08.02.3013: Escorting the Good Doctor
Summary: Jarek leads a rag tag escort for Hadrian so that his personal scientific curiosities might be satisfied, supplies and equipment might be delivered, and the potential for Hadrian to return the favor of this escort by healing any sick or injured along the way.
Date: 2 August 2013
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Drake Mountains
varies see the poses, however the Drake mountains are beautiful and dangerous. So, imagine a beautiful dangerous mountain range's securely tucked away valley.
2 August 3013

The Drake mountains are a splendour in and of themselves, tall cresting peaks, low cut vallies, plateus and cliffs. Nestled into the side of a particular valley is one of many forward relief stations opperated by the Saimhann family who controls this area of the Crescent.

The heir to that house, Young Lord Sir Jarek, has only recently returned to field after taking care of several matters both personal and public. Matters of the heart, matters of the state, and matters of the house (upgrades). Knight Lieutenant Jarek sits atop his impressive destrier, Attop, looking out over the route they'll be taking to Relief station two, with stops at a few of the hunting lodges hidden throughout the valley. Several of his men are waiting around him, all dressed in what would seem like hunting equipment if it weren't that the armor platings cover them head to foot. "Golds, prepare the packhorses and get ready to move out. When the good Doc gets here, we'll mount up and leave." To that they instantly begin to muster the horses with their heavy supplies, a few carts to carry the much too heavy items, and then get their own horses into the line.

There are several things this sort of escort requires. Among Knights and soldiers, a scout of the Rovehn military has accompanied Lord Sir Sammel Cindravale. Sergeant Rebecca Mordain sits astride her horse, Spectre, and settled on a special perch on her saddle is Ghost, her peregrine falcon. The Red Wraith, as she is known, rides slowly around where the packhorses are being loaded, so Ghost gets used to the scents of both the animals, and what they are carrying, to let him recognize them in the field.

There's not been too many days since he got out of hospital, and some of the time in those days has been spent working out so he was ready again when putting on his armor once more. But now Sammel is placed atop his horse, the one named No Name. Looking over at Rebecca and the falcon, he offers a quiet smile, before he looks around again once more. Gaze going to Jarek as he spots the man, he offers a quiet nod in greeting now.

Sometimes, you just have to get outside. Not really a fact that has settled with Miller, and yet here he is, somewhere in the Drake mountains. Granted, he's not a horse person, he's a soldier. A detective, and before that, a beat cop. Really isn't much use for a horse in that line of work, being a rank-and-file soldier to boot, he never the point the in learning. Didn't stop his superior from shoving him out there anyways, as a way to get his qouta in for field time. Nevermind that he hardly leaves Landing. Also nevermind that he doesn't know any of these people whatsoever, so like any other good soldier, he keeps his trap shut.

Hadrian was not so long to arrive. He had an appointment, and the 'good' doctor was loathe to be late. Without fanfare he arrived, a bag in one hand of supplies. A simple black bag of classic doctoring style. He approached the group of riders and horses, giving a nod of his head. "Greetings and salutations." he offers simply to one of Jerik's men. "I am Doctor Hadrian Orelle. I believe the Young Lord is expecting me."

"Good doctor Lord Hadrian, good to see you." comes to field voice of Jarek as his attention is pulled from the route to the entrance of the camp. He looks to Sammel with a nod, "Sammel, good to see you out of the hospital. Frying pan, fire right?" he grins slightly before motioning to a horse, "Doc, on the pony we should leave now. Burning daylight isn't a good thing." with that, he scans the group and give both Rebecca and Miller nods before looking ahead and starting out.

Rebecca finishes her circuit and she gives Sammel a nod of greeting, deferential to the nobleman. Her flame red hair has been braided back into a bun so it doesn't get caught when she activates the helmet in her armor. Today is her daughter's first birthday. The party isn't until the weekend, but there's still a bit of a pang in her heart being out here and not home with little Sophia. This is her job though, so she reins in her emotions, as well as her horse, and moves to draw even with the Cindravale Lord. "Everything is in order, Sir Sammel," she notes to him quietly. Ghost cheeps at her from his perch. As the line begins to move, she activates her armor's helmet. "Phantom, escort mode, key into Ghost's transmitter." Her AI responds with, "Yes Sergeant." The HUD lights up, showing a blip for the bird. She then lifts the falcon from his perch, whispers a command to him, and lets him launch into the sky to watch their path from above.

