High Lord Captain Esiah Orelle
Stephen Dillane
Stephen Dillane as High Lord Captain Esiah Eustis Orelle
Full Name: High Lord Captain Esiah Eustis Orelle
Byname: -
Age: 51 Standard Years
Planet: Oculus, The Ring
Paramount: The Paramount House of Orelle
House: House Orelle
Title/Profession: High Lord Captain of The Ring
Position: Head of House, Captain
Spouse: Lady Magnola Larent Height: 6' 0" (1.83m)
Father: Lord Admiral Ilo Orelle Weight: 168 pounds (76.2kg)
Mother: Lady Lysandra Khournas Hair Color: Brown, balding
Siblings: TBD Eye Color: Brown
Children: Young Lord Sir Benedict Orelle
Lady Rozlyn Orelle
Lord Captain Cedric Orelle
Lady Talayla Orelle
Lord Frederick Orelle
Lady Marissana Orelle


Eldest child of High Lord Captain Ilo Orelle and his wife Lysandra Orelle nee Khournas, Esiah was raised to command. His brothers and sisters were his first crew, playing ramships and Hostiles together throughout the Spire of Leonara. Even his early tutors instructed him in naval tactics, astrophysics, and the ways and logistics of leadership. It was not an easy adolescence, with his father working towards — and then attaining — an Admiral's pips and then the position of Master of Ships, but Esiah learned his lessons well and grew up serious and dedicated.

Esiah, of course, attended the Royal Naval Academy, graduating tenth in his class. He might have graduated higher, but he spent perhaps a little too much time discovering wine, women, and Khourni music. Whatever burgeoning life he had as a playboy, however, was cut short by his sudden betrothal to Magnola Larent. They were married when he was 24, and their first son was born soon there-after. Esiah doted on his baby boy, and in his mind, Benedict could do no wrong. The children that followed were encouraged and guided as well, but Benedict was always his favorite. The birth of his first child also focused him admirably on the future.

Esiah earned the rank of Captain at twenty-five, but has little drive to breach the rarefied ranks of the Admiralty — his focus has been on ensuring that his House is prepared for the approach of the Hostiles, knowing that his father would watch over the Navy first and foremost. The faltering of his father after his mother's death was a shock — Esiah himself mourned, but he did so more privately, and without impeding his ability to guide House Orelle. That task fell almost completely on him after his mother's death, until Ilo actually set abdicated the title of High Lord Orelle, and the task became his formally.



Tall and spare, this man looks as if he has worked any excess flesh off his bones — not by physical exercise, but by pure determination and unceasing drive. His hairline is rapidly advancing up off his forehead, and his hair is mostly gray, but the vibrancy of purpose about the man is unfaltering. His face is long, with thin lips, intense dark eyes, and a prominent nose.

He wears the black uniform of the Royal Navy, a double-breasted jacket with mandarin collars broken by a single gold pip on either side, flat-front pants, and leather boots. In this time of war, the Royal Navy-issue hand crossbow rests at his right hip, and a short stabbing sword at his left. The cyan eye of House Orelle is prominently pinned to his left breast.


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