05.23.2013: Dreams with Janelle
Summary: Lucretia meets with the Princess to discuss dreams.
Date: 23 May 2013
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Lucretia Janelle 

Somewhere in Phylon…
I can't give you what I dun got D:

The early afternoon sun washes the magnificent cathedral arcology and its lower terraced city in warm, calm light. There had been a storm overnight, but there is hardly a trace of it in the perfect azure skies. Princess Janelle Sauveur has taken over one of the balconies in the upper levels of the arcology. It has been set up with weatherproof chaise lounges and recliners, including a small wrought table with a stained glass top with matching chairs. It is too warm for hot drinks, so an arrangement of iced tea and colorful macarone cookies have been set up, patiently awaiting the arrival of Lady Lucretia Cindravale.

The Princess herself stands at the edge of the balcony, hands stretched out across the bannister as she looks out over the rolling grasses of Ares far below and beyond. A soft wind ruffles through the plains, giving the illusion of a yellow sea. She is dressed in a simple, pale yellow gown that falls beyond her feet in a slight train. It is light and airy, silhouetting her frame. Her golden hair is loose, crimped in soft waves.

"Highness," announces one of her maid girls as she steps out onto the balcony. "Lady Lucretia Cindravale has arrived." And the maid turns a bit to allow Lucretia out on the balcony freely.

Arriving at the arranged time, Lucretia wears a black dress and her hat, but is sans staff at the moment. She nods to the maid, and steps out onto the balcony with a friendly smile for the blonde as she greets with a slight curtsey, "Princess Janelle, thank you for finding time to meet with me while you are here. I admit, I am a touch concerned with what I, Lady Lyrienne and some others seem to have drawn from our dreams." She shakes her head slowly, emerald eyes regarding the other woman as she continues, "Not all Awakened are warriors, after all. To think we are going to be purposefully sought out by the Hostiles makes me worry for some of them."

Janelle turns toward the woman as she enters, and the curtsey is returned with a bow of her head. Her own smile is light, though nonetheless genuine. She gestures for the woman to take a seat as she steps away from the balcony. "Sit, my Lady," she offers. "As I am not touched by the Awakened grace, I have only heard whispers of your dreams as of late." She takes her own seat, brushing her skirts in under the table as she does. Her hands fold together in her lap, and she nods to the maid to pour the tea into the multicolored glasses. "What have you seen?"

Lucretia moves to settle into a seat across from the blonde, nodding at her remarks, "Unlikely to have been comforting whispers." She pauses, gathering her thoughts for a moment, her eyes closing, "My bed, humming filling my ears, and I can't move. It drags on for a time, and then… A lot of pain, everywhere. There were voices in the humming, words I didn't understand, a different language. And then I realized I was screaming, the shrieks filling my ears. Finally, I managed to sit up, and there was a mirror. I could see myself. I started tearing my skin away, it hurt so badly..and beneath it, I was cybernetic, I was alien. And the entire time, there was something standing behind me, completely wrapped in an aura of white. I couldn't tell what it was." Opening her eyes, Lu falls silent a moment, and then continutes, "The figure..Lyrienne and the others did not see it. I know it was there though. But with only my own impressions and feelings..It is hard to truly draw a conclusion. I feel that it might be..what made the Hostiles." A pause, and she adds, "From us, perhaps. Or just something to represent where they came from? I am uncertain."

Janelle listens to the Awakened as she shares the dreams. Her eyes widen at the description, but she does not dare to interrupt. She had taken up her glass, though she does not drink from it until the Cindravale concludes her narrative. The swallow of cold liquid gives her a moment to think, and then she releases a bit of a sigh. "What you see… quite incredible. When did you have this dream? Before the attack on the Lady Lyrienne and the Arboren?" She sets down her glass, fingers folding together once more.

"Yes, Princess, before," Lucretia answers the woman, "To be honest..at first, I had a touch of trouble deciding if I actually believed the things I felt about that dream. And then I spoke with Sir Tristan and Lady Lyrienne. The information regarding there being a third pod..and a missing Awakened woman, rather..cemented the beliefs. Perhaps I am reading the wrong way, and they simply wish to dissect us, study us. But..it -is- apparent that they have an interest in taking us." The Valen witch reaches for her own cup, drawing it to her lap, "Part of me thinks perhaps a warning should be issued. But, I can understand the possible panic that might start." A smile touches the woman's lips, it is neither a happy nor amused expression, "I have also dreamed of a storm. A downpour. Water at first. And then crimson, reeking of copper. But, we all knew a storm was coming. A bloody one. Perhaps there is something in that dream I am missing, or perhaps it is that simple."

Janelle rubs at her lower lip thoughfully as she rests back in her chair. Though there is a wonderful summer warmth here on the balcony, she cannot help but shiver as those thoughts fully sink in. "Perhaps," she says with her regarding the bloodied dream, but then she shakes her head. "I definitely agree that if the Awakened are having these dreams, and if more go missing, then perhaps a warning should be issued… but you are right about the panic. We already hear news from all over Haven that tensions are high… that some are afraid to go out beyond the cities' walls. I do not want to spread more fear." She strums at her lower lip a bit, looking out across the Plains before she glances back to Lucretia. "The figure… the one in white that you believe may be the creator? Have you seen it again anywhere in your dreams?"

Lifting her drink, Lucretia takes a sip, listening to the other woman. "I have not, Princess. Part of why I really am a touch leery of making such a strong conclusion, but…It is what I believe, and while our dreams are open to interpretation more often than not, they are rarely..wrong. It is a strong belief. I may be off on a particular detail or two, but I feel like it..fits? With the history. Of us. Of them. With the dreams. But, there are always people with wild theories, aren't there?" Offering a self-deprecating smile, she adds, "Should I see anything further to substantiate, or rebuff that belief, I shall let you know, if you would like?" The brunette regards the other woman with a touch of curiousity for a moment.

"I would appreciate that, Lady Lucretia," Janelle says as she drops back against her chair thoughtfully. "The Crown Council lacks that insight… we have not had an Awakened member since… I was very young." She takes another drink of tea, swallowing it down and allowing a moment of silence to lapse. Then she looks up toward her once more. "A wild theory is better than no theory at all. In fact…" She starts to chuckle. "When you mentioned the figure glowing white, I started to wonder if the figure was Awakened itself…"

Lucretia inclines her head to the Princess, "I shall do so then. And it is a curious lack, I admit. Especially with the war coming.. I would think it wise to make use of all of our assets. Your father has not lost faith in us, has he?" She sips at her drink again, and a mildly disturbed expression settles upon her face for a brief moment, "I..had not considered that. I don't know why I hadn't, but I hadn't, and…it fits." She shakes her head slowly, frowning for a moment longer. She rises to her feet, fingers tapping against her cup. "If you will forgive me, Princess Janelle? I feel I need to go meditate for a time. I will be in touch, I assure you."

"I don't believe that King Symion made that decision consciously… it is just how the pieces have fallen, one would say," Janelle offers in response to the lack of the Awakened on the Council. Then she nods gently at the woman's words, offering a bit of a frown. "Of course, Lady Lucretia… there is… much going on. I understand the need."

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