"Good to be out of the hospital," Sammel replies to Jarek, a grin being offered as he nods as well. "Heard I missed a good party while I was in there." A nod and a smile is given to Hadrian as well, before he nods at Rebecca's words, offering her a momentary smile. "That's good, Sergeant," he offers, gaze going to Ghost for a few moments as well. "Extra scout?" he asks as the bird launches. Miller also gets a nod and a smile, before he nudges No Name to move forward with the others now.

Miller is cordial enough to return the nod given to him, other than that he doesn't look to be one to add much to the conversation at this current time. Takes a moment adjust the great coat on his shoulders that covers up his suit of armor. His electrified nightstick has been traded out for an actual and more lethal mace than his non-lethal one. That done, a glance around, but little else.

Hadrian gives the animal a quiet look. "I would not call myself much of a rider." The Doctor mounts the animal as he places his bag on the wagon. "However, it is good to see you again, Young Lord Jarek. I do hope our outing to be…" He pauses a moment, a quiet smile coming to his lips. "Productive."

Hadrian's labcoat shifts as he mounts the animal. A hand-held crossbow hanging there in a leg-holster. Its a small thing, more for personal defense than actual war. To the others assembled, he bows his head. "Lord Doctor Hadrian Orelle. It is a pleasure." He urges the beast forward, after the rest. "Easy now, creature. The foliage in this region has been known to carry toxins and I am not familiar with your genetically modified organs and nor do I wish to become so." The pony just chuffs and follows the larger horses, barely listening to Hadrian's tugs and leg squeezes. He clearly does not know horses.

As the get to the base of the valley, the journey down having taken about ten minutes, Jarek rounds them along the base of the cliff side they'd be on. Of course, the destination is in the opposite direction when one looks straight across. Only after another ten mintues does Jarek stop, and listen. "Maya, open B-00T5 Comm secure." there is a ping and then his link to the rest cuts out. After a moment a bush moves onto the trail ahead of them. Only, the foliage of the bush recedes into a suit of armor and there is a man standing where once one might have though a harmless blackberry growth. "Sir Jarek, the broodmothers have indeed taken the young back into the high mountains. The path of the Rubicon is clear. As always becareful." with that, the man becomes bush and is again part of the forested area off the side of the trail.

Jarek leads on, and soon they arrive at a very narrow natural eathen bridge spanning a huge fissure in the ground that separates rocky cliffs from green valley forests.

Rebecca smiles, but it's lost under her helmet. "He has better eyes than any of our technology, Sir," she responds to Sammel. "I trained him myself." She unhooks her crossbow from the sling on her back, charging it up just in case. There is a composite bow across the back of her saddle as well, and a mechanized quiver on her armor's thigh, which she sets to bolts for the moment. She doesn't seem surprised by the scout's appearance, being well versed in what scout armors can do.

"Always good to be able to use what's natural when the technology can't quite compare. Sammel nods as he hears that, before he nods at Hadrian too. "Lord Sir Sammel Cindravale," he introduces himself in return, before he looks around once more. A quiet nod as he sees the scout, listening to the others again. Pausing for a few moments as they reach that bridge, glancing down at the chasm now. "Interesting geography here," he offers as he looks to the others again, offering a quiet smile.

Good thing they're walking, because Miller is on foot, what with his lack of equestrian handling knowlege. It does mean he has to take up the rear, which again, is just fine by him. Prevents him from being really noticed, and he's more of a fan of being little more than just another helmet in the crowd. He's good at that. Getting to the earth bridge does give him a momentary pause, causing an electronic vocalized sigh from his helmet's speakers. "I hate heights." For a moment, the first step is a bit of a tentative one, and upon realizing that, yes, it's going to hold his weight, the soldier continues on.

