Daniel "Drake Danger" Peyton
Diego Boneta
Diego Boneta as Daniel James Peyton, Jr
Full Name: Daniel James Peyton, Jr
Byname: Drake Danger
Age: 23
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Sauveur
House: Unaffiliated
Title/Profession: Rock God
Position: Musician/Singer/Songwriter
Spouse: None Height: 1.77 meters
Father: Daniel Peyton, Sr Weight: 68 kg
Mother: Mariah Peyton Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: None Eye Color: Brown
Children: None(?)


Daniel Peyton was born to two Citizens who owned a small nightclub in the Westend of Landing called Peyton Place. He grew up backstage, behind the bar, and in the office above the auditorium. He spent years running errands for the bands that played The Place. They were all small bands, on their way up or down, as Peyton Place was not exactly a major stop on any tour. He was a precocious child, talking musicians into allowing him to try out their instruments, even getting lessons from a few people who would later become big names. Daniel learned the rudiments of the drums, bass, and more, but his true love was the guitar. Acoustic, electric, whatever style he could get his hands on, he played, he learned, and he loved. He put up with school, he put up with learning how to tune instruments, tend bar, and fix the books, but any time he could, he was playing rock and roll.

By fourteen, he was opening for bands at Peyton Place, setting himself aside from the name of the club by taking on a new name — Drake Danger. Hey, it sounded cool to a fourteen year old.

Drake Danger actually got some traction in the small club scene, putting out a self-titled album at eighteen when he could sign the contract. It was a modest success, but enough to get him a few more gigs, and to find some back up musicians. It still didn't pay all the bills, so he kept working at Peyton Place as a barback and eventually a bartender. In early 3012, he managed to gather a few other musicians and formed Hell If I Know, a rock band that had some modicum of success. At the beginning of the Third System War, they'd played half a dozen paid gigs, and just recently released the album 'Patience is Genius.'

The early arrival of the Hostiles upset the planned schedule of the Patience is Genius release, but Drake Danger and Hell If I Know were determined to… keep up the morale of the people. Whatever that means. So long as they got to keep playing rock and roll.

This attempt to boost morale started with his brainchild, Singing for Soldiers, a 24-hour benefit concert that moved around the Haven System so it was always playing in the middle of the afternoon. Hell If I Know's own part — headlining the first stop of the concert — was a rousing success.

Drake was spotted in public with Letha Vallas, daughter of famed composer Christian Vallas, … on his arm … and upon the death of her father, she apparently moved into his Landing apartment.

On August 26, 3013, HIIK released their second album, Vengeance, hosting a Release Party at the Violet Siren on September 16, 3013.

In mid October, the members of Hell if I Know became members of H.A.G., Haven Actor's Guild.



The first thing most people notice about this young man is his hair — luxurious curling locks of dark brown splendor. Beneath that wealth of hair tumbling around his ears and the back of his neck, he is an athletically-built young man, with an open face, sharp features, and broad shoulders that slope downwards a touch as they spread. His nose is straight and clean, his eyes dark and topped with even darker brows, his chin is sharp and cleft, but the crowning glory (besides his hair) are a pair of thin lips that blossom into brightness when he smiles, casting dimples about them. The young man stands shy of two meters in height, and has a narrow frame hardened by lean lines of muscle.

His youthful frame is bulked out slightly by a black leather jacket with thicker patches at the shoulder and the bottom of the forearms. The jacket is left to hang open over a sleeveless black shirt just loose enough to not cling when the young man is at rest, and made of a material that has a slight oily sheen. The shirt hangs just at the top of tight black leather pants which in turn fall down over low-topped black boots with steel toes. A thick band of studded black leather wraps about his left wrist, and a black leather thong necklace threaded with steel beads dangles down onto his collarbones.


Band Rat - Having grown up backstage at a club, Drake knows a lot of the musicians who were on their way up — or down — 4-12 years ago.
Hair Power - It's one thing to have good hair, it's quite another to have effortlessly awesome hair and not even know it.
Lightweight - Drake enjoys a good bit of drinking now and then, but however much he likes alcohol, it doesn't like him, especially brown boozes.
Show-Off - When you're as awesome as Drake thinks he is, you tend to like people to acknowledge it, and they can't acknowledge it if they don't know it.


As Drake Danger:

DD.jpg Self-Titled

"Flaming Heart" (Black Dog, Led Zeppelin)
"Girly Action" (Satisfaction, The Rolling Stones)
"No Denyin'" (Kashmir, Led Zeppelin)
"Glad to Be Back" (Back in Black, AC/DC)
Reality Rocks
Vintage Nights
Allow a Solution

As Hell If I Know:

HIIK-PiG.jpg Patience is Genius

"Time and Time Again" (I Wanna Rock, Twisted Sister)
"Cry No More" (Carry On My Wayward Son, Kansas)
"Love is Like a Bomb" (Pour Some Sugar On Me, Def Leppard)
"Here I Am" (Rock You Like a Hurricane, The Scorpions)
"Bring You To Your Knees" (Welcome to the Jungle, Guns N' Roses)
"Make a Grown Man Cry" (Start Me Up, The Rolling Stones)
Brazen Peepshow
Gimme Some Digital Joy
Implosion in the Darkness
Impractical Liberty
An Appeal to Youth

Vengeance.jpg Vengeance

"Long Time Coming" (You're Going Down, Sick Puppies)
"I'll Take You On" (Headstrong, Trapt)
"I Won't Give Up" (Last One Standing, Simple Plan)
"Fight to the Death" (This is War, 30 Seconds to Mars)
"Master of War" (Indestructible, Disturbed)
"I See Hell" (Hell In Your Eyes, Queen of the Damned)
Fatal Failure
Delight of the Blood
Part of Everyone Else ft. Letha Vallas
Reaper Man

WhiteSqr.jpg Unreleased

"Waitin'" (Waiting For A Girl Like You, Foreigner)

Fan Facts

A few facts about Drake's career that "true fans" might know:

  • It took Drake 58 attempts to successfully lay down the guitar solo for "Bring You To Your Knees".
  • Drake rarely drinks or uses with fans, but every once in a while he will go on a serious bender and make a fool of himself.
  • When he drinks, his drink of choice is hefeweiszen, or a whiskey if he's going to get trashed.
  • Drake's been arrested three times for disturbing the peace, each time in regards to brawling.
  • When playing around on his acoustic guitar, Drake seems to often favor an ancient style known as flamenco guitar.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Zaniyah Zany Zani : Keyboardist, good friend, good flirt, good ass.
Roxy Roxy Rebel : Drummer, solid, not Skuzzy (that's a plus and a minus), silly frilly skirts hide the ass.

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