Early Morning, When I Wake Up
Summary: The day after his brother's bachelor party, Sammel wakes up.
Date: 20/07/2013
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Saturday July 20, 3013 — Sammel's Room, Phylon

Sunlight comes in through the window, causing Sammel to open his eyes a bit slowly now. Sitting up, he looks around the room, wincing a bit as he sees himself in a mirror on one of the far walls, showing a face and head that's more colorful than usual. Last night was a pretty wild night, wasn't it?

Sitting up a bit further, he tries to remember last night. The crawler, and then to the theatre. Drinks, and the Ice Queen that Melted. He's unable to hold back a grin as he thinks back. And then more drinks, and the twins there. Throwing the clothes they removed around…

And then all the craziness started. The bachelorette party invading, and them throwing around those water baloons. So that's why he ended up all colorful. And the guys firing back with the silly string. Encountering his sister in that battle…

Remembering the words from there, he carefully looks around his bed rather carefully for a few moments. Oh good, no snakes there. Not that he expected that to happen, but it's best to check, right? And then, picking a new target, the youngest Khourni lady. Attack, snatch balloon, she offering the balloons if he attacked her siblings. Attack again, then getting tackled, and hit by the rest of the baloon arsenal. And…

There is a groan, as he drops back into the position he was sleeping in, moving his right hand to smack at his forehead. "Sammel, you idiot…" he mutters to himself, as he just remains where he is for now. Trying to think of what to do this day. Besides spending some time to get rid of the remains of the colors from those baloons.

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