07.21.3013: Ellinor And Nikomachos' Wedding
Summary: The party following the wedding of Ellinor Sauveur and Nikomachos Cindravale.
Date: 21 July 2013
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Grand Hall, Royal Tower, Landing
Through doors that are three stories high and which open with quiet grace is the Grand Hall of the Royal Tower. It is a cavernous antechamber that truly embodies the wealth and grandeur of the Royal House of Sauveur — which is why it is also the foyer. The floors are polished marble inlaid with violet metallic accents that could be described as Old Earth Parisian. Luminous chandeliers that resemble white suns float midway between the floor and the ceiling, and they dim or brighten depending on the desired mood. Enormous, floor-to-ceiling pillars are evenly spaced along the outer edges of the room, keeping the center free for feasts, dances, and other events. When the hall is still, it can feel too large and empty, and noises can echo too easily.

Toward the back of the Grand Hall are a pair of mirrored staircases that sweep up either side of the room toward a mezzanine that looks over the grand hall and gives access to the turbo-lifts, and thus the rest of the Royal Tower. Beneath the mezzanine are various doors that lead into the kitchens and Royal Dining Room, where most of the Sauveurs and their guests take meals when there is not an event being held.

It is rare for this room to be empty, as there are at least guards standing watch and on patrol.

There has been a wedding ceremony and feast both in this hall, but now the real party has begun. The long feast tables have receded back into the floor and several petite bars have been set up around the great sprawl of the hall. Several much smaller tables are still in use around the outer edge of the hall where people can sit, mingle, and snack on post-feast small plates. The remainder of the open space is dedicated to dancing with a band set up on the front section of the upper mezzanine to provide a constant array of music — classical, Orellean dance mixes, some Landing rock ballads, and others. There are great holographic banners that hang from the ceiling, celebrating the rampant horse of Cindravale and crowned eagle of Sauveur.

21 July 3013

The ceremony is long over, and dinner has been stretching on apace, although the tables generally divided by Paramount House limited conversation somewhat. Now as the last few people finish picking at their food, the rich, sonorous voice of a House Sauveur herald comes over the hall's PA system, "My Lords, My Ladies, Sirs, please rise…" When everyone is on their feet, the tables and chairs begin to recede into the floor, where they can be cleared by waitstaff in the room below. Panels slide closed above the disappearing furniture, leaving the Hall cleared for mingling and dancing. Nikomachos looks over to his new bride, rubbing at one cheek where the grin still plastered across his face is beginning to ache. He is wearing what — at the start of the ceremony — was a dark blue jacket with silver brocade, but slowly faded into a rich purple one with gold brocade. Such is the magic of electro-treated clothing. The new coloration is matched by his pants as well, including the gold piping running down the outsides. Raising the drink he saved from the table before it slipped away, he teases Ellinor, "So… are you going to make me start the dancing as well, or do I get to escape that fate for now?" The laughter behind his words suggests that he isn't actually trying to get out of a dance, at least not the first one.

The feast was quite wonderous and it took quite a bit of self control on Erik's part not to overindulge and stuff himself fully, especially when the dessert was rather elegant and delicious. With the meal finally finshed and his cup of wine drained fully, apparently well timed with the announcement by the Sauveur Herald, the young Valen slowly rises to his feet before extending a hand to the lady at his side, Johana Ibrahm. With a warm smile to his betrothed, Erik nods in his brother's direction, who is no longer Cindravale but a Sauveur as well, "That color, it suits him well."

Lady Sir Agnes Peake arrived at the wedding with Young Lord Jarek Saimhann, although most people probably didn't recognize her as the Bear until she sat with her family for the feast. Who would have thought that under all that armor and layers of shapeless clothing, was a set of legs that seem to go on forever. The daring, sexy, and definitely feminine gown she wears still has the tough edge of the warrior, with its gold chain links and dark stone disks, but the slit up to her hip and the V dipping deep from the collar are showing more flesh than most thought Lady Agnes even had. There is a willowy, svelte figure revealed, and she has had her hair styled, and her makeup done. She looks fully like a woman, and one not too hard on the eyes at that. She still seems a touch awkward in conversations outside of her family, but she is smiling at least. She rises at the herald's call.

Lady Reena Khournas has attended without a date, serving Princess Ophia as one of her two assigned handmaidens for the affair. She is dressed in a striking gown of transluscent white fabric, decorated with silver sequins and shards of hematite in a pattern resembling a lava flow. It has a low V neckline, and side cutouts, to flash some tanned skin. Her adornments seem to be copper, matching her lipstick shade. She stands in the Princess' shadow, fetching food or drink for her as she desires. She clasps her hands before her, already standing, at the call to rise.

Ellinor has swept up to her feet, the whispers of white gossamer falling into place along her lean legs and over the beaded white slippers she has chosen to wear. She smoothes her hands over the hardened white leather of her drakeskin bodice, the garment almost looking armored over her slim torso. Her red hair is up in a pile of fire that glints and glimmers in the radiant light above. She steps up to curl her arm with his as she gives his cheek a shove with her opposite hand. "You should stop grinning like an idiot, Niko… they're going to think I slipped you something before the wedding to make you moronic and happy." Then she then starts to step forward with her newly annointed husband. "Oh, and you're going to fucking dance," she tells him in a slightly more private voice, her green eyes glimmering warmly. "First though, we get to meet and greet." Ah, the joys of being the bride and groom.

Awww. Talayla is here, likely by herself. She's smiling, quietly in the audience. She rises at the Herald's call, watching.

Newly betrothed and testing the diplomatic lines, Lord Nitrim Khournas has been seated with the Sauveur contingency to dine and appear close and present with his match, Lady Soleil Sauveur. Talking quietly and sharing the meal, he reaches for his drink as he stands and offers an arm to Soleil when their tables are outright stolen from them. Adjusting the sash around his shoulder, he finishes his drink and sets it onto a passing tray, whispering something to his date in the process. "My gods, Soleil, there's a lot of them." He glances to the dance floor, cocking a brow to the blonde. "We're supposed to wait for them before we go out there, right?"

Lyrienne cried at the wedding. It's her sister, and they're so happy, and everything is so beautiful! She may have teared up a few times during the dinner, as well. Toasts. That sort of thing. In Orelle teal and silver, she's held up to her fashionable reputation without going too bold. As the tables draw away, she steps out toward the floor, flashing a silly grin at Cedric as she takes his arm. The nice thing about her sister's wedding is that no one's whispering or glaring.

Viannea, a vision in a pale yellow gown which is probably fairly simple in design compared to many of the others worn by the ladies in attendence. The neckline modest and unadorn with anything like lace, the bodice boned only enough for support for comfort's sake, and the hemline terminating just before it reaches the floor so its wearer won't trip over it. When they rise she does as well, the Lady Peake then finding a place to stand that is just out of the way enough to not be in anyone's way but not so far removed from the attendees that she will come across as aloof.

As the voice breaks the din of the affair Lord Densoric Larent rises, adjusting his stance to maintain a dignified stance as the chairs and tables vanish into the floor. As the crowds start to part, reform, and change like the sea Densoric makes his way to clear the central area, best to leave it to those with a greater desire to dance then himself. Taking up a new position more towards the outer part of the great hall Densoric scans the crowd casually, either people watching, taking in the various outfits, or perhaps looking for those he knows.
Whatever the case the young noble has dressed in his finest right down to his titanium sigil pin on his breast. The only thing missing is his arming sword which was left behind for obvious reasons. Throughout the whole affair so far however Densoric has been among those to show perfect protocol and manners. Though like the single nobles who could not or chose not to find a date, Densoric has been attending the festivities alone. Though his dark turquoise and cyan outfit might make him a bit easier to notice compared to the traditional colors of the other houses, or the more extravagant outfits of the more showy nobles.

While the feast had carried on, Johana had glanced towards the newlywed couple now and again before casting a covert glance at her own betrothed while he finishes his meal. Once they have finished and the call is heard, she replaces her drink back on the table and taking Erik's hand with an equally warm smile flitting across her features as she rises and stands at his side. When he looks at his brother and comments on the attire, it is only then the Ibrahm realizes the change and offers an amused chuckle. "How incredibly clever."

Lord Antaeus Larent feels slightly out of place wearing something other than his naval uniform after being so used to wearing it the past couple of years, but the garb he decided to wear coming to this event is far classier than that uniform could have ever been. Besides, it was his duty to represent House Larent well in all things. He had arrived with his sister, Ariane, but he also made note of his cousin, Densoric. Standing as the others do, he is sure to give his cousin a polite nod.

Nikomachos lets his face be shoved over by Ellinor's light push, laughing softly, "You first." He leans his head close to that pile of fiery hair, murmuring something to Ellinor, then glances up and down the row of Sauveurs and their entourages, bowing his head slightly first one way and then the other. Nods to his new wife, he adds, "So… Lyrie and Ric first? Then on to my family and the others?" Folding his off hand around where Ellinor's fingers rest on his forearm, he steps forward to lead her toward the collection of nobles that was once the Orelle table.

Having arrived with Lady Agnes, since she's dressed very unlike a Sir this evening, Jarek sat with the rest of the Peake family after a few words with his Khourni familiars. Now that the tables and chairs are gone, Jarek looks to Agnes with a friendly playful smirk, "It seems we're doomed to have our toes trodded." with that, he offers an hand to Agnes. "At least we'll have fun."

Michael arrived with Nimara, dressed so fancy people might not have recognized him. They sat together this whole time, no outward appearances of their relationship save having held hands for a little while after the ceremony. They sat at the Khournas tables, but now that the furniture in gone they move towards the wall. For now, Michael just intends to be next to her and watch the others… nerves infront of such a large group of nobles.

Cedric isn't the biggest fan of wedding, but he's willing to make an exception. If only because otherwise, he would've never heard the end of it. So he dug out the dress uniform, dusted it off, got it cleaned and tossed it on. It's a bit like the duty one, savy for the longer dress coat that extends past the waist and the rectangular black of collected smaller rectangles signifying stuff that likely only other naval people would understand. Aside from the pips on his high, perhaps too-tight collar, it's pretty similiar to the one he's usually seen in. Nothing flashy, that's for certain. Speaking of being dragged, he makes a 'gah' sound when Lyri grabs onto him, resigning himself to be led all over the place while the wife does the 'social butterfly' thing.

"Clever tailoring indeed, I may need to keep that little trick in mind." Erik says with an amused grin with how his brother's attire changed in color as the feast wore on. "And it looks like they will be making the necessary rounds with the guests as etiquette demands." Finally, the young Valen's eyes turn back to the Ibrahm at his side, his hand giving her a gentle squeeze, "The feast was amazing, had I not controlled myself, I might've ended up snoozing in my seat and descended down with it."

At Nikomachos's whisper, Ellinor actually blushes. It is faint and pink, but she definitely blushes. She gives him a slight shove with her shoulder before she pushes him right toward Lyrienne and Cedric. "Alright, Ricky… you going to be dancing with me at some point. You want me to request Free Bird?" Yes, because even Haven has that Free Bird. She does glance over her shoulder toward the others, and she casts a slight wave to Johana who is not too far away. Then she smiles toward Lyrienne and steps forward to press a kiss to her sister's cheek. "You realize you cried more than Mom did, right?" She smirks.

Agnes accepts Jarek's hand, still a bit uncomfortable in the setting. She gives him a small smile, however. "Yes, fun, certainly," she notes. "I apologize in advance for any damage issued to your toes, Jarek. She watches the couple as they descend from the head table, and follows their course as they begin their salutations to their guests.

Reena hands the Princess a glass of champagne, and holds onto one for herself in light fingers, although she hasn't actually had any drink yet tonight. The young woman is clearly focused on her handmaid duties.

Densoric returns the nod from his cousin with a polite one of his own. Spotting the wallflower that is Talayla Densoric waits till she looks in his general direction then offers a respectful nod to his friend as well. He currently has no food or drink with him, leaving his hands to simply cross behind his back as Densoric once again shows how great of an impression he does of a statue.

Soleil will not disappoint the avant garde stylists too much, though her trendsetting haute couture is a little restrained. It is a wedding, after all, and one can't outshine the bride. Still, she's chosen black, a sweeping and devastating gown. Hair and any makeup she wears is au naturale, and if any more French phrases can be found to describe her overall appearance, they'll be incoming.
Standing with Nitrim, a touch overwhelmed by the fact this is all foreshadowing things to come for her, she's terribly quiet and not all smiles, letting her trademark cool mask any horror she may feel.
"What?" she asks Nitrim. He said something, but she's been in a bit of a daze, didn't eat much, and drank a fair share.

One of the people that has arrived on his own, Sammel's been relatively quiet, well for him that is. Enjoying both the ceremony, and the meal and all the rest, he's getting to his feet as he looks around at the various people present here now. Looking over at the happy couple first, he smiles a bit, before he steps over in the direction of where Johana and Erik is now. "Getting any ideas for your great day?" he asks them, a bit quietly but with a smile.

"And we're going to dance," Lyrienne informs Cedric with a self-satisfied smile as she drags him along. "Oh, Ellie, of course I cried," she exclaims when her sister comes closer, letting go of Cedric to catch her in a tight hug. She might even be tearing up again. Maybe she's pregnant again. "And now you're going to make me do it again. You look so beautiful, and the two of you look so happy, and I'm just so happy for both of you. Niko, you take care of her," she warns the new Sauveur over her sister's shoulder. "I'd threaten to beat you up, but she's scarier than I am anyhow."

Dressed in an airy gown blended with different shades of cyan, Ariana walks in tall and elegantly alongside her brother, Antaeus. The dress itself resembles a Greco-Roman style and drapes over her tall and slender figure, the very thin top layer of her skirt billowing about her in an ethereal manner with each step. Her long pale blonde hair is drawn up into an etravagant updo, her locks sparkling with shards of crystals, both clear and in a sparkling sapphire hue. Standing among her family, her icy blue eyes looks over the crowd and as a few familiar faces across the way catch her eyes, namely Soleil and Nitrim. She does not yet venture in their direction and seems quite pleased by the many styles and fashions that can be seen at this event. "You remember Lady Soleil, Lord Brother?" As her eyes continue to scan the room, she does note Densoric as well, offering him a bow of her head in recognition.

Jarek smiles at Agnes, "Like I said, every time you step on my toes I will give you a compliment. My way of knowing if you're fishing or not." he teases her lightly, hey they're friends right? Then he turns to watch the couple as well, but glances to Agnes "Care to meet some of the others from my Paramount?"

Michael glances around the place, he spies Viannea in her very pretty dress. Whispering to Nimara, and perhaps she whispers back, Michael moves towards Viannea with a small smile and a wave. Once close enough, assuming she hasn't decided to move away, he says "You look nice, did you enjoy the wedding?"

Nikomachos rocks under the nudge at his shoulder, laughing lightly, "People are going to start expecting to see me with black eyes, Ellie." The words arrive as the bride and groom reach Lyrienne and Cedric, "If you keep shoving me, pushing me, and wearing armor to your own wedding." He extends a hand to shake the Captain's as the sisters hug, then steps up to give Lyrienne a hug himself, "Oh, I don't know, Lyrie. I think I've learned that all Sauveur women are terrifying. But your dear sister did just marry a Valen. I think that you can be reassured that I will be taking care of her to the very furthest extent she will allow." As the music starts up at the dance floor, several couples step out to begin tripping the light fantastic — and hopefully not one another.

"No way would I have let you get away with not dancing with me that easily," Johana says in a brief aside to her own betrothed, but the smile tugging at her lips is far from serious. "I think you're going to look amazing in red and black when the time comes." Of course he looked incredible in everything, but he certainly did not need an ego boost. Catching the wave from Ellinor, she lifts her hand in return, offering an encouraging smile to the new bride. "Doesn't she look lovely?" As Sammel approaches, she laughs softly, "Actually Erik was talking about color changing clothing so definitely getting ideas. I think eloping was also mentioned." She winks.

Leaning down towards Soleil's ear, Nitrim's eyes scan the crowd, notefully Reena and the most recent arrival of Ariana and Densoric. At any brief eye contact, Nitrim offers them a nod. "I said I wonder if we're supposed to wait before dancing. I don't normally do these things." He pulls back a little and looks to her, hiding his concern. "Do you want to dance, or do you want to hang out in the wings and take notes?"

There is her brother and Densoric. Talayla has on a nicer robe than usual (how many of those things does she HAVE?!), and is doing her best not to go hide under a table or skitter underneath the refreshments. She smiles to Densoric and Ariana, but for her part, she's getting her bearings and figure out who is where.

Antaeus smiles at Densoric's return nod, and then gives a discrete gesture to the man to come join him and Ariana. He doesn't want the man to stand off by himself. Turning his attention back to his sister, he offers her a nod. "Indeed, Lady Sister, though I am not as well acquainted with her as you are." Hell, he isn't very acquainted with many people in this room, but that is okay. Duty is duty, and he's happy enough spending a majority of his time serving than socializing. That's something he's more than happy to leave to his dear sister.

House Volen is in attendance as well, represented by Young Lord Kadmus, dressed in his courtly finery as he watches the goings on of the party. He has in hand a champagne glass which he sips from casually.

"I'll do my best not to force you into too many compliments, then," Agnes nods to Jarek with a small smile. "Of course, it would be lovely to meet your kin." She lets him lead her to where his relatives are mingling.

Reena watches the nobles mingling, following Ophia from grouping to grouping as the Princess makes her rounds and gives all the important names some regard. Her eyes fall on Sammel, then her younger brother and soon-to-be sister in law, and the Lord Kadmus. She gives each a nod and polite smile.

Michael and his date were noticed by Viannea who then turns as if to make her way to another part of the hall. She stops short when she realizes Michael is approaching. It stills her footfall and she pivots slightly, her expression faintly confused. "Hello. Yes. The wedding was nice. And thank you for the compliment. You and your girlfriend look lovely as well." There's an undercurrent of tension to her voice and she seems vaguely discomforted but it's hard to tell why she isn't as relaxed as she normally is.

Densoric returns Nitrim's Nod as well then moves to join his cousins and looks to Ariana and says, "Guess you had to find a way to show off with three of the Larent men present." in a good-natured tone. A bit more informal then typical for Densoric, but then Ariana is like a sister to her anyway, and compliments about one's outfit rarely aren't appreciated. His eyes which are pretty much a perfect match in shade to Ariana's then scan and he offers a polite gesture for Talayla to join if she so wishes, perhaps offering a lighthouse in a raging storm for her.

Percival arrives just shortly after his two children, having taken advantage of the interlude between the ceremony and the reception to follow to answer a quick call without disrupting the event itself. Probably a report on the repairs of his ship, since they're always bothering him with messages about that. Thus the Larent patriarch arrives just shortly after his two children, casting a quick glance around to figure out where they've gotten to, and stepping up behind Antaeus and Ariana once he does spot them, giving his son a clap on the shoulder before leaning to press a quick kiss to his daughter's cheek. "Fortunately that didn't take long," he notes, with a grin. "I'd hate to miss such a fabulous party. The royals really know how to go about that sort of thing." As usual for formal affairs, he eschews avant garde noble fashion for his military dress uniform, no doubt sporting several new additions to the breast in the form of commendations and service ribbons for the most recent battle.

There is a mock look of shock on Erik's face when Johana makes her claim, "That thought had never entered my mind, Ana, I look forward to our many dances tonight." As for his own changing of colors when the time comes, the young Valen nods his head as if in agreement, "Red and black is a very bold combination, one I certainly favor." Leaning in, he brushes his lips gently against the Ibrahm's cheek before whispering a few words into her ear before straightening his posture again. When Sammel approaches, Erik inclines his head to his brother, "As Ana said, certainly some ideas are forming, but we still have days I believe." Then a wink is returned to Johana, "If we eloped, I think I would be in /very/ big trouble."

Soleil offers Nitrim a faint smile, and sweeps a hand back beside her head, though not a stray hair so much as tickles her neck— the entire collection of pale locks have been stiffened and moulded into a fanned spray. Instead, her fingers pauses at one of her long glittering earrings. "I uhm…you want to dance?" Yep, she's drunk. But she knows how to do drunk without making a scene.
"Do you find this…totally surreal?" she ads after a moment.

Jarek smiles at Agnes, and guides her over to where the other Khournas familiars are. He nods to Johana and Erik in turn, "Congratulations on your bethrothal, are you two enjoying the evening?" He shows of Agnes a little, by bringing attention to her, "Lady Agnes has been kind enough to accompany me."

