Sergeant Ethan Blake
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jake Gyllenhaal as Ethan Blake
Full Name: Ethan Blake
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 32
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Sauveur
House: Sauveur
Title/Profession: Sergeant
Position: Sergeant of the Watch
Spouse: Devlyn Blake Height: 6'0"
Father: Sergeant Blake Weight: 180 lbs
Mother: Sergeant Blake Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: 1 sister (younger) Eye Color: Slate Grey
Children: N/A




Standing at 6' tall, Ethan is built fairly solidly with firm, well defined muscle. His shoulders are wide and square over a narrow waist and trim hips. While some men might be able to claim some level of pretty to their features, Ethan would not be considered one of them. Handsome, yes, but his facial features are decidedly leaning towards the male influence with the sharp cut of his jaw and chin as well as the softer line of his cheekbones. Set just off center, his nose is somewhat dominant on his face, but is overshadowed by his intense, slate blue eyes.

As per his usual, Ethan wears a uniform of sorts typical to the members of the Watch. Light weight, black ceramic armor adorns his torso in the form of a breast plate with heavier armer covering his legs and arms, including a face mask he's able to pull up should he need it. His long, black leather coat covers over all of him and includes a hood, looking both to be warm and provide an extra layer of protection. Classically, the uniform trench coat has heavy steel shoulder protectors, but his uniform doesn't have them. His hands are covered by leather gloves and fit closely, making his fingers still effective for use with his bow and his feet are encased in black armored boots that strap up to his knees and look very sturdy.


Critical - Ethan is critical of himself, but also of others.

Loves Observing - Can you say Voyeur? He likes to watch everything around him.

Pragmatic - There is something to be said for thinking of things and enacting them in the most logical, efficient way possible.

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Known Associates

Devlyn Sergeant Devlyn Blake : My wife and partner in everything.
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