Lady Esmeia Rovehn
Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried as Lady Esmeia Rovehn
Full Name: Lady Esmeia Rovehn
Byname: none she knows of
Age: 19
Planet: Imperius (though currently Landing)
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Rovehn
Title/Profession: Lady, Genetic Zoology student
Position: Student
Spouse: none Height: 5'4
Father: Lord Sir Orthur Iah Weight: Light
Mother: Lady Sir Nicola Rovehn Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Aleksander, Talynne, Eiristra Eye Color: Green
Children: none


Sometimes it's easier to be the 'baby' of the family. There are less weighty expectations placed upon you and thus more time to enjoy the finer things in life. A pleasurable motto to live by, in the opinion of Lady Esmeia Rovehn.

Less martially minded than her elder sisters, the 'little one' instead relies more heavily upon her social and academic talents. Honestly, she's considered a little eccentric by her kin, being more at ease within a lifestyle of finery and technological advancement than most of the nomadic Rovehns, and enjoying many things that the Rovehns and their vassals might considered frivolous. Indeed, Esmeia has grown to adore life on Landing, with all its glamour and activity. While her studies continue at the Academ, where she plans to earn her degree in Genetic Zoology, the young lady is quite content to reside there.. of course with frequent visits home when the pod is near the Ways.



The young lady before you is quite pretty, in a windswept, petite sort of way. Arching tawny brows are set above large eyes of pale green that promise either pools of warmth or unkind displeasure, depending upon her mood. Something about her porcelain features suggests the girl to be quick to a smile, though; as if she were ever on the precipice of an amused grin or mischievous quip but withholding it just barely. Her hair is a thick, waist-length swathe of tousled flaxen and honey-gold, the tresses falling softly in loose, natural waves. A straight nose and rosy cheeks lead the eye downward to plump lips. Her 5'4 figure is willowy, while bearing subtle undertones of lithe muscle - a little hourglass waist serves as the centerpoint for narrow hips and lean thighs below; blossoming curves above. About the shoulders and arms she is less powerfully built, with the gestures and carriage of true nobility.


  • A bit OCD: She just likes things done a certain way. Order and logic.
  • Aspirations of Grandeur: Alright, she grew up a little spoiled. Why shouldn't she have lofty ideals?
  • Forward Thinker: A rare Rovehn who looks around and ahead, Esmeia strives to immerse herself in politics.
  • Hopeful Romantic: She's a sucker for chivalry. Ambitions aside, she does hope for an eventual match that will suit her taste.
  • Permanent Limp: Injured several years ago, she still limps a little. She can't help it.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Rovehn The House of Rovehn : My kin. Due to their natural surroundings, those of the Caravan are free-spirited and passionate individuals who are surpassed only by the Arboren for their adoration and affinity with the natural world.
Leandra Miss Leandra Ryder : My eldest sister, who gave up her heirdom and title in order to pursue her love of politics and work tirelessly on behalf of our people. Would that I were so fearless!
Aleksander Young Lord Sir Aleksander : My elder brother and now heir to the House. He's a bit of a daredevil.. but we're of similar temperament.
Talynne Lady Sir Talynne : My elder sister. She is everything that I am not, in truth. Strong, courageous and a formidable adversary on the battlefield, so I'm told. Really, the only thing we have in common is our love of horses.
Eiris Lady Eiristra : The next sister after Talynne, so it makes sense that they should be closer, I suppose. She's just as martially intimidating and she's Awakened.

Lionel Sir Lionel Keats : tbd
Isaac Sergeant Isaac Keats : tbd
Rebecca Sergeant Rebecca Mordain : tbd
Ioan Sergeant Ioan Mordain : tbd

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