07.21.3013: Ellinor And Nikomachos' Wedding Part Two
Summary: The party following the wedding of Ellinor Sauveur and Nikomachos Cindravale after the bride and groom depart.
Date: 21 July 2013
Related: Events of Nobles Gone Wild and Nobles Gone Wild Part Two mentioned. It completes Ellinor and Nikomachos' Wedding
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Grand Hall, Royal Tower, Landing
Through doors that are three stories high and which open with quiet grace is the Grand Hall of the Royal Tower. It is a cavernous antechamber that truly embodies the wealth and grandeur of the Royal House of Sauveur — which is why it is also the foyer. The floors are polished marble inlaid with violet metallic accents that could be described as Old Earth Parisian. Luminous chandeliers that resemble white suns float midway between the floor and the ceiling, and they dim or brighten depending on the desired mood. Enormous, floor-to-ceiling pillars are evenly spaced along the outer edges of the room, keeping the center free for feasts, dances, and other events. When the hall is still, it can feel too large and empty, and noises can echo too easily.

Toward the back of the Grand Hall are a pair of mirrored staircases that sweep up either side of the room toward a mezzanine that looks over the grand hall and gives access to the turbo-lifts, and thus the rest of the Royal Tower. Beneath the mezzanine are various doors that lead into the kitchens and Royal Dining Room, where most of the Sauveurs and their guests take meals when there is not an event being held.

It is rare for this room to be empty, as there are at least guards standing watch and on patrol.

There has been a wedding ceremony and feast both in this hall, but now the real party has begun. The long feast tables have receded back into the floor and several petite bars have been set up around the great sprawl of the hall. Several much smaller tables are still in use around the outer edge of the hall where people can sit, mingle, and snack on post-feast small plates. The remainder of the open space is dedicated to dancing with a band set up on the front section of the upper mezzanine to provide a constant array of music — classical, Orellean dance mixes, some Landing rock ballads, and others. There are great holographic banners that hang from the ceiling, celebrating the rampant horse of Cindravale and crowned eagle of Sauveur.

21 July 3013

Antaeus glances once to his sister and Declan before finally intercepting Elodie and Sammel. Pausing in front of the two, he first gives Elodie his attention, "Good evening. Please allow me to first excuse myself for interrupting you two, but alas I am not sure if my dearest Lady Sister is ready to end her current conversation. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Antaeus Larent, her brother." A respectful nod is turned to Sammel in greeting, "My Lord." To Elodie, he reaches out a hand to her, an offer to take her own and give her a proper greeting. "My Lady."

"We do occasionally set traps, in fact," Declan points out, grinning a bit since it seems that Ariana is 'thinking like an Arboren', at least to some degree. "Though we've never caught a hostile in one like that. They seem fairly perceptive and able to adapt to our difficult environs almost as well as we do. Though we've had some success tracking them with hunting hounds, and it's something we're exploring a bit more." He too watches a bit of the approach the other pair makes, and then how they get caught up, and chuckles a little. "Are you plotting to match your brother up with that young lady?"

Agnes leads, because that's what she knows how to do. She approaches Aidan, her arm looped through Jarek's lightly, looking like an actual attractive woman rather than an armored bear. "Lord Aidan of House Peake, please meet Young Lord Jarek of House Saimhann."

"Hunting accidents are a good way to get rid of guys." Aidan agrees. "But no, you're probably right. Hopefully he'll give you a few years to just enjoy life before finding you a husband again." Pause. "You wouldn't be interested in a younger Peake, would you? So long as you fund his experiments and don't mind the occasional explosion, he'll be happy to let you do whatever you want. In fact, he might not even notice you're not home. For weeks." As Agnes approaches and introduces Jarek, his eyes drop to the intertwined arms and his smile grows. "A pleasure you to meet you, Young Lord Jarek. Hello Aunt. Enjoying the party?"

Pausing on her way to Ariana, because it would be rude to run her brother over, Elodie smiles and allows the man to take her hand. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Lord Antaeus," she replies, bowing her head slightly. "I would not want to interrupt the Lady Ariana if she doesn't wish it. Are you acqainted with Lord Sir Sammel Cindravale?" she asks, making sure her previous dance partner is not excluded.

Ariana also does notice how Antaeus steps forward to meet with Elodie and Sammel, in a way, intercepting them. Out of the blue, she does ask, "Has Lord Keanen helped with the creation of these traps? I'm not certain as to where his electronics forte lies, but it might be something of interest. Then again, I'm sure that he would bring it up if he wanted to contribute and create such things." She turns a ghost of a smile to Declan now, but at his inquiry regarding Elodie, she looks out towards the lady with light curiosity, "I do like Lady Elodie, she seems like one of the few proper noblewomen that I've encountered as of recently. The youth today.." She says with a sigh and a shake of her head. "However, my Lord Brother's match is not up to me our father will more than likely weigh the pros and cons of any match anyway. Saying that," a slight pause, "It doesn't hurt for Antaeus to meet other young nobles. The navy preoccupies most of his time, as it did… and still does with our Lord Father."

Jarek nods with a smile to Aidan, "Good to meet you Lord Aidan." Jarek notes the eye drop and then casts a sidelong eye roll to Agnes as if to say, 'See what I mean?' before he looks to Anabethe, "Hello again Anabethe, enjoying your time here? Not doing anything that requires massive amounts of piping hot black coffee in the morning are you?" he teases her.

