Lady Drucilla Sauveur
Lyndsy Fonseca
Lyndsy Fonseca as Lady Drucilla Claire Sauveur
Full Name: Lady Drucilla Claire Sauveur
Byname: -
Age: 21
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: The Royal House of Sauveur
House: House Sauveur
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Academ Student
Spouse: None Height: 5'8"
Father: Lord Sir Marus Khournas Weight: Slender build
Mother: Princess Evony Sauveur Hair Color: Brunette
Siblings: Lord Sir Advent
Lady Lyrienne
Lady Sir Ellinor
Lady Kiara
Lady Sophie
Eye Color: Sky-Blue
Children: None


Lady Drucilla Claire Sauveur was born the fourth child of Princess Evony Sauveur and her husband Lord Sir Marus Khournas, their third daughter. Nary a breath was taken by Evony after the birth of her daughter Ellinor before she discovered she was pregnant again, for Drucilla was born less than a year after. And there couldn't be a more different child from her barely older sister. Where Ellinor was lively and rambunctious, Drucilla was an introverted child, quiet and thoughtful, given more to reading books or working on her studies than running around or getting into trouble.

Drucilla was the apple of her father's eye, ever at his heels or sneaking into his library to sit quietly at his side. She worshipped her tall, handsome Khournas father and in her eyes, he could do no wrong. Marus adored his quiet little daughter, and would delight in telling her stories abut the evil Hostile hordes or making her laugh, loving the way it would make her blush. With Ellinor commanding most of Evony's attention, she was glad that Drucilla was so attached to Marus. Drucilla loved and cherished her siblings as well, no doubt, but her father was her world.

She was an excellent student as well, bright and eager to learn, a joy to her tutors. She loved literature and history and loved, even from an early age, to write and compose poetry. She even liked her etiquette and deportment classes. Her curiosity about the hostiles made her long to know more about them and she planned on becoming an Archaeologist someday. When the subject of fosterage came up, however, Drucilla begged her father not to send her away. He could not refuse her when her big blue eyes were brimming with tears, and promised he would not send her away. Evony could not find it in herself to try and sway him either, as she hated sending her other children off to the other paramounts.

Drucilla's sweet childhood would not remain so forever. When she was 10 she took a trip with her mother and younger sisters into the city to do some shopping. Drucilla became seperated from the entourage, and found herself lost among the crowds. In her panic, she ran around looking for a familiar face, but ended up just making things worse, wandering further away. She huddled near an alleyway and started to cry, when a sympathetic voice asked her what was wrong. Grateful for a kind voice, she responded by hugging herself to this stranger, a woman in her middle years, dressed in not the finest of attires, who told Drucilla to call her Annie. Annie took her to a small, basement residence off the main thoroughfare and fed her. At first Drucilla was grateful for the attention, until she suggested they leave to go find her mother. Annie became unhinged and babbled on about keeping her safe. Grabbing her by the arm, she shoved Dru into a dark, dusty little room under her stairs, locking her in. Drucilla panicked and screamed to be let go, for hours she cried out, begging and pleading with Annie, but was rewarded with only silence. For three long days, the madwoman held her prisoner. alternately coddling and then beating the poor girl when her rage would boil over, wearing away at poor Drucilla's fragile psyche. She started to lose hope until that third evening, when armed men, led by her father, came crashing through the doors. He scooped up his daughter and returned home with her. All the while, she clung to him, her head buried against his chest. Annie had been addicted to Destros, and in her psychosis, had imprisoned Drucilla. From that time on, small spaces and the dark would send her into a panic. It would be many years before she was able to come to grips with what had happened to her. It would also prove to be the catalyst for a difficult puberty.

An incident when she was 11 would prompt Marus to see to it that Drucilla would have an outlet for her anger, and a boost to her confidence. A young playmate of her sister Kiara's was teasing her relentlessly one afternoon. His baiting of her made Drucilla's rage burst forth, and she beat the poor boy, screaming like a wild animal. Had she not been pulled back, she likely would have done some irrepairable damage. When her parents heard of what happened they were understandably concerned and alarmed. Drucilla had been a gentle soul before her 'incident' as they referred to it . Marus came to a quick decision and arranged for Drucilla to spend more time with him on a daily basis, teaching her hand to hand combat and how to defend herself with weaponry, how to calm her mind and take control of her anger. He had her swim laps daily to build her stamina. Marus seemed to be the only one to understand her need to take that control, but it would be a long, hard struggle for her.

