06.01.3013: Drinks in the Siren
Summary: Aidan and some others visit the Siren after the meeting. Run into Anabethe.
Date: 1 June 2013
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The Violet Siren
The entrance into the Violet Siren gives the illusion of a squat, round building with very little character or flair. It is only when one walks through the ellipse-shaped tunnel, under the glowing black lights, do they realize that the Violet Siren is far more than it seems. The foyer is at the top level of a vast silo that tunnels underground for several stories. Its transparent-composite floors look down through the various mezzanines ringing the interior of silo all the way to the expansive dance floor at the bottom. A series of staircases hug the walls of the cylinder, leading patrons past balconies that supply seating away from the loud thumping and madness of the dance floor and a series of bars to wet ones whistle.

The entire lower level is nothing but dance floor with platforms to provide varied elevation to the bumping, grinding, and thrashing of the vigorous dancers. Scantly-clad waitresses maneuver carefully through the dancers with shotglass vials of neon-colored liquor.


Aidan leads the way to the Siren then up to the balcony where the music is not overwhelming. "Order what you want." he tells the others as he sits at a table. "It's on me."

Elspeth takes one of the seats overlooking the mass of dancers, glancing down at them with amusement. Aidan's offer has her offering a smile and a nod. "Most generous of you, my lord. I'll only /slightly/ abuse your hospitality with a decent beer, I think. I have classes tomorrow," she admits. "But thank you." She puts in her order.

Sophie appears just a tad uncomfortable in the loud club, with the scantily clad women and the grinding bodies. She shifts uncertainly into a seat at the group's table, facing Aidan and shyly replying, "t-thanks…I think I shall…shall have some wine. The…" She smirks, "the establishment's best." She cants her head lightly to Aidan, "so…do you come here often?"

"I'll join Lady Sophie in having some of the wine," Lu remarks before looking to Aidan in amusement as she settles at the table, "Yes, Lord Aidan, do you come here often?" Elspeth draws a sigh and a frown, "Oh, come now. Classes tomorrow? How terrible, dear."

"Oh, abuse it with a better beer than that." Aidan says after a chuckle and cancels that order so he can order a much better beer for Elspeth. "In fact, abuse it with twof i you feel you can." He gets a whiskey for himself. "About as often as I come to the Landing." he answers. Which is rarely except since the beginnings of the war.

Elspeth gives Aidan a level stare, but doesn't resist the override of her order. Instead she smiles a little, and says, a touch dryly, "Thank you, my lord." To Lucretia, she adds, "It's not that bad. I actually enjoy the Sunday classes. They're when I get to work one on one with certain promising students. Far less lecture and more collaboration." She relaxes into her seat, sneaking a glance at Sophie. She leans over and says, in a bit of a stage whisper and teasing tone, "I, personally, have always wondered why it's always scantily clad /waitresses/. It's like the rest of us wouldn't at all appreciate the distaff counterpart."

Sophie nods her head lightly to Aidan, "ah, then quite often, I assume?" She giggles at Elspeth's words, flushing lightly and somehow building up enough confidence to playfully reply, "I-I wholeheartedly agree. Utter sexism in the works. Why, all we ask is for fairness, do we not?" She tries her best to change the subject however, offering to the table at large, "Miss Adeyemi here has been researching the powers of the Awakened. Only yesterday did I subject myself to her research, so that we might learn a bit more. I should have proposed we all assist, in order to further her progress."

"Sweet, isn't he?" Lu remarks to Elspeth as Aidan changes the woman's order, then nods at the scholar, "Well, so long as you enjoy it, dear." Glancing to Sophie, the Witch listens attentively, then glances from the girl to Elspeth, a brow arched, "Researching how, might I ask? Elspeth is quite the bright woman, even if she does try to kill me on occasion. I would be glad to help with this, if I can."

"Oh, I couldn't agree more." Aidan… agrees. "If I'd known you wanted to do some sightseeing as well as drinking, I'd have taken us to a different bar. I usually come here for talk. Which is what we're doing. Research? Of what sort?"

