09.12.3013: Escape Attempt 1
Summary: Lorelei has visitors, Ephraim, Natalia and a call from Chiron
Date: 6th September 2013
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Arboren Hospital
Like any other hospital

Lorelei was up later than the nurses wanted, with as many late visitors she had. The nurses glare at Ephraim as he goes in, letting him know she needs rest. when he steps in, Loree's propped in bed, same as yesterday. What's different is next to her is a rather large stuffed bear with a t-shirt that says 'Sir-Hugs-A-Lot". On the table is a face with multicolored roses and some kind of box of candy. Her eyes, still slightly dull from the meds, are On the holoVid with some horrible daytime TV. It's either the meds, or the show, but she looks board out of her skull.

"I came back as soon as I could," begins Ephraim entering the room, then giving pause at all of the items present. "It would seem I missed a few visitors in my time away, all this is from your family," he ponders, himself only returning with some flowers. A few lilies, similar to the ones from their fancy date, in his hand only. He took off to get some rest himself, and shower up after recent events. He looks at his own offering, wondering if he didn't bring enough to match pace even - he didn't even think of a vase for the poor things he brought.

Lorelei turns her head, and her face lights up, "Oh! Ephraim! I wasn't expecting you back so soon!" She's still moving stiff, like she's afraid to shift too much. Her smile fades, "No…my family didn't…Ma and Da haven't come. They commed, and then Chiron called did last night. Poor thing, I thought he was gonna have a heart attack when he found out. I felt guilty." She'll start to shrug, and then whinces at the movement. She'll reach her hand out, either for his, or the flowers.

Smiling warmly, he shakes his head, "No, just relax." About the shoulders shruggin, he'll gladly offer over the flowers and if her hand settles on his hand rather than the stems, Ephraim won't complain about tha either. "So, I missed your friends you're saying. The one opportunity to really get to know you, as they might be more giving of a few old secrets. I'll have to be more available to meet them if they return. Have they said how soon they expect to release you yet, or should I call a doctor in here to see how you're progressing?"

Lorelei raises an eyebrow, "No…I think you know me better than they do…" her hand totally was reaching for his, the flowers bypassed,but smiled at. "Lord Darious came by…I think he brought all this? …It's kind fuzzy. I know Michael and Avalyn were here….He was in his armor, for some reason." She' then reach for the flowers, bringing them to her nose to sniff. "Thank you…they're beautiful!" a small shake of her head, "No…at least, not that I know of. Soon, I hope. I hate it here. The food is gross."

Taking the flowers to put next to the rose face, Ephraim considers that a moment. "This Darious is a friend, or should I step up my gift giving game," he chuckles a little, but curious, should he turn to stuffed animals and more flowers versus the sparkly stuff he tried on the fancy date. It could seem, despite the numbers, this sort of gift giving. Then again, she said he knew her better, that sort of gives him a warm feeling actually. "Then my next mission away, depending when you can leave, shall be to acquire food that is not gross. It will require you tell my your favorite comfort food, so that I can retrieve it and I'll have to make the mission to retreive Sir Nibbler too."

Lorelei sighs, looking down to the bear that's next to her, "No, he's…I …He says he wants to be friends, but…Lord Darious is the Knight who I slapped…" She's hoping Eph remembers and doesn't make her say why. She'll sigh again, lifting a hand to rub at her eyes, the iv tube moving along with her arm. The frown disappears as she'll smile up at Eph, "Oh…real juice! And more than just baked veggies…. I think who ever is cooking here thinks vegetarian just means healthy." She'll make a small yuck face. "I do like taste, just not food with faces." She'll sigh, grinning softly, "You'd go brave my Ma to get Sir Nibbler?" Her head tilts slightly, hand now reaching for his again.

Ah, Lord Darious, little more need to be said, Ephraim makes a mental note of that however. He doesn't have to ask her why. Instead he addresses the latter, "Real just, more than baked veggies, that should be easy to accomodate. As for your mother, yes, I would gladly brave her to get Sir Nibbler for you. Actually, its only befitting I should meet her, she knows I've given you gifts, I think I should try to make honest by her accounts as well and speak with her and your father maybe." A second given to thought, then he asks, "If you are good with me doing just that?"

Lorelei blinks, trying to follow exactly what he means, "I…I guess? I mean, you can….if you want…why?" Loree licks her lips, starting to reach with her free hand for her water, "Be warned, Ma will either make you miserable, or feed you. Possible both."

"Well," says Ephraim, slowly at first, "Its something of etiqutte I imagine. If I want to date their daughter, I think they might want to know my intentions maybe. Just so they don't think I'm some random stranger, so they can get to know me. Maybe it seems right, I don't know, this is new for me. I just want to not mess anything up I think, in truth."

