Eadric Mordain
Aaron Paul
Aaron Paul as Eadric Mordain
Full Name: Eadric Mordain
Byname: None
Age: 23
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Rovehn
Title/Profession: Citizen
Position: Citizen
Spouse: None Height: 5'8"
Father: Papa Mordain Weight: Skinny
Mother: Momma Mordain Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Sgt. Ioan Mordain Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


It was pretty difficult living at home with an older brother that seems to be idolized by our parents. However, Ioan had every reason to be idolized. He was tall, athletics, good-looking, smart, and then got himself a banging wife. He was so lucky. I really envied him all through school since he was what I wanted to be. I followed in our fathers footsteps. Once out of basic school I started going to the Academ to be a chemical biologist with a minor in Cybernetics in Humans and animals.

What's the connection with animals? Well, I am a citizen of the Vale. I learned to ride horses when I was a kid and they helped me forget about my problems for a little while. I started off rather bad with dealing with them since you can't really tell what they are thinking but eventually I started to get it. My horse and I would go out for camping trips. I'd bring food and water and he'd bring his legs so I didn't have to walk the whole way there. We'd stay over night and then come back in the afternoon the next day. Can't do that now though since the Hostile's are everywhere.

I've been in a few battles however, I'm not all that great at combat. I'm good at archery however, other than dodging punches, I'd be dead in close combat. However, I can run away with haste. I usually notice things before others and if I don't understand it, I tend to fixate on it. Like cooking, once I tasted an amazing sandwich so I wanted to make one similar. I couldn't. So I've been searching for the right combination and ingredients. It's driven me to really look into cooking. I ain't no chef but I could hold my own as a sous chef.

Wait, so, why a doctor and not a chef? Well, I've been sketching up cybernetic limbs since I was young. I've been sketching people with those limbs and animals. I want to make my ideas a reality. What I'm doing is not enough and I have to make it better. Having a limb that just does what your last one did isn't enough. Why can't it shoot a rocket?! While I love sandwiches, I love making people better more.

I was so deep into my studies that I avoided calls. Then I found out my brother had been kidnapped and saved already. What the beejebus? I went to see him in the hospital once and I became furious at what they did to him. He's my brother and those… oh… they were already dead. Not dead enough. Should be extra-dead. I am loyal to my family but more so to my brother. He is my Hero and really, he's the reason my studies have increased. I need to study each compound that was in his body and find cures and antigens. At no point should someone else have to go through that.

So my goals: Make mind-drug irrelevant. Make the best cybernetic limbs possible for animal and human. Cook up the most bad-ass sandwich known to man.



The man is just about 5'8" tall, weighing in at just over 12 stones. His skin is lightly tanned with a very subtle olive tone. His eyes are a bright blue with flecks of green, gold and grey. His eyes are almond shaped making his eyes appear large. His hair is brown with natural red undertones, it's cut shorter at the sides and longer at the top. His face is wide and doesn't narrow at all until his rather angular jaw-line. His nose is slightly turned down and sharper. His bottom lip is thick while his upper lip is thinner.


  • Fixation ~ When a problem gets stuck in his head, he loses sleep trying to figure it out. He can't focus on anything else. It consumes his whole brain.
  • Wanderlust ~ He has to move around. He rarely stays in the same place. It's why he is rarely home. He walks and wanders and moves around and paces. He needs too.
  • Never Enough ~ All the knowledge in the world will never be enough. He needs to know it all. He needs to never stop learning. What he does is never enough to help and even if he pushes it, it's still not enough.
  • Loyal ~ He's loyal to the Mordain and then the Rovehn. After that he's loyal to his work. Anyone asks him to go against those three is setting up for failure.
  • Over-protective ~ His brother is his everything. Now that his brother is home he needs to make sure his brother is safe and happy. Anyone threatens that and they will learn how very miserable one can be.

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