Kate Lambert
Kate Lambert as Eden Morgen
Full Name: Eden Morgen
Byname: none
Age: 22
Planet: The Ring
Paramount: Orelle
House: Unaffiliated
Title/Profession: Citizen
Position: Entertainer
Spouse: none Height: 5'6"
Father: Unknown Noble Weight: 100lbs
Mother: Natasha Morgen Hair Color: White
Siblings: none Eye Color: Green
Children: none




Eden stands at a fairly average 5'6. That's maybe the only 'normal' thing one could say about her. With a waifish, almost unhealthily slender build and long limbs that don't seem to have quite forgotten the gangly qualities of adolescence, particularly her long, coltish legs, the girl still manages to move with likely unexpected poise. Her skin is porcelain-fair, without so much as a freckle to blemish the luminous quality of her colouring, which is only further emphasised by her pure white hair; left today to fall, gleaming and poker-straight, to her waist. Her features are odd, set within a delicate heart-shaped structure of high cheekbones and wide, slightly upward tilted green eyes, heavily smudged with dark kohl and a dusting of twilight glitter across the lids. Really, her nose is a touch overlarge and her mouth, too.


Addictive Personality
Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome
Geek and Proud

RP Hooks

Entertainment: She's quite a regular both in clubs and on the streets, where she performs poi and juggling. There's an ice-breaker.
Who's Ya Daddy?: Eden is the result of a former Companion relationship, though she's never been told who her father was. Was it YOU?
Underworld: Eden was mixed up in some bad badness the last few years. If you think she may have crossed paths with your character feel free to PM for a scene or discussion of possible history between them.

Known Associates

natasha.jpg Her: Mommy dearest. Natasha has no idea how to be a mother, nor does she have much interest, thank you. She's a busy woman. Eden is her only child, the product of a young romance when Nat was nineteen. She's never mentioned who the father of her bastard was.. then again, Eden never bothered to ask. They don't see each other much, both preferring to keep their distance. Natasha's usually willing enough to help out financially, if that'll keep the green-eyed reminder of her foolish past at bay. Six forbid anyone discover that she slipped, after all.
White_square_with_question_mark.png Him: Eden's father was a noble, who took her mother as his Companion for some time. That's all that's known and leaves a lot of questions about her heritage. <OPEN FOR APPLICATION/INCLUSION>

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs

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