Lorelei blinks, Eph wants to follow etiquette? Loree tots her head again, "Ok…I didn't mean to act like you couldn't." She'll smile, finally getting a hold of the water, "I'm sure Ma already knows everything she possible could from the tabloids about you. She grilled me a bit after I showed her the necklace." after a sip, "You're not messing anything up, promise."

"Good," grins Ephraim, more warm, "I mean, I won't complain if we share more hammock naps together, of picnics in the woods." Not that they might do that soon with wandering hostiles. "Just, in case they do want to give me an ear full or something." Which might be better than being cursed at least. He'll move his hand to help her with the water, holding it to keep it steady if needed, so she can conserve some energy. Helping to tilt it if needed. "I'd ask if you'd tell me if I was messing up, but I think you've been forthcoming enough already as it is."

Lorelei gladly takes the help with the water, letting her hand cover his as she drinks the water, "Thank you." She'll lean back, letting out a small huff, "I don't see how knights do this all the time. I never want o be injured ever again." That's not exactly try, better her than someone else. "I want more naps and picnics too. Can we just go now?"She'll smile weakly, knowing them can't. "Am I? Too much?" her hand tightens softly on his.

"I fear stealing you from the hospital is a more serious offense then kidnapping you for ransom," grins Ephraim at the thought, then shakes his head as her hands tighten, "You are honest in expressing your concerns and by no means too much. Just perfect actually. Its part of the attraction I have for you. I don't want to draw comparisons, but speaking with you, being with you … its more like equals. If that makes sense." Not wholly sure himself, coming to terms perhaps with ideas in his mind.

Lorelei blinks, not quite getting what he means. They can't be equals. "Oh…yeah. I guess."A soft smile, "maybe not kidnapping, but maybe you can just…borrow me. No one will notice if I'm just gone for a few hours?" She teasing, but there's a hint of hope in her voice, she rally doesn't want to be here, even if she's hurting.

"So be it, Lady Lorelei," grins Ephraim, standing up, only letting go her hand to figure out the bed rail release, then offering it back. "Lets get you to your feet so I can borrow you, because I do so desparately need you right now." He'll look around at the stands with wheels and all that, if anything remains connected, he's going to grab it to wheel it right along, wherever they need to go. He doesn't comment about the gown just yet.

Lorelei blinks, not really expecting him to do that. "Oh…uh…" She'll retake his hand and try to push herself into a more upright sitting position. Loree's hair is pulled back in a messy pony tail, she has ivs coming off of one hand. On the table next to her is a face filled with multicolored roses, a second of pink lilies and a box of chocolates. In the bed next to her is a rather large teddy bear with a t-shirt that says "Sir-Hugs-A-Lot". She'll grip his hand a little tighter, "I don't know how much fun I'll be, but we can try!" She'll start swinging her legs around the side, she's shaky, but a touch excited about the break out. She's still connected to a bag, so that will need to come with.

Scooping at the IV/Bag/Drip and everything connected, Ephraim will make sure it comes with. He'll also give a hand, arm, etc. as needed for full support. "Now, they said you're supposed to rest, so," he pauses, "If they send someone in, it wasn't met that pulled you up like this." Even though, nearly literally it was him. All the bears and flowers and what not, he'll move aside to make way so she can test her feet out.

Natalia enters was on her way to visit Lorelei, having her satchel resting over her shoulder and against her side as usual. She didn't wear her cloak today, her hair pulled back into a half effort pony tail, red curls bouncing as she walks. Entering Lorelei's room she would turn to close the door, turning back and taking a step forward. She halted a moment as she saw Ephraim, remembering him from the forest. She then saw Lorelei, giving a smile mixed with a look of worry "Lorelei. I heard you were here." She sees Eprhaim helping her up, "Is now a good time?" she looks back to her friend.

Lorelei is smiling softly, while her eyes still have that pain medicated look, there's a touch of a sparkle in them. She'll grab a hold of his arm, weak from the meds and the injury. Even with the hospital gown on, it's clear her torso is wrapped in bandages. "I'll just tell them I used my witchy peach powers on you…" She'll start to Try to stand, her legs shaky as Natalia steps in. "Natalia! I'm making an escape! Help us!" Her voice, while excited, stays soft, like she doesn't want to take a deep breath.

Chuckling at the idea of witchy peach powers, Ephraim nods, not trying to go too far with her. Rather letting her move at her own pace, about to wonder if they slow down, when a familiar face enters. Curious of how he might react himself when seeing who it is and recalling her from the forest and the lunch, he gives pause. And then, "Ah ha B." he returns with exclamation, "I guess Natalia … do I still win the prize?" Then back to Lorelei, "If I'm going to far, let me know, I can always get a wheelchair and push you around on our escape attempt."