Michael gives Viannea a slightly puzzled look, she's acting odd but then again there is still tension between them. "Thank you." is the answer to her compliment. "Everything alright? You seem… distracted." his tone a little concerned, and he's trying to show they can still be friends.

There's a smile as he hears what's being said now, and Sammel grins a little. "Eloping? And ruining a good chance for a party? Could you two really be that cruel to the rest of us?" It's offered a bit lightly, before he nods at Erik's words. "I'm sure Father would send me to hunt you down or something," he offers. As he sees the nod and polite smile from Reena, he offers the same in return to her.

"We really should go and and congratulate Lady Soleil on her most recent betrothal at some point in the evening." Ariana intones with light amusement as she speaks to her brother, just before Densoric comes and joins them. "Always such a flatterer, Lord Cousin. But I do thank you for the compliment. Isn't this quite the lovely gathering?" Sensing her father's presence behind her, she turns slowly to regard the man as she continues with her chit-chat, "Everyone has definitely stepped up, once more, in their dress and overall style." She now lifts her chin in time to receive Percival's peck to her cheek, when she greets him, "I'm glad to see that you were able to pull away from your work at some point this night, dear father."

And a rare species steps in slowly from a corner where she had been hiding out. It is Aelewen in a dress. The same shade as her house it is pleated in at the waist to give her slender form some hint of curves, and clings a little to her long legs. Despite her complaints about dresses she seems to manage it gracefully, including a set of heels to match.

Antaeus lets a slight grin cross his lips at Densoric's comment, "Indeed, Lord Cousin, she does outclass all of us." Feeling the clap on his shoulder he turns slightly and nods to his father. "Good to see that you were not indisposed for long, father." Glancing around the room and at the people within, he nods. "They do indeed know how to throw a party, though I admit to preferring the casino on Nubilus as a setting for any sort of fete."

Rubbing his chest softly, the poor man hasn't had a cigarette in hours, Nitrim gives Soleil a nod of his head. Turning just a little towards her, he looks over her to see Michael and Viannea, which brings a little cringe to his lips. "Man, that guy. Yes…" He says quietly to Soleil. "I'd like to dance. This is surreal beyond belief, but there's no reason we can't have a good time of it." He chuckles, eyes on the Larents. Smirking, he leans in again to whisper to Soleil.

"Smart answer," Lyrienne laughs softly to Nikomachos as she returns his hug as well, pressing a kiss to his cheek. "I'm so happy for both of you. Congratulations. In a few weeks, once you two are done talking to all your guests and enjoying the afterglow, you should come over for dinner." She looks around then, smile curving as she notes the Larents. "Ric and I should go and speak with some of the Lashes while we're here, and you have so many guests."

"Please." Ceric scoffs, taking a moment to tug at the high collar of his dress uniform. "Free Bird has been done to death and we both know it. And yeah, Lyri here was balling. I had to make sure to carry extra tissues with me. And I'm fairly certain I have a spare eye-liner tube in my pocket if her stuff started to run." ALways prepared, naval tradition right there. "Really, you look damn good. I don't say this often," infact he never says it, "but I'm proud of you. Glad to watch you grow up." At that he reaches to shake Niko's hand. "Sir Sauvuer, congats. Hope you're hangovers gone. And yeah, take of her, otherwise, I'm not going to really enjoy to explain why my wife lit up my brother-in-law." Finally a glance between Elli and Lyire. "Wow, you're both looking for sore feet today, aren't you?" Never been the best dancer in the world, the Captain.

Kadmus offers a little nod towards Reena, "Lady Reena." He greets, "A colorful wedding, wasn't it?" he asks, taking another sip of his glass as he looks out across the assorted party-goers.

"Bah, I've been almost eaten by a drake… what's a night of sore feet?" Ellinor beams toward her brother-in-law and then gives Nikomachos's arm a tug. There is some pride that flashes across her expression at being scarier than Lyrienne — though that really isn't that difficult. She does give one of Lyrienne's golden curls a gentle tug before she starts to step away. "Gotta keep moving, Lyrie… you two should go dance now before the eager beavers get out there and make Cedric look like a one-eyed duck." And she steps forward to press a kiss to Ric's cheek. She ruffles up his hair with the kind of merciless vengeance most little sisters are known for. "You look so pretty," she teases him before she starts to step away with Nikomachos in tow toward Johana and Erik. Yup, making the rounds.

Agnes blushes a bit at being shown off, and there's a lot to show. The nude fabric beneath the chain and stone mesh gives the illusion of nothing being worn there until up close. "Congratulations, Sir Erik, Sir Johana. I wish you many happy future memories together," she says demurely. "Has a date been chosen for your impending nuptials?"

Reena shifts to follow Ophia to the next cluster of nobles, the Volens, inclining her head to each politely but not interrupting the conversation. She's counting the minutes until the Princess is finished with her obligatory duties and frees her for the evening's festivities. She gives Kadmus a warmer smile. "I would expect no less from a merging of Sauveur and Cindravale in party form," she quips to him. "How have you been, Milord?"

Soon enough Barton shows up from somewhere, had to tell where exactly, to try and give both his sister and her newly betrothed a hug with an arm around each. "Hey there!" He says with a big grin and he squeezes them both before looking to his sister. "How are you?" He asks before looking between them a few times before his gaze shifts to try and find someone else.

"I am fine, Michael," Vi answers with a shrug and a faint smile. "I just don't handle large affairs like this well. They intimidate me more than any battle ever has." It's truth enough for her to give as an answer without making her feel guilty for doing so. "I do believe I shouldn't keep you from your date… please enjoy the rest of the evening, Michael."

The look of shock, mock or not, amuses Johana and she can't help but laugh, "I look forward to our dances as well." As his lips brush her cheek she shivers and heat steals into her cheeks at the whispered words, eyes meeting his with a hint of mischief in them and she returns the gesture, brushing her lips over his cheek and whispering a response. "Trouble? Oh Erik, you are already so much trouble, I think eloping is out." Her attention is diverted by Jarek and Agnes and she offers the two a smile. "Good evening," if she is surprised to see them together, she doesn't mention it. "Thank you, we are pleased by it." Sammel brings another equally delighted smile and she leans near him briefly. "I think you are right, and if it's a party you're looking for we'll make sure to oblige." Looking back to Agnes, she smiles. "Thank you, Sir Agnes, not as of yet. We were just debating the challenge of meshing schedules."

Nikomachos tilts his head to accept the kiss on the cheek from his new sister-in-law, nodding, "Certainly, Lyrie. We would love to." He sniffs softly at Ellinor, "I'll have you know, I've actually been practicing." Cedric's use of his new name doesn't register a moment, and then he laughs, shaking his head ruefully, "I'm afraid that will take a little getting used to, Ric. Please just stick to Niko for a while if you want to have any hope of getting my attention. But yes, passing out for several hours, a couple of wake-the-deads, several long, hot showers, a half-dozen coffees, and a good night's sleep and the hangover is finally gone." And then he's being pulled away, and he waves to Lyrienne and Cedric, "Enjoy yourselves." Next up, Sammel, Erik, Johana, Jarek, and Agnes.

As Niko and Ellinor move on, Lyrienne links arms with Cedric once more. "You have two choices," she informs him with a sunny smile, looking around the hall. "We can dance, or we can go and talk to the Larents. Start walking the plank, Captain," she teases, laughing brightly as she looks up at him.

Jarek smiles at the small blush he gets from showing off Agnes, and then listens to the answers from Johana and Erik. He also spies the bride and groom approaching them.

Michael nods slightly to Viannea, and leaves it at that. He shrugs slightly and returns to Nimara's side for now, since she's really the only person here that he wants to spend time with. If the bride and groom do happen to notice them, he'll smile at them and offer his congrats.

"Shall I hold any future receptions for weddings in the family at the Apogee, then?" Percival wonders back at Antaeus, grinning over the fact (and no doubt already quite aware that his nearby daughter would NOT prefer such a thing). "And it depends a bit on the royal at question. I dare say half the casino's profits come out of Prince Rennic's pocket." A fact which seems to amuse him no end, and cause him to glance around, perhaps hopeful that his longtime royal friend and cohort might be in attendance somewhere. Of course, he mostly searches out the vicinity of wherever they're serving the drinks. "Maybe Lady Soleil will let us throw her one there."

When one of the nobles approaches with Agnes, Erik's demeanor changes to a more proper one, a diplomatic calm moving over the young knight. When the words of congratulations are offered, the young Valen inclines his head in response to Jarek, "Thank you, we were quite happy when we received the news of our betrothal." A respectful nod is also offered to Agnes, "Lady Agnes, you look lovely today." The words sounding sincere instead of mocking, as for her question, Erik shakes his head, "Not yet, My Lady, and with the war against the Hostiles, it might have to depend on the campaign."
In the corner of his eyes, Erik spots the arrival of the bride and groom and there is a gentle squeeze of his hand to Johana's, to let her know. His gaze shifts to Niko and Ellinor, and when the near, there is a wide grin and the youngest Valen releases the Ibrahm's hand for the moment to approach his eldest brother. Enfolding the elder in a bearhug, Erik quickly says, "Looks like it is official now, with the changing of the colors. You wear them well." He then releases Niko from the hug and turns to Ellinor, "You look absolutely radiant, Ellinor. My brother is lucky to have you."

And curiously it seems Lord Valentine has dressed down for the Wedding. Well his elegantly clothign is still all of the finest frabrics but in slightly more muted shades, so as not to risk outshining the wedding party. He has his chest high staff in one hand, and a glass of champagne in the other and he seems to be content to wander, exchanging nods here and there.

As the special couple approaches, Agnes gives a careful bow of her head, keeping her back straight. Bending over in this getup would very possibly be scandalous. "My Lord and Lady, congratulations and may the Six bless this happy union. It is a beautiful thing to see a match that is both savvy and one born of love." Her eyes and smile are sincere and almost motherly. Erik's complement has her blushing again. She may spend all night with her face in various shades of crimson.

Hearing the ultimadum from Lyrienen, Cedric just looks at Niko, mouthing the words 'HELP ME' to him. But then he takes the kiss to the cheek from Ellie, followed by the hair ruffle. He kisses her back in kind. "Just remember that when I accidentally break your toe, Sis." Then he gets his turn for a hug. "Seriously though, you're gorgeous. Love ya, Sis." Then that look of dread graces his features. "This is mutiny, dear wife? The Admiralty will hear about this. You won't get away with it." Crap. Talk with other people or dance. "Eugh, alright, alright, you got me for a dance, because you know I'll take that before having to talk to people."

Densoric looks to Sammel for a moment but is scanning the crowd once more in a blink. He then looks to Ariana as she speaks to him, nods, then at the talk about formalities he gestures for them to go ahead saying, "After you, I've been waiting on one of you to do so. It wouldn't look good for a cousin to make such niceties before at least one of the direct line." then nods politely to Percival in turn.

Soleil laughs outright at something Nitrim murmurs. Oh Nitrim, as if. Her eyes are scanning. "I really thought Re—father would make it. Wanted him to meet the damage he had done. I don't know, I guess things never change much." No she didn't think the prince would come just for a family wedding. She did think, maybe, he'd take the opportunity to visit his daughter without having to look like he cared. "We have to wait to congratulate them," she notes suddenly, remembering etiquette through her space champagne haze. "So yeah, no closets. Didn't you get my picture last night? should have tempered your fire a bit."

A Barton! Talayla smiles as he appears out of nowhere. That's impressive at his height, really. She seems in awe. She'll return the hug carefully. "I am well. This place is very happy. And it's a bit dizzying but I'm glad for them."

Sammel smiles at the people arriving nearby now, before he looks over at Ellinor and Nikomachos as they make their way over. "There's the happy couple. It was a beautiful ceremony and feast!" he offers to them, before he adds, "And you both look quite wonderful today." A brief pause as he looks between the two of them. "I've probably said it too many times already, but congratulations, to both of you."

"Victory!" Lyrienne declares laughingly, leading Cedric out to the floor. In case everyone was waiting for someone else to start dancing. It's purely a serve to her sister, and not at all in the interest of getting a rare dance out of her husband. She's graceful on the floor, practiced and deft enough to make even Cedric look good, but not quite so skilled as to be intimidating.

As Barton joins at her side, Johana returns his hug and kisses his cheek since she can reach it! Got to love those heels! "I'm so glad you're here Barton, I missed speaking to you at the wedding." As the bride and groom approach, and Erik squeezes her hand, she offers a gracious smile. "You both look the epitome of happiness. Congratulations! It's finally legal," offering Ellinor a wink. "Now just to make it legal for me." When he releases her hand to approach Niko, she smiles back at Agnes and Jarek, glancing to Sammel and as Talayla arrives, she gives her a bright smile.

Ellinor flashes a dangerous wink over her shoulder to Cedric as she leads and/or is led off — who really knows with that pair. She then turns her focus just in time to step up into the small gathering of Valen, Khourni and Arborenin. She blinks at the sight of Agnes, and she can't seem to initiate her filter before she says: "Fuck, Agnes… you trying to out-do the bride?" She at least is smiling when she says that to not actually accuse her of such a thing. She does smile toward Erik at his compliment, and she steps forward to accept the hug. She kisses his cheek in a fond, familial kind of way. "I admit the only reason I married Nikomachos was so that I could be closer to you, Sir Erik." And she winks to Johana before she steps to greet the pair of women.

Antaeus' eyes glint with amusement as he responds to his father, "I'm sure Veryna would be more than happy to have her reception there." He then quickly adds a, "Of course, it would work for me as well should the occassion ever arise." The comment about Soleil gets him thinking back to Ariana's earlier remark and he nods, "Perhaps she shall, father. I think my dear sister was getting ready to go and introduce me to her." A slight shift of his gaze to Densoric indicates that he knows Densoric wants to come too.

"Yes. Yes. I got it." Nitrim laughs, cheeks blushing as he steps in a little closer to Soleil. "Don't act like you didn't know exactly what you were doing to help our two month masochism." Nitrim comments quietly then quickly leans back, stealing another glass of champagne from a passing tray. Standing tall and healthy, he turns his gaze to Ellinor and Nikomachos. He nods his head towards them. "They look pretty happy together, though, don't they, Soleil? They look exhausted, but happy."

Nikomachos shrugs helplessly at Cedric's mouthed words, grinning as he turns his attention back to the group he is approaching with Ellinor. He returns Erik's hug, slapping his baby brother on the back twice — just to make sure no one gets the wrong idea. He then steps over to repeat the bear-hug and back-slap with Sammel. "Thank you, Erik, Sammy, Young Lady, Young Lord, Sir." He mentally checks off well-wishers, chuckling as he does. Exactly what greetings to exchange with the other nobles leads to a half-moment of awkwardness, and then Niko settles for bowing his head to each in turn. "You all look wonderful as well. I do hope that you'll all take the chance to tour the dance floor." As Barton and Talayla approach, he bows his head to them as well, "Congratulations are in order to the both of you as well." Ellinor's cursing causes him to laugh, and her follow-up comment to his brother causes him to look over to Johana, "I guess that leaves us to dance, if these two are going to be flirting all night." Yes, he teasing. And also not letting go of Ellinor's hand on his arm.

Densoric smiles to ANtaeus' enthusiasm about casnios and says, "I have little doubt you'll be wed before I am my Lord Cousin, after all you are main line and closer to the seat of power as it were." It could be simple humility, but then the Hostiles are attacking, most of the weddings are for main-line nobles right now, but that isn't really a surprise when it comes to a dash to keep noble lines growing right?

Barton grins and nods to Johana, "Well I am here now." Turning his gaze to the bride and groom. Bowing his head to them before hugging Talayla as well, beaming. "There you are." He offers and kisses her cheek. Turning to the bride and groom again. "Indeed. Congratulations!" Glancing to Erik as well. Studying him a bit. "So. How about you? How are you feeling?" An arm still offered to Talayla as well if she wishes to take his arm.

Ariana makes no comment nor does she react to the mention of having weddings and receptions held at the Apogee. She simply smiles all the same. However, she starts off in the direction of Soleil and Nitrim, "Did you wish to suggest this to her, Lord Father. Come, let us be social." And with that, she leads the Larents in the direction of where the Sauveur-Khournas betrothed pair are milling about. On passing, she finally notices Talayla and where she has holed herself at and immediately gracest he Orelle with a friendly enough smile and an acknowledging nod. She then gracefully continues on towards the the pair of Soleil and Nitrim, lowering her head in deference to them, "I just wanted to congratulate you both, My Lord and Lady, on your betrothal. I can't say that I was too surprised by the news."

There goes the blushing again. Ellinor's comment has Agnes chuffing out a nervous laugh. "Lady Aelewen and my dear niece, Viannea helped pick it the dress, and young miss Lorelei Quellton attacked my face and hair with her own brand of sorcery, called makeup and hair products," she confesses. She looks to Jarek with an exasperated expression.

Arm. Taken! Talayla smiles to Johana. "It will be wonderful. Congratulations to all of you," She looks to Ariana, smiles and nods back. She looks to Barton. "Overwhelmed. How about you?" She grins. Going from hermit to THIS is a bit much! She looks to Nikomachos, bowing her head. "And to you, I am glad. You seem really happy." Hooray for Nachos and Elly!

Viannea does several things in rapid succession. First thing she does is wish the bride and groom much happiness and promises them a gift once something proper can be found, then she passes by Nitrim and Soleil who are waved to and congratulated. And lastly she gives her aunt a hug and greets Agnes' date before finding a place to stand. Let the people watching commence.

"Yes, yes, live it up while you can." Cedric fumbles from Lyrienne's excitment. He's never going to get that arm back today, already having a good idea that she's going to be glued to his side for the majority of the party. But even he can't help but soften up as they start to dance. "You were right about the dress." he offers after a moment, when he's not looking at his feet. "I haven't seen you look this gorgeous since our wedding day." And yes, she makes him look good, as if he actually knew what the hell he was doing. They don't cover dancing in the naval academy and impressing women was never really his 'thing'. "I just needed a warm-up before I had to go be talkative to non-family."

The hug is then given to Ellinor by Erik next and the chaste kiss on the cheek also exchanged as they are family now, his smile widening, "I know, I know. But I thought we had promised to keep that from Niko. You know how fragile the Valen pride can be." Now, when his eldest brother attempts to steal his betrothed and date away, the youngest rises to the challenge, "Now, now, brother. I promised Lady Johana that her first dance will be with me." With that, he returns to Johana's side before turning to Barton who had also joined the group, the large number of people getting hard to keep track of, "Sir Barton, I am doing well. It's always a good day when we have the Hostiles reeling." Of course he speaks of the first wave being decimated, not the approaching second wave, focusing on the good of course. His own hand extends back towards Johana's, so he can take her's again.

Jarek smiles at Niko and Ellinor, "Congrats you two! The Six smiles I just know it." then the mention of dancing and Jarek grins at Agnes, "That sounds like a good idea… think you're ready to stomp my toes?" more teasing of course, perhaps a little of that emotional distancing he'd mentioned before. If she agrees, he'll escort her to the open floor for the dance.

Michael begins a nice whispered conversation with his date, once in a while either of them might brush a hand over the other's cheek, or put a hand to a shoulder. There is also a light kiss after a long few moments, but it's clear the two are trying to maintain a public front.

Oddly enough Densoric doesn't join the caravan of Larents, it was their place to go first in his mind, whether in protocol or not. And besides he didn't know the couple that well and not being part of the main line he would make his way over eventually. This was a time for the best of each House to make their gestures first, his time can come later.

"Oh, is she about? I was hoping to spot her father and catch him for drinks," and perhaps, knowing how the two of them get together, the harassment of bridesmaids and young ladies of interest, "But I didn't seem to see him anywhere." Still, as the subject has in general moved toward the young lady, her father, and her own betrothed, and seeing that the rest of his family was interested in going to say hello, Percival has no objections to Ariana's suggestion. "Well, if you wish to have yours there, I think that would be fine," he tells Antaeus, presumably as they walk. "Densoric," he calls over, spotting him in passing but noting that he's not coming along, "I do have to talk to you a little more at some point, about that matter with the enemy ships. But, perhaps this isn't quite the time."

