Edward Thane
Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy as Edward Thane
Full Name: Edward Thane
Byname: The Forlorn Smith
Age: 32
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: None
Title/Profession: None
Position: Freelance armorsmith/doctor
Spouse: None Height: 6'2"
Father: Richard Thane (Deceased) Weight: 250lbs
Mother: Unknown Hair Color: Black
Siblings: None Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


The story of Edward's childhood was rough. Not scraping by for every scrap of food rough, but rough in the sense that he lived on the other side of the tracks, as the old saying goes. Probably more appropriate to say on the other side of The Way if we want to compare modern to ancient travel systems. Regardless, his life was rough. Son to an Underworld Lieutenant (When the Underworld was far more dark and violent before Gentleman Johnny United most of them) and mother to either a whore or a tavern wench. He never found out before his father died, the man simply saying that she was gone before getting a look on his face that told young Edward this line of question was going to lead to bruises. Edward grew up in The Crescent of Khournas in a manufactories settlement that was small enough to be off the map but big enough to have its own little underbelly of corruption and crime.

Edward grew up as a bad kid, a bully in most respects. He wielded power and authority over the younger kids, as long as their dads and moms were below his on the totem pole. Eventually his own pops got enough power to be called a Boss in a lot of respects, and everyone in Edward's town owed his dad a bit of protection money now and then. When he was old enough he joined in the family business. Despite being a bruiser and a bully the kid developed a knack for the mechanical and electrical, and far more profitable, the chemical.

Being his father's son meant Edward got a lot more respect then he deserved, but he made sure to work hard for the other half. Lots of other Underworlders favored his weapons from little slip knives to blasters that would put holes in three people at once, though this was often an exaggeration by his fellow gangers and their rivals would often comment that his weapons would fall apart at the drop of a hat, another exaggeration. He even sold a few elegant blades to the nobles who would dare to venture on the wrong side of The Way. He did dabble in making and repairing armor and energy shields but often the government issued energy shields were more then enough. His focus was on weapons of violence and death.

And like the cliche goes, girls love the bad boys. In his teens Edward got plenty of girls and women, but there was always one just out of his reach. Lola. See she didn't like the bad boys. Her own father was an Underworlder, and all that got him was a ten year conscription in some Lord's army and dead the day after he came back. Eventually he wooed her over with flowers and smiles and good behavior. Though at the end of the day Edward knew it was she who wooed him.

She wanted him to change and deep down he wanted to change too. Though the drinking, drugs, violence, and money made that hard. Despite all the vices she stuck with him, always shooting him a worried glance when he would come home. Eventually they got married, and talk turned to kids, when Edward was sober enough to talk straight. Edward had already seen what this gangster life had done to his father who was murdered a few years before Edward married. It was declared an overdose but Edward could tell it was murder. But the life did his father in, it did Lola's father in, how long would it take to do him in?

One day he finally made the promise. No more. They would put the life behind them. He would get together all the money he could, they would hop off to another world, maybe the Ring, to start a new life. With his skills he could easily make a living as an engineer, or something more simple. Lola was delighted of course, despite all the promises before she could tell this one was the real deal.

And it would have been the real deal, if Destros hadn't hit the street and the Underworld was thrown into chaos. Around this time Gentleman Johnny was making his play for power. Edward had heard the stories, and he could hardly blame Johnny for his push to wipe out the drug. Edward himself had dabbled in drug slinging, brewing a few one hitters and knock outs in some back room labs, all of this before he made his promise to Lola. It was good money, dirty money, and even Edward had some lines he wouldn't cross… unless you waved enough cash in his face. He stuck mostly to consuming drugs instead of slinging them. Regardless of what Edward was up to, Johnny wasn't the only gangster making his plays. As the Gentleman made his move to unite the criminal world, other gangs tried their best to eliminate rivals and consolidate power during those days of chaos. Edward's gang was starting to make headway into new territory and the new boss, the one who took over after his pops, made him a offer he couldn't refuse. One last job with enough pay to start a new life, raise a new family, be a new person. Just had to crack a few heads, bust a few drones, and smash a few machines.

Edward had spent all his money on booze, drugs and gambling before he promised Lola he was done. He was as good as broke, so he needed every bit of money. He was in, one last job and then he would be done. But things never go that easy. The other gang saw it coming from a mile away. It be simple for the gang to have ambushed Edward and his own people and call it a day. But there are no rules in the Underworld, despite what Gentleman Johnny might say. They struck at the heart and soul of Edward's gang, killing loved ones and families of the various gang members. They returned home bloody and beaten with nothing to show for it, and many returned to nothing, with their loved ones murdered in bed or already in the morgue.

Edward returned home with nothing, to nothing. He could see it play out in his mind, Lola struggling as the other gangers man handled her, screaming as they ransacked the little home they had just bought stealing everything of worth, crying as they put a blaster to her head and pulled the trigger. That day something died in Edward. Few could blame him. He could have easily spiraled into a life of depression, finding little happiness or numbness in the drugs and booze that controlled him before. Instead he remembered the promise he made to his late wife, even if he had already broken it. No more booze. No more drugs. No more violence. He left his little village that day after burning his home down, a final declaration that he wouldn't return.

The Underworlder known as Edward Thane turned from that life, left his burned out home to the past and tried to start a new life. Making his way through The Way to whatever place needed someone of his skill, he makes his way as an armor smith, refusing to make weapons despite being more then capable of doing so. He also found he had an innate skill in medicine, perhaps from years of seeing scrapes, wounds, and broken bones from little gang fights, or studying chemistry and biology while trying to sling drugs. When his armor failed he stepped in to make sure the sad sod didn't bleed out or lose a limb. With the drugs, alcohol, and violence behind him he had a lot of time to focus on various books and information slides to study up and found more then a few doctors willing to take an apprentice for a few years. Just don't ask him for a medical license! His pacifism has angered more then a few people, as it applies to even the Hostiles, but his skills at smithing and medicine buy him a few graces. At this point in his life Edward Thane is simply making the motions. He is a little dead on the inside, with few goals or aspirations, and finds little joy in making people better and safe. That is good enough for him.




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