"Tell me, Young Lord," Hadrian begins as the group rides down into the valley. "Is there any good fishing in your mountains?" he wonders simply. "Its been some time since I've been, and it is nice to fillet them." The Doctor says as he shifts on the saddle. "I don't see how you ride these creatures constantly. I do believe abrasion followed by folliculitis and finally abscess would be most uncomfortable." he mumbles to himself, quiet complaints from the Orelle. "Worry not. Heights will not harm you. Only sudden stops." he offers to Miller.

"Right, good to know Ghost three." is given to the scout who's aready gone, "Good Doctor, there is almost no fishing in the mountains but what we do have is indeed good fishing." Jarek begins to lead them two abreast over the Rubicon, called so for the fact that one small step to either side is the point of no return. "Easy folks, bridge will hold, but mind your step." As they reach the other side Jarek will lead them on towards the first stop on their all day journey. "Sergeant, a little birdy told me your daughter's birthday is today. I hope she likes the present I sent."

"Need me to scout ahead, Sir Jarek?" Rebecca asks the Young Lord over the comm. Ghost hasn't alerted her to anything yet, so she seems relaxed in the saddle. Jarek's note about her daughter's birthday has her pull up a moment in surprise. "You sent Sophia a gift, sir? You didn't need to that." She is a little less than thrilled with the narrow bridge and massive drop herself. The plains of Ares don't have these things.

"That's really comforting, my Lord." Miller vocalizes dryly. No handrail, just empty space between and an unpleasant. "Sure the ex wife would just love to collect on the insurance policy." the soldier grunts to no one in particular, moving across as swiftly and as carefully as he can.

"Good to know, it'll hold on the way back as well, I hope," Sammel replies with a grin, before he looks around again. Pausing a bit as he hears Jarek's words to Rebecca. "Oh, it's your daughter's birthday, Sergeant? Congratulations to both you and her." Looking to Miller for a few moments as he overhears the man's words. "Just remember, the fall doesn't kill you, the landing does, after all."

Hadrian walked easily across the bridge, barely aware of the drop. Distance. Space. Gravity. "Mm. An Echo." he remarks as Sammel reiterates what he just said. He smiles. Quiet.

"No need to worry about it Sergeant, she'll like it I'm sure. Plus I adore children… sadly I won't be able to spoil my future ones, so I'll spoil a couple now while I can." Jarek's grin hidden by his helmet. They reach the first stop and Jarek calls a halt. He dismount and moves into the woods for a moment. Suddenly a full house shimmers into view, and Jarek is on the front porch of it speaking with another man. Jarek motions to one of his men and a horse is unhitched along with a cart and they are moved up the ramp and into the building. After Jarek returns his helmets slips away and he smiles, "Short break folks, take ten to stretch or whatever else you need. The lodge is open to you if you need the facilities."

"Thank you, Sir Sammel. Your brother arranged to help me out for her party this weekend. He's talked a theater manager into loaning me a small set of holoprojectors so she can have fairy wings. She loves fairy stories." Rebecca keeps her eyes ahead, trusting in Spectre not to misstep. When they reach the house, she dismounts and unsaddles Spectre, rubbing him down and brushing him so he doesn't overheat. "I can take care of No Name, Sir Sammel," she offers.

"Right. That 'sudden stop' at the end." Miller says, giving a dry snort afterward. Having done his fair share of walking beats along the streets of Landing doesn't bother the man, been used to walking long distances, even if his pace gets a bit easier once he's passed that land bridge. "Screw that." When the group comes to a halt, he lowers himself onto the ground, taking up a peice of dirt off to the side. Stay out of the way of the horses, don't want to get kicked in the face.

