<RETIRED> Sir Evangeline Celaeno Bracken
Milla Jovovich
Milla Jovovich as Sir Evangeline Celaeno Bracken
Full Name: Sir Evangeline Celaeno Bracken
Byname: The Harpy
Age: 35
Planet: Ignis
Paramount: Orelle
House: Grantham
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Citizen Knight of the Ash Legion
Spouse: None. Height: 5'9"
Father: Sir Cale Bracken Weight: 130 lbs.
Mother: Rena Vord Hair Color: Brown/varies
Siblings: Younger half-siblings unnamed Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Evangeline Bracken was born to Sir Cale Bracken of the Ash Legion, a citzen knight, and Rena Vord, a foundary worker. Rena was not normal. She was Awakened, but the awakening had been particularly harsh and had left her mentally and emotionally scarred. She had never intended to marry or be a mother, and it was a fluke that she conceived during a passionate night with a member of the military, brought on by drink. She tried, but the voices in her head told her to leave the child into the care of her father moments after her birth.

Cale was a somewhat distant father, having been forged in the fires of Ignis, but he gave his daughter all the tools she would need to survive the difficulty of life in the Pit. The child excelled in all things athletic, and she proved gifted with swords, and using her own body as a weapon. She grew up alongside his squire, Flint Grantham, who was 6 years her senior. She looked up to the young man, and trained with him heavily. She was always blunt, not caring much about mincing words or being pleasant, finding such things a waste of time. She was squired at the age of 8, and believed for a long time that the voice in her head was that of the Crone, guiding her on her path. At 18, on the night of her Vigil before her squiring, she fully Awakened and the glowing, waning crescent moon that appeared on her forehead, enveloping her in the cold light of the aging aspect of the female god, left her unconscious on the floor of the vigil room.

She was taken to the Sorcery Circles of the Red House immediately after her Knighting, to learn the source of her sorcery. It was three years later that she rejoined the Ash Legion, and her devotion to the Crone was complete. She has since served diligently, preparing for the Hostiles return. She learned from her fellows to dance and play dice in the hours of their downtime, but she's not very practiced at either.

When the Hostiles did come, early, she lost her father in the first wave, and the seed of vengeance was planted deep in her soul. She despises the Hostiles, everything about them, and finds pure joy in slaughtering them. She is also almost blindly devoted to the Crone and the Ash Legion, loyal to the core.



This woman looks to be in her mid-30s, with short-cropped, wavy brown hair and bright blue eyes. She stands 5'9" tall and is wrapped in light combat armor in black. She has two kukri blades strapped to her thighs, and a pair of swords in a back harness. A hand crossbow is on one hip.

Awakened Appearance

When Eve's Awakened abilities are used, her eyes go blank white, and a crescent moon glows on her forehead. Her hair appears to turn white. When she invokes her awakened armor, it is a very intricately appearing luminescent outfit with celestial detailing, translucent.


Eve only has one tattoo, but it's a large one that takes up most of her upper back. The harpy's wings go from the back of one shoulder, to the other.


  • Citizen Knight
  • Devotee of the Crone
  • Doesn't Waste Words
  • Late Awakening
  • Painfully Blunt
  • Savage

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Known Associates

Flint Lord Sir Jacob "Flint" Grantham : My oldest friend, Father's squire. We trained together, fought together, and Jacob is someone I trust and respect. Course, there was that whole on and off rolling around in the sheets together when we were younger too. Then things got weird and I spent a decade avoiding him.
Devon Lady Devon Grantham : I hadn't seen her since she was 16, but now she's grown into a beautiful woman, and a widow, sadly. She takes care of the Legion, and for that I'm grateful.
Odette Lady Sir Odette "Poe" Grantham : TBD

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Scene Summaries

  • July 21 - The Harpy Returns: After a decade away from the Red House, Sir Eve Bracken returns with news of her father's death. Old flames reunite, old friends meet again.
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