"You've made this offer before," Anabethe points out with a wry smile. "Really not that into the intellectual sorts." She flags down a bartender for a drink, half-turning when Agnes and Jarek approach. With her usual tact, she whistles approvingly at the Peake Knight. "Sir Agnes, you look hot," she grins, reaching out to offer one hand for an approving high-five. "Very nice. Hope you're giving Jarek a properly hard time to compensate for it."

"Sir Anabethe, is my nephew trying to pimp out young Brigham to you?" Agnes asks in amusement. "That boy is just not right, but you Khourni are tough. I'm sure he couldn't destroy too much of the Crescent with his experiments." She smiles to Aidan. "Lord Jarek has been a wonderful escort, and has been kind about my trodding on his toes during dances." She blushes at Anabethe's compliment and confusingly tries to return the high five. "And you look beautiful as always, Milady. Lord Jarek is a dear friend, and he is helping me train my squire in areas I feel I lack."

Sammel smiles as he offers a nod to Antaeus. "We wouldn't want to interrupt the conversation, then," he offers, with a smile. "A pleasure to meet you, Lord Antaeus," he offers after he's introduced. Glancing towards the stairs and seeing the hppy couple heading off, he offers a bit of a salute in the direction of his older brother, along with a grin now.

Taking her hand and holding it lightly, Antaeus proceeds to bow from his waist to lightly press his lips to the back of her hand. "A pleasure to meet you, My Lady, I assure you." Releasing her hand and straightening up, he turns to Sammel and offers the man yet another respectful nod. "I have not been acquainted with him. I hope you are doing well, My Lord." His gaze returns to Elodie, "My sister informs me that you two work together? I do so enjoy meeting her friends." A smile crosses his lips, and a part of him hopes that Ariana just witnessed what happened, because he doesn't want to hear a -word- from her about how he didn't behave his best.

"Oh, did I?" Aidan glances at his glass as if blaming it for his lack of memory. Which might actually be the case. "Never mind then. Maybe an Orelle. They'd know how to keep him happy, I suppose." Though the thought of explosions on the Ring would probably be enough to get Brigham banned. "You do look lovely, Aunt. I hope this means you intend to make some room in your closet for actual dresses now."

Declan shakes his head. "It's difficult to get Keanen to involve himself seriously in that kind of work, unfortunately. He seems far more interested in his photography than in creating technology to battle the Hostiles. He was annoyed the last time I tried to 'ship him off' to the Ring to continue the work the two of you were doing with the Orelles." Then his attention again turns toward the others, her brother and his immediate company. "It's good of him to socialize, certainly." Then, with some amusement, "Do you think -we- should go and say hello?" It seems maybe Antaeus has been -too- successful giving the pair of them their supposed privacy!

Jarek nods with what Agnes has to say, and nods to Anabethe afterwards, "Yes, Agnes is indeed attractive when she wishes to be." he smiles at Agnes, he's doing this on purpose and she knows it. Turning back, this time to Aidan, "Don't listen to her nonesense, she's the one being kind." he pauses, "If she doesn't wear more dresses, it will be a shame." then he looks to Agnes, "You aren't lacking, I only offered to provide a male spin to the noblitiy training you'll be giving him."

Elodie watches Antaeus as he gives her the complete, old fashioned 'proper' greeting. Her gaze seems to take on a mischievous gleam, but her head inclines politely. "We have been working together more, lately. She is becoming a first rate medic. Did she tell you she helped find a cure for a mineral infection on our planet?" she asks. "She was wonderful, I hear she carried on quite well."

"Sure, sure. Always nice to get a little help from a friend," Anabethe grins knowingly at Agnes. "I'd worry less about the other brother and more about this one, though," she says, pointing a thumb at Aidan. "You see the skirt he's wearing out in public? Scandalous. Good thing he's got nice legs." She winks, taking a drink, then nods to Jarek. "Glad you could make it. Saw Ana out here earlier, too. Good for Khournas to show up for Drakefire's wedding."

Nodding a bit, Sammel smiles, "I'm doing quite well, thank you," he replies to Antaeus, before he nods at what the others are talking about. "Your sister is a skilled medic, Lord Antaeus, I can attest to that." A brief pause, as he looks to the nearest place to get something to drink now. "Any of you in need of something to drink?" he asks, after a few brief moments.

"That is a kilt, Lady Anabethe," Agnes explains. "It's a traditional Peake garment the men wear. Very high honor to have someone wear one to a function." She elbows Jarek when the compliments start getting too thick. "No date tonight, Aidan?" she asks, with that concern she always has about the unmarried status of her eligible kin. "As for dresses, I did by another, less fancy one. I don't think I can buy any more. That was completely traumatizing."

Antaeus' eyebrows raise at this news regarding his sister. "No, she did not tell me, but no matter. I know about it now and I'm happy for her that she is experiencing such successes at her chosen path." Turning to Sammel he smiles, "That brightens my heart even further, I do so love my dear sister, and knowing that she is making a such a difference makes me proud of her." In response to the question about drinks, he raises his half-filled glass and shakes it slightly. "I am doing well on my drink, thank you, My Lord."

Just the hint of a frown tugs at the corners of her lips when Declan speaks of Keanen's unwillingness to help in more important matters, but there is very little that Ariana can say about it all. "One day, he will surprise us all with a renewed motivation to help his House and our war efforts against the Hostile." She will not hold her breath, however, waiting for this one day. "I have found some information regarding what was inside of the Arborenin pod. It is not much for anyone to work with and will do very little in pointing out the weaknesses in our enemies. Still, it's a slow start." She the nods when it is Declan who suggests that they meet with the other guests, "Of course, My Lord. Lady Elodie is a good friend of mine and I'm glad to see that she has made the party."