Sammel chuckles, "A good thing can't be said too often, Doctor." A brief pause again, before he looks to Rebecca, offering her a smile. "Really? That's quite nice." Smiling, before he dismounts as well now. At the offer of taking care of No Name, he offers another smile to Rebecca. "That would be quite nice, thank you," he replies, before he looks around for a few moments now. "Nice to be able to stretch a bit. I can feel that week that's gone by since the last time I was riding."

"Ah. Respite. Most appreciated." The Doctor replied as he opened his bag and took a handsfree com with a small hud attachment that hovers near a single eye. "Quite." Hadrian says, with a nod to Sammel- an easy smile there. He then dismounts the horse slowly and reclaims his bag. Its kept close at hand. "Very nice, Young Lord. Your hospitality is most appreciated." The Doctor's hand rises, he taps his com, powering it on.

Himself heading off into the lodge with several of his men, Jarek returns about five minutes later adjusting his belt slightly. One of the men, a knight wearing a single gold drake's head emblem on his breastplate, comes out carrying a box with simple rations in it. "Help yourselves." is the gruff offer from the man. Jarek turns to Hadrian, "Doc, there's a man inside who could use your help. He got bit by one of the trapdoor spiders while keeping tabs on the nursing broodmothers while they were in the area." justting a thumb at the lodge.

Rebecca's helmet withdraws back into her armor and she takes No Name's reins. "Certain, Sir," she says with a smile. She's an animal trainer as well as a scout, she has no difficulty with the destrier. She leads him into a shady spot and treats him the same as Spectre. There are even apple slices for them before they get some water and are left to graze.

"Mm. Most unfortunate." Hadrian states as he reaches up to remove the com. Its replaced in the bag, and the Doctor then begins towards the lodge without much fuss. "Come on then, time is of the essence." he says to one of the men. "You'll need to show me the way to the patient." he offers.

Miller is silent in his spot of ground out of the way, mostly so he's not in anyone else's way. Stripping off his helmet, the chance is taken to drink from a canteen strapped to his side, but other than that, he doesn't seem to have much to offer to anyone else. Just here to do his job, it seems.

Sammel pauses for a few moments as he hears the part about helping themselves, moving over to get hold of one of those rations. "Ah, a meal as well. Excellent." A brief smile as he looks around at the others now, as he finds himself a place to sit. "Nice place, this one."

Rebecca finishes with the horses and then goes to settle on the ground near Miller. "You're awfully quiet," she notes to him, offering over a muffin of some sort. "My daughter's nanny makes them, they're good. Sergeant Rebecca Mordain, Rovehn Military, by the way." She offers one to Sammel too, as it seems the nanny sent her with a bundle of them.

Just basking in the sunlight, Miller had his eyes closed when Rebecca pops a squat next to him. Sucking in a sigh, he opens his eyes, only to see a muffin in front of him. "Oh. Thanks." he nods, accepting. "Don't got much to say." he explains before listening to the introduction. "Sergeant Miller Kransy, Watch of Landing." First bite taken, and another nod in thanks. "Heard it's your kid's birthday. Congrats. Mine turned sixteen a couple months ago. It's the ex's week with her."

One of the men at arms leads the Doctor into the house. He disappears into the lodge, to be led to the injured man. Hadrian, one can only assume, is now helping the man inside.

Moving to get hold of that offered muffin, Sammel chuckles, "Seems like this is the better rations at the moment," he offers, before he adds, "Thanks." Looking between the two Sergeants for a few moments, he offers a smile to Miller. "A pleasure to meet you, Sergeant Kransy. Sir Sammel Cindravale," he introduces himself, before he looks around again now, a bit quietly.

"Thanks," Rebecca says in reply to Miller's words. She wrinkles her nose a little bit. "You don't look old enough to have a teenager. Sophia just turned one. My husband," she trails off a bit and breaks open a muffin for herself. "He's been missing for a while. Went on a scouting patrol and didn't come back." Everyone else is convinced he's dead. She's still clinging to hope. "Oh, I forgot, congratulations are in order for you too, Sir Sammel. Lady Elodie of Iah, isn't it?" she asks.