"Well from what I hear they /should/ be exhausted," Soleil says under her breath to Nitrim, her own filter in the shop. Sauveur filters— they get a lot of use, need constant repair. "Happy, too, yes. hah. We're not supposed to be happy. We're supposed to look miserable beneath a stiff upper lip, that way the plebes nod to themselves and say 'Well it's not all good, being rich and powerful, they have to marry someone they hate.' And thus the machine that is society is oiled with the mutual misery of the common and the great, and we all secretly think— Oh h'lo lady Ariana." Her crazy opinion is thankfully interrupted. "I was just telling Nitrim we need to hold off on falling in love so that we are properly cold and ambivalent toward one another at our wedding. For the sake of the people." oh wait, no it's not.
She notices Viannea's drive-by congratulations and offers a muted smile and bow of her head in thanks.

"If you feel you are up to having your feet mashed, who am I to tell you no, my friend?" Agnes quips back at Jarek with a small smile. After hugging Viannea, she slips her arm through his so he can lead her to the dance floor.

Reena takes the Princess' empty glass from her, and Ophia utters the words she's been waiting to hear, that she is retiring for the evening and insists her handmaids remain to enjoy the festivities. She lets out a relieved breath as the woman departs and leaves her to her own devices.

When Ellinor teases about Erik, she can't help but reply back. "Oh he's definitely something to behold, I mean have you seen that ass?" Johana can't help but glance to it when she mentions it, but her eyes immediately lift back to the bride and groom. "Works for me, Niko, if what I hear from Ellinor is true, yours is something to admire too." She hasn't looked. No way. Not that she'd admit, anyway. When Talayla takes her brothers arm, she offers the two of them the same. "Congratulations to the both of you as well." When Erik joins back at her side, she reaches for his hand, lacing her fingers with his.

Antaeus lets out a very low groan and shakes his head at Densoric, indicating that any talk of -him- getting married isn't really his favorite topic of discussion at the moment. He is fairly familiar with the whole slew of betrothals that seem to be happening, and he's perfectly content to let this marriage fever grasp others for now. He coughs politely at his father's comment and shrugs, "The Apogee would work nicely, although I might be tempted to spend a good deal of time gambling rather than socializing."
Ariana begins to seemlingly lead them all into a more social situation, and so he follows in her wake. Seeing that Densoric isn't coming, he offers the man another nod, and then continues following Ariana. After she makes her congratulatory statement to the pair, he offers his own. "My Lord, My Lady, my congratulations on your betrothal." A proper nod of his head being given to both of them.

Sammel chuckles at the hug from his brother, and grins as he hears the conversation between Ellinor and Erik. Moving to give Elinor a hug as well, he offers a bit of a grin. "Congratulations for being brave enough to marry this big oaf of a brother we have. And remember, if you need embarrassing childhood photos of him, you just need to ask, and I'm sure we can find some." A big grin is offered to Niko as well as he said that.

"Thank you," Lyrienne smiles more softly up at her husband as the pair dances, navigating even the train on her gown without any apparent effort. "I thought you might appreciate it. Or at least I thought of you when I saw it, so I decided it would be worthwhile." She leans up to whisper something in his ear as she dances, still scanning the crowd. "So many weddings coming up, it seems. I should at least get a few uses out of it. Or there were others. There was one, that…" And then she's rambling about gowns, which will no doubt give Cedric plenty of time to think about other things.

As Viannea passes, Nitrim raises his glass to her in thanks before she comes and goes. Watching her off, Nitrim turns his head to the approaching Larents. He smiles a broad, toothy smile and lowers his head in turn, returning the deference. Straightening just a little as his head rises, he scans their faces while Soleil—does her thing. Glancing to the blonde, he centers his attention on the Larents. "Thank you, thank you. It's been too long since I've had the accompany of House Larent, so I'm very glad that we could meet in this capacity. Lady Soleil, as she was just saying, was suggesting that we do our best to not forget propriety over happiness over our impending wedding." He hopes that smoothes it over. "How the Citizens do love a stoic wedding party."

Nikomachos laughs softly at Erik's words, "And she," he points to Ellinor with his free hand, "Just promised to be true to me for the rest of her life not two hours ago." He nods to Jarek and Agnes as they depart for the dancefloor, giving a nod to Viannea as she offers her congratulations, and then looks back to the extended Cindravale family, turning side-on to Johana and half-turning as if to give his own ass a once-over. Shrugging lightly, he squares up again, "I've never heard any complaints, Ana. Of course, you've just suggested that there's a whole lot more discussion about such things going on behind my back anyhow, so perhaps I don't know everything…" One eyebrow arches at his new bride, and he laughs, then wrinkles his nose at Sammel, "Mother already showed her the worst ones." There's a pause, "Maybe not the worst. Mother is Leonnida, and she wouldn't want to break off such a favorable match."

Barton chuckles and nods to Talayla, "That is decent then, at least. I have been good." He tells her and smiles, keeping her close to t and give her some kind of safety net at least. Nodding to Erik as well when he speaks. "Indeed so." He offerss and smiles. Looking to Talayla then. "How about I offer a first dance to you as well?" He suggests with a grin. Smiling and nodding to his sister. "Thank you, and same to you."

"I thought that we should be honest with one another," Ellinor says in faux sobriety to Erik before she flashes Nikomachos a rather adoring smile. Then she smiles toward Jarek at his words, and she winks his way as he starts to draw Agnes toward the dance floor. Finally she recenters her attention on Johana. "Ana, you should get him out of here and onto the dance floor before I decide to snatch him up for myself." She winks to Sammel before she steps up to the younger Valen. "Shall I find you a dance partner too, Sammy?" Uh oh, matchmaker alert, matchmaker alert. Woman gets married and this is what happens. She does smile toward Nikomachos before she glances toward the cluster of Soleil, Nitrim, Ariana et al. She nods her chin toward them to suggest where they should head next.

Densoric smiles softly at his cousin's groan about marriage then nods respectfully to Percival to show he heard him as he is left behind. Left alone once again, at least for the moment the Larent most distant to the House's seat maintains his proper, dignified stance returning polite nods to random guests as they notice him or pass by. Simple formalities as largely he knows none of them, some even his cousin Ariana might not know as of yet. The fun of such a large wedding, even the most distant relations of the smallest houses tend to have at least someone to represent them. Eyes finding his friend once more Densoric watches Talayla smile and talk for a few moments before looking about the room once again. Always good to see a friend enjoying themself. Though the presence of her betrothed does explain why she didn't respond to his previous gesture.

Jarek leads Agnes to the floor, and sets up for a proper dance with her. This, of course, has them standing rather close together. Jarek can't help but look at Agnes' eyes for a long time before he forces them away to look just beyond her… rather difficult a task, with her nose being eye level for him just about, but he manages. "You look rather amazing Agnes, good way to show up to that man." he offers in soft smalltalk to her.

Michael and his date maintain their wall flower status, seeming content to just be in each other's company… even though this is a party and they should probably show off the week's worth of late night dancing practice, nerves get the best of Michael… oddly enough. So he remains by her side, and does as he normally would. Gentle small talk in a near whispered voice, a soft kiss now and again. All the usual of two young love birds, who still seem to now and then try to poise themselves and give off that casual front like they practiced.

If one were to call Cedric and Lyrienne a classic couple, they likely wouldn't be wrong. Something that's evolved over years of having to get to know someone whom you knew nothing about and while they may be two drastically different, they seem to along much better than people probably thought when they were first married. "Glad I'm in your thoughts, then." the Captain notes. "And in lieu of how stunning you look right now, I'm still not going to see how much it cost." When she whispers in his ear, he blinks once at her. And when she goes on about dresses, he just chuckles lightly. But he does lean in to whisper back in her ear as well while she's going about dresses, just to see her reaction.

Talayla smiles back to Johana. Happy indeed! There's an amused look to Nitrim and Soleil. She'll have to congratulate them later. She is quiet, for her part. She nods to Barton. "I would be honored to dance with you," This to Barton. She's willing to try, at least. She looks apologetically to Densoric. She probably got a bit dazed in it all. She does wave to the Larent fellow though.

"Oh, I've no doubt there's any number of young knights who would be happy to 'socialize' in a similar fashion," Percival points out to Antaeus. "So I think you'd manage. Or maybe it would be better for the bachelor party." Whatever happens in Summit, stays in Summit? "We'll see. Nothing set in stone for you just yet, after all." Saying this, they seem to have arrived at their destination, and he likewise offers a nod and smile toward the young couple that Soleil and Nitrim make. "Congratulations to you both. I wish you both happiness, whether or not it makes for a good show for the public." He grins a bit. "Rennic isn't here, is he?" he wonders of Soleil then, a little more friendly and familiar when speaking to the young woman. "I haven't seen him since before our last deployment, and I did want to pass on my congratulations to him as well. And perhaps share a drink to celebrate." Or two or three.

Valentine drifts closer to the proverbial happy couple, and his cousins. He offers a bright smile to Nikomachos and Ellinor and a playfuly theatrical bow "Please allow me to join in the legions offering my congratulations" he says as his smile brightens a touch more "And greetings lords and ladies" he says to those around them before turning back "A rather lovely event, everyone looks ratehr terribly splendid"

"It would be better were he in attendance, Jarek. But I shall have to be satisfied with the paparazzi photos that will no doubt be all over the Infosphere." Agnes smiles, and her arms are settled around the Young Lord's neck like they dance in gradeschool. She does the side to side shuffle with her head slightly tilted to regard her escort.

Watching Niko try and look at his own backside, Johana laughs, looking up at Erik. "I think I'll have to keep you hidden away on the Crescent for the duration." The words are clearing teasing. Needing no further urging as Ellinor suggests heading out to the dance floor, Ana looks back at Erik with a challenge in her eyes. "Would you finally dance with me?"

Aelewen has taken up position as something of a wallflower, although she seems entirely happy with that as she quietly people watches. Then she spies Agnes being lead out onto the floor by Jarek and a bright smile lights up her face, taking years off her weathered visage.

"The worst *she* has, yes," Sammel replies with a grin to Niko, before he offers a grin to Ellinor at her words. "A dance partner? Well, while I enjoy dancing, I wouldn't want you to have to take such hard work when it's your wedding and all. Niko would kill me for it," he remarks.

That same amused smile remains on her lips as Ariana overhears Soleil's part of the conversation, her attention then moving to Nitrim when he speaks up. "Oh yes, I can see your wedding now and all the media frenzy that will go with it. But Lady Soleil, you look absolutely lovely this evening and Lord Nitrim has never looked more dashing." Twirling on the balls of her feet gently, she looks to her brother now, perhaps overhearing something he wished she did not hear, "Oh, are we discussing your particular arrangement, Dearest of Brothers." And only brother. Returning to the group, she does comment, "With all of these betrothals being announced, I'll be spending most of my time at the dress shop, getting fitted."

Lyrienne flushes at Cedric's whispered words, the litany of gowns pausing for a moment before she clears her throat. "Well, I used some of the money from the new album, so you don't even need to see the bill," she says with a flicker of a smile, stepping in closer when the music slows a bit. "Do you have your head in the right place to go and talk with people who aren't family now?" she asks, arching a brow up at him.

Jarek does that arms length, hands on her waist thing to mock her gradeschool like dancing. He nods slightly to her, "Of course, I don't think it will help to have photos of your arms around me… he might not be the jealous type and just say congrats to you." then he smiles at her, "This side to side is pleasant, but I have a feeling you're avoiding a real dance just to avoid compliments." with a smirk to follow up.

Densoric catches Talayla's wave out of the corner of his eye, lookign to the source of the movement he smiles softly and nods politely then goes back to scanning. Spotting another he knows the young noble makes his way over to Michael and his date and nods to each asking, "So this is the fetching creature you spoke of Young Master Michael." Glancing then to Aelewen Densoric smiles and nods respectfully but does comment on her outfit, "If I were but a bit older My Lady Arboren." then offers another respectful bow of the head as though confirming how well she looks in the outfit.

Nikomachos nudges Ellinor's shoulder with his own as she offers to set his middle brother up, "Oh come on, Ellie." Beat pause, "Just remember to look for first-tier vassals. We need someone to marry into the family, not steal another brother away." Valentine's arrival causes Niko to get his arm back from Ellinor again to offer another back-slapping hug to his cousin. It seems that getting married puts the man in a huggy mood, "Val. Wonderful to see you. Thank you so much for going with the muted colors. You're one of the few here I would worry about out-dressing me." He nods to Ellinor as she indicates the next place for them to greet their guests, offering out his arm again and gesturing for Valentine to accompany them, "You should meet the Larents with us, Val." So as to not just have a split-second interaction with his cousin as well.

There needs to be no further urgings from Johana as Erik takes a step back while still holding the Ibrahm's hand before raising it. With a bow of his head, the young Valen says, "It would be an honor, and my pleasure, to lead you out to the dance floor, My Lady." Then the hand is lowered and Erik begins to escort his betrothed to the cleared area, his steps and pace well schooled.

"A stoic wedding party sounds so dreadfully dull." Antaeus says this as he decides to take a glass of champagne from a passing server, deciding now is a good time to engage in the consumption of something fortifying. He raises the glass to them both in a congratulatory salute before draining a good quarter of it. Just as he is lowering the glass, Ariana makes her comment, to which he shakes his head to. "Of course not. I've got other duties." A glance to his father to show that he's more than happy spending most of his time handling military affairs. However, he then goes ahead and drains another quarter of the glass.

Michael smiles at Densoric, taking a moment from Nimara to speak with Densoric. "Yes, this is her. We'll invite you out to lunch sometime to have a proper meeting. This place is a bit noisy for greetings and such, don't you agree Lord Densoric?" he asks in earnest. If Nimara responds, it would have been hard to hear in the din of the party.

That was response that Cedric was looking for, as displayed by the shit-eating grin on his face. "Thought that'd get your attention, eh?" he muses. "I'm just hasseling you, Lyri. You know I don't care about the cost. Always said you deserved anything that made you happy. So long as you don't ask how much I paid for season box tickets for the Comets next season." A little laugh goes with that. "I even got you your own custom jersey that you're just going to have to wear. Don't worry, it's a co-captain jersey." The matter of mingling gets brought up again and he sighs. "I suppose so, since I know you want to. Just be aware your sister is going to drag me away at some point. I may or may not consider it a rescue." Then he whispers one more quick thing to her before he's ready to move off after the song ends.

"Lord Percival," Soleil also greets, and then she gives a carefully schooled reply, though between them they all probably know the truth— it's just not really like Rennik to even make a show of being a good family man. "My father was regrettably unable to attend. Last minute problems no doubt." She hasn't seen him, so she figures it's safe to pretend he gave his regrets or something. "Ah…your son at last." Soleil looks at Antaeus carefully, eyes a little narrow, trying to remember, no doubt, whether she at any point tried to make him lust after her. In her former days as a bad girl, of course. "Thank you, all. Lord Nitrim and I are adjusting to the devastation to our young and innocent lives by the machinations of our families."

"You are incorrigible, Jarek," Agnes notes, but she nevertheless shifts her hands, one to his shoulder, the other held out for his. "Prepare your toes for incoming accidental bruising," she warns him. She flashes Aelewen a nervous smile across the room.

Reena shifts over to where her brother and Soleil are lurking. She finally sips her champagne. "Well, you two look quite fancy tonight," she quips, brows rising. "Almost respectable, brother. I'm impressed."

"Well, that's awkward, because I already bought you a set of season tickets for our anniversary," Lyrienne laughs to Cedric. "And that framed vintage jersey you were drooling over." She sighs dramatically, stepping back from the dance floor to link arms with him once more. "It's a good thing I love you," she declares, rising up on her toes to press a kiss to his cheek. For all the stares and glares that went on at their wedding, they certainly seem to have found some happiness. A beacon of hope for those despairing at their own arranged marriages.

"Thank you, rather kindly, Lord Larent, Lady Ariana, and Lord Antaeus. We're not entirely sure as to when the wedding will be as I am still a squire, for now, and my duties will take me back and forth from the front of the war, but you can all be assured that you will be on the guest list for the festivities." Nitrim salutes them with his glass of champage, the hair on the back of his neck standing upright as he can sense other eyes, somewhere, on him. People can always tell after a few seconds. As Soleil continues, he flashes a sudden, unexpected smile to the Larents. "AND a devastation necessary for the betterment of society, no less. Though, I think Lady Ariana has the right of it. We've been an item for some time, have we not, my dear?"

Aelewen looks to Densoric and arches an eyebrow, her smile fading. She tilts her head to one sides as a her sharp blue eyes rest on him for several moments "You would what m'lord?" she asks, a crooked smile crossing her face. Then she spies Agnes's nervous expression cast her way and she flashes another bright smile and makes a somewhat discrete thumbs up gesture to the taller woman.

Barton smiles and nods to Talayla. Trying to turn and lead her along after Erik and his sister. Though trying to find a more spacious spot on the dance floor to make Talayla not feel too smothered. "Just tell me if it is too much and we can go elsewhere." He assures her. Though seeming quite glad to see the happy couples and all. He will offer a nod to Densoric as well though when Talayla does.

Jarek smiles at Agnes, taking her outstretched hand. "That may be, but then when you have a chance to dance with a woman such as you, especially when you're dressed as you are, and look like you do… you cannot pass up that chance to dance." with that, he begins a true waltz like dance with her… and sure, his toes are certainly ready, secretly he had his cobbler put steel plating in the top of his dress shoes.

"Fortunate that you love the dress shop then, isn't it?" Percival observes, grinning at Ariana. "Though I cannot say that there is anything firm in mind for your dear brother just yet. Not that we are not considering matches. Parents must always keep their eyes to such things, and military duty is no excuse. Just think where any of you would be if I put off such things completely for the sake of my career." The ultimate parental guilt trip! "Ah, unfortunate," he then expresses toward Soleil, indeed sounding quite regretful. Someone to drink with is always a help making it through the lengthy social obligations of a wedding. He glances briefly between her and Antaeus. "Fortunately for Lord Nitrim, I think you may have been a little too young for my son when you were staying with us. And then he was off to the Academy."

"…the season the last won the Cup?" Cedric's voice gets a little quiet, hopeful, like a little kid. "Oh stars, Lyrienne, you didn't have to get me -that-." That's half-hearted, because he's waaaay to exicted. "Tell me it was Jordan Markman's jersey. Tell me tell me tell me." His favorite striker -ever-." Kiss on the cheek be damned, he plants a nice one on her lips in reply. "They don't make classy women like you anymore, damnit. I got lucky." He takes a breath, then exhaling. "Okay, I'm ready. Just put a drink in my hand and I'm good."

Densoric nods and offers nod to the Senator as well, "Well met Senator." he then looks to Aelewen as her words draw his attention and amends, "How beautiful you look in that dress I might have to talk petitions." smiling softly once more. Whether he truly thinks she is as beautiful as he claims, or is simply being socialable is anyone's guess. Though he may also just being giving an attractive woman a compliment.

Talayla smiles back and looks to Barton. She shakes her head. "I can stay a little bit. But maybe in awhile." It is a bit much, and she might bolt out the window at any moment. But she's trying and will at least dance with Barton for now.

Ellinor and Nikomachos — presumably with Valentine in tow — befall the Larent-Khournas-Sauveur cluster in a polite fashion. Ellinor greets her cousin first, offering Soleil a gentle smile that gently touches those pale green eyes, and then she smiles toward Ariana. "Soleil, Lady Ariana, you are both looking lovely as always." She inclines her head respectfully to the Larent patriarch in turn. "Lord Larent." She settles into a comfortable poise, arm still wrapped with Nikomachos's. She smiles toward Antaeus — someone she has definitely not met — and even toward Nitrim. See? Alls good here.

As the bride and groom move on, Ana devotes her full attention back to Erik. His propriety earns him another smile and she also dips her head demurely. "I would be honored, Sir Erik." As he leads her to the dance floor, she walks at his side until they stop in an open area. The anticipation has her already placing her hand on him, awaiting him to lead her.

Valentine didn't quite expect a manly hug, but he does his best to return it, managing to juggle staff and glass alike "Thank you Lord Cousin, trying to outshine the bride and groom is terribly tacky. Not that I think I could even if I did try" he compliments them both with another smile before adding softly "I am rather related to the Larents Lord Cousin" he reminds Niko then offers a smile "Thank you for reminding me that I should certainly say hello to my Uncle and Cousins" he adds a little softly as he drifts along with them both. As they near he offers the Larent party another bright smile "Lord Larent a pleasure. Lady Ariana you look a vision" he says brightly.

Smiling as the bride and groom moves on, and as the others seems to be heading for the dancing now, Sammel instead heads for where he can get himself something to drink at the moment, before he returns to somewhere near where he was standing before. Takng a sip now, he smiles a bit as he looks around at the various people.