Jarek looks from Aidan's skirt down to the one he's wearing… and then sighs at the sky. "That explains it!" then he grumbles for a moment about possibly finding a new seamster, one who explains his crazy ideas. He looks to Anabethe, "These things are not the most comfortable, I keep feeling like I forgot something when I walk." he smirks at Agnes, "I think I might, just once, lay on the compliments all heavy and what not… just to see you turn a shade closer to my house colors." with a teasing wink.

"She knows that, Aunt." Aidan says patiently but not without a roll of his eyes. "She's just being difficult. It's one of the things she's best at. Right after drinking." He lifts his glass to toast Anabethe and drinks. "And no, no date. Not for this formal an occasion." Most of the guys he spends time with wouldn't fit in here.

Anabethe cups a hand around her mouth, leaning in to stag whisper to Jarek: "It's a skirt, buddy." She doesn't even try to look innocent when Aidan says being difficult is a gift of hers, instead shrugging to Agnes with a flash of a grin. "He's not wrong about that. Or about not bringing a date," she adds, drinking. "You bring a date to this sort of thing, you're as well as declaring your intentions to get hitched."

Agnes splutters at Anabethe's explanation. "What? Since when? Friends cannot attend a function together now?" Her eyes go wide and she looks nervous now. "I should probably be heading back through the Ways soon. I have training in the morning."

Since she abandoned her drink at the beginning of their dance, Elodie turns to Sammel, and graces him with a small, grateful, smile. "That would be most appreciated, Sir Sammel." She watches the man briefly as he walks away, then turns to the young lord Larent once more. "Well, now you have something to pester her with, if you are anything like my younger brother, you will do so at the most inopportune time. " She tilts her head as she speaks, the gleam in her eyes assessing the man and his responses.

Jarek grins at Anabethe's stage whisper, then rolls his eyes. "Of course friends can attend these events together, look we just did." and his free hand motions in a small, 'Like this' motion about himself and Agnes. When Agnes mentions leaving, Jarek looks over to her, "Let me escort you home? Then I suppose I should return to the Drakholt, get ready for a patrol or something…"

"Oh? What sort of information?" Declan wonders, his interest immediately raised when Ariana mentions the pod recovered by his family. "I do think that Keanen will find his place eventually; its probably difficult for him being the youngest among so many siblings, and on top of that somewhat unique among them." And then, with her agreement, he offers his arm to Ariana and starts over toward the other group - now reduced to a pair.

Sammel nods a bit as he hears Elodie now, "Just a few moments, then." Heading over to get hold of some drinks now, he takes a few moments to look around the room rather carefully for a few moments, before he gets the drinks.

"Are knights supposed to run away in the face of gossip?" Aidan asks his aunt, smirking slightly. "Bravely stand your ground, Aunt, and enjoy the party. And if a photo of the two of you end up in the tabloids - quite likely if you arrived together and arm in arm no less - well… There are worse looking possibilities to be pictured with, hmmm?"

Antaeus considers this woman for a moment, his eyes squinting slightly, and then shakes his head. "I don't really have time to pester her, much less at inopportune times. She is busy with her work, and I'm more than busy with my own duties. I am proud of her for making such headway though." He brings his drink up to his lips and takes a measured sip of the champagne. "I'm also her older brother, not her younger, so whereas a younger sibling may cause grief from time to time, an older sibling tends to feel slightly protective of their younger siblings."

"Aww, c'mon, Agnes! You'll fit right in with Jarek's family," Anabethe protests, grinning. "You can come to all the Khournas functions. They've even got trees there, it's not like Volkan." Note to file: Anabethe is a dick when she's drunk. "Awww, c'mon, I'm just kidding. I mean, I'm kidding about you and the marriage thing. Sort. Kidding, because, you know, whether or not you end up engaged for going on a date kind of depends on your family. Not kidding about how you'd fit in with Jarek's and I'd like to keep you," she adds with a crooked grin. Is she trying to make a compliment?

"You can escort me as far as the Waygate, Lord Jarek. If what Lady Anabethe says is true, I don't want the paparazzi fueled too much by departing through the Ways together," Agnes notes. "I thank you for your kind words,"she says quietly to Beth and Aidan, "But my brother is seeking a match for my hand, and no doubt Sir Jarek's is doing the same. We both require a spouse who compliments us. We are very alike, he and I." And she is not fit for ruling others. She needs to be in the field, fighting.

As she and Declan draw closer to where her brother and Elodie are gathered, Ariana is able to respond to the heir's question before they finally join up with the others, "There was a gel-like substance found in the interior of the pod, so I helped to run some tests on it." And she leaves it at that for now as she graces Elodie and Sammel with a gentle smile, "Lady Elodie and Sir Sammel, I'm glad to see the both of you here this evening and I must say, that is a lovely dress, My Lady." Ariana is always fashion conscious, so she notices the gowns and hairstyles of others. A polite enough smile is also given to her brother as they meet again, but she does make introductions, "You all know the heir of Arboren, Young Lord Declan?" Of course, she is speaking to Sammel and Elodie this time around.