"Right, thanks." Jarek says to a man he'd been standing off to the side with, he walks back to the group. "When the good doctor is done, we'll pack up and head out, long way to go and still have several stops." he looks to Sammel, "Don't become a Lieutenant knight… trust me. Paperwork alone kills, but this whole being in command of a new army is… a pain." he smiles though, "Who brought muffins? Got an extra?"

Hadrian finds his patient- he begins to clean the wounded area, after injecting something into the man's neck via hypo. "Just relax now." he says to the patient. "I'm Lord Doctor Hadrian Orelle." Another introduction, as he went about opening his bag and starting work. "You've found yourself envenomated on top of your injuries." The man, however, was in and out. The doctor simply continued his work- more serious medical tools coming out of his bag as he begins work on the area of attack itself. "Remain calm."

"Yeah, I get that a lot." Miller responds. "Claudia was the rest of two teenagers with overly-active hormones and not enough braincells to wear a raincoat. That was the reason I entered the Watch. Career, pay, decent benefits, whole nine yards." Another nod, this time for Sammel. "Sir Cindravale." the soldier politely greets. "Anyways, the ex may of been my girlfriend at the time, but, guess neither of us were really ready for a kid. Tried to make the marriage work. Wasn't meant to be, I guess. We still talk, about the nicest way I can describe it." Bit about the missing husband gets a grimace. "Sorry to hear that."

"Thanks," Sammel replies, before he smiles, nodding a little at Rebecca's words. "Yes." Looking to Miller, he nods a bit at the man now. "Seems like you made a good career out of it?" A chuckle is offered to Jarek now, before he adds, "You know, right now you sound a bit like my father. I'm sure he'd tell you not to go much further up the ranks, because the paperwork gets even worse."

"Yes Sir," Rebecca quips, offering a muffin to Jarek as well. Her lips press into a tight line and she murmurs, "I imagine everyone will lose someone before this war is over, Sergeant. I'm just hoping we find a way to end it before my daughter is old enough to fight." She watches the nobles converse with a grin. Plebs don't get as much paperwork. Yay!

Whatever drama may be happening in the house, it is soon over. The Man stabilizes as his eyes flutter and his breathing grows regular and steady. "Ah. There we are." Hadrian says simply. "The antivenom will leave him stiff, still. Should it be painful treat it with standard over the counter pain relievers. Keep his fluid intake high over the next twenty four hours. Any further pain will pass, but contact a doctor should he lose feeling in his fingers, or toes." Hadrian closes his bag, and stands before he returns to the group. "Young Lord Jarek. Your man will recover fully. I recommend giving him three to five days of light duty, after two days rest."

"Just kinda fell into it. I was a beat cop for longer than I can recall, but after awhile I was picked out for the investigative division of the Watch. Case files. The classics: murder, drugs, rape, stuff like that. The kind of stuff that requires a police investigation." Another bite from his muffin, clearly he hasn't been used to this much talking unless he's the one asking questions. "I don't plan to, Sir. Just fine where I am. Everyone can be big damn heroes. Just peachy-keen doing my job."

"Thank you good doctor, I am glad to have had you on this trip. Even if it is supposed to be solely for your scientific benefits." Jarek had taken the muffin, he looks to Rebecca, "Thank you." before stuffing his face politely. "Mmmm, these are great… compliments to who made them. And thanks again to you for bringing them. I wonder if Agnes can cook? I certainly can't… last time I tried, well, the Drakholt's most modern room is the kitchen for a reason." he laughs at that as he mounts again, "Saddle up folks."

Rebecca gets up and her helmet closes up again. "Ghost and I will go ahead and scout," she notes, then brings up the path on her HUD. She triggers the camo in her armor to blend her in with their surroundings, mounts Spectre, and heads out.

Sammel chuckles as he listens to what's being said now, nodding a bit at Rebecca's words. "We all hope we can get it done in time, Sergeant," he offers, with a quiet smile, before he nods at Jarek's words, moving to mount up again, moving a little slow at the moment.

