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This page provides an archive of Awakened Dreams.

May 2, 3013: Look In The Mirror


DESCRIPTION: You wake in your bed. Everything is calm, everything is soft. There is a soft hum that seems to permeate from all directions. You realize that you can't move, but it does not seem to initially trouble you. You just listen to the hum as it slowly begins to increase in volume. After several moments of this paralytic moment, a pain starts to build at the base of your neck, spreading out toward your temples, down toward your fingertips, and further down still to your toes. It is dull initially, but as the hum continues to grow louder, so does the intensity of the pain.

The hum starts to become higher pitched as the pain becomes sharp and aggressive, burning your very nerves. The realization starts to set in — it is not the hum that is higher pitched, it is your screams.

The paralysis suddenly reverses, and you immediately sit up. You are clawing at your head as the pain continues to ring, you screams uncontrolled. Directly across you is a giant mirror that captures you pain, agony, and fear. You realize it is your skin. You must remove your skin. You start to claw and scratch, and your skin peels beneath your fingernails. You tear away your face, revealing the harsh edges and hollows of a cybernetic skull. You continue to tear and peel until your face is gone and you are staring into the luminous eyes of an alien, robotic face.

The dream ends.


Psychometry Level 6: You swore your heard soft words in the hum, though they were in a language you didn't understand.
Psychometry Level 8: When you looked in the mirror, you saw a shadow of someone standing behind you. It looked to be a figure shrouded entirely in white.

May 10, 3013: And The Waters Ran as Red


DESCRIPTION: Perhaps a bit more subtle than recent dreams, as you drift amongst the dreamer's world, whatever realm you are in, whatever your dreaming self is doing, it begins to rain. Great, heavy, soaking droplets fall everywhere, even if you had been standing in a room with a completely solid ceiling. Slowly, as things become wet, they also become red. You stretch your hand out, curious. Crimson fills your open palm, and when you take your next inhale, all you can smell is copper.


Any other water that is in the Awakened's dream, whether it be a river, a bath tub, or a glass of water, also turns into coppery, viscous, red fluid.

May 23, 3013: Breathe in the Light


DESCRIPTION: There is a voice that sings through the darkness, her voice a wonderful alto-sorprano with a faint touch of synthesis. She sings … but you cannot understand the words … and your vision is filled with a brilliant light. When it clears, you are marching through the corridors of a ramship. Access panels have been ripped right off the wall, and exposed circuits crackle with dangerous energy. Elsewhere along the bulkheads are dark scorchmarks that signify blaster fire. You are racing ahead, and you know there are others behind you, moving as a unit down the corridor. There are shadows ahead, attempting to block your path.

Bolts of light ignite, and the deep thumming noise of crossbow fire can be heard from the shadows. Pain rips through you, and your vision washes in white once more. And she sings … but you cannot understand the words … and you charge forward, driving the sharpened head of your lance into the first of the soft bodies. You impale it, hoisting it out of your way and tossing it aside. You already know one of your comrades has fallen before the blade of one of your foes. But you do not relent. Your vision washes with whiteness once more.

She sings … but you cannot understand the words … and you wake up.


Psychometry Level 6: You can actually understand what the voice is singing:

June 24, 3013: Eagles Abound


DESCRIPTION: Golden eagles are popping up everywhere within normal dreams, never more than one at a time, but often one visible every minute or so, perched somewhere, soaring high overhead, or occasionally, just a falling eagle feather.


Psychometry Level 6: You dream of a great beam scale, ancient and steel. It hangs in the balance, with a golden eagle perched on each pan, staring at one another. There is a sense that the scale is in the last swings of finding a balance and determining which of the eagles has more worth.

Psychometry Level 8: At the base of the scale is an old, graying eagle, dead and cold.

July 1, 3013: Qualitative Research


DESCRIPTION: You're screaming.

