04.30.3013: Don't Poke the Cat
Summary: Ellinor, Niko, and Asher chat about the upcoming tournament.
Date: 30 April 2013
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Terrace Park and Menagerie, Landing
This part is most aptly named due to the various tiers and terraces that are neatly stacked with one another to create a rather pleasing aethestic. It is accessed through a series of pathways leading from the Statuary Forum. It encompasses about two square kilometers of space that, when combined with the various ups and downs of the tiers, means for quite a harch for those trying to explore every inch of it. Built within the parks architecture is a stream that burbles along and cascades over the tiers. Each tier varies in its ratio to lawn, trees, and flower beds. Some have stone bench seating, while others encourage sprawls across the plush grasses.

Tucked in the center of the park is a modest zoo and aquarium that is always open to the public and contains a wide range of animal life from all over Haven.

April 30, 3013

It is midafternoon, and the Spring sun shines down with warmth over the terraced park of Landing. There are quite a few visitors — after all, the weather is quite fair. Amongst them is the firehaired Ellinor Sauveur. Today, her dress has taken on a crimson fade with lighter red at the shoulders, darkening down into deep crimson at the hems of her skirt. Her hair is twisted up in a simple knot, embodying the relaxation of the day. She is in the zoo region of the park, walking amongst the animals that seem to be enjoying the warm weather as much as she.

Nikomachos stands before one of the electrofields separating the dangerous animals from their adoring public, looking into the enclosure of an Old Earth tiger much larger than he is. The knight is — perhaps foolishly — nearly touching the field, a digital camera between he and the nearly-invisible energy. The near approach has drawn the creature's attention, and it paces back and forth before the oh-so-close morsel, whipping its tail with each sinuous turn.

The zoo is perhaps an odd place for a Khournas nobleman to be found, but Asher is here anyway, moving along the pathway near the large cat exhibits as well, his gaze curiously looking towards various enclosures, and stopping occasionally to look at one of the creatures. The Tiger exhibit the most recent pause of his and he takes a moment to watch the interaction between animal, and the observing Nikomachos.

"Found yourself a new fan, Sir Niko?" comes a slightly husky voice behind the Cindravale Knight. Ellinor crosses her arms at her chest, a slight quirk at the corner of her lips. She rolls her shoulders a bit beneath the structured caps of her dress bodice. Her gaze falls on the Khournas nobleman, and a hint of familiarity touches her eyes as if she feels as though she has seen him before. She lets it linger for now, offering him a gentle incline of her head before she flicks a glance back toward Nikomachos.

Nikomachos tilts his camera from side to side a moment, either taking video or having turned off the false shutter sound on his little camera. At the sound of the voice over his shoulder, the Valen man turns his head — only for the tiger to take advantage of the distraction and swipe a paw across the electrofield with a thump and a squeak as if the beastie had hit solid glass. Niko's rejoinder turns into a surprised sound of unrecognizeable verbal content as he starts back from the enclosure. A moment later, and the lancer is laughing aloud, a light, merry sound, "I think he likes me about as well as you do, Sir Drakeflame. " The big man in the rich attire gets a glance, a slight narrowing of the eyes as if he is being weighed, and then a polite nod.

Asher cracks a hint of a smile as the tiger makes it's move, and once that finishes he approaches the two nobles, offering a polite nod of his head to the pair, "Good afternoon." he greats, "Quite impressive creatures, no?" he asks, glancing towards the Tiger in the enclosure.

The Sauveur cannot help but flash a broad grin with those dark crimson lips. "Oh no… he likes you enough to wait until you turn away before he swipes at you. I don't have those reservations." She steps beyond the Cindravale to lean in closer to the electrofield. She clicks her tongue gently at the tiger that has turned slowly to resume a predatory pace. Ellinor turns to regard the newcomer as he speaks, and she continues to weigh his possible familiarity before she snaps her fingers. "Ah… Lord Sir Asher Khournas," she says as her memory doesn't fail her. "Yes… he is quite impressive."

Nikomachos brings the camera up again as the Sauveur knight steps close to the field, quickly settling her and the stalking tiger into frame and capturing the shot, then powering the camera down and tucking it away, "We see more lions on the Fields of Ares. There's a certain… entertaining brutishness about the tiger." Touching one hand to his chest as a wash of electronic flame sweeps across his jerkin, he introduces himself, "Sir Nikomachos Cindravale. Niko." Only then does he turn back to the redhead, "I would have thought that it would be more honorable and respectful to attack an opponent who is facing you. I believe I was attempting to compliment you, Sir Ellinor, and you have cut my legs out from under me."