"It was nothing." Hadrian replies simply, a nod of his head as he returns to his pony and mounted. "And the trip is much appreciated. If anything, it is nice to see theses mountains. Just ensure your men are kept away from large, venomous creatures."

Hearing they're moving out, Miller finishes off his muffin and throws his helmet back onto his head, locking it place, vocal breathing replaced by the sound of vocalized thing. "Goody, large bugs." he comments in regards to large, venomous creatures.

Jarek nods to Rebecca as she takes off down the path. "Right people, lets follow along, lots of places to hit on the way there. Maya, upload Sergeant Morbrain's friendly code to the rest of the Ghosts, secured transfer only with the missive, Friendly. Scout. Assist if needed. Else no contact." there is a reply and then they are off.

It is nearing midday, they've made about four stops now. Three lodges and one to check tracks and signs of a large creature's passage. They are now making their way towards another bridge, just as narrow as the first one and just as dangerous of a fall. "Careful on the Rubideux, the low mists cause it to be slippery at times… and it's apparently a much farther way down." He dismounts and walks the team the across.

Nodding a bit as he hears the part about the bridge, Sammel dismounts again, moving to walk No Name over the bridge now. "Don't look down, Sergeant," he offers to Miller, with a bit of a smile. Moving over the bridge, after Jarek.

"Of course." Hadrian replies, as he begins across the bridge happily in the middle of the armed others. He was humming to himself quietly, a violin piece known about the system. "Ah. Lovely though, bridge in the mist." he says, crossing with little more fuss.

The mission continues once on the otherside of the chasm. Jarek leads the group, now much smaller as people have been left behind with horses and carts here and there as they moved along. The mount the base of the cliff path, only to see bits of human and lots of splashed and dried brown blood. "Wha…" Jarek starts, "Ride!" comes the command and he and what remain of his men charge up the steep climb to the relief station. The scene is horrendous, gore and strewn bits of flesh everywhere. Many of the pieces of man and woman alike are charred black from flame as is much of the various buildings and permanent tents. In the center of it all is the rather bloody and gored carcass of a large drake. Not a broodmother's size, but still large for a drake. Jarek dismount and he and all his men draw and move in to check the massive creature.

Wincing as he listens, and seeing the blood and bits of people, Sammel reaches to his saddle, where he's keeping his weapon, just in case. Frowning a bit as the sight of the drake and the destruction, he gets the poleaxe out as he dismounts, moving in with Jarek and his men, although a bit slower now. Keeping silent for the moment.

Hadrian looked at the gore, the flesh. He was no stranger to death. No stranger to blood, or human guts. He simply clung to the pony as it followed the other horses. "Well. That.. That is unusual." he says, as he looks towards the corpses. "I'll look for survivors." he continues as he dismounts, and grabs his bag. He's checking pulses to those bodies that are mostly whole.

The doctor will find several people who are indeed still alive but barely. The drake is dead, having died of it's woulds before it could get away. Jarek and his men begin the grim task of taking stock of the situation and preparing a list of name via biochips, those little things that they insert into their own so that they can know vitals when they examine bodies during rescues and the like. Jarek turns to the rest, "I'll stay here to clean up, the Golds will guide you guys to the next town, just through the pass there." he indicates a deep cut into the even taller mountain splitting it and making an imposing trail through, "There's a Waysgate there that can send you to Spikka where you can travel home. Thank you all for coming and I'm going to have a lot of paperwork and cleaning up to do."

Pausing for a few moments, Sammel moves over to place one hand on Jarek's shoulder. "Sorry," he offers after a few moments, before he nods again. "Let's hope there's no more drakes out and about, shall we?" Waiting a few moments again before he moves to mount his horse again.

Hadrian does what he can for who he can. Stabilizing some, or simply sedating others so their last moments are painless. He hardly even blinks as he goes about the work at hand. "I'm afraid many of them are dead, and others too close to be saved. They've been made comfortable." he says with a nod of his head and a sad, distant smile. "Let me know if you have need of me, Young Sir. I shall take my leave, and hope you find some solace."

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