Elspeth was smiling with pleasure at Sophie's gathering the courage to respond, but then she starts talking about the research, and the scholar's expression becomes pained. She rubs at the bridge of her nose. "Ah. I've been working on research to develop a better understanding of how, exactly, we use our powers. Activation of brain structures, that sort of thing. It's rather boring, really…but I must admit that I've recently secured six months of funding from the Khourni, on the off chance that anything useful might come of it. Anyone is welcome to volunteer, of course, but I don't think it's something that needs to be publicized all that widely among, ah. Um." She stops right there, clears her throat, and latches onto Lucretia's comment as a way to change the subject. "Yes, very sweet, I'm sure. If I may ask, Lord Aiden, it doesn't sound like you are often in Landing?"

Sophie smiles as both Aidan and Lucretia become interested in the research, amber eyes flickering towards Elspeth to explain the gritty details. Still, a brow arches at Aidan's agreement, before she becomes distracted by Elspeth's words. She shakes her head excitedly and supplies, "oh, perhaps it need not be overly publicized. But Elspeth was telling me how it could potentially allow our powers to interface with technology, not to mention the possibility for increasing ones power through greater understanding of its secrets. I volunteered once, and it is perfectly safe. The next intended experiment sounds much more…intriguing. Which is a good thing, in my book."

Lucretia tilts her head as she listens to Elspeth's explanation about her research, and she remarks dryly, "As long as you aren't blowing people up." She nods at Sophie's words, "I can certainly see where it might prove to be an interesting topic to look into." A soft laugh escapes the older woman, "Intriguing? Now you have me thinking she -is- blowing people up."

"Yes, most of my time is spent around Peake. But the last few months has seen me in the Landing more, for obvious reasons." Aidan notes. "I'm not certain I like the idea of merging our abilities with technology. It would be too easy for people to come to rely on them. But a greater understanding, yes I can see how that would be a good thing."

The four of them are on one of the balconies of the club, away from the worst of the thumping music, and drinks have just been ordered. They appear to be talking, and do rather stand out for various reasons. Elspeth grins at Lucretia. "I would never blow anyone up. Do you have any idea how much paperwork the Academ requires if you accidentally blow someone up in an experiment? As to the merge of Awakened abilities and technology," she nods to Sophie and Aidan, "I won't deny I'm interested, but it's years away, if ever. Right now, we don't even really know what we /do/, or why some people are better at it than others. That's the first step. And I confess I've never been to Peake lands, but I hope you've found Landing pleasant."

Sophie laughs lightly and waves a hand in the air, "oh, no, I do not think she is quite intent on blowing people up. Although…it was suggested I wear something I would not regret losing…" She nods her head firmly to Elspeth's further explanation, before smiling and adding, "on that note, I do not believe we have all been properly introduced. I am Sophie Sauveur, the youngest of Princess Evony's children." Her guard, Caedmon, stands ever watching behind her seat, though his gray eyes might occasionally wander towards the grinding mass of 'dancing' people.

The thumping music is a lure to those looking to blow off some steam and enjoy what Landing has to offer. At the moment, that includes a fair proportion of the Company of the Scarlet Drake, along with its captain, Young Lady Sir Anabethe Khournas. The Khournas heir has let her hair down for the evening, laughing with the boisterous group of young men and women as they arrive en masse. It's easy to tell she's not 'on duty', her tattoos bright against fair skin. "Yeah, drinks on me," she calls to one of them, slipping off a bracelet and tossing it over someone else's head. "Go ahead, order the rounds." And with that, she's wading into the mass of humanity.

"Lady Lucretia Cindravale, younger sister of the High Lady Kallista Cindravale and Knight Commander Alexandros," Lu answers in response to the mention of introductions. "As for merging technology, hm. It is an interesting notion, but yes, I imagine a ways off. Even more so with the war here now."

"Aidan Peake." he gives his names along with the others. "I might be willing to help depending on what the experiment is and how much time it'll take. Much of my days now are devoted to getting our forces ready for the war. Or other things related to it such as the meeting we just had."

"Elspeth Adeyemi. With the Academ, as is terribly obvious," she says, with a grin. "And if you were interested, then of course I would work around your schedule as much as I could—" she breaks off, lifting a finger to her ear and the small bud there. A grimace. "At this time of evening? How…no, fine." She glances back at the table. "My most sincere apologies. I seem to be needed." She rises, bows, glances over the railing at the dancers below, a touch wistfully perhaps. Then surprised. "Ah…Young Lady Khournas seems to be enjoying herself." She shakes her head. "Anyway, I must be off. Thank you so much for the invitation, and the beer."

