noticing Sophie's slacking in etiquette, the far too rigid and proper Ariana does not make mention of this at the moment. There are far more important matters at hand, though she does watch the Sauveur with a focused gaze, maybe, in the hopes that her 'look' would remind the royal on the rules of respect and manners.

"No, my Lady Sophie," Elodie answers lightly, and one may, just maybe, detect ever the tiniest, slightest bit of emphasis on the title, or it might be imagination. "I have been studying medicine at the Academ on Landing for the past three years. It was seen as character building for be to be out on my own, so I have only returned home for holidays and formal gatherings." As she speaks closer to Ariana, and her hand reaches out rest lightly on the fidgeting fingers for a brief, very brief, reassuring squeeze. The contact is broken off quickly as she folds her arms across in front of her with a muted clank of armor. "It will be all right."

Sophie's own eyes narrow, peering intently at the video screen, "indeed…" She sighs softly, "while I worry as well about those that might become wounded…or worse in that battle, I feel as though I should help. Like standing here watching a screen is almost…laughable." She glances at the newcomer, "it would seem you are already prepared to go out and fight, Elodie. If I could just go back to the palace and get my own equipment…Ellie does not have to know…" When she notices first Ariana's meaningful stare and then the emphasis on her title, she rolls her eyes faintly and sighs out, "forgive me, Lady Elodie is of course what I meant to say." Once she hears mention of the Academ however, her ears perk up and she asks, "Academ? Have you met an instructor there named Elspeth? She is researching Awakened abilities. I even volunteered to help."

If Ariana's posture was stiff before, she becomes all the more rigid once reassuring contact is made to her hand by the Iah lady. It always comes as a surprise when anyone gets close enough to surprise her with even the merest of touches and despite it all, she graces Elodie with what could be a thankful smile for the woman's kindness, "Thank you, My Lady. I know that your words ring true and my Lord Father and your family will return home safely… with all of the soldiers who were sent out to battle today." Signs of combat now are clearly evident on the video screen and Ariana quietly takes steps to close the distance between herself and these images. Oddly now, all her worry seems to have melted for the moment and despite wanting a better view of the fight, the young Larent seems rather calm, her movements graceful once more as she laces her fingers together in a thoughtful gesture. That faint polite smile even widens a touch when Sophie returns to using titles once more as well, though she does add, "You know full well that your Lady Sister will find out and when she does… I would hate to be your personal guard, who really, should prevent you from throwing yourself into these dangerous situations, My Lady Sophie."

Elodie moves closer with Ariana to the screens, not that she can tell who is who in the miniature representations of knights and hostiles, her arms still folded. "I was ready to go and help the wounded, my Lady," she says to Sophie, the lack of title now forgotten, nor mentioned again. "Not so much to fight, I am not very good when things are in close quarters. The armor is for stray ranged attacks, but… it's true. I can still be hurt if I go out there." Her sideways glance notes Ariana's more relaxed stance, and she allows herself a tiny smile.

Sophie watches the reaction half-expectantly when Elodie touches Ariana, a small smile curling about her lips. She nods her head nonetheless, "I agree, everyone will come home fine. Ari is a skilled physician, and I know enough first-aid to help any wounded when they eventually arrive." She sighs, giving Ariana a sullen expression, "she does not have to know. I could…I could wear a helmet on my armor. None would realize I was involved in the battle, especially if I merely shoot my bow safely from afar." She glances to Caedmon, who is simply nervously fiddling with his greatsword while gazing at the video screen, "Caedmon is a loyal Knight. He trusts I will not go blindly into a battle." She licks her lips uncertainly, before glancing at Elodie, "I am…not very talented when the fight gets closer either, though I am quite good with a bow, I think."