You are stretched out on a table, body spread out in an eaglelike formation - arms spread out from your shoulders and legs spread wide at the hips. Your wrists and ankles are secured with thick, cold bands of metal. Your head is held down with a thick strip of metal across your forehead. Hovering above you are shadows of robed figures, spindly metallic fingers moving across your body. Each touch is excruciating.

Your screams continue to ring throughout the dark, echoing chasm.

They are peeling your skin back, cutting ribbons of muscle from your joins and tendons. They are sliding their fingers through the center of your belly, removing organs such as your withered stomach, your putrid kidneys, and the slippery rope of your intestines. You can hear them chattering with each other, the noise filled with purposeful static and high-pitched squealing. They keep digging around in your torso, pushing their hand under your ribs, feeling about your lungs before gently enclosing their hand around your heart.

They are curious about your screams, trying to find ways to change them. One of them leans over your face, looking down at you with those glowing eyes. This one is dressed in a robe of perfect white, and you can see your face reflected in its smooth metal mask. The topmost plate of your skull has been removed, your brain matter poking out. You notice that branded on your forehead is the black, charred symbol of the Chantry.


There are no additional details for this dream.

July 7, 3013: The Execution

There are three versions of this dream, with a select group of people getting each of them

You stand in the armor of a mystery knight, and are forced down to your knees by unseen hands. Your neck is placed on a block that appears before you, and a shadowy executioner stands tall above you. The executioner's greatsword rises up, falls, a sharp pain bites into the back of your neck, and blackness overtakes you.

You stand in the dark robes of an executioner, watching as unseen hands force a mystery knight to his or her knees before you. The mystery knight's neck is placed on a block, you raise up your greatsword, swing it down, and the mystery knight's head falls away from his or her body.

You see through two sets of eyes at once. You are, at the same time, a mystery knight, forced to your knees by unseen hands, and the executioner waiting to do your duty. Your neck touches the block that appears before you, and you step up alongside the mystery knight as the executioner. You raise your greatsword, swing it down, a sharp pain bites into the back of your neck, and blackness overtakes you as the mystery knight falls away from his or her… away from your… body.

July 23, 3013: Drakes in the Wild


DESCRIPTION: A storm crackles over the Drake Mountains, stretching from one horizon to the next. In a rocky canyon, three drakes snap and hiss at one another despite the ever-increasing winds and approaching lightning strikes.


Psychometry Level 6: The drakes seem to be fighting over a morsel of food, and in a flash of lightening, it becomes clear that what they are fighting over is in fact a golden eagle.

Psychometry Level 8: Not all of the drakes seem to be trying to consume the eagle… in fact, two of them are defending it from the third.

July 28, 3013: Cockroaches


DESCRIPTION: You wake in the night. You are in your bedroom, wherever that is. The room could be your bedroom in the present, or perhaps one of the past. The details seem murky around the edges, almost with a watercolor-like consistency. You can hear the distant sound of screaming, shouting, the clang of weapons. They are war sounds, sounds that you may or may not be familiar with.

You are reluctant at first to rise from your bed, a warm softness trying to draw you in, but there is something in the back of your mind that is shouting at the top of its lungs:


Groggily, you pull yourself from your bed. There is a window, and something draws you to it. You throw back the curtains to reveal Volkan, or Landing, or Shelter, or perhaps even Arborenin. It is the place you call home, and it is crawling with Hostiles. Literally.

They move like a wave of cockroaches, scrambling over rooftops, up walls, flooding the streets in a cohesive swarm. They consume everything they come across, they devour whatever lies in their path. Behind them is nothing but darkness. You watch, motionless, emotionless as they move faster and faster toward your home.

The last thing you remember before you are jarred from this dream is taking a step back before a monstrous Hostile fills the frame of your window. It grabs you by your throat, pulling you off your feet to bring you face to face with its terrible visage. It is human — almost — with deep blue cybernetic eyes and a mechanical jaw. It snarls in you face, its Anglic harsh and enraged, "RELEASE ME."


There are no additional details for this dream.

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