Elodie smiles at Antaeus's response. "Ah, I see. I've always wondered if older brothers would be different than younger brothers," she replies. "I've been told horrid stories of how older brothers delight in tormenting younger sisters, hiding crawlies in their beds and such. I am relieved to hear you dispel those notions, that you would never visit such upon your beloved sister. She is lucky indeed to have such a protector, I am sure." The lady of Niveus's lips tremble slightly as she represses the laughter to acompany her tongue and cheek comments. She is able to find control as Ariana approaches, and she turns to meet the woman's escort. "Good Evening Young Lord Declan. I have, of course heard of the heir of Arboren, but have not had the pleasure of a meeting."

Jarek nods to Agnes, "What she says about attending these functions isn't true, but if only to the Ways, then only to the Ways." like she needs him to walk her home, she's the Bear after all. Then Jarek smiles at Aidan, "Thank you for saying that." before looking back to Agnes, "Those a true words, Agnes, and your brother will certainly find you someone there is no doubt." he'll follow or lead depending on Agnes, out of the towers to the Ways.

Turning at the sound of his sister's voice, Antaeus greets her with a warm smile, and then offers Declan a respectful nod. A slight feeling of relief washes over him with their arrival. A knowing glance is passed between Ariana and himself as he responds to Lady Elodie, "I'm not sure if I would call her all that lucky, I was kept quite busy in my youth preparing for a career in the Navy. I simply count myself fortunate that should injury befall me, I would be in good hands." He does count himself fortunate, as the threat of injury is always present once battle has commenced.

Returning with the drinks, Sammel catches the last of wh@emit Returning with the drinks, Sammel catches the part Elodie says about older brothers delighting in tormenting younger sisters. "I can assure you, Lady Elodie, that it's every now and then older sisters that does that to their younger brothers too." A smile as he hands the lady her drink now. "I mean, just a few days ago, my older sister threatened to fill my bed with snakes…" Spoken with a grin, before he looks to Ariana, offering her and Declan a polite nod and a smile. "Lady Ariana. A pleasure to meet you again, and in circumstances where Hostiles haven't tried creating holes in me." Offering Declan a smile as well. "Young Lord Arboren. I hope you are well today, and enjoying the festivities?"

"It's probably too late to avoid them, Aunt." Aidan points out. "You might as well stay and have fun. I'm sure no one expects you to be at training on time tomorrow given the occasion today. Put that dress to good use."

Declan does seem interested in whatever Ariana is telling him, and he seems about to say something more about it, but instead he seems to set it aside as they rejoin her brother and his own companion. No doubt, it's something they can discuss at a later date. "In my experience, it's as much the younger siblings who enjoy playing tricks on their older ones," is the man's opening remark as he and Ariana rejoin the other group. "Tristan and Brennart have always been pranksters. Of course I'll admit that I take a certain pleasure in sneaking up on my siblings, too; but I like to to consider that 'training.' One can never be too careful of their surroundings in the Arborenin woods." The way he grins discussing ambushing his kin does suggest he takes a little personal leasure in it too. "Lady Elodie, a pleasure," he greets the other young woman as introductions are made. "I was a bit late to them, unfortunately, Sir Sammel," he offers to the other. "But I have enjoyed things for the little while I have been here. Good company, food and drink, there is little to warrant complaint."

"What he said!" Anabethe agrees with Aidan, pointing at the Peake. "C'mon, Agnes, Jarek. Have some fun. You already showed up. You danced. Whatever damage there might be is totally already done. I mean, unless your brother and your father are going to show up in the next ten minutes and see it for themselves, in which case, totally, run."

"Thank you, but I've been in these heels and on my feet most of today. I did have a lovely time," Agnes insists. "But I need some rest. I'm not as young as you are." She goes with Jarek, out the doors.

Elodie chuckles at Declan's version of 'training'. "I wish I had thought of that one," she tells him, before returning her attention to Antaeus. "Yes, you are in very good hands with Lady Ariana. I have been impressed with her performance the times I have had the pleasure of working alongside her, although I'm not sure I'll have as much opportunity in the future. Sir Kaedin asked my Lady Iah's permission to have me join the medics on the Shadow's Intent, and Lady Una has given her permission. The next time they go out, I shall be going with them. It will be my first time out in actual space." The little smile that accompanies that statement indicates a mixture of thrill and trepidation. Accepting the drink from Sir Sammel, she nods with appreciation. "Because we will have so little time together, Lady Ariana, I hope you do not mind if I steal you away from your brother and the other gentlemen. We must make the most of our time, and there is much to talk about that I would love your opinion. Including where you found that lovely gown. I don't shop often, and it looks as if I shall have to."

Aidan shakes his head and looks at Anabethe. "Hopeless." he murmurs with a wicked little grin. "Still, nothing says they can't enjoy each other without formal ties. And there's certainly a lot there to enjoy." One can assume he's not referring to his aunt. Shrugging, he asks "So when are you coming to Khar-Mordune? We need to get you onto - or under - the mountain before the next wave arrives.

"It has been a rather good evening, My Lord." Antaeus remarks to Declan with a smile, before giving Elodie an understanding nod. "You will be on good hands on the Shadow's Intent. Not as good as if you were on the Titan's Wake, but I might be slightly biased in that regard." He quirks a slight grin at that. "I don't mind you stealing away Ariana for a while, if no one else does." He slips a quick glance Declan's way before finishing off the rest of his drink and putting it on the tray of a passing waiter. "Besides, I was debating stepping out for a while and getting some air."

