07.28.3013: Early Discharge
Summary: Some discussion surrounds Nikomachos' attempt to get out of the Hospital early.
Date: 28 July 2013
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Willowtree Hospital, Landing
The hospital room of Nikomachos Sauveur and Sammel Cindravale.
July 28, 3013

Nikomachos should probably not have changed into his non-hospital-gown clothes. He made sure that the curtain was drawn between him and his roommate/brother Sammel before he started, although there were undoubtedly a few winces, hisses of pain, and grimaces to accompany the rustling of cloth. Now he pulls back the curtain, his sword-belt sitting on his bed and his coat of dusty gold slung over his left arm, "Sammy, are you awake?" Once there's an indication that the other man is, Niko continues, "I'm going to head out. I don't need to be taking up a bed anymore." No matter what the doctors say about puncture wounds near the rib-cage.

Leaving one of the other 'rooms' is the blue noble that is a beacon of 'can you see me now' attire. Arming sword sheathed at his hip, Densoric Larent does his best not to get in the way of the various medical personnel as he looks about to see if anyone else he knows is a patient or a doctor today.

Letting out a bit of a groan as he hears Niko's question, Sammel opens one eye again now. "Awake, yes…" A brief pause as he looks towards his brother again, "Does your wife know that you're sneaking out of here, Niko?" Spoken a bit lightly, before he lets out a bit of a breath now.

It wasn't exactly planned that Kassandra would show up in time to help Nikomachos run away from the hospital, but as she's offered the services to her other siblings before, it only makes sense she'd offer them for Niko now. Still, it was unintentional. In fact, as she appears rather abrutly, red-faced and breathless, one can assume she has arrived in a hurry. "I think Sir Ellinor would be disappointed if Niky didn't try to dodge his nurses, oops, sorry my lord."

The Valen nearly bumps into Densoric as she winds her way through people and nurses and medical equipment and holy shit hospitals are like sophisticated obstacle courses. "I got a message that you and Sammy were here. They made it sound more critical than this, though, if you're already abandoning the hospital food."

Nikomachos shakes his head at Sammel's question, "Not yet." He gathers up the coat, starting to pull it on over his arms, then winces as the motion tugs at his side, "Damn it…" Still, he perseveres, "I was thinking about surprising her." He looks out to Kassandra as she shows up, his eyebrows raising slightly, "Really? It takes us getting shot full of holes and pummeled to get you out of the field, Kassie?" His soft chuckle causes him to press his left hand lightly to his right side, and then he nods over to Sammel, "Sammy got it a lot worse than I did."

Densoric stops short as he is nearly impacted by Kass and nods politely giving a proper, "My Lady." then does his best to angle his body and sword to allow her past easier. looking over to the discussion among the brothers Densoric smiles softly and adds, "Never did care too much for being in a bed too long myself." but his comment doesn't seem directed at anyone, as he seems to imply support to either side. Noting Niko's reactiosn he asks, "Damage to your ribs, organs, or both MiLord?"

"Well," Kassie replies, not at all rebuffed by Niko's observation, "I would have stayed away even still, but then I thought you two would be hurt. I've been told it doesn't pay to upset the delicate sensibilities of injured knights." Circling around fluidly, Kassandra comes up behind Niko and assists with the coat. "Damage to his brain, that's my guess," she replies to Densoric's question without even thinking. Once her brother is properly dressed, she turns about to stare down at Sammel. "What is this I am hearing about a betrothal? Did you betray me, Sammy? Have all my brothers abandoned me for wives?"

"Guess we should be happy she decided to come this time, hmm?" Sammel offers to Niko, a bit lightly, before he grimaces. "A bit harder yes. Thought that guy was going to cut me in two… A good thing that…" He trails off as he hears Kassie's question, and coughs a few times. Wincing a little, before he puts on a bit of a pained grin. "Hey, unlike Niko and Erik, I'm not marrying out, you know… Besides…" A glance around, before he adds, "She's a skilled doctor, you know. Patched me up aft… both during and after the battle."

