King Regnant Emund Sauveur
Todd Lowe
Todd Lowe as King Regnant Emund Renald Sauveur
Full Name: King Regnant Emund Renald Sauveur
Byname: The Black Jack
Age: 38 Standard Years
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: The Royal House of Sauveur
House: House Sauveur
Title/Profession: King Regnant
Position: King Regnant of Haven
Spouse: Ysabella Sauveur nee Ibrahm (d. 3012) Height: 1.9 m
Father: King Regnant Symion Sauveur (d. 3013) Weight: 86 kg
Mother: Lyla Sauveur nee Leonnida Hair Color: Dirty Blond
Siblings: Jarkin Sauveur (d. 2970)
Eugeina Sauveur (d. 2990)
Janelle Sauveur
Ophia Sauveur
Beau Sauveur
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Children: None

This character is a STAFF NPC.


Prince Emund Sauveur was never supposed to be King. He was the third child (although his elder brother was 5 years dead before he was born), but when his elder sister died when he was age 15, he was named Crown Prince. A childhood that had thus far been dedicated to academic study became much more intensively focused on every facet of ruling the Haven System, from political maneuvering to military command and overseeing trade agreements. He spent a good deal of time with the Knight Commander, and at the Royal Naval Academy, although he did not short his other studies to do so.

Crown Prince Emund grew up a serious young man, although when he met Lady Ysabella Ibrahm, he quickly became entranced with the bright, beautiful woman. She drew him out of his shell to some degree, introducing him to the world of music on Imperius, and they attended many concerts together before their betrothal was announced.

Married in 2999, the couple never could conceive, although they consulted with many specialists from around the system. Although Lady Ysabella's barren state could have been used as an excuse for the Crown Prince to divorce and marry again, Prince Emund stood steadfastly by his wife. They lived happily together for fourteen years, working together to prepare Haven for the return of the Hostiles, until she died during a drake hunt she was undertaking with her close friend Young Lady Sir Anabethe Khournas in late 3012.

Ysabella's death crushed the Crown Prince, and he fulfilled his duties as Hand of the King halfheartedly for several months. His sister Janelle took advantage of this time to take her own place on the Crown Council, and strive hard to be named Heir to their father Symion. This sudden challenge, and Emund's belief that his sister is unfit to rule, has forced him to put more attention into his duties and into pulling together his support, as well as preparing the Haven System for the imminent return of the Hostiles.

Emund was retained as Heir upon his father's death in June of 3013, and ascended to the role of King Regnant of Haven.



A handsome man in his late thirties, Prince Emund has let his dark blonde hair and beard grow in the wake of his wife's death. His brow is lined from being furrowed, and his grief still weighs heavily about his dark eyes. It has dragged him down, but cannot disguise his strong, solid frame.


Music Lover
Strokes His Beard

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Known Associates

Symion King Symion Sauveur : Emund's father always supported him, but now he has placed the heaviest of duties upon Emund's bowed shoulders. Will he be able to stand up beneath that weight and do his father's memory proud, or will he buckle?
Janelle Princess Janelle Sauveur : Emond's ambitious sister has always striven for what is beyond her grasp, and this play for the Crown could not come at a worse time in Emund's estimation.
Khournas Young Lady Sir Anabethe Khournas : Sir Anabethe was a close friend of Ysabella's, and has remained close to the Crown Prince to help him through his grief. She is a staunch supporter of her departed friend's widower.
Arboren High Lady Sir Eryn Arboren : "Aunt Eryn" was one of Emund's favorites among his parents' friends, and he and Ysabella went on several hunts with the High Lady before Ysabella's death. Emund has not gone hunting since, but he has retained his close relationship with the High Lady.
Cindravale High Lady Sir Kallista Cindravale : In his time with the previous Knight Commander and in various military strategy discussions, Emund has run afoul of High Lady Cindravale many times, as he supports the view that Haven forces should see how the Hostiles fight this invasion before determining their own method of waging war, and the High Lady supports the idea that a strong charge of cavalry will see them off any time they gather on the ground.

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