07.24.3013: Drake Ribbon
Summary: Bey and Loree run into each other at the market, apology ribbon is bought and gossip is exchanged.
Date: 07.24.2013
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Lorelei Balius 

The Heartwood
This is perhaps one of the largest promenades of the tree city. It spans between the large trunks of three elderwoods, branches used to support the heavy circular plaza. Residing in this promenade are dozens of stores and shops, as well as access to the lower levels of the city. Peddlers of goods move easily through the plaza, trapping visitors and natives with a hopeful sale of their unique and usually handmade goods. At the center of the promenade is a large, sprawling basin where rain water has been collected for generations creating a natural and yet manmade pool. This is a popular place to cross paths with other residents of Arborenin and maneuver through the tiered city.

Being a handmaid, at least to Lady Eilara isn't as…busy as Loreee thought it would be. She has some free time, so she's wondering the Market place. she's had another bout of not sleeping well. This morning she came out of her room looking like she'd been in a fight, hair all messed up and rings under her eyes. Thank the Six for make up! She's dressed in a comfortable traditional green and brown Arboren dress, nothing stand outish. Her shopping basket is hanging on her arm and she's looking at the ribbons cart. Her own hair is pulled back into two french braids, making her look young than she is.

Balius is wandering around the Heartwood, having obviously just come from the woods. Today he is sporting yet another green tunic…or is it the same tunic as yesterday and the day before? The smell doesn't help if anyone is paying attention. A distinct smell of sweat, woods, and horses emanates from him, perhaps blending in some places and sticking out at others. He's got bag, with his boots just sticking out of it, along with his bow and quiver. For anyone looking closely, he has the tell-tale signs of a sleepless night, with small dark circles under his eyes. He seems stereotypically lost in thought and appears lost between the ages of 18 and 30 depending on the facial expression and moment. He nearly bumps into his sister rather than sees her first. "Loree…" he smiles at her. "Good to see ya, sis!"

Lorelei 's used to his shoelessness. And even the stable smell. Heck, she's had it before. She'll jerks back , trying to avoid getting hit as well, "Balius!" She doesn't sound very happy with him, “Where have you been?" She hasn't seen him since she left the Blue District yesterday. Giving the bag a curious glance she'll look back up to her little brother. Her hand absently playing with a few of the ribbons on he cart. The vendor seems to know Loree well, and isn't worried about her touching things.

He'll seem a little embarrassed and uncomfortable under her criticism. "Well, after you left, Demos and I talked for a while. I even met the Young Lord Ellion Khournas. I came back and went to the Woods, had to think for the night." He pauses, caught between his swirling thoughts. "Loree, about yesterday - I'm sorry. I was thoughtless, can I make it up to you?"

Lorelei nods, letting her eyes wander to the ribbons, "Demos is odd, but very nice. " she'll huff slightly when the Khournas is mentioned, "Lord Ellion? He's an ass." Pursing her lips slightly, she'll look back to her brother, her fingers stopping on a ribbon with an almost celtic design of a drake printed on it. "What did you have to think about, for the night?" and then a shrug, "You don't have to do anything." Loree's never been one to hold a grudge, as long as a person actually means the apology.

Balius nods at the comment about Demos. "We talked about the Academ, which was nice." He'll take notice of the ribbon. "Well, for starters I'm gonna get you that ribbon." He pulls out the appropriate dollars, which is odd that Bey would have spending money at all. He's smiling broadly. "We can talk about me later, but guess who was talking about /you/ at the Taphouse last night?"

Lorelei blinks and will look down at what ribbon Bey is talking about, slightly surprised, "I… No.. it's ok. I don't need it." She'll look up with a smile, "I was just looking. I have plenty of ribbons at home, and nothing to match this one, anyway…" Her hand lingers a moment more, like she's unsure, then pulls away. Tilting her head at his spending money, she'll just come out and ask, as that's what siblings do, "Where'd the money come from?" She doesn't sound condescending, or mean, just curious. With a roll of her eyes (but she does smile), "Oh, Six, who?"

Used to hiding the truth from his family, he'll obfuscate reality as best with the response "I sold some game at market," he shrugs. "It's got a drake on it, and I know you'll find some use out of it." He'll smile teasingly, putting on a mock noble voice "Why, my dear, the ever wise Lord Densoric just sang your praises. It was a splendid affair, though we poor commoners had naught but ale for him."

