Lady Sir Ellinor Sauveur
Emma Stone
Emma Stone as Ellinor Renna Sauveur
Full Name: Ellinor Renna Sauveur
Byname: Sir Drakefire
Age: 22 Standard Years
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: The Royal House of Sauveur
House: House Sauveur
Title/Profession: Lady Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: [niko Height: 1.7 m
Father: Lord Marus Sauveur Weight: 56.7 kg
Mother: Princess Evony Sauveur Hair Color: Red
Siblings: Lord Sir Advent Sauveur
Lady Lyrienne Orelle
Three other sisters
Eye Color: Green
Children: -


Lady Ellinor Renna Sauveur was born the third eldest of six — almost a middle child, but not quite. The moment she learned to walk, it was known that she would be a rambunctious if not slightly troublemaking child. She had a close bond with her eldest brother, who perhaps saw the merits of being in charge of such a stubborn and mischeveious sister. The two were almost inseperable during Ellinor's early years — particularly because Lyrienne had gone off as a ward of House Arboren; she constantly followed him around with stern dedication, and he seemed to enjoy the company. This is perhaps what set her on her path to knighthood. While Advent was beginning his own weapon training, she eavesdropped and watched at a distance.

When Ellinor was old enough to begin her own squirehood, she marched into her parents apartments and announced her intentions to travel to the Crescent of Khournas and squire with her uncle Byron — her father's brother. They had grown accustomed to that tone and — since she tended to only demand usually reasonable requests — they decided to grant her permission to pursue this desire. Part of them knew that, despite her being one of the younger member of the next System War's generation — a generation that some were calling the Generation of Vengeance — as a Sauveur, she would perhaps be one of the last to be called to the front line.

At age twelve, she was sent to the Crescent to be trained under her knightly Uncle Byron. Not only was Byron a knight, but he was also a recreational drake hunter — a hobby that he passed down to Ellinor. Over the next eight years, she was trained up as a proper knight whose past times included the regular drake hunt in the Northern mountains. She showed several times at the on-foot competition at the Cindravale tournaments, though she rarely won against her betters, she slowly moved up in the ranks of the squires. Her true test came, not on the tournament grounds, but instead against one of the elderdrakes in the mountains of the Crescent. After a week in the wilderness, they came across a wild drake. Fighting alongside her mentor, she helped slay the full grown monstrosity. Parts of his hide was fashioned into her armor, and through this she was granted her knighthood. She survived great odds — a fierce representation of what was soon to come.

She has spent the last couple years back on Landing, working as a knight in her family's home. She has begun to prepare herself for the upcoming battle — a battle her parents still believe she will not have to face because of her lineage.



Somewhat taller than average, this noblewoman stands at about 1.6 meters. She has a slender, but strong frame that supports a modest swell of hips and bosom as well as the conditioning and strength required by a Knight. Her skin is quite pale with the faintest smattering of freckles across its canvas; it possesses a fair share of scars, including a series of claw marks earned from a juvenile drake. Her hair falls in loose strawberry waves down her back, tapering gently away at the center of her spine with longish bangs are swept across her high forehead. Her somewhat narrow heart-shaped face is composed of a fine chin, moderately full lips, and a straight and pointed nose. Brows gently arch over pale green eyes framed in heavy lashes.


  • A Drake Hunter
  • A Khourni Temper
  • Hard Edges
  • Loves Heights

Musical Inspiration

  • Apocalyptica - "Not Strong Enough"

And I'm so confused, So hard to choose.
Between the pleasure and the pain.
And I know it's wrong, and I know it's right.
Even if I try to win the fight, my heart would overrule my mind.
And I'm not strong enough to stay away

  • Sick Puppies - "White Balloons"

Someday, love will find you
I'm holding onto white balloons
Up against a sky of doom
Tell me you see them

  • Disturbed - "Remember"

If I can — Remember — To know this will
Conquer me — If I can — Just walk alone
And try to escape — Into me

  • Creedence Clearwater Revival - "Who'll Stop the Rain?"

Long as I remember the rain been comin' down.
Clouds of myst'ry pourin' confusion on the ground.
Good men through the ages, tryin' to find the sun;
And I wonder, Still I wonder, who'll stop the rain?

On the Grid

Known Associates

Symion King Regnant Symion Sauveur : It was sad to see you go, Uncle. You would have done so much to prepare us for this War, but now we must fight it without you.
Emund King Regnant Emund Sauveur : My Cousin, my King. I may have wished to see a more active sort on the Throne, but I'm sworn to this House and I will defend it and the King on its throne.
Janelle Crown Princess Janelle Sauveur : I would have seen you Queen, Cousin, but now you will just need to make sure Emund doesn't fail us.
Sophie Lady Sophie Sauveur : The biggest thorn in my side, but I would do anything to protect her. What a flaw…
Soleil Lady Soleil Sauveur : I know so little about you, Cousin. We've always been in different circles. Maybe we can see about fixing that.

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