Sophie glances idly towards the door when she spots movement at the corner of her amber eyes, only to realize what seems like a large company of soldiers has decided to join the deafening party. She arches her brow at that, particularly noticing a heavily tattooed woman that appears to be their leader. She watches her for a long moment, until she finds herself distracted by the various introductions. She smiles at Lucretia and offers, "a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lady Lucretia. Truly, though we have had much time to prepare ourselves, it is something of a surprise to me that they have finally appeared. I really wonder why they are…well, hostile to us as much as they are." She looks to Aidan and replies, "good to meet you too, Lord Peake. At least the first experiment Miss Adeyemi completed with me was very short, no more than…half a hour I should say?" When Elspeth bids her farewells, she turned to the woman in surprise, "oh? Well, if nothing else, your work certainly keeps you busy. I shall see you again soon, I am sure, for the next section of your experiments."

Catching sight of Elspeth, Anabethe starts toward the other woman. By the time she reaches where she /was/, though, she's gone, and the knight is left looking at the others with a bemused sort of smile. "I did see her, right? Dark-skinned woman, cornrows, reputation for blowing up clothing?"

Aidan nods as Elsepth makes her excuses and watches the woman disappear before he turns back to those at his table. "Quick experiments then. I was imagining something a lot more complex. And, perhaps, involving explosions?" he adds as Anabethe appears and mentions clothing blowing up. "Does she have that reputation?"

Sophie blinks as the tattooed woman herself comes marching over to their humble table, "indeed you did. Elspeth Adeyemi is who I imagine you are looking for? And I also imagine you are the heir to House Khournas? You truly just missed her. I am Sophie Sauveur." She glances to Aidan and offers, "oh, I do not know if all the experiments are quick. Only the first one. Soon, I shall experience the second."

Lucretia looks to Elspeth, watching curiously and then nodding, "Have a good night, Elspeth." She follows Sophie's gaze to the soldiers and hmm's quietly before looking back, "A pleasure to meet you in person, Lady Sophie. I've heard wonderful things, of course." And then her attention is on Anabethe, and the Valen woman smiles up at the Knight, "Young Lady Anabethe, isn't it?" Sisters of High Ladies tend to keep track of things like the heirs of other houses. She nods, "You did indeed see the tailor who is probably going to kill me one day. Were you looking for Miss Adeyumi?" She laughs and nods at Aidan, "Her clothes, ah, sometimes..catch on fire. But they are most interesting."

Anabethe grins at Aidan. "Something like that. I was just talking to her this afternoon about purposefully exploding things," she explains cheerfully to the others. "I thought I'd stop and say hello, but she seems to have escaped in the interim." As her company starts to spread out, she takes a step closer to the table, nodding to each. "Pleasure, Lady Sophie. You must be Lady Lucretia, and you…" She squints a moment at Aidan. "Peake, is it?"

"Aidan Peake." he agrees. "A pleasure to meet you. Would you care to join us? We were, actually, just discussing her experiments but I think we've pretty much covered all that territory."

Sophie smirks, "I do hope I am not the one to be exploded. After all, I intend to subject myself to the next step in her research soon…" She nods, "a pleasure as well, Young Lady…Anabethe, if my tutors have taught me correctly." She taps her chin at Aidan's words, "another topic then. I must say, I am intrigued by all your tattoos. I have not seen such a form of art on many, least of all the nobility. I am actually an artist myself. Though canvas is my focus, not skin."

"Indeed I am, Young Lady. A pleasure, of course," Lu answers with a smile, "And purposefully exploding them? I wonder if she gets to do that very often. What were you hoping to have her explode?" As Sophie remarks upon tattos, Lucretia takes a bit of a closer look at some of the visible ones herself, "They are quite lovely, aren't they?"

"Sounds like a plan to me," Anabethe nods to Aidan, taking up a spot at the balcony where she can keep an eye on her people. At Sophie's compliment, she pauses, smile crooked as she pushes up a sleeve to let the light play over the patterns. "Thanks," she says, including Lucretia with a nod. "It's, ah. Well." Slightly sheepish, she reaches up to scratch at one brow. "My ex always hated tattoos. So when things were finally over…" She trails off, then shrugs. "Sort of a message, you could say."

