Lady Doctor Elodie
Kaya Scodelario
Kaya Scodelario as Lady Doctor Elodie Brynne Cindravale nee Iah, MD
Full Name: Lady Doctor Elodie Brynne Cindravale nee Iah, MD
Byname: None
Age: 21
Planet: Niveus
Paramount: Orelle
House: Iah
Title/Profession: Doctor
Position: Naval Resident
Spouse: Lord Sir Sammel Pericles Cindravale Height: 5'3"
Father: Lord Severin Iah Weight: 130 pounds
Mother: Lady Ianthe Roste Iah Hair Color: black
Siblings: Lady Una Syrenne Iah
Lady Sir Jordis Eria Iah
Lord Ronan Ailik Iah
Eye Color: blue
Children: none



Elodie Brynne Iah was born the youngest of the Iah daughters, but not the youngest child of the family, that role would fall to Ronan, the baby brother. Their mother Lady Ianthe, who was from a vassal house of Iah and who specialized in fierce business maneuvers and combat, took under her wing those children who showed an interest in either business or warcraft. Lord Severin, head Engineer of Niveus' water collection and purification divisions, taught all the children about the workings of Iah, focusing more attention on those who showed an aptitude for science and politics. Lord Severin was pleased to have another daughter join the eldest, Una, in the scientific pursuits. The two girls spent many hours studying together, and having someone older to 'keep up with' helped Elodie get ahead of others in her age group in her studies. It also fostered a close relationship between the sisters.
Lord Severin encouraged her interest in Medicine as it presented itself, using his influence to further her pursuits and prepare her for Academ.
As for her siblings, Elodie was elated to have a little brother follow her, and promptly appointed herself his personal protector. Although she wasn't very interested in fighting, her natural athletic abilities meant she could fend for herself, if need be, in a scrap. Since bullies and teasers prefer easier targets, she was mostly left alone by her older siblings. Sadly, she couldn't be an omnipresent protector, but she would always try to be around to comfort Ronan when she couldn't stand up for him.
Elodie was at Academ when Lord Severin met his demise, and a part of her has always wished she was there to help him, even though her brain knows that there was nothing she could have done to save him.


Elodie's interest in the scientific pursuits came a little later in life, as she was an active child, who loved running around, climbing, and generally getting into things that she shouldn't. However, when it came to combat, she found more affinity to Archery as opposed to the other combat skills. Although she was competent enough for her age, the whole bashing and smashing theory didn't appeal to her at all. She preferred the precision and finesse of archery.
Not only was she an active child, she was a compassionate and soft-hearted one as well. If she found orphaned animals she would often sneak them into her room to try and raise, or rehabilitate the injured creatures. After finding a few in drawers or under her bed, her parents encouraged her to seek the assistance of people who knew how to handle animals and heal them properly.
When she was ten years old, a hunting party came back, carrying injured who had fallen through the ice into a crevasse. Elodie followed along as they were taken to the hospital and watched as much as she could. She felt sad for the people who were hurt, and wanted to know if they would be all right, and maybe she should bring one of them home and take care of him like she took care of the little animals. Lord Severin managed to find a volunteer who would take Elodie under their wing and let her help around the medical wards. After one day there, Elodie was determined that she would become a doctor to take care of injured people. She started spending more time with her father and Una, studying whatever she could in the sciences, and even taking an interest in history and the lore of the Hostiles.
As she grew older she started taking on more responsibilities in the medical wards. It was observed that she had natural gift caring for the convalescents, and in her early teens she wheedled the medics into teaching her the basic principles of stabilizing injured persons. When she was sixteen, Elodie asked to go on Search and Rescue trips with some of the medics she saw working around the hospital. Her time that had been spent in combat training was now spent learning survival in the harsh, cold conditions of Niveus. During the last two years of her required studies, she was also going out with rescue teams on the missions closer to Shelter. %r%tAs she finished her required schooling, it was obvious that she intended to make good on her childhood vow to practice medicine. Lord Severin saw to that her application to attend the Academ on Landing made it through the right channels for her to be accepted.

Young Adult

By the time she had made her way to the Academ, Elodie's studies of Hostile Lore and History made her very aware of just how serious the coming conflict would be. She decided to narrow her studies to the trauma field, to become a combat medic and assist the people who would be sustaining injuries in the battles to come. She focused on stabilizing wounds, surgical procedures, and how to set up trauma units away from a main medical center. It wasn't surprising that she was able to speed through some of the basic courses, since she'd already had some experience back on Niveus with the search and rescue teams.
Although Elodie is a sociable person, and well versed on her etiquette, not many people felt they really knew her. While she was willing to lend anyone a hand with their studies, or go for a drink on free days, she would spend just as much time with more solitary hobbies as she did with others. She improved on her archery to keep it sharp for combat purposes. She had also found that horses were just the most beautiful, strong, gentle creatures she'd ever met, and took regular lessons in riding, although she didn't work hard enough at it to reach competition level. It was a hobby purely for the enjoyment and communion with the creatures.


Elodie is a sympathetic and loyal person with a strong sense of integrity. Her family instilled her with a strong sense of duty at an early age, and along with it she developed a desire to serve and dedicate herself to that purpose. Her one drawback is that she is tremendously sensitive to criticism, and is easily hurt by an unkind word. The result is that she can become extremely protective, and sometimes appear to hold herself back. However, she does have sound common sense, and a close family to support her when she gets caught up in her worries. A relaxing stroll in beautiful surroundings with a congenial companion can also do wonders for her well-being.
Paraphrased from The Birthday Oracle: Discover What Your Birth Date Says About You by Pam Carruthers —- for people born on July 6


The young woman of slight height and an average figure that isn't slender, but does have proper curves in the right places, Elodie carries herself with the grace and posture of one raised in a noble family. Her countenance, however, tends more towards cute than aristrocratic, with a soft roundness and an almost button type nose. She even has some freckles in the pale, Neveun skin. Evenly set blue eyes settle a clear gaze on her surroundings, taking in as many details as possible, while the dark brown/black hair provides a striking contrast to the rest of her pallor. While she most often lets hang freely in dark waves, when she is out on rescue missions, it is usually pulled back in a sleek braid or bun at the nape of her neck to keep it out of the way.


Dutiful Having been raised in a very family centric society, Elodie has a strong sense of duty to her family and her moon as a whole.
Honest Telling an outright lie is pretty much not in Elodie's capabilities. Any attempt at lying would be given away by her uncomfortability with the situation. This does not mean, however, that she automatically thinks everyone else is Honest, just that she can't tell a lie without feeling horrible about it.
Soft-Hearted Even from an early age, Elodie had an empathy or sympathy for any creature in pain.
Animal Lover Any creature that walks, flies or swims holds interest
Extroverted Loner Elodie is not adverse to being out in society, going to parties, or being around people. In fact, she finds it all quite interesting and thrives on it. However, she is also just as comfortable being on her own and equally enjoys solitary pursuits. When she goes to gatherings, she enjoys being mostly along the fringes, letting others (especially Ronan) have the spotlight.

Musical Inspiration

  • Jewel - "Hands"

If I could tell the world just one thing
It would be that we're all OK
And not to worry 'cause worry is wasteful
And useless in times like these
I won't be made useless
I won't be idle with despair
I will gather myself around my faith
For light does the darkness most fear
My hands are small, I know
But they're not yours, they are my own
But they're not yours, they are my own
And I am never broken

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