Drucilla entered her teenage years and the onset of puberty seemed to only exacerbate her aggressive behavior. At fifteen, she stopped writing altogether, something she loved doing more than anything. She would sneak out late at night, keeping company with the wrong crowd, drinking and experimenting with AMP and Red Eye. In all her misadventures though, she retained her virtue, more out of fear of the unknown than anything else. Her parents tried to be tolerant of her behavior, but it seemed that no amount of cajoling or berating would stop her. She lashed out at everyone, including her beloved sisters and brother, driving a wedge between them as well as hurting her mother deeply. When she was 17, it was Kiara who got through to her finally, telling her that her actions were hurting the family and especially their mother. Drucilla's lack of self-control caused her to strike at Kiara, slapping her smaller sister so hard that she fell back and could only stare up in surprise as she raised a hand to the bruised spot on her jaw. Never before had Dru hurt Kiara or anyone close to her like that. It was a shock of cold water, the truth being right before her. With a cry, Drucilla embraced Kiara and promised from that day forward, her family was all that mattered, vowing that she would never hurt them as she had done in the past.

Drucilla concentrated on her studies and the training with her father, even picking up a pen again to express herself in prose and stories, though the subject matter and tone was darker and more sinister. The change was dramatic, and it seemed she finally came to accept what had happened to her, putting it to rest as best she could. No doubt her life would always be tainted by the bad, but she was determined now to see that some good come of her life. Her family did an excellent job of deflecting the rumors of her instability and troubled past, but so far made no political match for her which just fueled the gossip about her, but Drucilla ignored the talk. As time passed though they talked less and less. She now concentrates on the future and her place as a Sauveur. Family, Duty, Honor. This was now her mantra.

Currently in her third year at the Academ with a major in Archaeology and a minor in Literature, she has spent the last six months on a remote dig of an ancient battle site, gathering information for her thesis and looking forward to her return home, having missed her family deeply.



The lovely young woman before you appears to be in her late teens or early twenties and stands a willowy 5'8" tall, her bearing quietly confidant, her gait purposeful as she walks. Her warm, brown hair streaked with gold, evidence of time spent outdoors. She wears it loose, thick curls falling down her back in a charming, tousled disarray. Her lovely features are dominated by large, clear blue eyes the color of a warm summer sky, under finely arched brows. Her full lips turn upwards at the corners in an ever-present, if subtle smile.
This day she wears casual attire; A pristinely white linen tunic with belled sleeves and pearl buttons under a black leather vest and soft, black calf-skin pants that hug the curve of her hips and the line of her legs. Black leather boots with silver buckles and high, spiked heels adorn her feet. The overall feel being one of casual elegance.


Severe Claustrophobia
Poor Anger Management
Hero Worships her father.
Fear of the dark.

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Known Associates

Advent Lord Sir Advent Sauveur : Older brother. How he managed to survive 5 younger sisters is beyond me. An honorable man, I love him dearly.
Lyrienne Lady Lyrienne Orelle : Eldest sister. Loving and talented. She is a shining example for us all. I hope she and Ric decide to have another child so our mother keeps her eyes from wandering my way.
Ellinor Lady Sir Ellinor Sauveur : Older sister, but not by much! Less than a year seperates us, but more different we could not be. I have always admired her courage and love her dearly.
Kiara Lady Kiara Sauveur : Younger sister. My brilliant, adored Sprite. She walks her own path to a music only she can hear. I adore her and hope she finds whatever it is she searches for. I'm not sure she even knows what that is for certain.
Sophie Lady Sophie Sauveur : Youngest sister.
Nikomachos Lord Sir Nikomachos Sauveur : Married to Ellinor. Its plain to see how much he loves my sister and how much she loves him. He's a man of honor, one whom I take pride in calling 'brother'.
Taryn Lord Ellisair 'Taryn' Sauveur : Cousin. What a surprise and delight to find a new family member long though dead. He seems both kind and intelligent and I hope to get to know him better.

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