Ever Since Primus
Summary: After coming home from a hair-raising encounter, Jor broods on the subject.
Date: July 29, 2013
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Jor's Couch — Landing — Imperius

The night was quiet, in the way that the capital city of Landing was quiet when it was two hours past sundown. Yet despite the quiet and the relative safety of Landing, Jor did not think he could possibly sleep tonight, or much at all in the coming days. Ever since Primus, too much was now at stake.

In front of him, the vidscreen swarmed with information he'd pulled from the InfoSphere and stored in his local archive. He was going to have to upgrade to a higher capacity, soon, at this rate. Articles, tabloids, history accounts, even religious texts had all been reached out for and procured where able, including a few recorded conversations that he had had over the past few days.

Putting the screen to sleep, the manifesto on Waygate technology he had invoked vanished from its projection in front of him, and with that, he lied back to think on what he had just read. Not a great deal to be learned from that line of inquiry, in truth, but sometimes even basic theory could lead to important discoveries later. Wasn't that the foundation of science's advancements, after all? He shut his eyes for just a moment, and ended up waking with the sun shining on his face, still lying there on the couch.

The first thought that came to his mind, was the same one that had jumped into his mind right after that explosive, rhetorical, profane question had escaped their collective mouths: What if his fool theory was right? The thought disturbed him like no other. Worse, he still couldn't find a hole to poke in the logic of it. He was going to have to talk to the others. Gathering up his data pad, he went out early to try and make that likely heated discussion happen. There would be no breakfast today.

The worst part of it? He couldn't trust anyone anymore.

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