Nikomachos shrugs slightly at Densoric as he accepts Kassandra's help with his new coat without complaint or comment — his ribs and shoulder must be hurting rather a lot for that to be the case. "A couple of Hostile bolts. One in the shoulder, one between the ribs, but they didn't penetrate anything important… besides me in general." He chuckles at his sister's comment, nods at his brother's question, then steps over to collect his swordbelt, feeding it around his waist beneath the coat to buckle it. "We're just waiting for you to catch up, Kassie." He starts to say something more, then his lips purse and he glances over to Densoric. His brows draw together for a heartbeat, and then he lets a broad, welcoming smile spread across his lips, coming around the hospital bed to extend his right hand, "Sir Nikomachos Sauveur. Sir Niko, if you like. I know it's a mouthful." Once the greeting is completed, he looks back over to Sammel, "Lady Elodie was on the battlefield? That's rather brave of her." There's a little bit of concern there, perhaps even a touch of disapproval, but also a good deal of respect.

Densoric smiles broadly with affection in it at the verbal abuse from the sister and says, "You could always tell their wives to be all their secrets, that'll make them suffer for abandoning you My Lady." chuckling softly. The true evil of politicians, blackmail. he then accepts the handshake from Niko and says, "lord Densoric Larent." returning the introduction with the etiquette of one skilled in such matters.

Kassandra echoes Nikomachos' concern for Elodie. "Really? She was on the battlefield? Brave lady," the Valen comments while reaching out to pat Sammel's hand. "I am glad you both are alive, at least." She shoots a glance toward Niko, however, that says something completely different. "Waiting for me to catch up to you how? To get betrothed? Not on your life. I just had a lovely conversation with a like-minded man who agreed that now is not the time for making spouses and children."

Settling onto the edge of Sammel's bed, Kassie crosses her legs at the knees and glances down at her hands to examine her fingernails. Densoric's comment earns a quiet laugh. "I will take your advice into consideration, Lord Densoric, and should I deem the situation dire enough, I will do just that. Sir Kassandra Cindravale, and like my brother, I shorten it out of pity for everyone else who has to say it. Sir Kassie is good enough for me. Will Ellie be pleasantly surprised or angry that you're leaving the hospital so soon, brother?"

"She was. Handled the combat first aid, I believe. When I got hit, I fell and not long after, she was there, patching me up." Sammel says this a bit quietly, before he smiles, "Quite brave, yes. All in all, I know I'm happy with it." A brief grin as he hears Kassie's words, "Well, one day it'll probably happen, right?" Another brief pause, before he looks to Densoric as well. "Sir Sammel Cindravale. I think our parents had gotten tired of having to pronounce long names after these two." Letting out another cough, before he smiles now.

Nikomachos flashes Kassandra a mischievous grin, "Who is he? I'll talk to Father about sending a letter to his parents?" And then he quickly steps around behind his own bed, making sure that at least one bed is between them. Densoric gets a nod at the introduction, and then he looks back to his sister, "I think I'll be fine, so long as I manage not to collapse on the way back to the Palace Tower." He flashes a grin over to his brother in turn, "And then Mother really got her way with Erik. But I'm glad you've already found an accommodation with your betrothed. Did you know her beyond in passing before you heard?" Evidently he hadn't.

Densoric nods to Kassie and says, "As you say Sir Kassandra, but forgive me but I feel Kassandra is too beautiful of a name to shorten." Looking to Sam he offers a polite nod and a soft smile, then adds to Kassie, "Forgive my disagreeing, but we are all nobles here. Our duty is to family above all else, and with the start of a war that will last decades, when would you or your 'friend' say is an appropriate time to start families? If we wait till the war is over then our generation could be in their forties or sixties, if not older. When would there be time for the birthing and raising of children then?" His tone is serious and calm, as though actually interested in what the answer might be. H then looks to Niko ad says, "Careful Sir Nikomachos, I know the price of too much movement with internal injuries. I was bed-ridden far longer then I enjoyed myself."

Kassandra takes a mock swing at Nikomachos at the mention of a letter, and she laughs as he dances far out of her reach. "What? Afraid I'm going to try and strangle you?" Hopefully it's not too soon to joke about it—right? "I think you're on to something there, Sammy. Ni-ko-mach-os is four. Kass-and-ra is three. Samm-el is two. Er-ik is two. Yeah, they got tired of syllables by the time you came around."