"I can't say that there was much time for jokes or pranks in my family. Most of us were busy with our duties." Ariana goes to explain how life in the Larent family has been. "Not that we do not love a good joke, oh no." But she can't imagine most of her siblings being the prankster sort. Then to Elodie's request, she turns back to look upon Declan, "Would you mind, My Lord, if Lady Elodie calls me away for a moment?" Just the very thought of discussing dresses and things seems to incite interest in the young Larent, something which the men probably would not enjoy… Looking to her brother now, she does add in, "I'm sure that you both have a few things to speak of yourselves."

Reena has been absent for a time on who knows what errand, but now she's returned. The Khourni slips back into the party, still in her very daring dress, and she sweeps the area with a discerning glance. She spies her elder sister and sashays towards Anabethe and Aidan, grabbing a flute of champagne on the way.

"Wow, Aidan. Wow." Anabethe goes to take a drink, then pulls her glass away as she snickers instead. "Onto or under the mountain. That doesn't sound dirty at all." She actually drinks, then arches a brow playfully. "So, who's The Mountain?" She doesn't wait for an answer before waving it off, chuckling to herself. "I dunno, though, I'm free when you are. Dad'll have a heart attack at the idea that I'm willingly taking on diplomatic duties."

Sipping his own drink now, as he listens to the others, Sammel offers a bit of a smile. "It sounds like you have an interesting family," he offers to Declan, before he looks to Elodie again. "A good ship, at least good enough so we got to fight the Hostiles, and return safely," he offers with a smile, before he nods a bit to the ladies now, "Sounds like the two of you have some interesting conversation, then." A brief smile is offered to Antaeus as well, although he doesn't say anything right now.

Aidan looks blankly at Anabethe a moment before laughing. "And I didn't even intend it to. I must be slipping. And no no no. There will be no diplomatic duties. There will be fun and nothing else. Well, possibly sprains and broken bones but that's part of the fun and not lal that likely if you pay attention." And speaking of paying attention… "That's your sister, isn't it?" The one time he saw her, she was head down on a table before storming off.

"Ah, you are a medic as well?" Declan wonders of Elodie, glancing between her and Ariana. "It seems though the men of our navy will not lack for good care. I have been fortunate enough to be able to rely on Lady Ariana's own skills in that area, after one of the skirmishes in the Spine, and it was certainly a relief to have someone skillful there to care for me and my men. I am sure the marines and officers on board will be likewise grateful for your own care." But as she tries to drag Ariana off, and the woman in turn urges the same, he smiles and dips his head. "Oh, by all means. I would not keep you from enjoying your own conversation. And I could use use to get to know your brother a little better, I am afraid the two of us have not often crossed paths. I suppose that's typical of naval officers, compared to us Arboren, down fighting in the shrubbery." Sammel gets a grin. "Oh, they are certainly an interesting lot."

"Sister, you look lovely tonight," Reena says to Anabethe. She nods to Aidan and sips her champagne.

"Shhh, it's a diplomatic duty," Anabethe shushes Aidan. "Building good relations between houses and shit. Don't you know how to lie to your family? Oh, hi, Reena!" she exclaims with a sunny smile at her sister that does absolutely nothing to make her look innocent. "Thank you. You look very nice yourself. Having fun?"

"Oh, of course. Onerous diplomatic duties then." Aidan agrees. "That'll be no fun at all." He returns Reena's nod and raises her a smile. "Lady Reena. How nice to see you again."

Antaeus watches both women drift away and then focuses his attention on Declan. "You are right, My Lord, but at the end of the day no matter where one fights, as long as you are fighting the Hostiles, that's all that matters." He considers this Heir of Arboren a moment before remarking, "I must say though, I recently visited your lands, and met your brother Lord Tristan. A quiet man, but I rather liked him. A good taste for ale too." He snorts out a short laugh at this one, sure that someone like Declan will know all about the Taphouse. "He mentioned he loves to explore caves, but I take it that your family does a lot more in those woods than just that. I wouldn't mind going on a few outings if it isn't too presumtious. A definite change of scenery compared to what I am used to." He glances towards Sammel and asks, "Have you ever been to The spine?"

"Oh, a smashing good time," Reena drawls. "I've been running errands for most of the party. I'm finally free now." She turns to Aidan. "A pleasure, Lord Aidan. How have you been enjoying the party?" She glances around. "Did Nitrim and Soleil slink off already. I figured this has to be a horror show for them."

"The Titan's Wake, Lord Volen's ship. I hear good things of it, and had thought of possibly joining his medical crew, but had not figured a way to approach Lady Iah for permission. Then Sir Kaedin brought up the subject on behalf of the Intent." Elodie smiles to Antaeus and shifts her attention to Lord Declan at his question. "Yes, my Lord. I finished my training recently as a combat surgeon. I thank you for your confidence, I do my best." One last smile is bestowed to Sir Sammel as she takes her leave of the men with Ariana.

"Soleil slinked off first, actually," Anabethe nods to Reena. "And horror show is pretty much what it looked like she was watching, actually. Nitrim stuck around for a little longer, danced with Lyri, then slipped off. Whether or not they met up after…" She lifts a hand, wiggling it from side to side. "Might be, might not. But look who I found!" she adds, pointing a thumb at Aidan. "He's got questionable fashion sense, but an excellent sense of humor."