The smile that Antaeus gives Soleil is charming, but not quite the level of charm he might have shown her in the past. His eyes start to glance back and forth as his father now joins in on the whole 'Antaeus Needs A Wife' campaign that his dear sister has obviously orchestrated. Bloody hell. Another quarter of the champagne is drained, where was another server when he needed one? Obviously he is going to need another glass. Soon. Oh good, the married couple has arrive among them. A -distraction-. He raises his nearly empty glass to the happy couple. "Congratulations to you both, My Lord and My Lady." Respectful nods are given to them both.

The hand that is already laced with Johana's remain as is as Erik also stops at the dance floor and he brings his other hand to the Ibrahm's hips. He quickly transitions them into the slow beat of the music, moving with the rhythm that is being placed and soon, the young Valen's gaze holds nothing else but his betrothed's eyes. After a few steps into the dance, Erik does draw her a bit closer, perhaps a bit more intimate than just a formal dance.

"I am an old, wrinkled, -widowed- soldier in a dress" Aelewen replies with a faint snort flaring her nostrils. Shaking her head she takes a sip from her drink, something she grabbed randomly from a tray and nods to Densoric "But thank you for the effort and gallantry" she says politely enough whilst casting a suspicous glance at her drink.

Soleil looks amused. Too young. Hah! As if that ever stopped her from baiting — she douses her amused smile to turn to Ellinor and Nikomachos. "Ah, Ellinor," she says, a little formally for she is still not entirely comfortable around her Sauveur relatives. "Congratulations to you both. Did you know you'd be such trendsetters? Ah, yes, Nitrim, we have been /something/ for a long time but…" She flutters her eyelashes and takes a deep breath. She really should have eaten something with those five glasses of champagne.
Something catches her eyes. Something that's hard to pinpoint but she glances at Nitrim and then fixes him with a closer look, her head tilted.

"Well that's the one you said you wanted," Lyrienne laughs to Cedric, though she flushes at the kiss, bracing herself against his shoulder. "I was going to surprise you, but I suppose the secret's out now." Doubtless some reporter will see the kiss and hear that statement and tomorrow there will be rumors she's knocked up again. "Drinks," she agrees with a swift smile, claiming a pair from a passing servant. "Now, to be social."

Agnes follows Jarek's lead as best she can, and in truth she doesn't stomp his toes too often, just now and then. As she's in kitten heels, it's far less painful that if she were wearing her boots or high heels of some flavor.

Reena elbows Sammel as she passes him. "Kiss anyone lately?" she teases him, turning to find a spot by a column to lean and people watch.

One of Ariana's brows cannot help but lift at Nitrim and Soleil's words, her cold eyes looking from one of their resigned faces to the other as she continues to smile. "I can see that your actual wedding will be so delightful. I cannot wait. Has a betrothal period been announced yet?" If so, she had not heard. Turning back to look between her father and brother, it is to Antaeus whom she flashes a wider smile at once Percival has spoken. "Marriage is a duty as well, Lord Brother. Do not forget that." This is when she notices the arrival of the newlyweds… and her cousin! Lowering her head in a graceful manner before the trio, she straighens up and offers, "My Congratulations go out to the both of you, My Lord and Lady. It was splendid wedding indeed and you both make such a lovely couple." To Valentine, she smiles quietly, "Lord Valentine, your words are always so generous."

Nikomachos nods to Valentine, rolling his eyes at his own faux pas, "Why yes, you are, aren't you? Then perhaps you can introduce us." The last is teasing, and as he approaches the group, he bows his head in turn, "Lord Larent, Lady Soleil, Lieutenant, Lady Ariana," there's a moment's hesitation, his lips tightening, but he still adds in, "Lord Nitrim. Thank you all for joining us today." He offers up a smile to Soleil at her words in particular, "It seems that someone just needed to break the ice. Congratulations on your own betrothal in turn, Lady Soleil."

Barton nods and let his focus slip to Talayla for now as they come to the dance floor and he places a hand on her waist while holding the other in his hand. "Just tell me whenever you wish to leave." He tells her and smiles. Glancing around briefly before looking to her with a smile. Starting a slow dance.

"No, Lady Ariana, the betrothal period has not been set yet, that I'm sure is being negotiated as we speak. And gentlemen…" Nitrim points to Antaeus and Percival. "I suppose then I should count myself lucky. Your son is more handsome than I."
Gods help Nitrim, though despite Soleil's rather vocal distaste of their betrothal in front of the Larents he holds on firm, playing it off like it's just some kind of joke. He turns to Lady Ellinor and Lord Nikomachos, feeling as if the two are much needed reinforcements in a hopeless, awkward battle. To them and Valentine, he smiles proudly and lowers his head to them in deference. "No lovelier than the bride and groom, I assure you. The two of you look absolutely wonderful today. I'm very happy for the two of you, congratulations." He salutes them with his glass and pauses for a sip. He gives Lord Nikomachos a veiled, polite look with a scant nod of his head. He knows what's up. It's not good.

"Well, you just made my week, no, hell, you made my year." Cedric beams. "I -cannot- wait to wear it." One day, when the Comets are back at the top again, the Captain will be the one to have the last laugh. But like any dutiful fan, he'll support them to the end, even if they've mediocre to bad for the past couple of years. Taking the glass she offers him, he nods. "Alright, you got me, social it is. But I'm going to follow your lead here. You're the expert in these kind of things. I'm just here to…hrm, to make you good. Consider me your eyecandy."

Jarek laughs softly as they dance, even as her feet come down on his toes a few times. Clearly she's noticed the steel plating in them by now. His outfit moves with their flowing movements over the floor. The light gold scalemail like tailored shirt with a keyhole collar open to show a little chest, covered with a black-brown vest to match the disks of Agnes' dress, a light gold handkerchief with a combination of the Saimhann and Peake logos embroidered in their respective colors. Not his choice, but his tailor insisted so he let it go. All culminating in short skirt of sorts. Something his tailor wanted to try out, it's got two flat apron panels in front with a pleated skirt in the back. It's a square like weave of lines of that black-brown, light gold, and red. Jarek seems a bit uncomfortable in it… clearly not what he'd have chosen, but the fight with the tailor was a losing battle, so he caved in.

Oh, and now their gathering is getting -sizable- as the wedded party joins the to-be-wedded pair and their Larent well-wishers. Percival turns to greet the approaching pair, dipping his head politely and smiling to them both. "Lady Ellinor, Lord Nikomachos, may I extend the congratulations and well-wishes of the entire Larent family. It is our sincerest hope that your time together is long, prosperous, and filled with many children." This said, he spots Valentine with them as well. "Lord Valentine. Unfortunately your aunt was indisposed with something back on Summit, but it's good to see you about. Of course, she sends her well-wishes to the happy couple as well." To Nitrim, he grins, "Well, he gets it from his father. I almost feel guilty thinking on potential matches for him, for all the fair maidens of the realm I will rob of his attentions. Fortunately for then, he is as yet a free man." Although Antaeus has been teased a bit with the prospect of his future duty, here his father gives him a bit of slack.

"I'm guessing a rather short betrothal period," Ellinor says in a good-natured note. "After all, Uncle Rennic will see it as an excuse to get drunker than usual." Her voice is full of jest, but it isn't like Rennic's drinking habit is much of a secret — secrets are a bitch to keep in the same Tower as Princess Janelle. She does smile toward Nitrim. "I had Nikomachos brainwashed before the wedding day. There is a tiny part of his mind that is currently screaming that he could have had a beautiful Larent bride, or perhaps an Iah. He'd even take an Ibrahm… but no, he got saddled with Princess Evony's drake-hunting daughter." She winks toward Niko before she settles into a relaxed stance. "Soleil, my mother has offered to help you with your wedding preparations… since your own Lady Mother isn't around and no doubt that Princess Janelle will have her own preparations to worry about."

He was mid-sip right as that elbow and the comment from Reena catches him, and so Sammel ends up coughing quite a bit, bringing up his free hand to avoid the drink spraying through. Taking a few moments more to compose himself again, he takes a few deep breaths before he looks over to the Khourni lady, offering her a bit of a grin as he steps closer now. "Not really, no. The last time I tried, I have some vague memory of someone managing to avoid that." Spoken a bit lightly, before he lowers his voice a little now. "Sorry about that…"

With her hand in his, the other on his shoulder and slowly moving to gently rest at the back of his neck where her fingers toy with his hair, Johana keeps her eyes on his as the rest of the room fades away. As he pulls her closer, she sways with him, perhaps a bit intimate, yes, but the familiarity of their bodies together is obvious.

Densoric counters Aelewen saying, "Age simply provides experience, widowed simply means there is an option, soldier creates good tone, and the dress suits you quite well." in a more serious tone. Seems he might actually think she looks good, though what seems to be him making logical arguments he does seem to catch on she's not that interested in small talk at the moment and leaves her be. She then looks to Michael and says, "Excuse me, I believe I've given my uncle and cousins time enough to give congratulations, I should join them." then turns to meet up with the other Larents finally and catches some of Ariana's words and looks to Antaeus adding, "Your are a male of the main line, always good breeding stock my lord Cousin." in a good-natured tone. Seems he's joining in on the family ribbing as well. He then turns his gaze to the couple of the evening, waits for enough of a pause he can step in without seeming too rude and bows his head respectfully to each saying, "MiLord, My Lady. Please excuse my tardiness in making my way over, but with so many fine guests and such a large gathering one can only do so much. Lord Densoric Larent. If the celebrations are testament you both shall have a long life together full of joy." As he seems to combine his excuse for not showing up sooner to give his congratulations as well as offering an introduction as he knows neither of them that well, and at best they likely only know him in passing or by name.

Agnes sways in the waltz with Jarek, companionable in their awkwardness of wearing things they are not used to. "Smart man, steel toes," she quips with a smile. Her eyes flit over his shoulder to watch the other nobles pairing off. "Thank you for escorting me. I think I would have been mortified attending yet another function alone."

Reena grins and she shrugs a little bit at Sammel. "It was a party, you were drunk, I was an aggressive Khourni. Could have happened to anyone. You can make it up to me with a dance though, so I don't look like the most unwanted noblewoman here."

"Cedric, you are your brother's heir until he gets married and has children," Lyrienne points out to Cedric. "That means making nice. So put on your smile." Hers, of course, has never faltered. It might even brighten as she approaches the Larent group. "Cousins," she starts with Nitrim and Soleil. "I'm so happy for both of you, congratulations. If there's anything you need with a slightly less heavy hand than my mother's, please don't hesitate to call," she offers, smile wry.

"And allow me to extended my congratulations on your bethrothal" Valentine says gracious to Nitrim and Soleil before looking to the party as a whole "I do swear marriages seems to be this season's black" he quips his smile turning a little wry "Sadly I don't look very good in black" he adds with a brief, dry, smile. He nods to Percival as a concerned frown lightly touches his face "Do pass on my best wishes to her for a speedy recovery Lord Uncle" he says warmly. Pausing to sip his wine he smiles to Ellinor "I think he found one of the few ladies who could keep up with him on and off the battlefield" he compliments her softly. As Lyrienne and Cedric approach he offers them a polite nod and a bright smile before sipping his champagne again.

Awww. Talayla seems quietly happy for those around her. Her brother even gets cool stuff. She looks to Barton. "Sure, we can stay for awhile if you would like," She offers. "I will stay as you do," She nods.

Soleil keeps glancing at Nitrim now. Those who know her best know how sharp she can be, her observation like a scalpel that slices away the extraneous tissue of a situation and dissects straight to the heart. And her eyes are cutting.
Perhaps, though, she has quickly discerned that Nitrim is uncomfortable, and the part of her heart that is neither drunk nor dead, small though it is rumored to be, might feel a bit for him. If he should look her way, she lets him see the hint of a smile at the corner of her mouth.
"Oh…I will be sure to speak to the princess then, thank you Ellinor. Nitrim and I are not so miserable as I would have the public believe. We just can't let our fathers think they did something right is all." There, see?
"Thank you, Lyrienne," she says, inclining her head to her other cousin as well. And somewhere in there…did she miss Reena? To her she also gives a thanks. Ah! One sister in law who won't hate her! That's good. And Finally, also she inclines her head to Valentine,t hough not having been formally introduced to him. the congratulations are starting to make her head spin. "I'm beginning to think we're supposed to be happy," she tells Nitrim. "Perhaps people won't mind so much if we are."

Jarek smiles at Agnes, "Any event, I'd be happy to go with you to… I don't think you should have to go alone… and hopefully your brother will be able to find you a more permanent dance partner in time. Until then, I'll be selfishly happy." he nods about the shoes, "If you thought dress shopping was horrifying… should have fought with the tailor, I give tham man faar too much freedoms." he smirks as he shakes his head slightly. Their dancing continues for now.

Michael nod to Densoric, happy to be able to return his attentions to his date again. They whisper together once more, then move out to the dance floor off the side unnoticeable really, where they begin to waltz slowly together. For now, they are invisible in the crowd of other dancers.

Antaeus' disposition grows slightly brighter as he a server passes by, allowing him to exchange his current glass for a brand new (and more importantly, full) glass. A more polite and restrained sip is begun, and then Densoric decides to show up and make redirect the conversation back to his own status, if just for a moment. Damn it. He ends up taking a far more sizeable sip than he intended, but keeps his face calm and offers his cousin a nod in greeting, and another nod is given to Valentine as well. This little gathering seems to be getting bigger and bigger. "Six help me, who wants to be kept off of the battlefield?" This is directed at Valentine. Then he spots Cedric and Lyrienne approaching and offers them both polite nods.

Nikomachos nods his head to accept the well-wishes of the group, "Thank you, Lord Larent," Because the head of a house is worthy of a more personal thank you as well. Ellinor's commentary on Soleil's father draws a crooked grin to his lips, "That's what I've been doing wrong this evening — I need another drink." Because self-deprecation is a great way to avoid further awkwardness. His new bride's mention of getting saddled with her draws a laugh, and he reaches over to flick a finger lightly against her drake-skin-armored side, light enough that she probably cannot even feel it through the hardy material, "To my own loss, I'm afraid I am drawn more to the flame than the grace of the clouds." He gestures over to Valentine at his cousin's addition, "And this way I can remain in the fight and spend quality time with my wife." And then Densoric arrives, and Cedric and Lyrienne add to the group as well, and he laughs, "If you will excuse me, I think it may just be time for that first dance."

"No my lord, it does not" Aelewen says rather firmly to Densoric on the subject of her widowhood providing an option "Have a pleasant evening" she adds with a strictly polite smile touching her face. As he departs she shakes her head and downs whatever was in the glass in one swallow.

This gathering seems to be growing larger by the second. Ariana nods quickly to themention or non-mention of a set betrothal period between Soleil and Nitrim and she looks to be in high enough spirits now, surrounded by all the beauty and frivolousness that comes with an event such as this. Perhaps catching the same passing server that her brother does, the youngest Larent takes up a glass of her own wine now as she listens to much of the conversation going on around them. With Lyrienne and Cedric's arrival, she once more lowers her head in deferential, yet graceful nod. "My Lord and Lady, how have you been enjoying yourselves this evening?"

"Yeah, don't remind me." Cedric utters. So far, he is the eldest of his siblings to actually settle down and have kids, Lyrienne isn't wrong in that assumption. Granted, apart of him wouldn't mind to see the look on his dad if something hilarious happened. But anything like that would really put a damper on his military career, nevermind sound boring as hell. It's not a bridge of a ship, that's for certain. It's a thought that's quickly put into the back of his head as they approach the congragation. And true to his word, the Captain is little more than eyecady with his much more social Sauvuer wife. "Congrats." he does offer, at least.

"It would be my pleasure to offer you a dance to make up for what happened," Sammel replies with a smile now. Placing the glass he was drinking from off to the side, he offers a smile now. "Whenever you are ready, my lady," he offers.

Barton smiles and nods to Talayla. Turning his smile to his sister as well. Continuing to dance around with her. Moving rather gently. Giving her cheek a kiss as he whispers.

"Your congratulations is most welcome as well, Lord Valentine. I myself happen to look good in black, at least my tailor seemed to think so. It was good that Soleil and I could…" Nitrim looks to Soleil and finds that little smile of hers, understanding. Some of the ice water washes away and he turns back to Valentine. "…dress to match. A little funeral garb for the funeral of my single status, aye?"
"I wouldn't mind a short betrothal, though." Nitrim adds, scanning the large group of faces as he leans in towards Lyrienne and mouths the words thank you to her and Cedric. Blasting her with a white, beaming smile, he steps back to make room for the growing gathering and offers Soleil his arm. With so large a group, the most he can do is speak to them all.
"Oh, no, Lady Soleil and I are absolutely miserable." Nitrim muses, giving Soleil's arm a soft squeeze. "We can't wait to be married and throw daggers at each other from our new apartments in the Royal Tower. Truthfully, though, we wouldn't want the encouragement of our own betrothal news to detract from the congratulations at hand. When are we going to witness the first dance?"

Percival looks briefly surprised, and then quickly reassures Valentine. "Oh, she is not ill, have no worry. It was simply that there was a local event at the Sky Palace that she was involved in organizing, and with nearly the entire rest of the family here, her attention was required there at home. Someone to hold down the fort, as they say." And then toward Ellinor, he notes, "I'm very surprised, and a little dissapointed, that Prince Rennic isn't here. The two of us always swap stories," and drinks, "when my ship is back in port. I was expecting to catch him here, but I'm sure he'll turn up sooner or later. And surely for his daughter's upcoming nuptials." And as Cedric and Lyrienne join the increasingly large gathering, he offers toward his fellow navy-man (as perhaps a bit of a distraction from oh-so wonderful /wedding/ talk), "Captain, you know I was just getting in a report earlier on replacement parts for the Titan's Wake. How did your ship fare in this last round of engagements?"

"Just be firm with her," Ellinor warns Soleil. "If you let her have her way all the time, you'll need up looking like a tulle mushroom." Because anyone who has been anywhere near Princess Evony and Lord Marus's chambers lately have heard lots of yelling about dresses, and the predominant statement being, 'No, she cannot wear her armor to her wedding!' There are times one must question how exactly Evony and her Khournas husband ever made it work. She does put her hands on her hips at Nikomachos mention of flame over cloud, though she does offer him a rather satisfied smile. She then breathes out a sigh that is only slightly exasperated. "Alright, I'll allow you to dance with me." And she starts to step away after offering a series of farewells.

"I for one would very much like to be kept off the battlefield," Lyrienne laughs to Antaeus. "I don't much care for close contact with Hostiles, thank you very much. Though sometimes I think I'm alone in that. Lord Larent, Lady Ariana," she nods to the others, smile easy. "It's so nice to see everyone come together for these sorts of things. We really ought to get together more often. I can't remember the last time I took a proper vacation, and everyone knows Nubilis is the place to go for them."

"Well to be honest Lord Cousin…" Valentine begins in reply to Antaeus his sardonic smile returning "…I can think of many many things I would rather be doing than being on the battlefield. But duty calls. Also it can be most terribly exciting I have found" he says with a thoughtfull frown and a small shrug. With that he nods to Nitrim and offers a smile "You do indeed m'lord. And as no one has stepped foward. Lord Valentine Cindravale at your service m'lady" he says with a small but sweeping bow to Soleil. Arising he ahhs to Percival and offers a small smile "Do forgive me, I am terribly scatterbrained at the best of times" he says with a smile "Please pass on my regards then"

"You are too kind, Lord Jarek, but I worry that being seen with me too often will hinder your own ability to find a proper wife," Agnes admits. She spies Aelewen looking unhappy and stops in the dancing. "I think I may be needed for a friend, Jarek. Shall we?" She gestures towards where the Arboren Woman was headed.

Reena sets her glass aside and loops an arm through Sammel's. "To the dance floor, pony boy," she quips with a grin.

Talayla is quiet, smiling up at Barton as they dance. "Thank you."

After saying his peace and the focus o the growing group, Densoric decides to give way to the direct line nobles as he places a gentle hand on Ariana's shoulder to get her attention and adds, "Once Lord Antaeus is married off then we'll find you someone. Have to make our way down to line so I can have my chance." winking teasingly to her then moves to slip away unless stopped.

The quiet words that are most likely being shared between Erik and Johana has the Valen grinning as they continue to dance on the dance floor. It appears that the pair intend on more than one dance together.

