Lady Eiristra Rovehn
Tabrett Bethell
Tabrett Bethell as Eiristra Rovehn
Full Name: Eiristra Rovehn
Byname: None Yet
Age: 24
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Rovehn
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Lady
Spouse: N/A Height: 5'10"
Father: {$father} Weight: 133lbs
Mother: Lady Sir Nicola Rovehn Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Young Lady Leandra, Lady Sir Talynne Eye Color: Hazel
Children: N/A


As one of the main line in the noble family of Rovehn, Eiristra like many before her attended the Academ. As a child she was quiet, but sprite like, taken with the open planes and pods of her people. As a young woman who learned better hands on, she was able to further her what she grew under the tutelage of those in the pod her family resided with. But always at her side was her tutor, a mage who later became a dear friend and remained with the pod. It was from him she learned to hone her awakened talents and become another of the magus.

Training amongst her family centered around horse handling, the use of a spear and bow. The quiet girl began to blossom into a rather inquisitive and energetic young woman who grew more bold and brash with every passing year.

Her tutor continued to accompany her even through her stay at the Academ and it was there that she drew back into herself and became frustrated. It took the presence of her guardian and tutor to direct her discipline and study when she often would look outward and long for the planes of Ares where most of her life up till that point was lived. She scraped by in passing the Academ, focusing on zoology and genetics like many of her people. She felt so distant, detached and drained without being near the open air of her people.

It became apparent that all her childish beliefs that the planes were a living, thoughtful entity, a network of spirits in her later years. She could often be found spending quiet moments alone, as if in reverence of what was around her, both moving and inert. The years after the Academ, she flourished again and found herself once more. Falling into life with her people was effortless, the constant nomadic movement giving her joy, but no purpose. Without roots she began to wonder her place or purpose. Glad to not be the heir of her family's holdings, she still felt as if there was something more for her and it became a growing need to find it. It often plagues her quiet thoughts and dreams, giving her a restlessness that blossoms into something near brashness at times.

She helps tend the horses but has trouble focusing on anything other than the pod and the day to day duties. She is helping to refine a breeding process and often tends the caravan machines, slowly learning how to fix the electronics from the mechanics.

As for her awakened abilities, she has little use for them but still goes through the training and discipline motions, often using what she knows to thrill the children and make them smile. The only thing that has driven her interest at all in the use of her awakened powers is the ability to find harmony with the word around her. Her quiet times are sometimes spent in the mental stretching of her abilities - in finding new ways to make just one more connection with the life she feels pulses through the very ground beneath her feet. She considers the possibility to attune herself with the natural world around her something that is within reach, though it is something she often seeks alone. Men are far from her mind and not often a concern of her's. All are equal to her and marriage is not something she is pursuing.



High cheekbones give a wise look to the almond shaped hazel eyes that otherwise contain the spark of free spirit. Long wavy golden blonde hair cascades in different lengths culminating at the mid of her back. Skin is touched by the sun, dark and bronzed from time spent in the open air. Her figure is sleek and athletic, showing strength in body.

The leather vest worn is sectioned off in greens and blacks, giving her most coverage along her torso. It ends just below her true waist and leads to a set of pants that are well worn and matching the black of the top. A set of stream lined fore arm coverings are strapped on for extra protection. The belt she wears carries a knife and more often than not a few other pouches. A set of simple boots finish off the ensemble.


The Lady Eiristra carries a few markings, most of them in natural forms along her body. The biggest running the length of her left side.

Tattoo Image Location/Description
Entire left side of torso/hip


Direcionless - In another word, purposeless. Eiristra knows there is a purpose for herself - she is struggling to find it.
Sympathetic to Spirits - Everything has a spirit and is intertwined together in existence.
Loyal to a Fault - Once trust is earned, Eiris will go above and beyond to assist those that have won her.
Wanderlust - The Rovehn blood is rich within her and she never longs to remain in one place for too long. She dislikes Phylon and cities - open spaces are her home.

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Known Associates

House Rovehn

Talynne Lady Sir Talynne Rovehn : One of my elder sisters but by less than a year. We are far too alike in many ways though I consider her to be a little more prudent than myself. I love Taly like a twin, a best friend and part of myself. She is amazingly sweet, strong and resilient. She does more than uphold our family name, she helps mold it.
Rebecca Rebecca Mordain : Rebecca is more than efficient, she is deadly at her job. House Rovehn is lucky to have her trust and aid, along with her skills. Her formality is warranted but sometimes I wish it was not so much as it is.

House Cindravale

Sammel Lord Sir Sammel Cindravale : Proper, strong, capable knight, Lord Sir Sammel is an exemplary soldier. I have had little chance to speak to him but he means well with Lady Iah and despite my own view on such chivarly, I have nothing but respect for the Lord.
Solon Young Lord Sir Solon Cindravale : As ever, the Lords of Cindravale are proper and chivalrous, none more so than Young Lord Solon. I think my forward brash nature left him more than bewildered. Duty, he says is why he aided me, and perhaps I do not let it rest at that. I think at the moment I am nothing more than an uncertain factor to him, perhaps progressing to a thorn.

House Leonnida

Garus Lord Sir Garus Leonnida : Your Legacy. I can give you that or at least help ensure it in some form. How I have begun to give and waver in my own beliefs. Freedom has taken on a new meaning and it scares me how easily you whittle away at my every sense. I shall trust myself in my decisions. Spirits help us both.


Jane Miss Jane Wyre : She seems like a rather intelligent nice young woman. I sadly have not watched any of her work but perhaps I will have the chance.

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