Sammel smiles a little as he listens, taking a few moments to sip his drink again now. "Only a long time… No, that's not right, my sister wheeled me off for the bonfire celebrations. Probably not the wisest thing we could have done, but as I was in a wheelchair after one of our battle with the Hostiles, I wasn't able to object that much. But since I was brought fully to the hospital afterwards, I think things went well…"

"I could have asked my Lord Father for you." Ariana says to Elodie, for he Captains the Titan's Wake." She then looks between Antaeus and Elodie, looking thoughtful, "I still may see about getting you a position there, if you like. Seeing as I'm not allowed as medic onboard my Lord Father's ship, but I would hate to pull you away from the Intent as Lord Kaedin had reqeusted your presence there. Still, it's something we could talk about, I'm sure." That said, she flashes Declan with a smile of gratitude as she moves to trail alongside Elodie, a parting smile is also given to Sammel.

"I've been having a very good time, Lady Reena." Aidan answers. "They spared no expense in making sure everyone would enjoy themselves." Exactly what one would expect. The scandal would have been if they hadn't. At Anabethe's comment, he quirks a brow at her. "I'll have you know kilts are extremely practical and save time during many activities." he points out dryly. "Not to mention are nicely ventilated during the summer months and show off my legs. You're just jealous."

"I don't see your younger brother in attendance, Lord Aidan. Brigham too busy eating sandwiches somewhere after having his hands in something disgusting?" Reena asks with a faint grin. "I may need to speak with him soon, regarding a project that I'm awaiting approval for. Although his reputation for blowing things up makes me a little nervous to involve him." She chuckles. "Don't mind Anabethe. At the moment I'm shocked she's in a dress."

"And one of the pranksters," Declan warns as Antaeus talks of Tristan, with a fond smile and a bit of a laugh. "But yes, we do take pride in our local taverns, being a people rather close to the bounties of nature. I am glad you found it enjoyable." Then he gives a further nod. "We do a fair bit. Explore, yes, as we need to know our constantly changing lands well if we are to defend them. And so we also patrol frequently, and of course, hunt. You would be more than welcome to join us some time if you would enjoy it. Your family was quite kind in hosting our own, and we would enjoy returning the hospitality. That, and all of us rather enjoy hunting, and it's always good to take someone new." And then, as he can't quite help but overhear some of the other conversation, he adds in toward the two Lady Doctors: "Would it not be more logical, then for the two of you to… switch assignments? So both ships could benefit without concentrating too much of one family on a single ship. It does seem good sense to avoid that."

"See, Reena? Isn't it funny how he insists he's not wearing a skirt?" Anabethe chuckles, draining the last of her drink and setting the glass aside. "I'm teasing. It's very practical for all of those things," she nods sagely to Aidan. "And of course I wore a dress, Reena! Solidarity for Ellinor, since she didn't manage to convince her mother to let her wear her armor for the wedding. Also, I look good."

Aidan glances around the hall then shrugs. "He's not one for parties as a rule. If I had to guess, I'd say he's busy building something to take his mind off the possibility of our father finding him a wife. He's almost as difficult to match up as I am. Or perhaps more so. And yes, you both look very nice."

"Why would you be difficult to match, Lord Aidan?" Reena asks curiously. "You're young and handsome enough. Granted not an heir or a paramount, but still." She shrugs. She sips her champagne, arching a brow at her sister.

Antaeus admits something to himself right then and there. He likes this Declan fellow, the advice given to the two ladies is quite logical and makes a hell of a lot of sense. "I would be quite honored to go on a hunt with you and your family, Lord Declan. I think it would be a quite enjoyable way to spend some shore leave." Not to mention a good way to keep a low profile from any of Ariana's schemes to find him a suitable match.

As she is gracefully being wisked off, Ariana pauses just in time to reply to Declan's question, "If only things were so simple, My Lord. My Lord Father would rather I remain in the safety of the Ring or at least, at any triage and out of harm's way. Being onboard one of the ramships would be far too dangerous for his daughter." That said, she continues on after the Iah Lady.

Anabethe shrugs to Reena's arched brow. "Don't look at me, I don't keep track of the eligibles. Isn't there a spare Sauveur somewhere, though? I feel like everyone else is marrying them, I don't want to miss out on the growing trend." She turns at the bar, resting her back and elbows against it as she looks out over the remaining late partiers.

"Because the number of single noblemen looking for a husband is a lot smaller than those looking for a wife." Aidan answers. Which has spared him so far and probably will for a while. Glancing at Anabethe, he grins and adds "So you see, it wasn't my mountain I was talking about."

Sammel smiles as he listens, before he looks around, with a bit of a sigh. "I guess I should be taking my leave now. Need to take care of a few things in the morning, so I should get some rest." A brief smile, before he adds, "It was a pleasure to meet you, Young Lord Declan, Lord Antaeus, my ladies." Starting to leave, he passes not far from where the two Khourni ladies and Aidan is, and offers them all a raised glass in greeting. "Young Lady Anabethe, Lady Reena, you are both looking lovely tonight." A sip of his drink, before he smiles at Aidan as well. "Lord Aidan. Quite a nice skirt," he remarks a bit lightly, before he smiles. "Enjoy the rest of the evening, all of you." And he continues towards the door, draining the last of his drink, and leaving behind the glass as he heads out, to get back to Phylon.

"Oh." It takes Reena a second or two to process Aidan's words. "Oh! Forgive me, Lord Aidan, I had no idea. But I wish you the best of luck in finding a suitable spouse." When Sammel returns, she gives him a saucy smile. "Lord Sammel, still here I see?"