"A pleasure," Soleil says, digging up oem more etiquette fuel as Valentine introduces himself. Noting his sense of style, she files him for a later approach.

"This is possible, yes… but also it might be part of my evil plan to keep my father at bay for now… who knows." Jarek shrugs slightly, there is a talk to be had with his father at some point. When Agnes stops dancing, he also stopped to avoid stepping on her or knocking her down. "Of course, lets go." he says when he follows her motion to Aelewen, and will go with her to the woman.

Aelewen frowns a little as she notices Agnes stop dancing with eligable man and head her way. She starts to signal the other woman to hold off, but then Jarek is heading over and with a faint roll of her eyes she offers a smile to them both "You look incredible Agnes" she says sincerely with a bright smile to the taller woman "Lord Jarek agrees I am sure"

When people begin to slip off to dance, Soleil turns to Nitrim and murmurs someting quietly to him. A moment later, she excuses herself from the group.

A slight nod is given in Lyrienne's direction, "Of course, My Lady. I should have been more specific with my remark." Turning his attention towards Valentine, Antaeus offers the man a smile. "Indeed, Lord Cousin. There's a certain thrill that goes with it that nothing else can quite match." He takes another sip from his glass. Hearing his father bring up naval matters, he turns to see where that conversation is going to head, being a Navy man himself.

Oh thank heavens, someone to talk military jargon with. Cedric can actually talk! "Captain, good evening." he greets. "The Shadow of Intent did better than some, but we certainly didn't come out of the second wave unscathed. Our forward sensor array is completely shot and we're having a new on installed in a day or so. Manuvering thrusters on the port side are on the fritz as well after we scraped alongside some debris in the middle of a fight. Armor plating on the engines need some work too. Thankfully, no serious hull breeches however. My chief engineer knows what he's doing, so I suspect he's heading the repairs as we speak." He lists off. "Good to hear the Wake came back in one peice. Saw the bridge of the Autumn Moon implode. The ship was managed to be saved, but the bridge crew…" He shakes his head. "I knew Captain Falson. Good man. I'll miss him."

Ariana is in the midst of conversation, so when Densoric appears out of the blue and places a hand on her shoulder, she looks lightly surprised. At her cousin's words though, she nods absently, her gaze now following him as he drifts off. She says nothing in response and quietly drinks from her wine glass. At the very mention of the last naval battle, she then turns to both her father and Cedric, "I've been monitoring the status of the injured from that confrontation and will keep you both updated on their progress." At Soleil's departure, she nods her head in the woman's direction, before her gaze focuses on Nitrim now, as if studying his every expression.

Nikomachos arches his eyebrows at Ellinor's words to Soleil, "Somehow, I don't think that approach for dealing with my new mother-in-law is quite what I'm looking for. Although since you seem to have won that battle, Ellie, I'll readily take your advice there." He nods around the group once more, and then steps back, offering out his arm to Ellinor, leading her toward the dance floor. Once he's out of earshot of the latest group of well-wishers, he chuckles softly, "Bullshit. I know very well that you're more interested in the dance floor than I am, Ellie." As they reach that point, he steps out, turning to face her with arms extended for her to step close. The current song draws to a close, and the Herald announces, "Lady Sir Ellinor Sauveur and Lord Sir Nikomachos Sauveur will now enjoy their first dance together. They invite all those who wish to join them onto the dance floor now."

"Yes, a pleasure, Lord Valentine. Farewell and enjoy, you two." Nitrim replies, firing a quick send-off to Ellinor and Niko as they depart. Stepping back, he lets out a relaxed sigh with the newfound personal space and downs the last of his champagne. Leaning in to Soleil for a quiet whisper, he smiles and brushes a hand over her back as she slips off. Straightening his sash, he straightens to see Ariana inspecting him. In turn, he gives her a quiet smirk. "My Lady, it's been some time, hasn't it? Since Shelter on Niveus?"

Lyrienne doesn't do naval talk. Or much in the way of war talk, actually. So when Ellinor and Niko head out to the dance floor, she half turns to watch them, letting the talk of war and injuries wash over her without paying any real attention to it.

"Just remember that I don't let just about anyone call me something like that," Sammel remarks a bit lightly, offering a grin in return to Reena as he starts leading the way out to the floor now. "So, have you been enjoying the festivities so far, Lady Reena?" he asks. Smiling a little at the announcement from the herald. "Let us hope my brother won't be trampling everyone on the floor, of course."

"Has there ever been a time when you have not?" Johana counters the words from Erik, their bodies just swaying together to the music now, lost in their own little world. Sure there is laughter surrounding them, the sounds of the voices, but at the moment Ana pays it no mind, content where she is.

"Must they do that," Ellinor says under her breath to her husband. She's naturally talking about the announcing herald. As if she needs hundreds of eyes watching her while she dances with Nikomachos. Please. She does offer him a quick smile before she spins out to face him and places her hand on his shoulder. She does smirk a bit. "Remember, every time you step on my toes, that's one more night we spend on our camping trip to the Drake Mountains." Ooh, the threats. She does wait for him to take the lead.

"I no small part to your good taste and strong shoulder to lean on, Ael," Agnes says with a smile. "Could you do my aching feet a favor, and take this incredibly handsome heir off my hands for a dance?" she asks, gesturing between Aelewen and Jarek. "I need to sit for a few moments. This dress is somewhat heavy."

Reena is well versed in dancing and she settles in comfortable, the vision of propriety, not too close, not too far, from Sammel. "It's a wedding. We'll no doubt be attending dozens more in the months to come. All part and parcel of war and the nobility."

Valentine offers a smile to Lyrienne as the Naval folks start to talk in military "I don't really follow it myself m'lady" he drawls a drily as he turns his faintly distant eyes out to the dancefloor "They do make a rather impressive couple, I had the faintly terrifying experience of seeing them together on the battlefield, I am rather happy they are on our side" he adds with a flash of a smile.

Erik's gaze finally strays when his ears pick up the gong and the announcement by the Sauveur Herald, a side glance offered to the newly wed couple. Soon enough though, his eyes return to the Ibrahm, "Seems like they finally finished the greetings and pleasantries required of them and are able to enjoy themselves." The quiet words offered to Johana.

Percival has seemingly unleashed a flood there with poor Cedric, and he turns slightly so the two of them can talk better while gesturing a server over for a refill of his own drink. "We took our worst hits from the fore, fortunately, and a bit to one of our blaster arrays on the port side when an escort got around and strafed us. The most significant damage was actually to some of our boarding equipment; there had been some heavy blaster fire around the breach point and some of the mechanics were hit. They failed to retract properly after that, and it was a little hairy as we pulled free. We had to close the emergency secondary bulkheads to get a proper seal. I can't help but feel the hostiles are adapting to our tactics a bit, it seemed like they had a -much- better prepared force at the entry point to meet us." A grim nod as the other ship's fate is brought up. "He was younger than I, so I didn't know him personally, but an officer's loss is always felt by the whole of the corps."

"I'm just glad they're happy," Lyrienne says to Valentine with a small, warm smile. "Ellie's not the sort of person to bear being unhappy. She needs room to thrive. And Niko…" Her smile slips crooked as she watches the pair. "Well, he makes her happy. And the kids like him, so I think I can trust he isn't too bad. Even if he's bribed them with junk food." Yeah, that's right, Niko. Lyrienne's on to your tricks.

"I do agree with that, Lady Aelewen, as I've told Anges plenty of times today." After the announcement, and then Agnes' words about taking a break, Jarek smiles at Aelewen with a slight bow, "I would be happy to escort you to the floor for a dance, if you'd like." and he offers a hand to her. With a short quip to Agnes, "You aren't getting away from the floor that easily, your armor is far heavier than that dress, when Lady Aelewen tires, you're back on the spot." he grins at her with a wink, clearly giving her a tease.

Talayla is dancing quietly with Barton. She'll thank people as they go, but for her part, she looks to Barton. "I think I may tiptoe out. I am glad I came though," She offers. She seems amused by the Cedric-Percival flood, though.

"Even on Niveus, there was barely a chance to speak and I just know that there's so much to catchup on." Ariana responds to Nitrim, her wavering voice sounding all the more animated even as her subtle smile never shifts. "I'm sure that we will find some time after the festivities for conversation." With the announcement of the first dance, her gaze slowly roams to follow behind Ellinor and Nikomachos as they make their way to the dancefloor all the while naval chatter and the like continues on.

Michael returns with his date to the side lines, the last song having been enough for them perhaps. Michael resumes speaking in whispers with her, and if anyone watches them, they actually kiss for a long moment before that mask they've been poorly trying to maintain comes back. He coughs softly, says something to her, and makes his way to find them something to drink. Still, both of them just blend with the others.

For all Nikomachos' careful avoidance of the dance floor at the feast following the Tournament of Vengeance, he doesn't seem too worried now. Taking her right hand in his left, and settling his right hand at the small of her back. "Please…" One corner of his grin curls upward with a chuckle, "…I've got this." The music starts, a slow stately sort of classical song, and he takes a step forward, leading easily into the basic step. Apparently, he's been practicing, or taking lessons, or something. Or he's just inspired because his steps take him dancing well within the sweep of Ellinor's gossamer skirts, close enough that if they weren't married, it might be slightly improper. Sidenote… hrmph… there was totally fruits and veggies there, not his fault of Lyrienne's kids went for the junk food first.

Barton smiles and nods to Talayla, "I'll come with you then. Let me just give me last thanks and so on, and say goodbye to my sis." He says before doing just that. Thanking and congratulating anyone that should be getting such as he moves towards his sister, trying not to disturb too much but he will gesture that he is heading out and will catch her later. Hoping Johana will understand. Then he will head over to Talayla to leave with her.

Antaeus watches the newly weds go out onto the dance floor, and then returns his attention back on his group. It seems that his father and Cedric are going to have quite the discussion. Deciding not to intrude, he shuffles over to Lyrienne and Valentine, figuring it would probably best to mingle in a more social way. Speaking up he says, "Is there something wrong with bribes consisting of junk food? I'm sure that when comparing it to vegetables, it's a much more appealing food for kids."

"I have never seen Aggy show fear on the battlefield my lord. But dress shopping can indeed be terrifying" Aelewen replies, becoming less formal as she warms back up again. At Jarek's words she peers down at Agnes suspicously, skin wrinkling as her eyes narrow "I have seen you swing that giant lump of steel you call a sword for hours and hours" she says with a low chuckle "Well I suppose I should dance at least once. Before someone else comes over with more empty flattery" she says with a snort, setting her empty glass down to one side "But I am handing him back to you Agnes…"

Brought out of their quieter moment by a Herald announcement? Had there been one? Johana looks towards the couple as well and her smile is genuine as she speaks to Erik while watching the couple. "They really seem happy together. I'm so glad." Catching Barton's wave in the background, she blows him a kiss and waves back to him with a wink, wishing him a good time.

"That's true. And if I'd guess, I'd say there's a few of the people here that are less nervous when going into battle than they are about parties and dancing," Sammel replies, as he offers another smile. As the music starts up again, he starts leading into the dance, and it might probably suprise some of the people gathered to see that he's not a bad dancer after all.

Talayla smiles and waves to Johana, too, then! She nods to Barton. "No worries. I'm not going to run off like that," She promises. She looks apologetically to Barton. "I am sorry. I must seem like a stick in the mud." She will wave to people quietly in passing.

"I always found scattering candy and beating a strategic retreat was the best way to handle children" Valentine drawls in reply, one side of his mouth curving up into a sardonic smile "I don't think I truly understood children even when I -was- one" he adds with a softly elegant laugh "And my parents simply handed us off to nannies and got back to ignoring one another"

"There is, rather so much to catch up on Lady Ariana. We'll arrange a meeting and go over it all, line by line." Nitrim turns to stand in line with Ariana, watching the dance from afar. Eyes roaming the crowd as his date has bailed on him, he leans in just a little. "Next time we'll choose a nice, calm restaurant for everyone to meet at, aye?" He chuckles. "Please, excuse me?" He asks and then extracts himself from the huddle of people to step over to his cousin, Lyrienne.
Eyes to Valentine and Lyrienne, Nitrim lowers his head and smiles to the two of them. "My Lord, My Lady Cousin. I apologize but it would seem that my date is gone and Lady Lyrienne is looking to the floor. Lord Valentine could I steal my cousin for a dance?"

Agnes chuckles at Aelewen, and makes shooing noises at the pair. In truth, her feet are killing her. The heels are low, but they're still heels and she feels like her ankles may decide to rebel at any moment. The Bear finds a chair to perch in.

Reena has been trained in things of this nature, where her siblings were trained in swords and axes and punching people in the face. She glides gracefully about the floor with Sammel. Her eyes move to watch the newlywed couple on the floor and she smiles. "They really seem happy. Your brother has made a fine choice. Elli is amazing."

Barton chuckles at Talayla's words. Offering the same gesture back to Johana as she offered to him before he moves to leave with Talayla. "Oh, it's no worries. I suppose soon enough your my stick in the mud anyhow." He teases as they wander along.

"He was young, just earned his second pip, honestly. I remember congratulating him. Worked hard to get where he was." Cedric nods about the citizen Captain's fate. "His XO wasn't on board at the time due to illness, so he's been promoted in light of it. Not…the best way to get a promotion, but the ship will fight again once it's bridge is rebuilt." There's an idle snort. "You noticed that too, eh? Sometimes I think we need to develop new tactics of our own. Hostile ships are getting better, not the shamrackle things we've seen in previous wars. If we had a decent idea what their fleet was in number, we could put something together, but I feel like we're in a constant defensive position." Another nod at the information about the Wake. "She's a tough old bird. Seems like she's been in the fleet for years. The Intent isn't a year old yet, but I can feel the wear and tear starting to show. And thank you Lady Ariana, I'd be happy to look over the reports when they're availible."

"Uh huh," Ellinor says doubtfully at first, but she follows him easily enough. That's right, she does know how to follow. She does also know how to back-lead, but no one is surprised there. She does slowly move with him in the proper two-step. Her fluid movements go unfaltered for the moment as she starts to move about the wide sprawl of dance floor. She does seem momentarily impressed with her husband though, and she casts him a smile. "Hm…" She muses thoughtfully.

"As long as he also wears them out so they go to bed at a reasonable hour, there's nothing wrong with bribing them with junk food," Lyrienne laughs to Antaeus, the corners of her eyes crinkling with humor. "Occasionally, at least." As Nitrim approaches, she gives Cedric's arm a gentle squeeze. "I'm going to go have a dance with Nitrim, love," she lets him know with a kiss to his cheek before turning to the young Khournas and offering a hand. "I would be honored," she agrees with a flash of a smile.

Kaedin was quiet the whole day, and managed to not be seen, shockingly, until this moment aparently. he himself is wearing a funly cut long sleeved long coat with the orelle colors on each wrist, and a silk shirt underneath that. His leggings are of a respecible quallity as are his boots, shined like mirrors. Over his coat he wears a wide belt with a shiney metal buckle. Walking over to Cedric, he gives a polite nod to Arianna. "I think I may have stirred the hornest nest cousin." He says, code for 'I may have just pissed of my mother and your father.'

"It's true," Talayla smiles to Barton. She will move along with Barton then, waving in passing to Kaedin.

"Please feel free, I should have thought to offer myself. But I am a rather terrible dancer" Valentine says with a bright smile lighting up his delicate face as he nods between Lyrienne and Nitrim "Do enjoy" he says as he lifts his champagne up to drain the last and snatches another one elegantly from a passing server "So no approaching nuptuals in your future cousin?" he asks of Anataeus with a playfully arched eyebrow.

Taking his cousin's hand, Nitrim plays the rare sight of the proud, atypical noble as he leads her out to the dance floor. Taking to somewhere with a respectable distance from the bride and groom, he stands and presents his arms to her and takes her hand in his. Hand high at the center of her back to support her elbow, he leads her in the waltz, speaking quietly with her.

Nikomachos is impressed-with-worthy for about two repetitions of the basic step, and then he lifts an arm to guide Ellinor into a turn, beginning to step the other way… and right into a collection of gossamer. His practice partner wasn't wearing a full skirt. He's forced to stop in place to let her step 'round for the slow spin, and his jaw clenches as he messes up with half the room watching. A flush begins to climb his cheeks, but he completes the turn once he's free, shaking his head in frustration as he steps back up to his new bride, "…or perhaps I don't have this. I'm sorry."

Sammel smiles as he hears that, nodding a bit. "He has. And I'm really happy for him. For both of them." There's another smile as he looks over at the happy couple as well now. "It's always good when two persons are so happy together as the two of them seems to be."

Leaning into the kiss, Cedric nods. "Have fun. Don't step on his toes." Like she would, even as he drink from his glass. "I'm still waiting on Ellinor to chase me down for that dance that she threatened me with, but I think she got busy."

Antaeus nods politely to Lyrienne and Nitrim as they go off for their dance. He has to admit to himself that he is with Valentine when it comes to how skilled (or lacking of skill) he is as a dancer. Polishing off his current glass, he also replaces his glass with a fresh one as he turns to his cousin. "As far as I am aware, father has no plans for me yet. I can't say that I'm too disappointed though, it would be terrible to be tied down at such a young age, no?" He gives a rakish little grin, not something he does that often.

Lyrienne steps into the dance with Nitrim, comfortable on the floor and with the formal steps. It helps that there's a loop for her train, holding it up on one finger as she dances. The conversation seems to be comfortable, judging by her easy smile.

The Drakefire Knight offers a warm and gentle laugh, reaching her hand up to touch his cheek. "You have this," she reassures him before she sweeps into another series of easy steps that sends them turning about the floor once more. "Though we're lucky our secret weapon against the Hostiles isn't dancing." She smirks to him good-naturedly as they sweep along. Oh, she hasn't forgotten about Cedric yet though!

There's a glance over at Kaedin as he arrives. "Hell, what did you do now, cousin?" Cedric eyeballs the man. "I really don't want to have play damage control for you."

Michael returns to his date's side with a drink for her and one for him. They seem to just be comfortable with the idea of watching the crowd together, their free hands sliping down to their sides and lacing fingers. Michael sips softly at his drink, the same wat he's always sipped at his drinks. So many thoughts going through his mind at this moment, the most important one to him is Nimara with with him.

Agnes moves up to the mezzanine to get a little fresh air. She finds a quiet spot to gather her thoughts and rest her sore feet up above. She won't admit it's been a little overwhelming for her, but the Knight needs some breathing room and space to calm down.

"Agreed," Reena says quietly to Sammel. "And your younger brother is to wed my dear friend Johana. It's like we're practically family, as Drakefire is Khourni on one side. So that would make you, what, my dashing single cousin or some such?" She looks towards the doorways as she stops dancing. "I need to step out for a few moments, if you'll excuse me, Lord Sammel."

The doors to the hall open and through them come Lord Mykal Cindravale and his wife, Lady Anabelle. The two are dressed for a wedding, Mykal less formally than his wife though, still staying true to his rather unique fashion sense. At least he's dressed in finery. He leads her in by the arm and the two of them immediately move off towards the bar.

Following the circular movements of the waltz, Nitrim laughs softly at something Lyrienne says and gives her a shake of his head. The sash that's thrown over his shoulder sways into the slow, box-like turns, moving in time with the soft, glorious music that plays for all of those dancing. He spares a glance to the bride and groom, smiles, then looks back to his cousin.

After another brief glance towards Niko and his new wife, Erik manages to catch the little interruption of the decoration but he makes no comment, not wishing to embarrass his brother further as there is no need for it. Instead, the young Valen turns his attention back to Johana as he follows the rhythm and the steps to the dance though a hint of mischief enters his eyes. There is a gentle squeeze of her hand with his, letting her know that their slow dance is going to have a little flare and at the right moment in the music, he pulls his partner in before spinning her, never losing control. It appears that Erik had good training as a youth as the movements were graceful, but it certainly doesn't compare to the elegance of his partner.

