Duty Over Heart
Summary: Duty Over Heart
Date: 10/July/2013
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10 July, 3013 — Viannea's Apartments - Nether Keep

(A journal entry written on a small PDA-like device)

It seems like love is in the air if all the rumors and news reports are true. Letters of intent have been issued, talk about marriage and such has been flowing around and, of course, it all has given me entirely too much to think about.

I have always put duty over everything else with very little thought given to romance even though I do fancy myself as being a bit of a romantic. I am not sure if this is because I've fooled myself into thinking that my life as a knight had to come before everything else or what, but now I can't help but to wonder if that was foolish of me.

This line of thinking of course begs for the subject of priorities to be considered. Where do I draw the lines? How can I learn to allow myself to enjoy the pleasures of life without losing focus on my duties as a Lady and Knight of House Peake?

I wish there was a book with all the answers I'll undoubtedly be seeking. Maybe some prayer is needed? Maybe I'll be lucky and wake up tomorrow and find myself enlightened.


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