Aidan leans forward to get a better look at the tattoos. "They are quite nice." he agrees. "I have one myself but nothing so elaborate." At the explanation, he grins a bit and sits back. "I'm not sure getting tattoos out of revenge is a good idea but I'm betting it felt good at the time."

Sophie peers with interest at the offered skin beneath the sleeve, chuckling lightly at Anabethe's words, "well, I hope your ex-husband received the message." She shrugs her shoulders to Lucretia's questions, offering, "I do not know what experiments she has done with Young Lady Anabethe, but I dearly pray that the next one will be just as safe as the last for me."

"She's been getting much better recently," Lu comments to Sophie in an amused tone before looking at Anabethe's arm. She laughs, nodding as Aidan speaks, "Yes, it doesn't seem the best course for revenge. But, at least they are lovely. Do you plan to get more? I admit, the idea never really got me. I love art, but I prefer for it to be hanging on the wall, not my back." She chuckles softly.

"Oh no, it hurt like a bitch at the time," Anabethe laughs to Aidan, grin flashing. "Are you kidding? But no, that's why I went with the design I did. I figure I'm going to live in armor and die in armor and be buried in armor. So what's the difference if I get a little of the look under my skin?" A drink arrives, courtesy of one of the Company, and Anabethe takes a long drink. "I was actually talking to the scholar about putting a decent self-destruct in suits, though. Keep the Hostiles from taking pieces out of our dead and maybe take a few of them out as well." Lu's question gets a grin, though, and a shake of the head. "No, Da said he'd cut them out of my skin himself if I got any more, and I'm of a mind to believe him. This'll do me."

"I meant felt good emotionally." Aidan explains, grinning more widely. "Sticking it to the ex. And the first time he saw them on you must have been satisfying."

Sophie nods, "you will forgive me for agreeing with Lady Lucretia, Lady Anabethe. I am an artist, and I admire the work yours has done, but I do indeed prefer to admire art upon the wall the most." She shifts uneasily in her seat at Anabethe's suggestion however, "oh, I do not know if that would be wise. How will the suit self-destruct? Will it know if the inhabitant is still alive? What if it explodes and takes some of our own people with it instead? Too many risks, if you ask me." She licks her lips, "besides, I would greatly desire to capture a Hostile alive. I really do wish to know why by the Six they attack us in the first place."

Lucretia laughs louder at Anabethe's comment about it hurting, "I imagine it did. And..self-destruct?" The witch grimaces a bit, "I'm not certain what I think of that. Seems a bit grim." She meets the young woman's grin with a smile, "Knowing what I do of Khourni, I think I'd believe him too. For now though…I fear I need to be on my way. Business to attend to and the like. Young Lady Anabethe, Lady Sophie, it was a pleasure." Hmm'ing, she looks to Aidan, "Lord Aidan, join me for a walk to the Ways? I had a proposition to discuss with you."

Anabethe taps a finger to her nose with a wink at Aidan. "And yes, it's ugly," she shrugs to the other women. "But I'd rather they not take pieces of /me/ back to study. Link it up to life signs, that'll decrease instances of accidental explosion. Still in the early stages of consideration, though," she adds, straightening as Lucretia departs. "Pleasure speaking with you, Lady Lucretia, Lord Aidan. I'm sure I'll be seeing you both around."

Aidan looks to Lucretia then nods and stands. "Sure. It was nice to meet you both, Young Lady Anabethe, Lady Sophie. I hope we'll run into each other again."

Sophie arches a brow when Lucretia mentions some sort of proposition, though she nonetheless nods her head and replies, "it was nice to meet you, Lady Lucretia, Lord Aidan. I hope your business goes well."

Anabethe watches after the pair, then takes another drink, starting to move with the music. "So," she calls back to Sophie over the sound. "This the best place in town to have a good time, or is this the place they shine up for the nobles and the tourists?"

Sophie smirks as the other woman begins dancing to the blaring music, shaking her head, "I would not know, Young Lady Anabethe. I am more accustomed to the serene quiet of the forests, or the directed bustle of Matthias Towers. I was only taken here alognside them myself. And you? Is this a place the heir to House Khournas regularly would visit?"