"Oh no doubt it will happen soon I imagine. If you look at patterns there was a rash of arranged marraiges a generation ago, and again now" Valentine points out as he gestures with his champagne flute over the dance floor and offers his cousin a somewhat cynical smile "Rather practical of our families, if a little cold blooded no?" he adds as he dry smile broadens a moment as he looks from the floor back to Antaeus

"I suppose it is only to be expected," Percival notes. "With centuries between these wars, we entered the first engagement with little knowledge about the enemy's tactics, and perhaps they did not know ours either. But after observing our boarding tactics in the first battle, it should be little surprise that they're ready for it now, they know to reinforce toward our breach immediately." He sips his drink a bit and looks contemplative over it's rim. "I'm not sure if there is much to be done to 'change up' our main tactics, unfortunately. A boarding action is a slow and very predictable action. Once we're committed to an approach vector, once the grapples are set… each one of those points marks a moment where it's increasingly difficult or even impossible to change our course of action. Perhaps we can make efforts to confuse them prior to the breach; targetting enemy sensors with blaster fire at longer range, so they can't tell where we're going to breach until we're very close." The man's eyebrows arch slightly at his ship being called 'old' although he takes it in good hummor. "Fortunately not as old as my career. I served on several ships before it, and my family helped sponsor the Wake's construction- needless to say, to state of the art standards. Although really, for the ramship fleet, most of the vessels might as well have been virgin vessels until the first engagement. Its not like any of them saw live action until the Hostile return." Glancing at all the people moving around to dance, he tips his glass to Cedric. "We should both return to being social. Though I think it would be prudent to meet sometime in the near future to discuss some of these issues, as well as thoughts for how to take this war to a more offensive footing. I have a few ideas, as I'm sure most of the officers do."

Pausing a bit as he hears that, Sammel smiles a little bit now. "Well…" he offers, unsure of how to answer that question, before he nods as Reena takes her leave. "Of course, Lady Reena. Thank you for the dance," he says, with a smile.

Kaedin looks at Cedric with a raised eyebrow. "Remeber when you all asked me about Sir Poe? Well, I sent a letter to mother concerning an aspect of that relationship." he says as he looks around the room. "No doubt she sent a Vid Call to Uncle Esiah, as he is head of house.' he says, his tone and voice low. "Just a warning, no crowd control needed." he says as he watches the dancer. "Glad I'm not out there, I'm as horrid a dancer as I am a skilled swordsman."

Reena leans up to place a polite kiss on Sammel's cheek, if he doesn't dodge, and she drifts off to tend to something in the palace.

Jarek continues dancing like a gentleman with Aelewen, "Are you enjoying the evening Lady Aelewen?" He asks as they follow the steps of the dance in proper time. He does spare a glance after Agnes as she leaves up to the mezzanine, but his attention quickly returns to Aelewen.

Chuckling softly at Valentine's remark, Antaeus shrugs. "Aye, cousin. I know very well it's the duty we must all partake in. Though…" He steps closer and begins to speak in a quieter tone, but still loud enough so Valentine can hear, "We should probably conspire to do something about Densoric. The man is utterly desperate to see me married off, I think it's because he wants to find a match. I think we should show him that there are ways to have certain types of fun without being shoved into some sort of marital union."

Nikomachos draws in a breath, nodding at Ellinor's reassurance, "And here I had everything planned so well. I'm sure there's some platitude about plans, contact, and the enemy…" which would be the dance-floor, of course. Glancing down, he settles into the steps again, managing a second turn without complication, and as he draws Ellinor back into the formal dancing position, the music shifts tone somewhat, adding a bit of rhythmic… sway… that turns the dance a bit less formal and uptight and a little more hip-worthy. "Secret weapons… bah… I'll stick to lance and sword, thank you very much, my dear. Dancing is for… well, not for me, apparently."

Aelewen dances with no degree of skill, but luckily she is quick of mind and body and somewhat naturaly graceful so she manages not to trip and fall "As much as I ever enjoy weddings" she says with a shake of her head "My late husband -adored- them, but he was Cindravale so he could be excused" she says, her low rusty voice dry "Yourself?" she asks plainly, not long on courtly manners it seems.

Whether Johana sees the misstep by the groom or not, she never lets on because as soon as it happens her gaze is back on Erik. Or was it always there? The slow dance to the waltz music is getting enough attention all on its own so that when Erik picks up the pace a little and spins her around, she twirls, the scalloped hem of her skirt fluttering around her feet. She does move with grace, having had a lot of practice in her own more formative years, and after she twirls, she comes back to him, hand meeting his perfectly, wearing an excited smile.

After the pleasantries and obligatory greetings are dispatched, Elodie finds her way through the crowd of nobles and ladies in the ball room, one eye on the dance, one eye on finding friends she knows for some chatting. One hand holds a glass of sparkling wine, which she pauses out of reach of dancers to take a sip as her eyes scan the sidelines.

Showing off, just a little, Nitrim turns into one of the step and extends his hand to Lyrienne, guiding her into a soft, waltzy three-point spin with a laugh, pulling her back to him. Of course, being cousins, it's a friendly, social dance, something to enjoy and have fun with while passing the time through the reception.

"And we're sitting ducks for targetting solutions from Hostile ships, no matter how strong of armor we slap on our hulls, I've seen them burn through ramships. There has to be a better way to lean things into our advantage." Cedric agrees with a nod. "Maybe the idea of designing small one-man seater fighters as a diversonary tactic? Target their weaponry as distraction, or at the very least a distraction while the main ships doesn't have to contend with it." That said, he sighs, nodding. "But that would mean larger ships for fighter bays and I don't know how keen the Admiralty is on redesigning all our ships in the middle of a war. Still, new ideas should be considered." Correcting himself, he laughs. "I meant that in a perfectly good way, Captain. I have nothing but respect for the Wake, really. But, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. Send a message to the Intent the next you have a moment and we can consider some new viable options. But I'll let you get back to the dance." Giving a nod to Percival, his attention goes to Kaedin. "So you're seriously about marrying the Grantham? I hadn't heard you were that serious? How did she take it?"

"My cousin, your lady sister, seems to have a similiar urge with me" Valentine says softly in reply to Antaeus, a delicately theatrical shudder passing through his slender form. He braces himself with a longer swallow from the champagne than is strictly polite then offers the other noble a faint smile "I think cousin if he has not worked that out for himself by now there is probably no hope"

Ariana continues to observe the dancers on the floor, swaying gently to the light music of the waltz as the she continues to listen to the sounds of her father and the Captain of the Intent talk shop in the middle of the festivities. Taking another quiet sip of her wine, she allows her gaze to scan the room once again and observe all the fashion that can be seen, just as she turns to speak out to both cousin and brother as she catches wind of their conversation. "Cold blooded, but necessary." She has to add in, her attention once more going to the dancefloor briefly. "We'll find a lovely match for the both of you, worry not." She even smiles once these ominous words are said.

Not trying to dodge that kiss to his cheek, Sammel steps to the side of the dance flor for a few moments, watching the happenings for a few moments, before he moves over to where he left his drink, steps a bit slow right now. His course takes him past Elodie, and he offers her a nod and a smile, recognizing her from that trip he took to the library a while back.

Jarek smiles at Aelewen softly, "Yes, I suppose that is enough excuse." then a pause, "Oh certainly, Agnes is a wonderful event partner. Can't ask for better, than a friend like her. Especially when it comes to small talk. Not to mention how lovely she looks in that dress." they begin to lead into a turn in the dancing to follow the music.

Lyrienne spins along with Nitrim, speaking quietly with what can only be described as a maternal sort of smile. Lyrienne Sauveur Orelle, offering advice to those in unexpected marriage arrangements as the voice of experience, no doubt. Her steps are graceful, light…and it keeps her cousin out of trouble for a few minutes, right?

Anabelle looks at her husband, "Quite the crowd, wouldn't you say darling?" She looks at him with a smile. "Maybe when everyone settles a bit we shall go say hi to the new bride and groom. This whole thing makes me remember our wedding." She starts reminiscing and realizing he's waiting for her to tell him what she wants to drink, she says "Just order me something nice."

Kaedin looks at Cedric. "Poe's smiles are rare, but she smiled alot when I posed the question to her, I haven't gotten a Reply from mother yet." he says as the talk of warships has his attention. "Fighter ships wouldent be a bad idea… Perhaps instead of downing it with ordinance, you could reenforce the hull of one and put a nice wicked 'lance' on the end of one." Space Valen would be a sight to see, or so the Orelle Knight thinks.

Elodie's glass lowers as Sammel offers her a nod and smile, and her return of the greeting shows recognition as well. It takes her a moment to come up with the name, though, and she steps forward to address him if his pace isn't too quick. "Sir Sammel," her voice is quiet, but loud enough for him to hear over the rest of the conversations. "It is lovely to see you again. Are you enjoying the occasion?"

Michael finally spares a glance to his knight as she dances. He smiles softly, as she looks like she's having fun and that's a good thing. Then he turns his attention to the rest of the crowd, Kaedin is here he notes, and if the man happens to see Michael through all the crowd, he'll nod to him. However, Michael remains where his is.

Antaeus sighs dramatically at his sister and then gives Valentine a meaningful look. "She is a schemer, she is. I dare say that she is, at this very moment, scanning this room to see who she can introduce me to. I've accepted that I cannot win, not against her." He says this, knowing Ariana is standing right there, giving her a slight wink afterwards to indicate he means nothing ill by the words. Glancing back to Valentine he sighs, "Yes, you are right, but I feel it is my duty to get Densoric some help. All he needs is one night, just one, and I'm sure he will settle down. He's bound to get himself into some trouble otherwise."

Percival gives just a light hmm at Cedric's suggestion. "That sort of approach would require basically rebuilding the entire shape of the fleet, although if the Admirality needed an example for smaller and more maneuverable craft, our own gliders might serve as an example? I was thinking more along the lines of building - or converting - some large transports of our own, so we might acutally move the front itself forward. But yes, we'll speak more on it soon." All that military talk done, he makes a quick survey of the dancefloor and the various couples about.

Aelewen frowns very slightly as Jarek mentions the F-Word. She dances along a little uncomfortably, but gracefully enough despite it "I admit, as much as I have been reassuring her about her looks, I was a bit surprised by just how stunning she is when dressed up" the older woman says with a fond smile "So has your family aranged anything yet?"

Johana's hand is caught rather quickly and easily when she returns from the spin, Erik wearing a rather pleased smile at how smoothly it went. The pace returns to the normal rhythm of the song but it appears that the young Valen has something else on his mind. "You are an amazing dancer, Ana. How about we go out for some fresh air, and on the way out, grab a drink." Waiting to hear her answer as he gets ready to lead the Ibrahm off of the dance floor.

Ellinor laughs warmly as the dance changes, and she immediately shifts her own dance steps into something fluid and graceful and a lot more hippy. She spins out a bit as she wraps her arm around his shoulder to draw them closer. She murmurs to him. "I still owe Cedric a dance… don't let me forget." Then she gives him a soft kiss that is brief, but nonetheless heated before she offers him a grin. "And yeah, I know all about your lance tactics." And her brows raise meaningfully.

Something murmured quietly to Nitrim has his features soften, speaking quietly with his cousin, no doubt, about that particular advice on marriage that only the young drake of Khournas needs. Taking a few words to heart, he laughs softly and nods his head, gossipping with his cousin, Lyrienne, on the dance floor.

"I would expect anything less from the wedding of Lady Sir Drakefire." Mykal replies and he orders a set of drinks. Champaigne for his wife, a matini with a swirl of color through it for himself. He hands the glass to Anabelle and takes a long sip from it. "So, should we dance after this drink? It looks to be the thing to do at these sorts of occassions." He takes another sip from his glass and looks out over the dance floor, "Or we can go pester all these fine Lords and Ladies…"

Cedric gives a pointed look at Percival. "Modified gliders might work well. But indeed, we'll talk on it later." Letting him get to his own devices, he goes back to Kaedin's plight. "Are Granthams capable of smiling? I didn't know that was possible. And I thought they were all married to the Crone anyways." Clearly, the Captain hasn't been around many of them. "Anyways, you spoke to Lady Marah and my father, then? Well, then it all sorta depends on what they say, right? Though I bet it'd help if she said yes. And she hasn't replied yet. Well…" he shrugs a little, at a minor loss of words. "I'm sure the first thing dad is going to ask is if it really benefits Orelle. I haven't really ever spoken to Lady Marah, but she's always the wildcard in a lot of things. Doesn't like to say yes or no, so who knows with her. Maybe she won't care. But are you sure this is what you what, Kaedin. It's kind of a big deal."

"She may well find herself rather too busy to scheme other people's weddings soon" Valentine says with a faintly amused smile softening his delicate face a little further. This time he sips his champagne rather more elegantly, the long fingers of his other hand tracing down along the engravings of his sorcerers staff "But yes, if indeed he was setting his sights on the sister of the High lady of the Arboren he may well be in trouble" he comments.

Lyrienne murmurs something reassuring to Nitrim, then takes a step back as they reach the edge of the floor. "You'll be perfect," she assures her cousin, giving his hand a squeeze. "But I should go and check on Ric. Just in case Lord Larent's abandoned him to the horrors of talking about anything other than ships," she winks.

Jarek shakes his head gently to Aelewen, "No, nothing's arranged at all." he darts a glance up to where Agnes had gone, but speaks softly. "We're friends, Lady Aelewen, and she's recently suffered a hurt…besides that, I have to imagine it might be awkward for us." he shrugs slightly.

"Lady Elodie, it's wonderful to see you again. I hope you have been well?" Sammel replies, before he nods a bit, "I'm enjoying it, yes. It's been a quite wonderful wedding so far, and I'm certain it will be for the rest of the evening as well." A brief pause, before he adds, "I hope you have been enoying yourself as well?"

"Pester? You mean socialize?" Anabelle looks at him and smiles and takes a sip of her champagne. "Well, since I know you aren't fond of dancing, let's go and say hi to some people. Pick your choice of target, if you'd like." She gives him a tug to get him to leave the bar to start comencing their way around the room.

Usually paramount Heirs like grand entrances, but such is not the case for the Young Lord Declan Arboren, who has seemingly slipped in to join the gathering without fanfare. Perhaps it's because he's a little beyond the boundaries of fashionably late? Or maybe a bit of sneakiness just comes naturally. Either way, the man in black and emerald arrives to the sight of dancing couples and general merry-making, which seems to suit him well enough. He's quick to scout out and acquire a drink and a small plate of appetizers, and then waves through the crowd a bit, seeing who is who and who is where. "Who's stalking my aunt?" is a sudden question posed to Valentine, perhaps demonstrating the other value of his quiet arrival: evesdropping and stealth conversation-bombing!

Nikomachos doesn't worry about anything more fancy than a couple more twirls, curling his arm further around Ellinor's back as she draws closer, his left hand rising slightly to bring their forearms fully together. He makes the shift to the more provocative style of dancing without any further embarrassments, but that could be because he's not trying anything particularly impressive. "And tonight, I get to remind you about them…" His head dips to return that kiss after their words, lingering perhaps just a moment longer than it should in public, and then the song is drawing to a close and he straightens up again,

"Alright… I can relinquish you to your brother-in-law for a short period of time, but I expect your undivided attention again at some point later in the evening."

Elodie nods once to Sammel. "I have, yes. The music has been perfect for dancing, and everyone is looking so wonderful. I am sure tomorrow we shall have a rundown of the fashion winners and losers tomorrow from my brother," her grin flashes mischief to the knight. "I am not surprised that all is going so well. The bride and groom do make a lovely couple."

Giving his cousin, Lyrienne, a light bow that holds his sash to his chest, Nitrim smiles brightly to her. "Thank you. I hope for the same. We'll see each other again soon, no doubt." He laughs and steps with her towards the edge of the dance floor. "Go rescue the Lord Cedric." He chuckles and departs from her, heading quietly towards the exit.

"I meant in general…" Aelewen says with a faint smile and a shake of her head. And as the music changes she lets him go and steps back away slightly "…but yes. Our poor Agnes set herself up for some pain" she adds, her voice a little sad for a moment "Thank you however for the dance" she says to Jarek with a nod of her head.

"She just might at that." Antaeus grins at his cousin, "I've just thought of something. Maybe it will discourage her attentions towards me, maybe not. When it comes my turn to wave farewell to my bachelorhood, I want you to do the honor of throwing my bachelor party, cousin. I can't really think of anyone else who could do a better job with it." As he says this, he gives his sister a very warm and pleasant grin. "There, dear sister. Are you happy that I have accepted my eventual fate?"

Kaedin looks to Cedric. "Odette is dealing with her family on the matter, the fact that she will be asking for a bethrothal would shock them to the core anyway, she is more grantham then most." he says with a smirk. "As for our Uncle, it will help to solitify the granthams to us, even if thhey are a vassel house, well, imagine three hundred ash legion on a ramship, all loyal to you because of this union." he says, better when someone does somthing willingly, the as an order. "And I've managed to avoid every setup my mother has atttempted to put in front of me, so this might shock her as well. I doubt Uncle Esiah would mind to much. But if the whole thing goes south, well, I'll worry about that whole mess when it happpens."

Ellinor arches her brows just a touch higher before she casts a wide smile toward Nikomachos before she presses another soft kiss to his cheek. "We're married now. You never get my undivided attention again. I won my prize, now I don't have to worry about it." She winks before she releases him as they reach the edge of the dance floor. This allows her to step away from her husband, leaving him to find someone else to entertain while she starts to approach Cedric and his company.

Lyrienne lets her train fall to the floor once more as she steps away from the dancing, weaving her way back toward Cedric. "Excuse me," she murmurs with a flicker of a smile as she steps around others on the way, pausing when she recognizes one in particular. "Oh, Declan," she says in surprise as she comes up by the Arboren heir. "And here I was just thinking how I hadn't seen the family here yet." Her cheeks flush - an old reaction - but her smile stays in place. "I'm glad you could make it."

Johana does love dancing and when Erik had picked up the pace, she'd come into her element, laughing as he twirled her, spun her around and expertly caught her hand back to dip her. At his suggestion though, a different heat infuses her cheeks and she gives him an eager smile. "I think it is a good idea, I could use some fresh air." At her guess, they had danced through several dances now and she was parched. "And something to drink as well." So she ceases her dancing so that he can lead her off the floor and towards wherever he has in mind.

Ariana basically does her best to ignore and shut out any sort lewd conversation or suggestion that may be going on between Antaeus and Valentine regarding Densoric. It's better for all parties involved this way. Though when it is Antaeus who brings up his own bachelor party, the youngest of the Larent siblings offers a soft 'hmmm' sound, her eyes now flickering to regard Valentine with a look. "Oh, dearest brother, you know how much I'd rather see you squirm, but I won't let this false gesture of acceptance ruin my plans." And her smile broadens gently up at her brother. She doesn't notice Declan at first, though it's when Lyrienne brings the heir's name up that she does. Though she only affords the heir a brief glance, in that moment when she goes to look upon him, she does catch sight of Elodie in the near distance and if ever the young woman should look her way, she will be greeted with a small smile of greeting.

Jarek smiles at Aelewen, "Right, nothing there either." then he bows slightly to her. "Thank you, Lady Aelewen. You are decent enough dancer, I would happy any time in the future if you feel the itch to dance again." once more proving he's not a charmer, not in the slightest. "As for Agnes, she's tough… I know she can pull through without issue." with that, he'll offer to walk Aelewen back to the group of people still chatting.

Nikomachos scoffs at Ellinor's words, teasing "The hell you say. I'm worthy of everyone's undivided attention." And just because it wouldn't be a wedding without someone grabbing a member of the wedding party, he moves to cross behind Ellinor as she moves off, one hand daring out to try and goose her lightly. Should she turn back, he winks briefly, then turns toward the nearest bar, raising a hand as he spots Mykal and Anabelle there, "Myk! Belle! So good to see you." he moves to give Mykal a back-slapping hug, and then bestow a much lighter one on his wife, "Enjoying yourselves?"

And suddenly a Declan. Valentine manages to cover any surprise with a gracefull smile and elegant pivot "Young Lord Arboren, you honour us" he says, a bright smile lighting up his delicate face. He lifts his champagne to take a sip before offering the Arboren noble another smile "I see the reports of your houses's legendary stealth are indeed fact" he adds, smile turning a little wry. It slips slightly as Ariana gives him a look and he starts to glance around for an exit.

"And you have any idea how her family is going to react?" Cedric asks. "Have you even met with Lady Marah or Sir Jacob or any of the other siblings, just to get a grasp of where the wind is blowing? And I think you're possibly upplaying Sir Odette's presence with Orelle, Kaedin. How far down the Grantham line is she? I don't think I've heard the name, so I doubt she's apart of the main line. Do you really think that your marriage to her will get the loyalty of that many of the Legion? Last I checked, a few houses was looking for Legion assistance, notably Khournas, and I don't know if Lady Marah wants to lose that kind of connection, espeically with a house they seem to get along with." That said, he nods. "If you think you can pull it off, I'll support you, I'm just telling you not to expect to win the Landing lottery with this. If you can get Odette, that's all fine and good, but I wouldn't be asking for more than that. For now, anyways."