"Sir Ellinor, Sir Nikomachos." Asher says to each in turn, giving the tiger a curious look, "It's the first time I've seen one in person, I believe." He adds. His attention turns back towards the Cindravale nobleman, then back to the redhead as the two exchange words, "The upcoming tournament should be quite exciting…"

Ellinor softens a bit at the Cindravale's words. "Apologies, Sir Nikomachos… it was a fine compliment." She offers him a bit of a kinder smile, hesitating just a moment. "I think." Then she then tucks a lock of hair back behind her ear as she turns to regard the Khournas once more. "Perhaps so. As I hear it, Princess Janelle wanted it to be held at Cindravale again, but the King wouldn't have it. It is Landing's turn, after all." She regards both of them now equally. "Do either of you intend to compete?"

Nikomachos laughs lightly at Ellinor's response, "Well, at least you're thinking on it." And then he's looking back to the Khourni, "I'm rather looking forward to it. Then again, I think I would send all my forebearers rolling in their mausoleums if I was anything but excited for an upcoming tournament." Which mostly answers Ellinor's question, but the knight still answers directly anyhow, "Unless I'm physically kept away, I'll be entering the tilt." Looking back to the enclosure, he steps carefully up to the rim, balancing on the field projector's casing, his hands out to either side. That gets the tiger's attention back, and the striped feline pads closer to the field once more, his tail beginning to lash again.

"Oh, I do not know if I will." Asher replies to Ellinor's question, shaking his head a little, "Perhaps so, I will be giving it some thought. Perhaps the Melee, anyway." he says with a smile, hand reaching to adjust his hair a little, and casting a little look back at the enclosure. "Do you, Sir Ellinor?"

"You shouldn't tease him," Ellinor says to the Cindravale as the tiger circles back once more, those intense golden eyes fixated on the Knight as his jaw slacks to smell through his open mouth. She then casts a glance toward the Khourni. "Valens," she says simple, though she does cast the tourney knight a playful smile. The question does spur a moment's pause before she releases a sigh. "I've yet to decide. I considered the melee on foot, but my ribs still ache at the mere thought of it. I was knocked out within seconds of the start." She smirks a bit. "A humbling experience."

Nikomachos shifts his weight back just a bit, finding a better balance point, "Haven't you ever seen a kitten at play, Sir Killjoy?" A teasing lilt touches his voice at the question, "They love something just out of their reach." Indeed, the tiger is crouching down low to the ground, shifting its feet under it as it eyes the knightly morsel just on the other side of the field. "I've never understood the fun of the melee on foot. I keep trying to talk my cousin into integrating a mounted melee to keep everyone above the dust, where the crowd can actually see them."

"Oh, I don't know that the crowd has a hard time seeing, and I imagine they quite like the melee." Asher says at that, "But perhaps." He shrugs his shoulers a little, "And truly?" he asks, his attention back to Ellinor, "The ache should be gone by then, I imagine!"

"I liked it better when you called me Drakefire," Ellinor says dryly toward Nikomachos before she casts him another simple smile, narrowing her eyes slightly at the shutterbug knight before looking at the crouching cat. "And then they will get bored with it once they get it?" She continues to regard the cat as the pair talks about the tournament, and eventually she just shrugs. "Not all of us are quite as skilled on horseback as the Valen. And, besides, some of us like the dust and dirt." She grins toward Asher. "I think its more of the memory of it." And she rubs sympathetically at her ribs.

Nikomachos steps down from the projector casing, leaving it none-the-worse-for-wear, then starts to turn around to face the other two knights. He's only halfway through the turn, and the tiger only one flick into a tail-lash, when he turns back abruptly, pointing a finger at the poised predator. The tiger pauses, evidently confused by the turn, and then Niko has stepped back, well out of range, and it merely swipes a paw through the air in frustration. "Of course you did. Everyone likes to be called something exciting and entertaining." He shrugs helplessly at the larger Khourni knight, "I know they can see the melee, but I, for one, would like to be able to see the melee. Not just that someone hit someone else, but how they did it. The style of the thing is nearly as important as the fact that it has been done at all."

Asher lets out a soft little laugh at the antics of the tiger behind the Cindravale knight, "Well, we all have our way of fighting." He says, shrugging, "I will say, that the knights of the Vale can certainly put on a show better anyone else." he agrees, "I'll look forward to your joust, will you also be entering the melee, Sir Nikomachos?"

"I could show you how we do it," Ellinor offers to Nikomachos with the slightest smirk; there is almost a hint of challenge in her voice. Then she casts the Khourni a wide grin, shaking her head. "Oh, he wouldn't enter… he might get too dusty and dirty." And the drake hunter offers him a slightly smug smile, tapping a set of fingers at her chin thoughtfully.

