Lady Eilara Arboren
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence as Eilara Arboren
Full Name: Eilara Arboren
Byname: N/A
Age: 21
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: House Arboren
House: House Arboren
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Lady
Spouse: N/A Height: 5'0"
Father: Lord Sir Conall Arboren Weight: 110 lbs
Mother: High Lady Sir Eryn Arboren Hair Color: Dark Red
Siblings: Young Lord Declan Arboren
Lady Sir Brienne Arboren
Lord Sir Brennart Arboren
Lord Sir Tristan Arboren
Lord Keanen Arboren
Eye Color: Sea Green
Children: N/A


Born the youngest daughter of the Paramount House of Arboren, Eilara was never cut out for the politics of court or the rigors of knighthood. Above all, she was a child of the forest, and much preferred exploring the outdoors and climbing trees over staying in for the etiquette lessons expected of all noble children. She would frequently rush to the dinner table with leaves still stuck in her hair and mud staining her cheeks — thankfully her family tended to take her love of nature in stride, and embraced her habits rather than scold them out of her. Although her mother was initially alarmed when she caught her daughter floating stray leaves around using only her mind, the Arboren family promptly secured a mentor of the Druid variety to train Eilara in the mystical arts before her talents grew destructive and frightening when she reached the full Awakening after her twelfth birthday.

Eilara became a swift and talented archer alongside her siblings, though she did not follow them into Knighthood. She was too busy struggling with her Awakened abilities, and far too stubborn to submit to the strict regimen a Squire must follow. She much preferred staying at home, leaping through the forests and chasing wildlife over participating in what she viewed as silly and pointless jousts. With a knack for finding certain herbs and wildlife in the forest, she began training in the art of healing in the hope that it would give her something productive and helpful to contribute. Eilara's egalitarian roots often showed through when she was frequently seen in the company of citizen children, whether playing fun childhood games with them or leading them on an adventure through the forest.

Despite her sarcastic nature, Eilara has a genuine soft spot for everything related to nature, whether for the environment in general or for animals. On one of her frequent trips through the trees when she was sixteen years old, she discovered an abandoned, injured baby raven and snuck it home with her to nurse it back to health. The little bird was often seen trailing behind her through the Arborenin bridges while waiting for its wing to recover, and was promptly nicknamed Shadow by those that saw. The now-healthy bird is still often seen in her company to this day, whether accompanying her perched on a shoulder or quietly following a short distance away through the trees.

With her Awakened abilities now largely in check, Eilara dreads the day her parents inevitably set her up in a political marriage with another noble house. Although she imagines this day is approaching sooner rather than later, she continues to live in denial and hopes that she will never be asked to leave the beautiful forests she so dearly cares for and loves.



Petite and barely five feet tall, this young woman appears even younger than she is actually thanks to a full face and rounded cheeks that lend her a perpetually innocent air. Large, keenly observant eyes are a brilliant sea green hue, and fringed with long, copper lashes. Not heavily muscled or bulky by any means, she seems to move with a swiftness made all the easier due to her small frame. Her hair is quite thick and naturally a deep red shade, though she occasionally experiments with other colors when the whim strikes her. It is often pulled back and out of her face in some simple fashion with a simple leather tie. Light freckles are dusted across her face, all the more apparent from lengthy amounts of time spent outdoors. A slender wreath of ivy has been tattooed in dark green ink around her right wrist, often left visible by her clothing.


Just like every other Awakened, Eilara's eyes pale to a ghostly white when she has entered an Awakened state. Her aura manifests as dark, shimmering raven wings, traced with veins of silver. The transparent feathers seem to flutter as naturally as a real bird's wing, and tend to envelop her in a protective manner.


Eilara-Shadow.jpg Eilara is often accompanied by a raven frequently referred to as Shadow, named so by her fellow Arborenin due to the bird's habit of following her around wherever she went. She raised him from infancy when she found him fallen out of a tree with a broken wing. Although she had every intention of releasing the bird back into the wild, it just won't leave her alone! The bird is frequently found in her company, whether hovering off a distance away or perched upon her shoulder. It has been known to stare at others in what some people would describe as an unnerving manner. He seems relatively tame, though he has a penchant for surprising Eilara with presents of the prey he has recently caught, usually at the most inconvenient of times.


  • Apolitical: It's not that Eilara doesn't care about important issues like the upcoming war or the environment — she does, and in fact has fervent beliefs on many topics (especially ecological preservation.) It's more that she doesn't care about the day-to-day political maneuverings at court, or which heir seems favored for the crown on any given day. Eilara's patience for social gossip is very thin, and she would much rather spend her time doing something productive over worrying about political marriages or irrelevant formalities.
  • Environmentalist: Little gets Eilara going like a discussion of the environment. She feels very passionately about everything natural, whether plant life or animals. She can be very outspoken against what she views as the systemic destruction of what little humanity has left.
  • Sarcastic: Eilara has a very sarcastic sense of humor, and frequently teases those she feels comfortable around. Sometimes this bluntness gets her into trouble.

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Declan Young Lord Declan Arboren : Declan is Eilara's oldest brother, and although he is further apart from her in age than all her other siblings they at least share a lack of knighthood in common! She feels bad for him due to the burden of his responsibilities as oldest child and heir, but more than anything she's glad they aren't hers to bear.
Brienne Lady Sir Brienne Arboren : As Eilara's older and only sister, they understand each other in some ways that their brothers can't. And yet, Eilara doesn't quite understand Brienne's devotion to knighthood. Eilara often strains under Brienne's protective nature, and bickers with her often, but at the end of the day her sister is family and she is fiercely loyal.
Brennart Lord Sir Brennart Arboren : One would think Eilara and Brennart might have a strong relationship given they are both Awakened, but Eilara isn't particularly close to her older brother due to his time spent away squiring.
Tristan Lord Sir Tristan Arboren : Of all her siblings, Eilara generally feels closest to Tristan, even though they have little in common short of their love of archery and the forests. They tease each other frequently, and he is most often the victim to her "pranks" because she knows he'll dish it right back.
Keanen Lord Keanen Arboren : Despite their close age, Keanen puzzles Eilara to no end. They are, perhaps, the antithesis of each other. He loves technology, and Eilara loathes it. They may both be Awakened, but his passion for technology makes her quite wary. Still, they are both adventurous spirits, and Eilara hopes to persuade him to love nature as much as she does.
Aidan Lord Aidan Peake : A distant cousin, Aidan and Eilara are quite similar in personality and beliefs, which generally makes them get along quite well. He too is Awakened, and she feels more comfortable discussing dreams and the ramifications of their abilities with him more than almost anyone else, save for their Druid mentors.

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