07.30.3013: Dreams, Drakes and Discussion
Summary: Aidan meets with Anabethe to discuss politics.
Date: 7/30/13
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Aidan Anabethe 

A Khournas Library
A room with lots of books.

There are limited places in Volkan where privacy can be found, especially for the Khournas heir. She's watched, she's attended, she's gossiped about. And, at the moment, she seems to be in boot camp for logistics, which is probably why the last place anyone would look for her, and the most private space available, is the library in the Blackspyre. At the moment, she sits at what looks to be a student desk of some sort, grumbling to herself over stacks of papers.

Aidan arrives at the appointed time, looking a bit bemused at the choice of locations. Libraries aren't exactly private but those few people around do seem to be minding their own business. It takes only a moment to spot Anabethe and he walks over. "Thank you for agreeing to meet." he says, suitably quiet for a library.

Libraries in Khournas during wartime are quiet places. Most Khourni would rather be anywhere else. And the rest know better than to interrupt Bethe when she has to deal with books. She looks up gratefully at the sound of footsteps, pushing her hands through her hair and managing a faint smile. "Well, I'll have to admit, I'm curious," she says, a note of amusement in her voice. "I wanted to find out what it was all about."

Aidan pulls a chair out opposite Bethe and sits down at the desk. "Dreams." he answers. "Of which I've had way too many lately. But there was one in particular I wanted to talk to you about. I don't know how much you know about them?" After a moment, he asks "You do know I'm a druid, right? Did that ever come up before today?"

"I don't think it came up, but I do keep track of that sort of thing," Anabethe says with another faint smile, reaching up to rub a hand at the back of her neck. "I'm guessing it's the drake dream? Something about drakes fighting over an eagle? And we're all just trying to take over?" There's a certain weariness to the question, as though she's had this conversation once or twice.

"Yes, the drake dream." Aidan sits back to study Anabethe a moment before continuing. "And no, not necessarily all. I don't pretend that I know exactly what the dream meant. I also don't pretend that all members of a House think the same things and believe the same beliefs." Being Brigham's brother cured him of that early on. "I like you enough that I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and wanted to alert you to the possibility that some members of your House, or even maybe your squad, might be doing something you wouldn't approve of."

"We've been talking on it," Anabethe assures with a somber dip of her chin. "Though I thank you for bringing it to me," she adds, brows furrowing for just a moment as though she can't quite figure out why he would, but knows enough to know that isn't a polite thing to say. "For what it's worth, we're of the mind that it has something to do with this marriage of Janelle's. You didn't hear it from me, but we didn't arrange that." She frowns, letting out a slow breath and rubbing a hand at the nape of her neck. "Whatever the dream may seem to say, House Khournas stands behind the royal family."

"That you know of." It's at least partly a question but Aidan doesn't really expect an answer. "I really hate politics. But having a succession issue in the middle of a war is not a good thing. Having one involving members of a Paramount House is really not a good thing. So just in case no one thought to tell you about it…" Or wasn't brave enough to, "I thought I would. Because it needs to not happen."

"Oh, we're agreed on that one," Anabethe says ruefully, shaking her head. "We don't need a succession issue, and we don't need the rest of Haven pissed at us and thinking we're out to get something for ourselves, either. But something tells me that's what someone wants. We're still trying to work out who. But if you'd be willing to let it be known you don't think we'd do that sort of thing, I'd certainly appreciate it."

"Too late." Everyone already thinks they're out for themselves. "But if it comes up, I'll be certain to let them know I don't think you're behind it." Just who the 'you' is that Aidan means is up to Anabethe to guess. "So you think someone is targeting your House? Or do you think this is just for chaos in general? If the latter, it makes me wonder if whoever it is is trying to sabotage us and the war."

"I don't know enough to say," Anabethe shakes her head. "I mean, I think it's pretty obvious that the dream isn't someone trying to sabotage us, at least. That's just…" She waves a hand vaguely. "That's a thing that happens. But the marriage arrangement? That's someone trying to get something, sure. We just don't know who, or what they think they're getting out of it."

"No, the dreams are not a thing someone can make happen." Aidan agrees. "But the marriage… And the replacement of the Knight Commander. And now whatever the dream is showing." Needless to say, it doesn't look good. "But since you say you're not involved, I believe you."