Nikomachos shakes his head at Asher's question, "Not I, Sir Asher. I know my strengths and I stick to them." Ellinor's challenge causes him to laugh lightly, holding up his hands before him, "Oh no… you needn't pummel me here in public, Sir Drakefire. I'm sure we can arrange a time for you to show me all about your famous melee methods." An easy smile lights his features, quirking up at one corner of his lips, "And I'll do everything I can to keep up when the time comes — and to keep from getting too dusty and dirty — but for the tourney, I think I will focus my efforts on the tilt."

Asher cracks a grin, "I can not fault you for that, Sir Nikomachos, we all fight to our strengths afterall." He glances towers Ellinor a little, "And Sir Ellinor seems to be quite interested in showing you hers, it sounds like." He says with a laugh, "It sounds like you're in for quite the tousle."

Ellinor looks earnestly intrigued. "Perhaps tomorrow then." Her lips quirk with a bit of a smile. "At the Citadel?" Then she glances back over toward Asher. "You should come too, Sir Asher." Though she does seem to have relaxed into the company she is keeping despite the teasing she is putting poor Sir Nikomachos through. She glances over the Cindravale's shoulder toward the tiger who has moved into a patch of sun and sprawled, looking quite harmless despite the swipes he had been taking at the knight before.

Nikomachos spreads his hands helplessly at Asher's words, "Many of my fans feel the need to show me their strengths, Sir Ash." There's a quirk of a smirk at the last word, as if to suggest that he's not merely shortening the other knight's name, but associating it with the environment he grew up in. Looking to Ellinor, he arches an eyebrow, "The Citadel? Do you feel the need to get me into a holo-sim then, Sir Cinnamon? Afraid that the reality won't be enough for your imagination? I seem to recall you have very serious concerns about imagination."

"Well, the Citadel, hmn? I'll gladdly meet you there, Sir Ellinor." Asher agrees, cracking a grin towards Nikomachos, "Though if Sir Nikomachos prefers I'm sure we can find someplace beside a holo-sim?" he suggests, shrugging, "It makes no difference to me, however!"

Ellinor narrows her eyes and slightly purses her lips, looking the Cindravale over from head to toe. "I wouldn't want to risk upsetting all your fans who are expecting you to ride in a few weeks, only to hear you are still in hospital." Then she settles into another relaxed, dark crimson smile. She glances over toward Asher once before she looks back to Niko to see what his response might be.

Nikomachos laughs heartily and easily at Ellinor's response, "I was thinking that a little show for those dedicated enough to stake out a seat at the stadium." He makes a light, dismissive gesture, "But I'm fine with The Citadel. I should undoubtedly spend more time there anyhow. Perhaps I can speak with Uncle Alex." The Knight Commander probably isn't -actually- the young knight's Uncle, but when you have a sprawling noble family, everyone of a certain age becomes 'uncle' or 'aunt' and everyone else becomes 'cousin.'

"Well, Sir Ellinor? The Citadel, or the Stadium?" Asher wonders, attention back to the ginger and he flashes a smile, "I'll be happy to show up at either to watch the two of you spar!" he says with a chuckle. "It should be entertaining either way."

"Oh, I'm sure you can ask for a rematch," Ellinor says with unwavering confidence. It must be the Khourni side of her. Then she casts Asher a smile and a bow of her head. "The Citadel. For now." Then she looks over her shoulder as she hears her name being called across the terraces. It originates from a handful of young women about Ellinor's own age, waving their hands excitedly to catch her attention. They look dressed for a night on the Westend. "If you will excuse me, Sirs… I'm being summoned." And she starts to step away. "Good to see you again, Sir Asher… Sir Nikomachos, I will see you tomorrow."

"I'm sure that win or loose, I will enjoy the experience of crossing swords with you, Sir Smile." There is, of course, something very Valen in Nikomachos' smile and tone that suggests that he things losing about the furthest option from his mind. He nods his head to Ellinor, again to Asher, spreads his arms in a bow to the ladies calling to the Sauveur. Looking back to the Khourni, he adds, "I am, sadly, meeting someone here, Sir Asher. If you will excuse me…"

Asher offers a nods of his head towards Ellinor, and her lady friends, "Sir Ellinor, a good day, I will look forward to our next meeting." He says, then to Nikomachos, "Of course, Sir Nikomachos, it was good to make your acquaintance." He says to the man, offering a bow of his head, and he too heads off, continuing through the zoo!

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