Lady Evey Dalton
Emmy Rossum
Emmy Rossum as Evey Sole Dalton
Full Name: Evey Sole Dalton
Byname: -
Age: 26
Planet: Moon of Inculta
Paramount: Orelle
House: Dalton
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: -
Spouse: - Height: 5' 8"
Father: Lord Sir Cyrus Dalton Weight: 145
Mother: Lady Alix Dalton nee Ibrahm Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Lord Sir Cynan Dalton Eye Color: Dark Brown
Children: -


Born to Lord Sir Cyrus and Lady Alix Dalton, Evey is next in the line after Cynan. An inquisitive mind became focused upon her skills as an Awakened, which was triumphed and fostered by her family. Her aura appears as a golden, yellow light, energy emanating a peaceful warmth - rather stereotypical and indicative of Dalton. While she took full advantage of the training, along with a due diligence to accepting the ways of Mysticism, she's got more mixed feelings about the Servants of Light, never feeling as if she were supernaturally called - just handed another talent to develop. The superstitions from her childhood run deep, as she still finds it difficult to sleep in the dark. Regardless, she's been one to stay on Inculta, helping out where she can, developing her Awakened abilities and, with the War begun anew, she's joined with the Servants to protect her home.

While the death of her cousin, Bors, didn't impact her nearly as much as her brother, Evey holds some thinly veiled bitterness for Cynan's leaving. She's found herself with the conflicting desires to make her own path with that of defending her home and family. Even as she's been given most opportunities she could even comprehend to ask for, she still finds it all unfulfilling. While maintaining positive relations with her family, Evey has daydreams of leaving Inculta, perhaps to study other philosophies of being Awakened elsewhere. But, for now, that is all they are - dreams.




Sleeps with Nightlight: Probably from years of being surrounded by the near-worship of the Light, Evey, to her great regret, cannot possibly sleep without some source of light.
Easily Disoriented: New places are a weakness, and she'll soon lose her bearings in cities. Perhaps even in Detritus itself.
Busybody: She loves keeping mental tabs on everyone and everything, though she does TRY to hide it.

Musical Inspiration

Icarus by Bastille
"Your hands protect the flames
from the wild winds around you…

Look out to the future,
but it tells you nothing,
you take another breath…"

On the Grid

Known Associates

Cynan Lord Sir Cynan Dalton : My occasionally reclusive brother. Love him to death, but guy needs to loosen up just a smidge.
Helena Lady Helena Dalton, MD : My workaholic cousin. Few people I would put higher on the goodness scale.
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