High Lady Eryn Arboren
Christa Miller
Christa Miller as High Lady Eryn Brenna Arboren
Full Name: High Lady Eryn Brenna Arboren
Byname: -
Age: 49 Standard Years
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: The Paramount House of Arboren
House: House Arboren
Title/Profession: High Lady of the Spine
Position: Head of House
Spouse: Lord Sir Conall Peake Height: 5' 8" (1.73m)
Father: Lord Sir Edan Arboren Weight: 138 pounds (62.6kg)
Mother: Lady Lt. Armalina Leonnida Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Aelewen Arboren
And Others
Eye Color: Brown
Children: Young Lord Declan Arboren
Lady Sir Brienne Arboren
Lord Sir Brennart Arboren
Lord Sir Tristan Arboren
Lady Eilara Arboren
Lord Keanen Arboren


The High Lady Eryn was born to be a leader, the first of a coterie of siblings that would remain closely-knit well into adulthood. While the children of Edan and Armalina did not foster any particular jealousy, they were prone to their share of spats despite the peaceful tendencies of the Arborenin. This, however, dissipated as the children entered adolescence and eventually adulthood. Eryn's youth was spent under the wing of her parents being carefully molded to follow in their footsteps as the Heir and future Head of House. She demonstrated a great love of her House, the citizens, and the land, and was true to the traditional beliefs of the Arborenins.

Now as the Head of House, Eryn has to walk the careful tightrope between caring for her growing children and manage the affairs of the House. With the rise of the Hostile invasion and the war looming on the horizon, she is coming face-to-face with the seemingly insurmountable difficulties of protecting the Arborenin lands and its people.


Eryn's loyalties lie entirely with the Crown, a remnant from the very close relationship she fostered with the late King Symion. In the tense but short battle between siblings that followed, the High Lady remained neutral and devoted to Symion's ideals. She supports the King Regnant wholeheartedly, and seeks to maintain the strong ties with House Sauveur.

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