Lorelei nods slowly, guess that makes sense. "Well, don't tell Ma…she'll just make you put anything you catch in the stores for winter…you'd think the woman had never lived through a season before. I think she thinks the Hostiles are going to come raid our pantry…" she'll laugh, Not arguing the ribbon purchase, if he insists. Shaking her head, "What?!? Oh Six. Lord Densoric? Really? He's so…"and then she's laugh at Bey's mostly accurate impression. "Sang my praises? Should I be worried?" While she's smiling, there's a touch of worry. Lord Densoric talks and she didn't want her baby brother knowing about her almost title…

Balius ,seeming to be in an actual good mood now, will flash a more genuine smile and a heartier laugh. "Oh you know how Ma, back in the day they lived off grass or something…" He'll gladly hand her the ribbon; he thinks back to the previous purchases she had made him over the years. At least he'd finally been able to buy something for her. "To hear him talk, you should be teaching etiquette to all nobles everywhere. I think he was most pleased with your sense of discretion." He'll pause before putting his mock voice on again. "But you know, my dear sister, we must simply travel to the seat of House Larent and ride the gliders through the breathtaking views of the clouds, perhaps visit a casino or two?"

Even after saying she didn't need it, or have anything to match, Loree grins at the ribbon and with nimble finger undo the two braids in her hair. She'll roll her eyes,but her cheeks do pinken slightly, "Oh…He's just impressed that I bow the right measure and don't gossip. Which is ridiculous… I just don't gossip with him." Braids out, her hair is very wavy and she'll use the ribbon to pull it back, adjusting it like a headband, so the drake pattern shows.

Smiling and nodding at the ribbon in her hair, "looks good sis." He'll seem pensive and debate proceeding. "So, have you ever met Sergeant Llacheu? I think he and Chiron have crossed paths a few times."

Lorelei smiles up at Bey, "Thank you." Her smiles drops some, "Yes…I've ran into him a few times…why?" She'll tilt her head, lacing her arm through Bey's so they can walk and not block the ribbon cart.

Balius will walk in silence with his sister for a few moments, searching for words. His eyes seem full of worry, of burden. "Loree, am I a coward?" He'll kinda look away as he says it.

Lorelei tightens her hand on his arm, suddenly more worried than she was before, "What? No! Why would you say that?" Her brown is already furrowed, and in the back of her head is forming a chastising to the archer, should she run into him again. She doesn't need both brothers out there fighting!

"Yeah…just seems like everyone keeps asking why I haven't enlisted." He'll try to keep a steady walking pace, despite the grasp on his arm if Loree lets them. "Ma and Da aren't getting any younger, and, well…what use is fighting if we abandon those who mean most to us? Llacheu just said that I'd rather hide and be comfortable and let other people do the hard work."

Lorelei lets him walk, but keeps her grip on his arm, "Bey, you listen to me. What we do, at the ranch, is important. Without those horses, there would be no war. We'd be dead. Llacheu is an idiot if he thinks otherwise. You're actually helping that jerk." Loree's eyes flash, she's pissed, "He has no right to judge anyone. Hard work? comfortable? Has he ever tried to break a horse?" she'll huff, looking around, like she's hoping to run into him right now.

Balius will give a small smile. "Yeah, I know…" With another pause, he'll just continue. "There are other ways I could help too." He seems to have gained a new resolve. "I've gotten more books on medicine, and, Loree, I think I could be really good."

There's her Balius, "You need to go to school….You'd be an amazing doctor." She'll swallow, but gives him a soft smile, "I've been thinking, I don't know if being Eilara's handmaid is what I want to do the rest of my life. I can always go back full time on the ranch, till Da can hire some help." Loree gives his arm a reassuring squeeze. "I can write my poetry just as well from the stables as I can from the Nobles house."

Bey will shake his head. "That's not what I want at all and you know it! Handmaid or no, you are making an impression with the nobles. Who knows where you could go, the opportunities you'd have?" He'll stop and turn. "You let me worry about Ma and Da. I think we'll be able to work something out." He smiles reassuringly. "Besides, do you really think you are gonna have inspiring poetry with Ma nagging ya all the time?"

Lorelei cheeks color and she'll look down to her hand on his arm, "Bey…The only place I could go would be Oculus.." He can feel a small shiver run through her at the idea, "..Or into one of their beds as a Companion. That's as high as I can go. Besides being a servant." She'll snort softly, "Ma's nagging is what caused me to start writing…escapism is a beautiful thing." The tablet in her pocket's alarm starts to go off , "Oh…I need to go…I have to get Lady Eilara's dresses mended…"she sounds less than enthused. "We'll talk more later?" She's not going to let the idea of him going to school just dissipate.

Balius nods, determined to have a plan when they talk next. "Bye sis!"

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