Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson as Lord Ephraim Hollolas
Full Name: Lord Ephraim Hollolas
Byname: None
Age: 22
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Arboren
House: Hollolas
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Roustabout - Merchant
Spouse: NA Height: 5'9"
Father: Lord Commodore Roger Hollolas Weight: 165
Mother: Lady Agatha Hollolas nee Peak Hair Color: Dark - Brown to Black
Siblings: Lady Captain Fiona Hollolas, Lady Irvette Hollolas, Lord Dylan Hollolas, and Lady Cyrielle Hollolas Eye Color: Light Green to Grey
Children: None



Ephraim is the 4th child of Lord Commodore Roger Hollolas and his wife, Lady Agatha Hollolas (Peake). He has two older sisters, Fiona (Hollolas heir) and Irvette, as well as one older brother, Dylan. Irvette and Dylan being twins. As well, there is one younger sibling in his immediate family tree. Born in 2990, his feather was as of yet not the Head of House, but his Grandfather (Thane Hollolas) was retired enough that Roger was effictively already running House Hollolas, if not by title.

At a young age he was taught in the same traditions as his siblings, including a heavy emphasis on sailing with a smidgeon of knightly skills. He was trained to be capable of at least defending himself by societal standards, though he flourished with the cutlass and rampuri (gravity-switch knife), self-training with some of his spare time while receiving the minimal requirement of lessons from a master. Trained in other arms, the cutlass and knife became his favorite.

Being the fourth child, thus third removed from direct heritance, he was afforded some laxity in his training. Not to mention a slight inclination towards choosing to 'sneak' off from the less watchful eyes of those scholars and tutors choosing to focus more on his older siblings and some of the courtly children rather than on Ephraim. This led to visiting wandering storytellers and the like that would frequent the taverns. Not that he would get away with this much, especially if noticed by either roustabouts at the tavern or those who would just as easily report him. The advantage of being 4th child though is that few did.

From taverns, minstrels, roustabouts and wanderers, coupled with formal education, Ephraim took more of an interest in mythology and stories of old, of wise yet foolish adventurers that faced stronger, better adversaries and escaped on luck and whims. Not to mention he took a good liking to gambling. It wasn't so much an interest in a singular game, but rather gaming as a whole. Not the niceties nor breadth of gentlemanly rules but rather the odds, playing the table, and reading faces. Coupled with an interest in Sleight of Hand and general prestidigitation for his own amusement. If not for the noble upbringing, he's probably only a few short steps removed from a cat-purse or pickpocket.

As he grew older and more rambunctious, there were measures taken to real him in. He was introduced to merchant to apprentice under and focused on trade and etiquette, to better prepare him to really fend for himself and make his own way. Yet, while trained to be ready to make such a living, there was always the fall back of things like sleight of hand, what he had learned of forgery and even from traveling minstrels, the art of disguise. It was as if Ephraim could indeed be a good merchant, but there was always something alluring in the hustle.

Still it came to pass that he was going to have to fend for himself. With enough skill in sailing and perhaps the most generosity he would receive from his father by way of inheritance, he was bequeathed a small merchant vessel (Dear Prudence) and enough to purchase goods with which to begin to sustain himself with the commerce of trade.

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Dear Prudence

Only being a year out from this point in his life, he doesn't seem to have made quite so well as one might think. This isn't on account for poor trades but rather because he is want to spend what some of his gains going out, meeting other roustabouts, and gambling. In fact, at the very present, his ship (Dear Prudence) rests in the hands of a merchant vassal of Khournas. Having sailed out of some small holdfast of the Black Wastes and crossed the Islands of Terran, this merchant chanced upon Ephraim in Spurhead by the Cliffs, a small seaside town many leagues north of Beacon. Having engaged the young man and discerning his lineage perhaps, the merchant as well became aware of his fascination with the exotic as well as his habit of gambling. Needless to say, at this very present, Ephraim is returning home, by foot, figuring out how to explain to his family that Dear Prudence is en route to the Black Wastes under the banners of Khournas.

While he was want to gamble, this doesn't mean he left himself penniless. Rather, what he has earned and may have access to certainly isn't enough to purchase another ship, let alone regain the fine merchant vessel Dear Prudence. His goal is now to locate the Dear Prudence, and regain the ship - through any means.




Standing at an average height, this man has a noble bearing about him that is slightly reduced by the weight of his eyes. As if he is haunted or angry, or both, his eyes seem to constantly absorb everything around him as if measuring those he sees. Not taking in the universe, but perhaps considering each person he sees and with his own scales, measuring them as either threat or not-worth-consideration. They are a light blue that borders on grey, such that in the darkness the seem more a hazel or brown. His hair is kept short and appears blonde, but could be darker, it is evident that it is regularly died to keep it the color it is at present. His face is angled but narrow.

This matches his body, not big for a knight by any means, it seems he makes up for it in his intensity. The sort of lithe fellow that has more determination than he knows what to do with, that could by that sheer factor stand up to much larger threats even. Presently he wears a loose leather doublet of black leather over a white short-sleeved, collarless linen shirt. He wears jewelry that, despite his outward appearance of potential aggression, is a symbol of his faith in the Sixth. The doublet is loose enough and worn almost like a jacket, with buckles and straps dangling. His pants are fitting but slightly loose at the waist, with a large belt that dangles the same as those straps from the doublet. Below his neckline, it is apparent that he is possibly covered in tattoos, but there are none on his face, or hands.


  • Casually Late
  • Fidgety Fingers
  • Opportunist
  • Thrill Seeker


A choice of inspiration, mostly music that he would like and that speaks of/to him as well as his hobby.

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Those that he knows, those that he loves,

Lorelei Lorelei Quellton : An intrigue, peachy (or not). I must be under her spell, instead of pondering how next to pursue the return of Dear Prudence to me, I'm more interested in figuring out when next I may be able to see her. This has developed in ways I never expected and every moment I think it could get any better, someone drops a hammer on my toe. And yet, I'm under her spell, as if I can't help but return, wanting more. Despite those moments something wrenches the works, there is so much good in her, so much she has given to me, so much I want to give to her - I have to, she's an addiction.

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Logs to come as he gets more out there.

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