When the question is put to her, Kassandra looks up to Densoric and raises her eyebrows, amused at most by the query. "I think it is not appropriate to pull our female knights from the field because we're married to the antiquated notion that breeding among the nobility is the only way we will persist as a species. By no means am I saying that marriage itself is faulty, or that those who aren't heading to the front lines can't stay behind and have children. On the other hand, what kind of life does war make for a child? What kind of life does war make for a child without one or both of their parents? If I have the choice, and I am hoping I do to some extent, I will not be paying into the familial pot. I would murder someone if I were forced to stay back here with my feet up while I wait to pop out a kid."

"Ah, yes, I heard you've turned into a skilled strangler, sis," Sammel replies with a chuckle. "And yes, thanks for making them tired of all those extra syllables." Looking to Niko again, he shakes his head a little bit. "Not beyond in passing, no. But then again, not everyone can be as lucky as you and Erik when it comes to that, right?" Looking back towards Kassie again, he grins, "Perhaps you should make sure Father knows they'll need to lock her up when she's with child too, Niko?" Offered a bit lightly now.

Nikomachos's eyes darken like stormclouds at Kassandra's joke about strangling, although the anger doesn't seem to be directed at her, per se. He draws in a long, slow breath, letting it out to help calm him, and allows himself to be pulled along with the other topic. "A one-to-one trade of a female knight to a child isn't exactly a good trade in the short term. I suspect that it will become acceptable for female knights to use surrogates." He shakes his head at Sammel, "You're on your own on this one. I haven't spoken extensively with Ellie about the subject, but I suspect we'll be seeing to a surrogate ourselves when the time comes." Looking back to his sister, he adds, "But, if we as a society don't continue to have children, we will lose this war as surely as if we threw down our weapons — and children from nobles and knights will be all the more important for their good genes." He shakes his head at Densoric, "I can't stay in bed any longer, for all that I'll stay off the field until I'm actually given clearance. The doctors say that nothing critical was hit, but thank you for the concern."

Densoric nods to Kassie and says, "Noble duty aside, there is also the practical need, both citizen and noble alike. Its true not all should be atken off the field at once, but alternating of those in service is an option. After all I am no expert in military matters, but are members of the military not given leave at times to 'get away' from combat for awhile? Children could be planned during those times. I speak more of the practical, with decades of war there isn't much choice. Without the Hostiles we could easily go that long without a single war, or with barely a skirmish, but they are here and here now. To say what kind of child does war produce I ask what does it matter if there are no children left? Those children out there now will grow up and join the ranks of the soldiers, but what happens when those who are the youngest now grows to that age and this war is barely half way done? Are those who are newborns now expected to carry the burden of producing all the children that will not be born in times of war? Children who will never know war but will be expected to prepare for it when most of those with experience are too old or dead and unable to teach?"

Taking a breath Densoric adds, "The system isn't about making us al breeding stock its to ensure we have enough individuals to keep fighting till the war ends and then that there are enough survivors at the end there are enough left over to continue on in the generations to come. he then gestures to Niko silently as he speaks of surrogates and supports his words to a degree. He then states to Niko, "Though admittedly i couldn't leave that easily myself. A broke leg makes it a bit tricky to make a quick get-away, especially when trapped in one's own home."

Wearing the Royal Navy Uniform with the family Iah crest and white arm band displaying a red cross, Doctor Lady Elodie Iah has begun her set of rounds for the day. She enters, and first casts a critical glance over NIkimachos, and she pauses to listen. "You would probably be the first Knight I've ever met that keeps that promise, Lord Sir NIkomachos," she muses. As he's giving all the signs of being her most troublesome patient of the day, she advances to his bed and the tablet attached there first. She taps onto the screen, glancing up at him with a level of amused skepticism as she waits for the information to load. "You've been taking the antibiotics precribed? You don't need to hit something vital for an infection to cause real trouble." A glance is sent to the those debating having children, but she does not enter into it at present.

"Philosophy that I don't care about aside, our conversation was about how now is not the proper time for marriage or families for us. If a knight wants to run off and have babies and take a year off of fighting, I say let her. But I would not stand idly by if some parents were pushing that on to their offspring out of some sworn duty to bringing up the rear with more babies," Kassie answers Densoric quietly, arching her eyebrows at his words. "My duty is the protection of those already in existence. I cannot do that from a bower."

Turning away, she watches as Elodie sets about her work before posing a question to the woman. "Think I can drag Niky out of here without too much trouble, Lady Elodie? I will even pass along his meds directly to his wife just so she can make sure he's being a good little boy."