"I feel as though there is a joke to be made about being a tree hugger and appreciating wood, but I have had entirely too many drinks to make it clever," Anabethe sighs at Aidan's explanation. "So you'll just have to pretend I said something clever. My heart is too broken to put the words together," she says with a hand over her heart, winking at the Peake. "Night, Sammy!" she adds with a wiggle of her fingers to the Cindravale knight.

"I guess your father is quite protective of his daughters," Declan observes, given the last of what Ariana has to say before she's whisked off by her friend, and watching briefly as the ladies head off to whatever womanly scheming they might be up to. Surely it's not just dresses! "Do you think they're talking about you?" he teases Antaeus, before glancing back from the exit to give another firm nod. "It's settled, then. Just let me know when you have some free time, and I will arrange it." Of course, he pauses as Sammel makes his various goodbyes, dipping his head toward the man.

"Thank you, Lord Sammel. And a pleasant evening to you as well." Aidan replies. "And no reason that you should, Lady Reena. So no forgiveness needed. If anything, I should apologize to your sister for not returning her subtle. longing looks. Believe me, Anabethe, it's the only reason my father has not bespoken yours."

Antaeus nods to Sammel, "Have a pleasant evening, My Lord." Returning his attention to Declan, he shakes his head. "My sister probably is, much to my chagrin. She seems to be set on the idea that I need to have a wife. We're in the middle of a bloody war, and she's off matchmaking for my father." He laughs and shakes his head. "Oh well, if I'm required to take a wife, I'll take a wife. Not much I can do about that, it's my duty after all. And that sounds great, I look forward to getting out in the woods, so to speak."

Pausing briefly to offer a grin at Reena, Sammel nods, "Up until now. So I hope you will survive for the rest of the night without me present, my lady." It's offered lightly, and with a smile, as he offers a half-wave-half-salute before he slips out the doors.

"There goes one dandy rainbow unicorn," Reena says with a sigh, watching Sammel depart. "He was adorable, apologizing to me for the bachelor party incident."

Anabethe flutters her lashes entirely unsubtly at Aidan. "My heart is broken, Peake. And after you saved my life and everything," she sighs heavily. "Damn. I knew you were entirely too agreeable." She quirks a brow at Reena then, looking after Sammel. "Did he apologize for his sister trying to strangle our brother, too? I mean, you know. No one but family gets to strangle family."

"Rainbow unicorn…?" Aidan asks, glancing after Sammel. "Which incident is that? I heard some vague rumours that the bachelor party got a bit wild but no details." Anabethe gets the same curious look. Strangle Nitrim?

"Lord Sammel tried to kiss me," Reena notes to Aidan. "Fortunately I thwarted his attempt with a well-placed hand. At the time he was covered in a rainbow's worth of bioluminescent water and that whole Valen horse thing. Thus rainbow unicorn. Or ponyboy." She grins. Then she scowls. "No, he did not apologize for her. I'm sure Nitrim deserved it. I mean, we are talking about Nitrim here."

Anabethe snorts. "See, Kassie shows up wearing nothing but pasties," she explains to Aidan. "And Nitrim, being Nitrim, tries to smack her on the ass. She takes offense, tells him no touching, turns away, and Nitrim bring Nitrim, he smacks her on the ass with the whole psychometry thing. She flips out, there's fighting, there's strangling, and so forth."

"War does tend to bring the necessity of heirs into sharp relief," Declan notes, his tone humorously dark. "So it is not that surprising that your father looks toward seeing his children matched and his own line secured into another generation." He smirks. "Nor that he employs his daughter in the process, since women tend to have a better sense for that kind of thing. I am very fortunate to have my High Lady mother still to rely on for… that part of our own family's business. I fear it would not be my forte. But I'm sure you have some time yet to enjoy your bachelorhood."

"Ah." Aidan mulls that over then shakes his head. "And here I thought he was turning over a new leaf. I realize a certain family loyalty is expected but honestly, he's entirely in the wrong and she has no cause to apologize." Wonder if anyone took video?

"Like I said, he deserved it," Reena quips to Anabethe. "No means no, sister dear. I don't care if she was stark raving naked. I'd hope if some horny lord tried that with me, you'd punch all his teeth down his throat and left him shitting dentures."

Antaeus nods, sighing. "Yes, and I understand that. The only reason I tend to give my sister such a hard time about it is because there's still our elder sister, Veryna to worry about. She's the Heir of Larent, not me, so her efforts should be more directed her way, and not mine." He lets out another sigh, "It's not my forte either, I'd much rather spend time outdoors or on a ramship during combat."

"Oh, please," Anabethe rolls her eyes. "First, she was totally asking for it. Second, it was all in good fun. And third, strangling is a completely disproportionate reaction to that sort of thing." She leans over, gesturing for another drink from the bartender. "And fourth, no one beats on my brother but me."

Aidan is nodding at what Reena says, a nod that stops as Anabethe adds her perspective. "A wise man stays out of family squabbles that are not his. I like to think I qualify." In other words, shut up Aidan. "I'll have a refill as well." he tells the bartender.

"Maiden's Tits, Beth, you're as bad as he is," Reena says, rolling her eyes. "No wonder people think all Khourni are savages or something." She downs the rest of her champagne and sets the empty glass on a passing tray.

