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Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell as Tom Saruman duMorne
Full Name: Tom Saruman duMorne
Byname: None
Age: 56
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Ibrahm
Title/Profession: Mister
Position: Citizen
Spouse: None Height: 1.75 meters
Father: Ike duMorne Weight: 84 kg
Mother: Phyllis duMorne Hair Color: Graying Brown
Siblings: None Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


duMorne followed his mother into the soldiery of House Ibrahm, serving as an infantryman marching in the shieldwall. He served for 32 years, retiring as a Sergeant in 3007. Since then, he has thrown his slowly-increasing weight around the Illuminated Order of the Hermetics, gathering up influence and trying to drive at least some of them to learn to defend themselves.



This man's face consists of a massive, jutting chin with a little cleft and a jawline going slightly jowly with comfortable living and age. Sure, there are other features — a sharp nose, thin lips, dark brows and eyes, brown hair brushed back from his slowly-balding temples and wings of grey hair — but they pale in comparison to that chin. He is of average height, perhaps 1.65 meters, and above average weight. It looks as if he once had a pretty powerful frame, but the years and the meals have padded it out significantly, giving him a bit of a gut and a heavy sheathing of fat over his muscle.


Aging Badass — duMorne was an established member of the soldiery of Obsidia for 30 years. Sergeant duMorne was a boogieman for new recruits.
Heavyweight — Not only has duMorne packed on the pounds since retiring, he can go drink for drink with most anyone in Haven. It's all the practice.
Blunt — When you get to be duMorne's age (in mileage if not in years), you don't worry about finding the right words for something. You just say it…
Salty — …and you usually say it with a curse word or six.

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