"Nothing critical being hit, Niko? Did you block it all with your head again?" Sammel's words are a bit quiet, as he offers a grin to his brother now. Can't hold back the comment, right? Looking to Kassie, he offers her a quiet smile. "It's okay, Kassie. Don't worry about it," he offers, before he sees Elodie, offering her a quiet smile, but keeping quiet right now.

"I would suggest that Lord Sir Nikomachos spend some time on the hydrotreadmill before he goes home," Elodie suggests. "He's obviosuly restive, he can get some exercise without putting himself in danger of further injury." She glances between the two older Cindravales. "You might be surprised how tiring that can be, and the bouyancy of the water will make sure that he doesn't fall and run the risk of hurting himself again. He did get lucky, especially the on on the ribcage. I'm surprised you don't have a cracked rib or two there." She starts to nod to Kassandra when Sammel's suggestion of Niko using his head as a shield comes across, and she turns, her eyes widening with mirth, and then a choked giggle breaking the professional facade. Still, perhaps due to the fact that /that/ particular conversation has not yet been had, she stays out of the children discussion.

Nikomachos shrugs slightly at Densoric's words, "I don't know that we're going to be able to give leave to get away from it unless there's a danger that the person might crack. We are in a war for our very civilization, after all." He nods his agreement with the remainder of the talk of ensuring further children. The arrival of the doctor, however, causes him to pause, looking a little guilty as he adjusts the swordbelt he's definitely not supposed to be wearing yet. "Lady Elodie." The mention of the promise causes him to blush just a touch, "My apologies, My Lady. I was feeling much better," besides the actual searing pain when he tried to put on his coat, the coat that he had to get his sister's help to settle in place, "But yes, My Lady, I've taken all the pills that I've been given." And then he points to Kassandra at her offer, "I think that the doctors at the Palace Tower will still keep a good eye on me." Sammel's question causes him to laugh, which causes him to hold the right side of his ribs with a grimace, and he shakes his head, "No, they've only hit me there once, Sammy." And he turns his head to point out the scar rising up the side and back of his neck. Again, he nods to Elodie, "Of course, My Lady."

Densoric looks to Kassie, perhaps tempting luck or common sense, "As your brother pointed out, surrogates can be used so you may remain on the battlefield. And my point remains. Why bring up a child in times like this, when else would they be brought up? And to be honest the children of nobility have it better then Citizens Citizens are in the streets, in the fields, in the pastures, on the water, their homes are less protected then our respective fortresses. Yet even they have children in their own time. At least we have the luxury that our children are kept in the safest, most protective places in our respective holdings, they are the most sheltered and the furthest from battle in truth. So what about this time do you say isn't fit for children?" his tone is calm but still serious. He then looks to Elo and says, "I'm starting to be glad you weren't in charge after my crash My Lady." smiling softly. He then looks to Niko and says, "I admit I could be mistaken, but too much battle without at least some personal or family time starts to impact morale and the psyche does it not?"

Kassandra glances up to Nikomachos as Densoric continues to talk his point even though she has signalled her leave of the conversation. She takes a deep breath and turns toward him, searching in the meantime for something diplomatic to say. "Lord Densoric, I have said it several times now that now is not the time for me to have children. I think wartime is and always will be the worst environment in which to raise a child no matter what ridiculous spin you attempt to put on it, and I think it is wildly irresponsible to have babies and then leave them behind for other people to raise while we're out there getting ready to die. I believe our population is not so threatened that we must all of us pop out kids, either from our own uterus or from those of a surrogate. I believe that this sense of moral duty to having children is absolutely ridiculous, and I believe that if some of us opt out of such, we should not be penalized or otherwise talked in circles by others who have no room to preach."

Kassandra takes another deep breath before rising up from Sammel's bedside to allow Elodie room to tend to him. "Sorry, I will get out of your way, doc. I'm glad my brother is in your hands. Niky, I think I'm going to step out and get some fresh air. The hospital smell is getting to my head. Lord Densoric, good evening."

