Wealth + Economics

With the most influential parts of the original colony being drawn from North America, it was almost inevitable that the currency of the Haven System would be called the dollar. The dollar in the Haven system has approximately the same value as the modern-day US Dollar.

House Wealth

The Paramount Houses — and most lesser vassal houses — have a great deal more wealth than any private person, although there are definite levels of wealth within the noble houses. A Moderate rating involves a yearly product of several hundred million dollars.

House Tier Wealth Population
Sauveur Royal High Rich 2,000,000
Orelle Paramount High Rich 2,000,000
Khournas Paramount Rich 4,000,000
Arboren Paramount Low Rich 3,000,000
Cindravale Paramount Low Rich 4,000,000
Ibrahm Major Vassal High Moderate 250,000
Dalton Major Vassal High Moderate 200,000
Rovehn Major Vassal High Moderate 50,000
Peake Major Vassal Moderate 300,000
Grantham Major Vassal Moderate 90,000
Leonnida Major Vassal Moderate 150,000
Lucian Minor Vassal Moderate 5,000
Larent Major Vassal Moderate 150,000
Volen Major Vassal Moderate 100,000
Valta Major Vassal Moderate 150,000
Iah Major Vassal Low Moderate 100,000
Hollolas Major Vassal Low Moderate 250,000
Saimhann Major Vassal Low Moderate 175,000
Ligonier Minor Vassal Low Moderate 50,000
Typical Major Vassal Moderate 150,000
Typical Minor Vassal High Poor 15,000

Personal Wealth

While no individuals have a wealth anywhere near even Low Rich on the table above, there are some CEOs, scientists, celebrities, and politicians who reach Moderate. Individual nobles, especially from the Paramount Houses, also reach the Moderate level. Most business owners, minor nobles, and other Citizens barely reach Low Poor or Poor on this scale.

Poverty in the Haven System

The responsibilities of the feudal elite, along with the assistance of the Senators and the Chantry usually do a pretty good job of looking out for the Citizenry of their holdings. However, there will always be a few areas in every holding where people simply slip through the cracks. Even the best-intentioned system is not perfect, and there will always be places like Down Below in Khar-Mordune, the Black Sector in Volkan, and the Warrens in The Ring — areas where the discontent and dispossessed gather, and the help of the nobility, Senators, and Chantry simply does not reach. Every city has something of the sort, although the size and depths of poverty therein varies depending on the mindset and capabilities of the nobles and Senators of the holding.

Social Safety Net Applicable Holdings
The Ideal No one
"The Best It Gets" Arboren, Cindravale, Iah
"Works Pretty Well" Sauveur, Saimhann, Dalton, Peake, Rovehn, Grantham, Ligonier
"A Few More Gaps" Khournas, Orelle, Ibrahm, Volen, Hollolas, Leonnida
"More Inequities" Larent, Lucian, Laskaris, Valta

Even at "The Best It Gets" there are small areas of poverty-stricken people, but it just means that they aren't quite as bad off and aren't as wide-spread. Working down the table, the division between rich and poor gets slowly wider, and the depths to which the most poor fall get deeper. Much of the difference comes down to either a sense of duty or compassion among the noble house versus a sense of competition among the noble house. For more details, see this Staff Note.

Sample Costs

While most aspects of the economy are simply RPed, large expenses will need to be tracked. Some example costs are listed below:

Item Cost in Dollars
Skinsuit $1,000
Light Combat Armor $30,000
Scout Armor $40,000
Combat Armor $60,000
Protector Armor $50,000+
Aggressor Armor $150,000+
Defender Armor $150,000+
Super Heavy Armor $500,000+
Sword $1,000+
Greatsword $1,500+
Bludgeon $1,000+
Great Bludgeon $1,500+
Spear $500+
Polearm $1,500+
Bow $800+
Crossbow $1,000+
Hand Crossbow $1,000+
Goods and Services
Basic Meal $10
Excellent Meal $50+
Riding Horse $5,000+
Destrier $30,000+
Dose of Red Eye $50
Dose of AMP $300
Dose of Destros $3,000
Basic Citizen's Outfit $50
Nice Citizen's Outfit $100+
Basic Noble's Outfit $500
Extravagant Noble's Outfit $2,000+
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