"To be honest, I usually favor some place a little smaller," Anabethe admits with a swift smile. "And a bit rougher around the edges. But I figure, when in Landing, might as well see what the locals go for. It's big, I'll give it that. And me and the Company have been out in the wilds for a few weeks of late, so it's a nice change for them."

Sophie chuckles softly, "as it happens, I favor a much larger place. One with lush trees, chirping birds, and skittering mammals." She sighs, nodding softly, "though I must agree with you on one point. This is indeed a large establishment." Suddenly, her eyes gleam with interest, shifting closer to the edge of her seat, "wilds? Wherever did you go? Not the Arborenin Woods?"

"Drake Mountains," Anabethe clarifies, turning her back to the floor to lean against the balcony railing. "Not quite as…scenic as the Arborenin Woods. We had reports of an old drake buck doing some serious damage to some of the local flocks, though, and a few missing shepherds, so we went in to see if we could take care of the problem. Almost had him, too, when word came in about the whole Hostiles showing up early."

Sophie gasps softly, eyes widening in surprise, "I hope your soldiers are fine, though I must admit to being glad that you had failed. I…I do not care to watch while the most magnificent creature in all the five worlds is slowly hunted to extinction. I am certain the drake was merely starved. They are animals, like all the rest. They should not be obliterated simply because of their carnivorous appetite. There must be another way to keep the flocks and shepherds safe, without murdering them all throughout."

Anabethe arches a brow. "It was actively hunting herds and herders," she points out, dry. "I'm pretty sure that's a good reason to hunt anything. If we'd had reports of an outlaw stealing an equivalent number of animals and killing an equivalent number of men, we'd execute him, too. Don't get me wrong, I've got plenty of respect for drakes," she adds, raising her hands. "They've got their place. They keep the deer and the wild boar in line. But once one starts eating people, it's time to put it down."

Sophie sighs, "I…suppose you must be right. I just cannot helping feeling with each drake death, another artistic opportunity passes away. You must at least agree that they are impressive creatures? Perhaps you are unlike my sister. You do not trot through the streets with the flesh of a drake adorning your person like a trophy. At least, I hope not. I hope you simply see it as a duty, and not some cheery endeavor as you hack an incredible specimen to pieces."

"Oh, they're beautiful," Anabethe agrees. "But so is their hide. And yes, a hunt is fun. It's a challenge. I just try to do it responsibly." She takes a drink, shifting her weight. "I mean, look. It's like anything else. You get too many of them, they overhunt, the whole ecosystem suffers. So you hunt the ones who are trouble. And when it's done, there's no sense in leaving the body to rot. Seems to me that's more disrespectful than actually making use of the products."

Sophie shivers at the last word, "I hope this 'fun' of murdering another being does not get to your head, Young Lady Anabethe. But I am not too proud to concede the point on overhunting and ruining the ecosystem. Still, while this might be hypocritical when wearing the hide of a deer, I disdain the thought that such wondrous creatures are removed of their skin. Perhaps…perhaps if it was always only done out of duty. But there are those that kill drakes merely for sport and the…'fun' of the hunt."

"I'm pretty sure it's for the best I enjoy the murdering, really," Anabethe says with some amusement. "What with the whole System War thing coming up. I'm pretty sure it's my job, and I'd prefer to enjoy my job." She lounges against the railing, shrugging. "It doesn't really matter whether or not people hunt them, though, so long as it's done responsibly. You said yourself, you wear deer leather. I'm sure you eat meat. Just because drakes are prettier doesn't make them any different."

Sophie smirks, "if you say so, Young Lady Anabethe. Perhaps I speak above matters of soldiers, but death repels me. Besides, while drakes are of course just another sort of animal, they are different to -me-. I favor them over any other, and I am perfectly fine declaring it." She pauses for a moment, hesitant before changing the topic and asking, "have you seen the Hostiles? I have spoken to an Arboren Lord that met with a few of their scouts in the woods, but I am curious if you have encountered them as well."

Anabethe shakes her head. "Not yet. We're hunting for them around Volkan, but I'm hoping I can get a look at things now that I'm here. I'd rather see them in action, but one step at a time." She pauses as one of the men down on the floor waves up at her, grin spreading as she drains the last of her drink. "If you'll excuse me, though, I believe the dance floor is calling my name. Nice meeting you, Lady Sophie."

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