"Thanks for dropping by, Kassie," Sammel offers with a quiet smile now. "I can't speak for our brother here, but it means a lot to me, at least." A brief grin, before he looks over to Niko. "Then you didn't move the head right." Spoken a bit lightly, before he adds, "And if you head back to the Palace Tower, tell Ellinor I said hello, okay?" His attention then goes to Elodie, offering her a smile. "Don't worry, not all of your patients will be running off." A quiet grin is offered as he looks between them all now.

Elodie bows her head to Kassandra. "Lady Sir Kassandra," she replies, letting the woman have space to leave. "That depends, Lord Densoric, on whether you wanted to be in bed the whole time you recovered, or if you wanted to actually do something." She gives the man a smile, and then turns back to her original patient, her eyes having noted his grimace while laughing. "I'm sure you have advanced facilities at the Palace Tower, so I suggest that a regime of hydro-exercise while you're waiting for clearance to the field will help the restlessness. I'll send your prescriptions with Lady Sir Kassandra." Now, she finally has a chance to continue on Sammel, who she turns to with a shy smile when he reassures that he won't be running away. "That is a good thing, because you, Sir Sammel, because I don't want to have to use extreme measures to make sure you're completely healed."

Nikomachos nods at Densoric, "It does, but better a few broken knights at the end of the war, whether they live or not, than scores of civilian casualties." As Kassandra moves to depart, he steps toward the door himself, reaching across to lay a hand on her arm, "Give me a minute, Kassie, and I'll walk with you." Looking back to Elodie, he adds, "Assuming I can get Lady Elodie's permission, if I promise to stay on my regimen of antibiotics, let the doctors check up on me at least daily, and put in some time on the hydrotreadmill." He nods to Sammel, "I'll give her your best, Sammy." He points out Elodie then, "And don't let her push you around, Sammy, it will only set precedent for your marriage." Despite the warning, there is a merry laugh — and another wince — behind the words, and he offers a wink of one gray eye to Elodie and a bit of a stiff bow.

Densoric makes room for kassie to leave as well and says, "I was simply saying its more a practical issue then a moral one. As a moral one wouldn't make it so much of a 'mandate'." but leaves the matter at that. He then looks to Elodie and says, "I had a broke leg at the time, it wasn't a matter of what i wanted to do." smiling softly, seems its not a sore topic for him. As she 'threatns' Sammel Densoric smiles softly and adds, "Especially when you have me to help hold you down if you resist." he likely knows what is meant, but he's joining in on the teasing the patient some at least.

Kassandra pauses as Nikomachos touches her arm, offering him a nod. She looks back to Sammel and Elodie, and for a moment one can actually see her smile. Ah, behold, a miracle! "I think she means it, Sammy. You better behave and listen to the good doctor, and ignore your brother. He doesn't know what he's saying. Hostiles hit his head, remember? Come on, Niky."

"Speaking of experience there, Niko?" Sammel offers with a bit of a chuckle, before he winces a little. Shaking his head at Densoric, his attention is taken by Kassandra's smile for a few moments. "Hey, who are you, and what did you do to my sister?" he comments a bit lightly, before he smiles at Elodie. "No need for the extreme measures, really."

Elodie raises her eyebrows at Nikomachos's warning of her being bossy, and she gives a quick shake of her head in denial. "I wouln't.." she starts to say, but then he winks to her, and she relaxes her posture enough to smile back and give a small nod of her head to him. "Lord Sir Nikomachos," she allows him to leave. Lord Densoric receives a grin, but she shakes her head, "I thank you for your offer, my Lord." About to return her attention to Sammel, she pauses at Kassandra's smile, but then continues, and actually breaks her professional protocol to sit on the side of his bed while she looks at his tablet to assess his progress.

Nikomachos frowns slightly as Densoric keeps after the topic, but if his sister can avoid snapping at the man, so can he. "Hey, I took her name, didn't I?" With another nod to Elodie, "Lady Elodie," and a slightly raise of one hand to Sammel, he departs the room.

Densoric looks to Kassie as she makes the joke about the head and smiles softly but says nothing. As Sammel doesn't put up a fight he looks to Elo and asks, "Should I leave it to you then, since it seems I won't need to hold him down for your 'extreme measures'." smiling softly once more. Since when did smiles become contagious in trauma wards? As she sits at Sam's side Densoric doesn't wait for a reply and instead starts towards the door himself, though he walks casually enough that Niko and Kassie could easily leave first, unless someone stops or interrupts him anyway.

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