"I am not much of a combatant, myself, and as I have no military tranining, my Lord Father will not allow me to serve as a medic aboard his ramship." Ariana brings up, but unlike any other time this fact is mentioned, there is no sign of resentment in her tone. "He did agree that it was a good idea to learn some self-defense skills, so I am considering a good tutor in that regard." A pause and she laughs gently at Sophie's words, "Why, Lady Elodie is far more skilled than even I. At the moment, I am still taking a few courses in medicine at the Academ. Courses which the Lady Elodie has already completed. Still, I volunteer much of my time in order to gain some experience and I find that this has benefitted me greatly." Hearing the clashing of weapons upon armor, she turns to view the screen once more, continuing her conversation, "And Lady Sophie, do you not think that your Lady Sister will find out after the fact? Or, if, gods forbid, you get hurt out in the field? No matter how you think you will be able to hide this, I just have a feeling that Sir Ellinor will learn of this one way or another."

"There will be many more battles for you, My Lady Sophie, I am sure," Elodie turns to smile reassuringly to the young woman. "It is as you have said, those of us who are not knighted must help as we can and use our talents. You are doing your duty to the war by being here to help aid the wounded, and to bolster their morale by representing the royal family, letting us know that we are not standing out here alone." Her encouragement is sincere and she gives a gesture to the screen. Perhaps it is a good thing that things are not so clear for her to see precisely what is going on down on the field. "Please, come join us." Her attention shifts to Ariana as she gives a nod of her head. "The things you're learning at Academ will make much more sense, Lady Ariana, when you have seen them in person."

Sophie smirks lightly to Ariana, "your father sounds like my sister. Just because you don't have skills to fight in battle, hardly means you should not be allowed to be present. Surely there is a safe place you could go where you would not need to fight Hostiles, and simply bandage the wounds of the injured afterwards?" She sighs, "I should learn some self defense skills myself. I have only had a few lessons in the past." She glances at Elodie in mild surprise, "you are a better medic than Ari is, Elod-…Lady Elodie?" She glances down glumly at the ground, "I am just fooling myself, I suppose. I would like to fight, but Ellie will almost certainly find out. One way or another…" She looks up to Elodie, forcing a smile, "you're right, of course. We have decades of battles. It just…it is difficult to wait." She smiles genuinely upon hearing the encouragement however, "thank you, Elodie. I appreciate hearing that."

"You will grow, Lady Sophie. We all will. And eventually, our skills and talents will be relied upon even more than we could ever imagine." Ariana says in a soft tone when she speaks to the Sauveur, her gaze soon follows to study the tiny brunette. "Just as one day, I will gain the skills that I'll need to be able to operate as a field medic." With Elodie's wisdom, the Larent looks rather pleased by the woman's reassuring words, "Lady Elodie is correct. I could sense the courage and pride within our soldiers once you made your appearance here and that will only grow each time you are seen tending offering your assistance and comfort to our injured and grieving. Your words and your motiviational posters have enlightened the hearts of many, I am sure, My Lady." For now, her attention once more goes to the screen, to make out anything that she can. "Very shortly, the first of the injured will be brought back here. So we must be on the ready for their arrival."

Elodie gives a smile and a nod to indicate 'you're welcome' to the Lady Sophie's pleasure. "I am not better than the Lady Ariana, but I have finished my studies to be a combat medic," she answers the question. "I would say that I have more knoweledge than she does right now, but it won't take long for her to catch up to me, I'm sure." She glances once more to the screens, then goes to the flap of the tent. Opening it, she stands just outside the triage center, watching for the first to be brought in, and ready to set to work or help carry wounded when they get closer.

Sophie nods, "I hope so. For one, I can certainly not imagine my sister ever seeing me as a just as capable in battle as herself. Though maybe in enough years…" She shrugs, shaking her head lightly, before hearing what Ariana has to say to reassure her. Her eyes widen and she finds herself beaming with pride, even going so far as to giggle cheerfully, "Ellie said that my speech reminded her of Uncle." She nods firmly, decisively, at the mention of the wounded soon to arrive, "I will help in whatever way I possibly can." When Elodie starts for the exit of the triage, Sophie glances back to Ariana before following the Iah noble and confidently preparing to assist.

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