"There'll be no shortage of opportunities to fight aboard your ship, I'm sure," Declan reassures Antaeus. "And no doubt that your father and younger sister are investigating matches for your elder sister as well. You were just the one who painted a target on his back by stepping out in public. It's the downside to enjoying fancy parties like this." A glance is cast about, noting the somewhat diminished crowd. "Well, it strikes me that the party is wearing down, so I think I may take my leave as well. It has been good talking to you, Lord Antaeus- and I'll see you again shortly, yes?"

"Indeed. Perhaps I should be more careful during any future events of these sorts to spend more time with my two cousins, rather than with my sister." Antaeus laughs and shakes his head, knowing that his cousins could be just as bad as Ariana, possibly. Glancing around he notices the diminished crowed as well, "It does look like things are going to end soon. I hope to contact you shortly about going to The Spire. Thank you again for the invitation, and I hope you have a good evening, My Lord."

"Look, I'm not saying he should have done it," Anabethe shrugs, taking her drink from the bartender. "I'm just saying it's not like it's a hanging offense to slap a woman on the ass when she's got her tits hanging out, is all. And it's not like he was trying to hurt anyone. And he's our brother," she adds with a pointed look at Reena.

"Look at the time." Aidan notes to no one at all. He takes his drink then gives the two sisters a smile. "I think I'll go make sure my aunt got home all right. And hope she got to someone else's instead. Good evening, Lady Reena. Anabethe. Comm me when you're ready to climb a mountain."

"Good night, Lord Aidan," Reena says after the Peake. She looks at Beth, amused. "They really don't ever understand that we fight because we love each other, do they?" At least she's no longer sulking.

"Take care, Peake," Anabethe says with an upward tip of her chin. "I'll be in touch." Turning back to Reena, she smiles crookedly, shrugging. "What can I say? We Khourni are one of a kind. One of a kind," she adds, making a fist to emphasize the unity. "Did you at least have a little fun tonight?"

"Not much. The Princess needed me for most of it. I had one dance with Sammel while he apologized. That was about it. The ceremony and the feast were nice though." Reena shrugs a little. "Not a big deal, there will be plenty more weddings in the months to come, I'm sure. And hopefully some Ophia doesn't attend, so I can go myself and enjoy them."

"There are bound to be plenty of them," Anabethe agrees. "What've we got? Nitrim and Soleil. Talayla and Barton. Johana and Erik. That's three more right there, before anyone gets any ideas about any of the rest of us." She drinks, shaking her head slightly. "Little bit silly, if you ask me."

Reena says, "The Larent-Arboren one too, I think?" Reena adds. "It's war, Beth. Banns will be rising as fast as insurance premiums, I'm sure.""

"I though that one was still in the negotiations process?" Anabethe quirks a brow, looking over to where Declan departed. "You know better than I do though, I'm sure. And yeah, it's war, but you'd think we all could've planned a little more in advance. Besides, how many of those women have you seen on a battlefield lately? All of them? Kind of not great for the whole reproductive purposes thing."

"Well, we were supposed to have six more months than the Hostiles gave us, Beth," Reena reminds her sibling. "And I think it best if Talayla stays as far from a battlefield as possible. Soleil too. And we need Ariana's medical expertise too much to risk her in a fight."

"Johana, though?" Anabethe grimaces, shrugging again. "Doesn't really matter. It's going to be what it's going to be. I just don't want to end up with another Nic, you know? And I don't want to get backed into something just because it's a convenient excuse. There's a good reason, it's something that'll help the house, help the system? Fine, I'm okay with that. But not just because I got seen in public with someone three nights in a row."

"I'm betting Johana will pay a surrogate to carry any children," Reena points out. "The very idea of her leaving the battlefield to spit out babies is almost blasphemous." She chuckles. Then she looks at Anabethe sincerely and sets a hand on her sister's arm. "Nik was a douchebag of the highest order. And a complete idiot, Beth. You deserved better than that."

"Doesn't change that it happened, Reena," Anabethe says quietly. "It happened once, it could happen again. Except this time, I'm not going to be stupid enough to-" She stops herself, taking a drink. "Doesn't matter. I mean, I'll do what I need to do, whether I like it or not. Doesn't make any sense to hold on to any stupid ideas about choice or freedom."

"It really isn't. I've recently come to terms with that myself," Reena murmurs quietly. "I'm going to do things with my life, good things that help our people. If it means marrying some aged cretin, so be it, so long as his money can fund my works."

"Oh, c'mon," Anabethe laughs softly, shaking her head. "You're too valuable to waste on an old man. And too important. Dad's not going to do that to you. I mean, Nic was a douche, but he wasn't an old man. So, you know. Even if it was an old man, maybe he'd be less of a douche."

"I can always hold out hope for a vassal heir, that'd be nice. But being as our darling brother seems to have gotten rewarded for bad behavior, I'm starting to worry my good behavior is not an asset. I mean, be a drunken, lecherous, drug addict, and marry into the royal family before your older sister. Lovely." Reena snorts in amusement.

"You know, the irony here is that he doesn't exactly see it as a reward," Anabethe points out with a brief flicker of a smile. "He and Soleil are going to have a hell of a long road in front of them before they can even think about being happy. And you know Nitrim doesn't give two shits about the house he married into."

"True. But I think they somewhat deserve each other," Reena notes. "The gloom and doom couple of Haven." She grins and shoulder bumps Anabethe. "I should go get some sleep. I have duties with Ophila early tomorrow."

"And I should go and…You know, I'd say something about getting laid, but we all know I'm just going to go back and go to sleep," Anabethe winks to her sister. "Take care, Reena. It'll all work out one way or another."

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