"The music truly has been, yes," Sammel replies, with a smile now. "Have you had your chance to enjoy the dance floor so far?" A brief pause, as he hears the rest of what's being said, and the smile widens a little, before he adds, "They do." Said with a nod now.

Mykal sighs and moves off away from the bar with Anabelle, "I actually rather enjoying Dancing, thank you very much. You've just never taken the time to realize that, /darling/. The last bit is overdone, but he smiles easily. And then Nikomachos is upon them, which is good, since that was his target anyway, "Niko! Lookin good out there on the dance floor, Cousin. I only saw you trip once!" Mykal offers a quick grin and motions back towards the bar, "Drink?"

Aelewen looks at the large group of people chatting and shakes her head "I have danced once this year. That should be enough. But thank you" she says to Jarek as her sharp eyes move back "I might go for some air. Too long in the woods, not used to crowds like this" she says whilst starting to beat a retreat away.

With their dancing coming to an end, Erik leads Johana by the hand off of the dance floor, nodding to those who acknowledge the pair in turn. His destinatino appears to be the exit though he does motion to one of the passing servants carrying a tray of drinks so he can fetch one for the Ibrahm and then one for himself. When his eyes looks around the area, he spies that his eldest brother and his wife is busy greeting once more, "Looks like Niko is busy and will be so all night, guess we can slip out for the fresh air." With that, Erik begins to lead Johana twoards the exit of the room.

Antaeus winces at the look that Ariana turns on Valentine, feeling bad that such a look had to be directed towards the man. As Declan arrives and is greeted, he turns to face the man as well, giving the man a respectful nod and a, "My Lord" in the way of greetings. His attention shifts momentarily back to his sister, and he sees that her attention is now being directed to someone else. Following her gaze he spots Elodie, and then he returns his gaze back to Ariana and says, "A friend of yours, dear sister?"

Ellinor sweeps up behind Cedric just in time to catch that little bit of news. She glances between the pair of Orellean men with a loft of her red brow. "Denying the young Sir Kaedin the love of his life are we, Ricky?" She definitely is teasing as she has no idea if the L-word was even used at this point. She does smile toward Kaedin, offering a bow of her head. "I'm not sure if we've actually been formally introduced." But as a properly trained Sauveur, she tries to at least know who people are. Less likely to get in an awkward situation. "Sir Ellinor Sauvuer," she offers, extending a hand so that they may exchange a more companionable grip of wrists.

As she converses with Sammel, Elodie's gaze does finally find Ariana, and she smiles back to the noblewoman, lifting her free hand in greeting. "I have been dancing," she agrees ruefully. "It is what one does, to give all the matchmakers a chance to point their fingers and formulate plans for our futures, yes?"

Kaedin looks at his cousin. "She is all I want, that and to see the system survive this war." he says to his cousin. "I'm not a political person, honestly, politics in the middle of a war… I'll never understand it, maybe I'm just simple in that reguard." he says with a smirk. "Anyway, asking is better then not asking, because I don't like giving up, and not trying is assuredly the first step in giving up."

Jarek nods to Aelewen, a lets her leave. Himself moving towards the others with a friendly smile. He spots Kaedin, and walks to his side, clapping his shoulder loudly. "Cousin, feeling better after that beating you took?"

Declan is counter-ambushed by Lyrienne, giving her a light shrug and a helpless smile. "It's been a little busy back at home, and you know how a lot of my siblings are. Not exactly the ballgown and waltz crowd. But at least I can offer well-wishes on the family's behalf, now that I've found a chance to get away." And speaking of which, he spots that Ellinor and Nikomachos have finally abandonned the dancefloor, which makes for a more opportune time to say hello to them. However, before he flits over, he grins at Valentine. "Oh, Lord Valentine, I hadn't meant to intrude, but I couldn't help but overhear a bit of chatter and I quite curious of the idea of my Lady Aunt acquiring a new suitor." His offers a somewhat toothy smile which is then subdued somewhat as he looks back to Lyrienne, lingering there just a moment. "Well, I should go say my hellos. It seems I've missed the first round of dancing, but maybe there will be a few more." And with that said he's moving off toward the wedded couple, although he spies Ariana looking his way in the crowd and shoots her a smile and a little wiggle of a wave as he resumes threading his way through the crowd.

"Well, husband, then you shall have to prove it tonight!" Anabelle replies. Noting Nikomachos approaching, she knows this conversation is over for now. "Niko, congratulations!" Says Anabelle as she returns his hug. "Your bride looks gorgeous, and as soon as she isn't too preoccupied we shall go say our hellos." She smiles at Nikomachos.

"I remember when I young like you." Cedric grins at Kaedin, amused. Says the twenty-five year old Captain. Hey, marriage for seven years will make a man feel old, that's for sure. When Ellinor steps up, he looks over his shoulder. "Not at all, just giving my cousin some political advice, for what it's worth. Which…really, isn't a whole hell of a lot. Sir Kaedin Orelle, this is oh-so -dear- sister-in-law Sir Ellinor Sauvuer. Been dealing with her for years." Now he looks fully at Ellie. "What's up, finally decided to come over here and decide to embarrass yourself on the dancefloor with me?"

As soon as Erik leads her from the dance floor and secures her a drink to take with her, Johana holds it, smiles and gives a slight wave to the bride and groom before walking towards then out the exit of the room.

Nikomachos reddens again at the reminder of his misstep, "Shit, Myk… really?" He shakes his head, "I'm trying to forget that already." One hand rises to run back over his cropped hair, and he beckons to the bartender, "A Fireball please." Anabelle saves him, and he nods, looking back over his shoulder to spot Ellinor — the white dress helps, but so does the rich red hair. "Doesn't she though? I think she's been smiling almost as much as I have tonight. Which is impressive, considering how hungover we both were yesterday."

Kaedin turns to Ellinor and smiles, clasping her wrist. "A pleasure, Milady, and don't let my cousin fool you, He is still a young Man." he says as he smirks at his cousin. He releses Ellinor's grip and looks around abit. "Cedric dancing… now this I have to see."

Seeing as Elodie is a little preoccupied with one of her former patients, Ariana returns a single nod to her brother, "You know Lady Elodie of House Iah, don't you? She usually keeps herself preoccupied on Niveus, but we both work as medics, so have traveled from one triage to the next often enough." It almost looks as if she would drag Antaeus across the way to meet up with Elodie, preoccupied or not, until her gaze once more finds Declan in the crowd, but this time, she doesn't immediately draw her attention away. A polite smile is offered from her distance and gentle nod of her head as a form of greeting. That doesn't stop her, however, from still looking as if she were ready to make introductions.

"Have you seen Agnes tonight?" Lyrienne asks Declan with a small smile of her own. "She's stunning. A credit to Arboren." There's a dip of her chin, polite, and rather than continue toward Cedric and Ellinor, she stays where she is. Not without a bit of fidgeting, though. "Lord Valentine, I heard you saw battle with the Hostiles," she says to the Valen, polite. "Would you mind if I asked how the Awakened have fared against them so far?"

Sammel is unable to hold back a bit of a chuckle as he hears Elodie's words. "True, true," he replies. Another brief smile, before he adds, "If you haven't tired of the dancing yet, perhaps you would do me the honor of a dance?"

Michael whispers softly with Nimara for a moment, seems to get a positive response from her, and then they begin to make their way out. Hand in hand, even though the whole time they'd tried so hard to keep up the appearance of public casual.

Kaedin looks to Jarek. "I've had worse." he says as he turns to look around once more. he notices people paring off and going about their merry way, this brings a small tug to his lips.

"I heard a story or two about that. Sorry I could join in on the fun. Things at the club have been requiring our attention lately. I think we need to hire a few more managers to help cover the nights so I can free myself up social engagements once more." A beat pauses and he confides, "This working nonsense is absurd." He takes another sip of his drink and then eyes Niko, "No wonder you were hung over, drinking fireballs. Only crazy Khourni drink that crap."

It looks like Antaeus has earned a short reprieve from being introduced to Lady Elodie, as her blue eyes take on a sparkle with Sammel's request. "I have not tired of the dance, Sir Sammel. I would be honored," she glances sideways, and seeing a likely tray for empty glasses, sets her almost empty glass down to free her hands for the dance. She waits for Sammel to hold his arm up, and then takes it to be escorted to the dance floor.

Ellinor waves her hand dismissively to Cedric's self-depricating comment. "Oh, please… I know Lyrienne wouldn't allow you to be a total embarrassment. She does care for your reputation." She does smile toward Kaedin, offering him a slightly dubious look. "You will be impressed," she promises before she offers out her hand to Cedric so they can storm the dance floor.

Valentine looks up and over towards Lyrienne with a smile as he hears his name. He drifts a touch closer with a thoughtful expression crossing his face "Rather well actually" he says at last, then his bright smile turns just a little wry "If I do say so myself. Lady Talayla has had some significant sucess on several battlefields, and myself some. Sadly their armor does seem to blunt some of our attacks, but a skilled Awakened is most certainly at least on par with a skilled archer" he adds then offers a smile to Declan if he is within earshot "If you will forgive me for saying so Young Lord Arboren"

Antaeus shakes his head, "I don't really know her that well, just the little you've mentioned about her when you discuss your work." He watches her look after Declan again, a slight grin creasing his lips. "You could go introduce me to her later on, I suppose. I'm curious to see if all of you in the medical profession are so dreadfully boring when discussing your work." A wry glint of amusement sparkles within his eyes, letting her know he is teasing her.

"No I haven't. Agnes… Stunning?" These two things do not go together in his head! Declan grins. "I'll have to track her down, just to see that." By the time he finds her, Ellinor and Nikomachos have gone their separate ways, but this doesn't prevent him from offering his well-wishes to the Saveur Lady. "Sir Ellinor, congratulations. My apologies that the family was not better represented for your ceremony, but I'm afraid that there was a little trouble back home in the Spine. Sadly, the same woods that give us shelter can also make it very hard to track down the hostiles when their remnants decide to go to ground. Weeding them out is time consuming."

"Heh, she cares more for mine than I do, I think." Cedric remarks lightly, before starting to get dragged off to the dancefloor. "We'll talk later, Kaedin. When I'm not batting women off my arm. I swear, if I weren't related to them, Lyri might have a thing to say about it." A laugh follows before finding himself taking up an old form that his wife has tried to drill into his head. "So, Ellie," he starts. "If someone a couple months ago were to tell me that you'd find yourself hitched up, I'd color myself skeptical."

Sammel smiles, as he offers his arm to Elodie now. "I'm glad to hear that. Wouldn't want to think that my last dance had scared away everyone." he replies, as he leads the way out to the floor again now.

Jarek chuckles softly at Kaedin, then glances again up towards that place Agnes had gone. He looks back at the rest of the group, and just listens for now. He doesn't have anywhere to be, and he doesn't really have anything to add just yet either.

Before Cedric manages to drag her away, Ellinor does pause to greet Declan. Ooh. The Drakefire Knight brightens with a smile to the Young Lord of the Spine, and she inclines her head in understanding. "You needn't tell me these things, Lord Declan… I've seen those woods… give me open spaces and horizon, but I absolutely respect the challenges you face." She pauses a bit. "I'm due a dance with Lord Cedric here, but when I come back, perhaps we can discuss some things. The Sauveurs are here to offer their vassals assistant, and I'm happy to offer my sword to the Arborenin efforts."

"I'm glad to hear that," Lyrienne nods to Valentine. "Do they seem to be- Are you finding them actively searching out Awakened on the back lines?" she asks, curious. "Or are they generally focusing on the front line fighters who are attacking them hand to hand? I'm not much for combat," she explains with a wry smile. "But I've been trying to look into some of the more unusual dreams."

Well as Declan is here to fly the Arboren flag, as it were, Aelewen decides that now is a good time to beat a strategic retreat outside to get some air. And possibly take the torture devices from off her feet. Trying to catch the eye of Declan she nods to him and with a faint smile sneaks off and away from the crowds.

Really Brienne has been here the whole time, but she has just been remaining as unassuming and obscure as always. Standing along the edge of the room nursing a drink, she just watches the goings on, not interrupting even when she finally notices her brother Declan.

Kaedin looks to Jarek and smirks as he looks at the people gathered. "So, are you and Agnes just friends, or should the family make ready for another battle hardend warrior within it's ranks?" he asks with a tilt of his head.

"Yes, I'm sorry Mykal was unable to join in on that night. He is right, we do need to hire someone to come help out. I on the other hand, do understand about the hangover. I had a small one myself after that night." Anabelle recalls that embarrasing night.

"Not everyone has the experience nor knowledge to grasp some of our medical jargon, that is for certain." Ariana says with a subtle wave of her hand as she finishes off her wine and then places it on the tray of a passing server. "Though, you have to admit, the gorey details may be unpleasant, but never boring." Of course, she does take notice that Elodie has decided to dance with the Cindravale knight, but she does not let this put a damper on her mood. "You and father both spend far too much time on the Wake. It's nice to take a moment to actually mingle and make friends with some of our noble peers… and knowing someone with medical expertise is always a boon."

"Well I am no tactician…" Valentine says as he gestures elegantly with his champagne flute "…not perhaps famed for my powers of observation. But certainly we do tend to make rather large targets of ourselves" he confirms to Lyrienne "Which leads to a problem, in general we tend to be rather more delicate than any given Knight. And less well trained in weaponry. And we cannot compensate with heavier armor. So when they do rush us it can be a little, shall we say, painful?" he says with a wince of remembered pain, absently rubbing a hand against his chest.

Jarek looks back to Kaedin, "Just friends, Kaedin, just friends." his tone slightly flat perhaps. "And you and the little spitfire? I don't see her here with you… I thought you asked her to attend with you? She was clearly love drunk, when she fainted in your arms after you asked her." he smirks, taking the attention off him he hopes.

Elodie raises her eyebrows as she's led to the floor, and gives him a sidelong glance. "Is there something about your last dance that I should know about, Sir Sammel?" she asks curiously. There's a friendly wariness in the tone as she puts her hand in his, and the other to his shoulder as they dance. She grins to him, quiet for a moment after his answer as she considers avenues of conversation.

Nikomachos shakes his head at Mykal, "Gods no… not the whiskey." The drink that's delivered is bright blue… so blue you know it has to be at least 3/4 artificial. "Fireball. Burns going down, freezes right behind." He makes a slight prevaricating gesture, looking between Mykal and Anabelle, "The party was… interesting, although it seems to have gotten a little out of hand after Ellie and I left." Yes, the bride was at the bachelor party at some point, and both she and the groom-to-be left early. "…if the bill I got from the manager has anything to say about it. The bachelorette party decided to crash… with bioluminescent water balloons. And things only got… more interesting… after that."

"Yes, it can," Lyrienne agrees with Valentine with a rueful smile. "I'm wondering if we might fare better as mounted fighters. Horses would make it easier to get away quickly, so long as we could stay mounted, and give us a little better visibility. Though we'd need to work on riding skills. Or I certainly would, at least." She shakes her head, as though to dismiss the topic. "Mostly I've been curious, though. Not knowing what they're thinking is maddening sometimes."

Antaeus lets out a laugh at his sister's words. "Touche, sister, touche." He shakes his head in amusement and places his own glass on the try of the very same passing server, deciding not to get another glass this time. "You are right, we do spend quite a bit of time on the ship, so it is nice to engage in these social encounters. I guess it wouldn't be too bad to get acquainted with another person with medical expertise, either."

Kaedin looks at Jarek. "She was here, but somthing needed her attention back on Ignis." he says asd he tilts his head. "You might find out soon enough cousin, anbd expect that spitfire to possibly be the reason I show up in your halls ready for a hunt." he says with a smirk.

"I do not think our situation is one that at the moment requires any particular royal aid, at least, no more so than elsewhere on our world, but of course that aid is welcome all the same. And I will be here… or well, somewhere hereabouts, if you would like to speak more after your dance, of course." With that offered, Declan looks around and ambles to join Ariana and her friends, rather than trying to track down Nikomachos. It seems like congratulations to half of the couple counts! At least for officialdom. "Lady Ariana, hello. You are looking magnificent as you always do." A smile and nod is offered her immediate companions as well.

Jarek nods to Kaedin, "Well, I hope to hear the announcement soon then." then lets out a laugh, "Is that so? Then I will make sure to be your guide, perhaps drag Agnes and her dreadful archery out with us." he smiles.

"It certainly can be, until they hit hard enough to knock you off" Valentine replies to Lyrienne, his drawling voice sounding a little ruefull, as a smile to match spreads across his face "In my defense he was -rather- big" the elegant noble says as he scuffs his feet slightly, the Cindravale a little embarassed about being dismounted "I could recommend any number of riding instructors m'lady. Certainly mine showed an excessive amount of patience with a certain terribly clusmy sorcerer. I would also recommend practicing defence against axes. They seem to have a fondness"

Sammel shakes his head a little bit. "No, not really. It went quite well, so everything should be fine," he replies to Elodie, offering another smile at the moment. "So, what have you been spending your time with since the last time we met?" he asks as they dance now.

Mykal ahhhhs quietly, "Thank the Six, I thought I was going to have to knock some sense into you." He gulps down the last bit of his drink and sets it on the bartender and says with a flourish to his voice, "Bartender! Fill 'er up!" He slaps a hand down on the bar top for extra umph, "Anyway, sorry we missed the fun. You know how things go. The second daughter of some house I've never heard of allied to Arboren comes in, starts demanding free booze. Yadda yadda yadda, she ends up puking her guts out the rest of the night." What exactly did he just yadda, yadda yadda anyway?

"Of course, Lord Declan," Ellinor replies before she turns back toward Cedric so they can take up their poise on the dance floor. She places her hand on his shoulder, her other gathered up with his. She tilts her head a bit as she regards her brother-in-law. "You seem to actually be enjoying yourself," she teases him knowingly.

"I never did learn to ride," Lyrienne admits to Valentine with a sheepish smile. "There weren't a lot of opportunities in Arboren, and it isn't exactly a popular pastime on the Ring, either. I wouldn't mind learning, though," she muses. "Ellie's horses have always been beautiful creatures."

Elodie nods with a smile to Sammel about his last dance. At his question, she tips her head, and then her smile broadens. "I've been helping in the rehabilitation center we have on Niveus. Lord Sir Kaedin has found an orphan ice bear cub, and brought it to us. I'm helping raise her and prepare her to be re-released in the wild." From the light in her eyes, she finds the work enjoyable. "And you, my lord?"

"Of course not." Ariana chimes in quickly to her brother, "And, it is nice to make friends and close accquaintances with the other Houses of the Lashes." Her words come off as practical. She must not have any other intentions for such a set up! It's as if she finally notices the Heir of Arboren's presence despite having caught sight of him several times prior as her gaze scanned the room and soon enough a warm enough smile forms on her lips as she graces him with a nod of acknowledgement once more. "Thank you, My Lord. It's unfortunate that you were pulled away from much of the festivities, but I'm glad to see that you were able to catch some of the reception. It certainly was a lovely wedding, but I didn't expect anything less from a Sauveur-Cindravale pairing. The Cindravale, especially, are known for their flair."

For probably the better idea, Cedric didn't really say a lot when Ellinor was making nice with other people. He might say something stupid or awkward. Such is his nature. But as they begin to dance, while she'll have to do the majority of leading, he seems to relax a little, then hushing her. "Shhhh, don't tell Lyri or I'll never hear the end of it." A glance goes back to his talkative wife. "Her being happy makes me happy. When she smiles for real. Like…just like that." he points out. "That's what makes know that all the bullshit she and I went through was worth it." Looking back at her, he shrugs a little. "Besides getting to know you, obviously. Hell, that was worth the marriage in of itself."

Valentine blinks a few times at Lyrienne's admission, his long lashes fluttering as he seems a touch taken aback. He offers a faintly wry, faintly apologetic smile as he replies "I…well being a Cindravale I cannot truly imagine not being taught to ride. I think we are put on the saddle from birth" he quips with a bright smile as he gestures with his champagne flute. Lifting it to his lips he takes a small sip "I must admit I am terribly fond of my horses"

Antaeus grunts, thouroughly sure that his 'dear' sister has a number of alterior motives for wanting him to mingle with noblewomen from the Lashes. Turning his attention to Declan, he nods and says, "I hope your evening is going well so far, my Lord. Shall I give the two of you some privacy to talk further?" He gives an expectant glance towards Ariana as he says this, maybe Declan has saved him from his sisters machinations. He'll buy the man fifty drinks for this.

