Drinks and dates
Summary: Klaudea slows down a bit to have a drink with Georgiana and get caught up on gossip.
Date: nm… I'm way late in making this
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14 February, 3013

"I have to say," Georgiana leans back on the comfortable banquette in the corner that surrounds a low, circular table, "one advantage of you being in Volkan with Sir Thalo is having an excuse to see and be seen…" She looks up to the mezzanine above them to try and see who's occupying the alcoves up there that are similar to the one she shares with her two friends. "Although, it's nothing like being called up to a private room at the Warehouse by one of the noble family, eh?" she asks with an arch grin.

Klaudea gives a shake to her head as she looks over the rim of her glass, somehow managing to not spill the brightly colored liquid in the process. She finishes her sip, then rests the glass in her lap, cupped in her hands. Although she doesn't prefer the high life that comes from her family's money, she's comfortable enough and fits in easily wearing yet another Georgiana outfit that her parents haven't seen her friend wear. "It wasn't that great, although, admittedly a little quieter. We could at least hear each other talk without being right on top of each other."

"You still haven't explained to me how you knew they were there," Georgiana says, looking across the table at her. "You didn't mention that they were going to be there when we went. You just excused yourself and grabbed some beers and left."

There's a shrug from the brunette as she folds her legs up next to her on the cushions, letting go of her glass with one hand to lean it on the back of the banquette, looking more like a socialite than a squire at the moment. "He messaged me," she replies lightly. "You know I always have my comm with me, now, in case Sir Thalo calls. Besides, I came back. But, hey.. you said you had news, Zenda. Spill…" She reaches out with one foot to nudge the knee of the third occupant of their alcove as she takes another sip.

Zenda looks to Georgiana first, then sets down her own drink on the low table. "Well, Aleksey talked to Mom and Dad… and they said, 'yes', so it's official." She beams over to Klaudea. "We're getting married this fall."

With the predictable girly squeal, the squire puts her drink as she uncurls to leap across the short distance between them and give her friend a hug. "That's fantastic! I knew it was only a matter of time. They aren't going to make you wait until you finish Academ?"

The engulfed girl laughs and returns the hug, shaking her head. "Nope. We're almost finished, anyways. We've always known Aleksey's going to take over for his Dad, so, Academ was kind of a formality for him, just to keep up on the latest." Zenda lets go of Klaudea and leans back, a sly look entering her eyes as she continues. "Of course, you'll be a bridesmaid for me, right? And shall I send one invitation, or two?"

Settling back down on her side, Klaudea looks over to Georgiana, who tries to portray innocence. "I think two," she admits with a blush. "And I think I have a date."

There's a couple more squeals, for all the world you would think they were just barely turned teenage again, not full grown women sitting in a posh club. But 'Klaudea' and 'date' are two words rarely heard in a sentence. "Like a /real/ date," Georgiana wants to clarify as she leans forward. "Not like one of your cooking and hanging out things you do with Lincoln?"

Klaudea shakes her head. "I think a real date. Morrigan asked me to meet him in Landing on his next day off. It's my day off, too, so… I'm going to go."

"So his name is Morrigan… Morrigan what? what does he do?" the other girls get down to business, now that it's confirmed that he's a 'real date'.

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