"I'd say more, but honestly, this is the sort of thing we want to handle ourselves," Anabethe says quietly, setting her elbows on the desk. "If one of our own is causing this sort of trouble? He's ours. We'll take care of him." And it doesn't sound as though she means tucking them in with a blanket and some warm milk. "Otherwise it just looks like we've all been complicit anyhow, you know?"

"You think it doesn't already look that way?" Aidan asks pointedly. "Not that I was offering. I have enough on my plate as it is. But when you do figure it out, I'd suggest making sure everyone knows - or at least hears rumors of - the outcome and that it's over."

"Oh, everyone will hear when it's taken care of," Anabethe assures. "As for what it looks like now, there's not a whole lot I can do about what other people think. If they think we're out to get them, then they're not exactly going to believe us when we tell them we're not. All we can do is our best to figure out who's behind it."

"True enough." Aidan agrees. "So, on another topic I intend to capture some live Hostile and have my brother and a team of scientists remove as much of their cybernetics as possible and try to turn them human again. Want in?"

Anabethe pauses, brows furrowing. "Turn them human again?" She sounds doubtful, cautious. "You think that's a thing that can be done? I mean, you could take away a soldier's cybernetic arm, that's not going to change the way he was raised to think." Again she pauses, this time more thoughtfully. "Wonder how Hostiles have kids."

"I had another dream after the drake one." Aidan states quietly. "I'll skip to the end." Because the beginning is not fun. "A Hostile grabbed me and demanded I 'release' him. That was his exact word. Release. We know they're human. Or were. They have human DNA. Did it mean release him from being a Hostile? I want to find out. If we can manage it, it's a better option than killing them." He pauses a moment then adds "The dream also felt different than most. Very symbolic in the nature of what might happen instead of what will happen. At least I really hope so."

"Release him," Anabethe echoes. "Or maybe you had a prophetic dream warning you about what might happen if you tried to capture Hostiles, rather than just killing them when they attack you. I heard there was something odd down in Nic's old family lands. The report said the Hostiles were pissed when they found some of our people digging through some remains of what appeared to be Hostiles minus their Hostile parts. So…Just something to consider."

"I did consider that but we don't currently have any live prisoners do we?" Aidan asks. "I haven't heard of any since that one on the Ring. A dream to warn against an action that the dream prompted? That sounds a bit convoluted. But I'm willing to admit I don't know for certain."

"Tragic self-fulfilling prophecies are kind of the norm, aren't they?" Anabethe asks, arching a brow. "Someone gets a prophecy, they try to avert it, they bring it about instead. Or maybe you tell happier stories in Arboren," she shrugs. "I don't know of any live prisoners. So far it's seemed to me that the Hostiles are pretty good about either fighting until they die, or retreating while they've got a chance."

"Not where the dreams are concerned." Aidan says. "Not that I've ever heard. While they always come true, it's often a surprise in how. That feast for instance. No one could have interpreted it correctly to foretell the boarding of the ship right at that moment. It's very frustrating sometimes."

"Sounds like it," Anabethe agrees, a brief smile flickering. "Kind of glad that's Nitrim's thing rather than mine," she admits. "Seems like there's not so much black and white, but a whole lot of gray going on." She shuffles a few of her papers, letting out a heavy breath. "Was kind of hoping people would focus on things other than that particular dream, though."

Aidan shrugs, though it's a bit stiff. "Hope spring eternal, they say. Whoever they are. I might have had the dreams come closer together but I sent you that message before this last one."

Anabethe nods once. "And I thank you for that. Sorry it took so long," she adds with a wry smile, lifting one of the papers with a roll of her eyes. "Dad's pushing me on the logistics right now. I'd rather be out in the field and leave this sort of thing to people who know better, but you know how it is."

"You're the Heir." Aidan stands and gives Anabethe a quick smile. "Thanks for the meet. And if you'd like to come help kill some Hostiles, and maybe capture a few, let me know. We're going to try clearing out some of them soon now we've got a bunch contained."

"I'll let you know if I haven't gone stir crazy when it's time," Anabethe promises with a smirk. "Thanks, Aidan. Take care. And, ah. Drop me a line if you get any leads on the whole who's who in that dream bit?"

"I'll do that." Aidan agrees. "Have fun." That's more than a little wry and he turns and heads out.

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