Lyrienne's lips twitch as she holds back a different sort of smile. "Well, I have heard that the Valen are very fond of their horses," she agrees politely. Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. "Rovehn in particular. Perhaps I should look to the caravans for an instructor sometime. If Ellie doesn't take offense at the idea," she laughs. "I love my sister, but I have a feeling she lacks the necessary patience for instruction."

"Yes one has rather heard the jokes" Valentine says with a faint roll of his eyes, but softening that with a smile towards Lyrienne. Glancing at one of the servers he deposites his empty glass and picks up another "They certainly do breed the best horses and hounds. If you don't already have an established stables I would not go anywhere else m'lady"

Anabelle takes a final sip of her champagne and sets her glass down next to her husbands. "Yes, all these demanding customers, taking time away from Mykal's ability to have fun." She says and winks at Nikomachos. She asks the bartender for another glass. "I guess it's just what happens when you have our kind of business. It doesn't always let you have all the fun."

Sammel smiles, "That sounds like an interesting thing to do, helping to raise an ice bear cub." Another brief pause, as he hears that question, before he smiles a bit. "You know, keeping in shape, keping my skills at least as shaarp as they were before. As well as patrols, and similar stuff. But it's been good, reallly."

"Well, I cannot imagine that any Paramount House would allow a member of their family to be wed without appropriate pomp, doubly so the royal house," Declan comments somewhat idle as Ariana expresses her enjoyment of the event. Toward her younger brother he then dips his head in turn and smirks a bit when the younger man seems so eager for an escape route. "I would not wish to intrude, but neither would I mind stealing your sister's attention for a moment. I am sure you have many people you wish to speak with among the gathering as well, and since I am a bit late myself, I must catch up on my own socializing as best I can."

Nikomachos takes a sip of his Fireball, letting out a soft breath of appreciation as it burns and freezes its way down his throat. The groom smiles, nods, and shakes the hand of a couple of well-wishers moving past, shaking his head in amusement at Mykal's complaints. He nods to Anabelle, "Oh yeah, Myk, that work is so difficult. I'm so glad that I became a knight instead." His eyes follow his bride across the room to the dance floor, then he looks back to his family members, "It gives me so much time to relax." He laughs softly at Anabelle's words, "Thankfully, you don't mind that Myk was trying to look down the front of her dress the entire time."

"Oh, your secret is totally safe with me," Ellinor says with a quirk of a grin toward her brother-in-law. She takes a little spin, back-leading him through the move before she settles into a more casual two-step. She shrugs her shoulders a bit. "It wasn't really all that much bullshit. You guys really did come through it okay though… I love my niece and nephews. I'm tempted not to let you have them back when you are done fighting the good fight." She smirks knowingly before she continues to dance. "Lyrienne isn't thinking about popping out another one, is she?"

Lyrienne laughs at the idea of an established stables. "We have nothing of the sort," she assures. "Frankly, three children are all the animals we've particularly needed in the house." Something softens in her features, though, as she glances toward Declan and Ariana briefly before returning her attention to Valentine. "I've missed some of the aspects of living closer to nature, though. It would be nice to get back to a little bit of that."

Kaedin smiles as he gives a strech and looks around. "Well, I've done enough standing around for one day,… I might as well be off become I become stir crazy." he says wit ha smile as he turns to leave, patting Jarek on the back. "Let's hope soon we are on the battle field together, We can compare kill numbers." he says as he moves to walk off.

Mykal takes up his second drink from the bartender, that same martini styled drink with the red and yellow swirls that seem to flow through it without disturbing the clear nature of the rest of the drink, "Were I not a married man, I would have taken her up on her offer to show me her best method of payment upstairs. As it was, I had to decline and take credit." He smirkds idly, "The woes of marriage, Niko. You'll know soon enough. Prepare for your life to become incredibly boring." A beat pause andhe considers, "A Knight? Honestly, could you imagine me trying to shove a lance through something?"

Jarek nods to Kaedin with a smile, "We shall compare kill numbers, loser buys the drinks." then Jarek moves off towards the mezzanine where Agnes had gone to, just to check on her and make sure she's alright.

As she dances, Elodie is able to make small talk without missing a step. She nods to Sammel and continues to talk with him as they dance along the floor. Her smile is easy, not too much, but amiable as she moves gracefully along the floor.

"She seems to think that she'll always have standards to live up to because of what happened." Cedric notes with a shrug. "I keep telling her that it's okay to not always be the prim and proper sister, but I think she does it incase anyone has to catch flak, it'll be her. I think it's her way of protecting her sister's, even when they're grown up. And we did come through it. And when this is all said and over, if we have spar it out, I'd be more than happy to do so." The idea of another kid has him looking a bit unsure. "I don't know. I think she wanted to wait a little while before we had another one. Personally, I'm happy with three, but you know Lyri, she loves kids. Speaking of…" he eyeballs Ellie for a moemnt. He leans in to whisper something to her.

Antaeus does seem as if he were safe for the time being, but that does not make the quiet smile on Ariana's lips fade for she is in the public eye at the moment. "Thank you, dearest brother… but I do insist that you go and meet with Lady Elodie, perhaps even ask her to dance. You know, make conversation." That said, she turns her full attention on Declan now and she has to ask, because she overheard some of which he had said just earlier in a conversation with someone else, "Is everything okay in the Spine? I mean, as you were out scouting in the woods and everything?"

"Ah yes. I imagine returning to the woods of your youth might be a little, shall we say delicate" Valentine says carefully to Lyrienne with a very faint smile. He sips elegantly from his fresh champagne, mind casting about for a change of topic "We do rather lack in trees, but we make up for it with better terrain for riding"

Anabelle laughs at Nikomachos' comment. Knowing her husband full well, she jabs him in the ribs lightly at his comment, and replies "Of course not, he knows who's boss around our home. Plus, you get used to this stuff, being married to him and running the type of business we do. And don't take what he says about marriage to heart. Marriage is not boring at all, you may have disagreements here and there, but it's generally fun." She grabs her drink, and takes a sip. Her husband always chooses drinks for her well.

Antaeus waves a hand towards Declan, smiling as he does so. "Fear not, my Lord, I do not mind giving the two of you space to discuss whatever it is you need to discuss." A sly grin crosses his face, but it quickly sours as he hears Ariana's parting shot, a sigh escaping his lips. "Very well, dear sister. I will do as you ask, but only because you -asked- so very sweetly." He turns away from the couple, and then searches around the room for a second. Spotting a server, he heads in their direction in order to fetch some liquid courage for whatever is to come.

"Lyrienne never needed to protect me," Ellinor starts to protest, but she falls silent at Cedric's whispered words. She listens carefully, her brows furrowing a bit before she blinks a bit. She leans back to look at him a bit. "Really?" She looks over toward where her sister may be standing and then back to Cedric. "I… well… thank you for that, Cedric… I don't know if we will be thinking about that… right away." She flushes a touch, her cheeks lightly pink. "But thank you." She leans forward as they continue to dance, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek.

Sammel is similarily able to continue the conversation while dancing, nodding and smiling at the moment now. Once in a while glancing out at the rest of the room, but his attention focusing back to his dance partner very quickly again.

Aidan disappeared once the feast was over, heading out to get some air and take a break from so many people and so much noise. Once fortified, he returns, removing his earbud and placing it and his computer pad into his sporran as he makes his way over to one of the bars.

"A little bit," Lyrienne smiles faintly to Valentine, claiming a drink from a passing tray and taking a sip as she searches out Cedric and Ellinor on the floor. "I should try that, though." As sister and husband look back from the floor, she arches a brow curiously.

Agnes is fine and dandy, sitting in a comfy chair with her forearms on the rail of the mezzanine, watching the pretty people dancing below, like flowers blooming across the palace floor. When Jarek approaches she smiles at him. "How did the dance with Aelewen go?" she asks.

"There were reports from one of the outlying watch stations of a hostile being sighted," Declan explains as Ariana questions him about his business in the Spine. "And so we dispatched a few extra ranger patrols to sweep the area. They didn't come up with anything, unfortunately. Nowadays, people are more likely to attribute any strange sighting in the woods to the hostiles, so we do get some false reports, caused no doubt by large animals or even by other people. Still, we cannot afford to leave such sightings unattended. Even a single hostile can pose a threat, especially in terms of sabotage." He grins after Antaeus as he heads off on his own quest. "How have things been on Nubilus? Was any sign ever found of those hostiles that dissapeared beneath the cloud cover? Or have you left them for dead to the toxins, at this point?"

Cedric just shrugs. "She hasn't told me she would, but I know Lyrienne, and I know she'd so something like that for you." he states with a smile. "And if she hasn't thought about it, I know she will sooner or later." A grin then. "She likes to think that she can anticipate anything I think about, and maybe she does, but the truth is, I know her pretty damn well myself too." But it's not something he's too worried about. "In time, Ellie. You got awhile before you even got to worry about. All I can say is, don't rush into like me and Lyrie did. Enjoy the marriage first. I may bitch and complain, but it's really pretty great. Niko is a lucky bastard to have you. You'll train him right. Your sister did a fine job with me."

Nikomachos laughs at Mykal's warnings, "Somehow, I don't think my life is likely to get boring for at least a generation, Myk. There's always something to shove my lance through." He nods soberly to Anabelle, "Well of course, Belle. A man would have to be blind not to look." The teasing tone and the crooked grin toward Mykal suggests 'Or, you know, honorable about that sort of thing.' But only insofar as it's a means to rib his cousin. "I'm not worried. Ellie and I are going to be kept busy enough that I doubt we'll have much time to get tired of one another."

There is a quiet moment from the younger of the Sauveur sisters, and finally Ellinor starts to smile. "We might come talk to her about that," she says softly before she gives Cedric's shoulder a gentle squeeze. "I should go kidnap my husband now… before we're too tired." And she waggles her brows knowingly before she gives Cedric's shoulder a gentle squeeze. "Thanks for the dance, Bro." She starts to lead them toward where she can be promptly handed off to her husband.

Jarek smiles at Agnes, "Oh just fine, she's not a terrible dancer." he takes a seat next to her, "People are starting to ask a particular question… I figured we should take some time to come up with a solid answer for our new and seemingly sudden, friendship." he glances at her with a, you know what I mean look. "Doesn't have to be now, right now I think we should catch the last song and dance, and then perhaps mingle a little." although, he has gotten comfy in the chair.

Agnes arches a brow at Jarek. "We're old friends, both Knight Lieutenants, and you are assisting in my squire's training. Why, what are people saying?" She rises to accompany him back down to the dance floor.

Ariana looks pleased enough that her words had gotten through to Antaeus and while she watches him as he goes, she feels no need to observe him like a hawk. It's Declan who finally captures her full gaze and attention and she nods to much of what was said regarding the Hostile, looking rather interested in the topic, herself. "With as many patrols that you have protecting your forests, I'm sure that if there truly was a Hostile present, they will certainly be seen and hopefully dealt with quickly. But yes, I can understand the confusion and light hysteria that may be brought up with just the idea that there are Hostile on Imperius. As for Nubilus," She shakes her head, "None that was found, so I can only assume that they are dead or merely lying in wait. Our glider patrols continue to be on the lookout for other pods that may suddenly appear."

And from a group of elder sorcerers a man who looks rather like a heartier version of Valentine catches Val's eye and beckons him over "If you will excuse me my lady" he says apologeticly to Lyrienne "It seems my Lord father wishes to embarass me in front of his cronies" he says, voice dusty dry. He tosses back the contents of his champagne flute in one swallow "Do wish me luck" he says as girding himself he plasters a polite smile on his face and heads over gracefully.

Jarek stands back up, and offers his arm. "Oh you know how people get, there's a rash going around and since people see us together at a wedding… they start to ask if there's another about to happen." he gives Agnes a sidelong eye roll, "It's like we're not allowed to be close, without needing our Houses to slap rings on our fingers." he snorts, "I figured a good solid answer… like the helping with Chiron bit… would tamp it down." He'll make way back to the dance floor.

"Of course, Lord Valentine," Lyrienne dips her chin to the man, taking another drink as she looks over the crowds for her next target.

Having acquired a new drink, Antaeus scans the room to see what the state of things are now. He's spent so much time with family members that he hasn't really paid much heed to what else has been going on. A small part of him wonders if he could make it out the door without being spotted by Ariana. A breath of fresh air might actually do him a small bit of good, but first? First he's got to finish this drink. Priorities and all.

"Good," Agnes murmurs, settling into the dance position with Jarek once more. "I hope that dancing with Aelewen alleviated it somewhat as well. I do not want to hinder your chances at a strong match."

After breaking from Ellinor and giving her a wave, Cedric goes in search of his wayward wife. Which he finds not too far away, snaking an arm around her waist. "How you enjoying things?" he asks before giving a look around himself. "Or are you partied out for the time being?"

Mykal smirks just a bit, "Well, yeah, what with you both riding off to war every five minutes." Mykal gesticulates and arc with his drinking arm, but manages not to spill thankfully. He takes another sip, "I suppose even I may have to particpate one of these days. If nothing else, it looks bad with all my cousins going off to war, and me not setting any hostiles on fire."

As the music comes to a close, Elodie's gaze scans the room once more to find Ariana. "I have not had a chance to greet the Lady Ariana, yet. Are you aquainted with the Lady, Sir Sammel?" she asks. "I should pay my respects. Would you care to join me?"

"It's so cute when you say your wishful thinking out loud," Lyrienne laughs softly to Cedric, leaning up to brush a brief kiss. "Of course I'm not partied out yet. Though I was thinking of stepping out to check on the kids," she admits. "Just for a few minutes."

Jarek takes to dance just like before. "Between us, I think Lady Aelewen suspects something now." he chuckles softly, "However, while I appreciate what you're saying… don't sell yourself short Agnes. You're just as good a match as any, and there will be a man someday who'll see that too."

"Can't blame a guy for trying." Cedric grins. "There's a new jersey to put on with my name on it and I have to break it in." Granted, he does like seeing her in that dress. "No, I didn't think so, but sure, I suppose we can step out see how they're doing. Make sure your parents aren't being driven crazy with them."

"I believe I've met the Lady Ariana once before at least. She was patching me up after some hostiles tried to hollow out my chest area," Sammel replies, before he smiles. "Lead the way."

Agnes chuckles. "Well I have had a lovely time today, Jarek. Thank you for escorting me. I don't think I would have attended if you hadn't," she admits.

Declan seems satisfied with that, that there are no hostiles running about causing problems. "One can only hope they've all been… dissolved? Or whatever it is that those vapors do to you." Giving a small nod, he assures, "The strays don't pose much danger, at least not on the scale of the war in general. Our woods have always been dangerous, even without hostiles in them. STill, we do fear for them injuring our citizens, who know well enough the survival techniques they need to avoid natural threats, but who may not be able to defend themselves from a hostile's weapons. I also worry personally for what efforts they might be taking to lay groundwork for the next waves of hostiles to land. Who knows what sorts of signals and intelligence they might transmit back to their comrades. I did hear that your father did well in his most recent engagements in space- do we have much of a report on how many vessels have made it through the picket?"

"Of course I don't blame any man of looking, she was a pretty little number. I myself was not immune to her looks." Anabelle says jokingly. After her husband's comment, a pang of sadness hits Anabelle. "I feel as if when the day comes and we all have to go to war, it will everyone participating, not just you, husband."

Nikomachos shrugs a little helplessly at Mykal's supposition, "You'll get your chance. The Royal Navy can only hold this next wave off so long, although they've done a hero's job of it so far." Laughing softly, he puts a hand on Anabelle's arm, "And that is why you are the perfect husband for our Mykal." He nods his agreement with her words, and then spots Ellinor splitting away from Cedric, "If you'll excuse me, Myk, Belle, I think I'm going to go… ahh, ride off to war." Grinning crookedly, he steps away, leaving his Fireball behind. Making his way through the crowds, he steps up to Ellinor's side, offering out his arm, "I'm thinking it might be time to let them stop congratulating us and just worry about enjoying themselves. What do you say, wife-of-mine?"

While in the process of taking a sip of his drink, Antaeus spots Elodie and her companion begin making their way towards Ariana. Oh, this would be interesting, but alas, he isn't quite sure his sister wants to be disturbed just yet. Normally, this might be a great time to execute an escape plan, but no. And so, the young Lord makes his way to intercept Elodie and her companion, in order to give her sister a few more moments alone with Declan. Such the noble sacrifice.

Mykal offers a nod to Niko, patting on his the shoulder, "Go, bed that girl so you can get a new one later!" He smirks and looks to Anabelle, finishing off his drink, "This place has lost it's appeal. Let's go find another party to crash." And with that, he takes Anabelle by the hand and leads her to the door.

Anabethe is not a quiet party guest. Though someone did manage to get her into a red and gold dress of silk and lace and daring cutouts. And even heels, because apparently she has no hangups about her height. There have been toasts from the corner where she and fellow Drakes gathered, but now she ventures out toward the bar, leaning her elbows up against it and flashing a grin at Aidan. "Your skirt's shorter than mine, Peake." Because she has no shame about bad jokes, either.

Jarek nods slightly to Agnes, "Anytime Agnes. Whenever you need me, just comm." he pauses for a smile, "I had a wonderful time today as well, thank you for the tour of the mountain. At somepoint I'll have to come back to visit it, and you'll need to come visit Spikka." the music ends after a few steps and Jarek stops. "Shall we mingle with the others?" he glances towards the crowd.

Ariana nods slowly and frequently at the discussion of the Hostile in the Spine, though she does take in most of what the Young Lord says, regarding tactics and what not. Though there is just a slight narrowing of her eyes when Declan mentions how dangerous the woods are anyway, with or without Hostile present there, though she makes no mention of this at all. "Laying out traps and the like in your woods sounds like a good plan. Something that we can't execute very well on Nubilus, since some of our peaks just cannot be accessed at all." From out of the corner of her eyes she catches what could be a hint of Elodie and her dance partner's approach and she even smiles quietly once more to the Iah noble.

"Let's go and give them a call then," Lyrienne says with a small smile to Cedric, slipping an arm around his waist to lead the way out.

Elodie grimaces slightly at the mention of Ariana patching Sammel up. "It is sad that most meeting seem to happen in hospital beds these days," she mentions, giving a nod to the Lady in question as they start to approach, until it seems their progress is interrupted by Antaeus's intercept course.

Ellinor catches that comment from Nikomachos, and she laughs outright. "Fiend," she says dryly. She then winks to Mykal and Anabelle before she stretches a hand out toward her husband so that he may collect her and start to lead her through the crowds. "I think that is a wonderful idea," she announces to him as they start toward the back of the hall and the grand staircase that will lead them up into the Royal Tower.

"I haven't been to Spikka since I was a child and went with Lord Xander when he attended a function there," Agnes says, speaking of her and Trentin's father. "I'd be delighted to visit." She follows him from the dance floor to mingle. "My nephew is here I see."

"Because my legs are better looking, Khournas." Aidan retorts, returning Anabethe's grin. "If you got it, show it off. Isn't that the point of low cut gowns?" He downs his drink then motions to the bartender to refill it once he serves Anabethe. "Some party. Think you'll be doing this again yourself?"

"It's the sad truth of things, yes," Sammel replies to Elodie, offering a nod in Ariana's direction as well. Pausing for a few moment as he sees Antaeus approaching, and he offers the man a quiet smile now.

"Think I'm going to have a choice in the matter?" Anabethe arches a brow at Aidan, smirking back at the Peake as she shrugs. "Probably. I think it's bad form to have a big wedding the second time around, though. Just have a nice drake hunt as a reception. That way if I don't like him, I get a chance to fee him to the drake." Ladies and gentlemen, Haven's most eligible bachelorette!

Jarek smiles, "Much has changed since then…or at least I think it has. There are lots of newer looking buildings, plenty of hunt money getting funneled into the house. The hostiles seem to have been keeping out of the mountains thankfully, so our people have been just as productive too." the pride in his people evident, then he looks towards where Aidan is, "Seems like we should go and chat with him then." He'll head that direction, giving Agnes the option to follow or lead.

Nikomachos tucks Ellinor's hand under his arm, walking through the crowds shaking hands and offer half-hugs the whole way to the stairs. They turn around at the base, offering up a final wave, and then ascending out of the party.

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