Family Duty
Summary: Agnes pens a letter to her brother, of greatest import.
Date: 30/06/2013
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30 June 3013 — Willowtree Hospital

The day after nearly dying in a battle with the Hostiles, Agnes pens a letter to her brother Trentin, Lord Peake.


I know that you have exhibited the utmost in patience with me, regarding marriage. You have allowed me far more years than most Heads of House would grant their sibling, when politics can so heavily hinge on the connections solidified between families.

I write this to you now, as I lie in a hospital bed in Landings, recovering from grievous injuries that nearly ended my life. When one comes so close to death, they tend to take the measure of their life. I realize that I have been sorely remiss in an aspect of my duty, and I wish to change that.

It is time for you to find me a husband, Trentin, before this war sees me die a maid. Please be kind in your choices, for you know where my heart lies, though I don't even dare aspire to that match. Please choose someone of an age with me, as I do not think I could be a wife to someone terribly young. I can only ask that it is someone who won't be cruel, or feel they have been punished with this match.

I will do my duty to House Peake, as the years are gaining on me. Thank you for your patience all these years.

All my love,

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