She walks across the room, looking at the situation…an escape? She looks back to the door. It might seem as if she's contemplating getting somebody. However, she'd look back to them and smirk "Need a distraction?" she looks back to Ephraim "Maybe a consolation prize…you had help" Natalia winks to him.

Lorelei's comm begins to flash, someone is trying to contact her. It's her brother, Chiron.

Lorelei looks a bit paler, now that she's standing. She definitely not let go of Eph's arm. "I…I think maybe a wheelchair may be a good idea…." LOree looks between Eph and Nat, "Oh…do you know each other?" A small smile is given to Nat, "I don't know if I'm going to be able to make it far enough to need a distraction." and then, a distraction! Her tablet is beeping. Loree sighs softly, gripping Eph's arm tighter as she eases herself back down into a sitting position, before answering the call. Loree sounds about the same as she did last time Chiron called, "Hi Chiron, how's it going?"

Lending an arm as long as its needed, Ephraim will let her adjust, make sure tehre are some pillows. "A chair it will be when we're ready to attempt again." A nod, "Know, somewhat, we have met, twice before. A mystery each time, alas." Sighs Ephraim wistfully, but tires not to interrupt the call too much. He then says to Natalia, "Okay, consolation prize will do, I'll take what I can get, admitting that I might of cheated a little, but like dad used to say, if you're not cheating, you're not trying."

Natalia nods in agreement with Ephraim's account of how they met, looking to Lorelei "Can't get him to stop stalking me now it seems. Or maybe I'm the stalker since he was here first?" She looks to the tablet as it sounded, falling quiet and letting Lorelei answer. She looks back to Ephraim, "Need me to get anything?" In case Chiron could hear them, she didn't want to say anything specific that would give away their escape plan.

Chiron says, "I'm doing fine, we're in the mountain now. Should only be a few days before I'm able to come home. How long did they say you and Bey have to stay in the hospital? We should all meet at the taphouse or something. Can you do a vid?"

Lorelei nods to Eph about the chair, standing may have been not the best of ideas. A very small, worried look frowns her faces as Eph gets whispy about the mystery of meeting Nat. her smiles a bit more nervous when she looks to Nat, but turns to the tablet, "Good. We miss you….I don't know for sure…I'm feeling about the same, and havn't talked to Bey yet today. …I think I just want to go home." must be bad if Loree just wants to go home."Yeah…hold on…" And Loree switches over to vid call, she actually looks paler than last night, and the angle is completely different. she seems to be sitting upright now.

"Yes," responds Ephraim to Natalia, "A better sense of judgement may be in order, here me, inviting her up for a stroll around the hospital." A chuckle, "But alas, I think I can fend with the nurses for a chair." Then to Lorelei, if she's has any focus, he'll mouth, "Need anything?" Before slipping out, taking orders for food or drink if she cathes, otherwise going to find a wheeled chair.

Natalia would smirk and chuckle a bit at Ephraim's response. Seeing him ready to leave she would move to stand closer to Lorelei, just in case she needed a quick assistance with anything.

"Yeah, axe wounds take a while to heal, it would seem." He says as he turns on the vid. He's in a hospital room now that looks somewhat similar to Lorelei's, he's got on one of those patient gowns and is sitting upright on his bed. "Is that Natalia? And did I hear Ephraim? You'll be able to go home. How's Ma and Father taking all this?"

Lorelei shakes her head, not sure what she could even ask for. Giving Nat another small smile she'll tell Chiron, "Yes, Eph and Nat came to visit. Apparently axe wounds have made me very popular….Oh look, we match!" She'll make a small half shrug, as much as she can without hurting herself, "I don't know..you know Ma, it's my fault for not making Bey just come home right away, and Da's just fussing about me never leaving the stables again. Ever."

From the hall there is something about someone telling someone they can't just take those, someone responds something about its an emergency and they need this stat. A little fussing, some noblility making too many demands, endowments to the hospital, boring stuff. Then shortly there after, Ephraim is willing in with a chair. Not practiced enough to pop the front wheels up or anything fancy, but he has acquired what he sought. "Is that Chiron I hear, don't mention the bits about bed surfing or the pillow fights, he might want you to rest too." Overly dramatic voice. Then he quiets down to let the conversation continue. Standing out of the chair and handing the handles to Natalia, "I think I shall requisition some snacks for our proposed outing and adventure, along with fresh juice and some ice for the injured party." Before he goes off again, he'll reach over to grab and squeeze Lorelei's hand, photobomb a thumbs up for Chiron to see in the vid, and head out on more missions.

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