Sir Dominic Howell
Ioan Gruffudd
Ioan Gruffudd as Dominic Howell
Full Name: Dominic Howell
Byname: Dom
Age: 29
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Arboren
House: Hollolas(previously Amran)
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: Sara Forlost(divorced) Height: 5'10"
Father: Sir Franklin Howell Weight: 190pds
Mother: Miss Danya Howell Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Sir Alexis Howell(26) and Miss Kristina Howell(21) Eye Color: Brown
Children: N/A


The Past

  • Known usually as 'Dom'
  • Grew up on the outskirts of Port Arman, more towards the woods than the ocean side.
  • His father Franklin was also a knight for House Arman, entering his early 50s, realized that front-line combat was no longer for him and decided to turn to an entire training role. His mother Danya, was a vetranarian originally from Volkan, the two having met in an emergency room during the Arman/Ligioner conflict.
  • Oldest of three children, both sisters. One was Alexis, 26, the other was Kristina, 21. Alexis was also a Knight, while Kristina was in the process of going through law school.
  • Previously married once to Sara Forlost, but it didn't work out, married for only two years when Dom was 24.
  • After spending the majority of his life in the woods, Dom doesn't much in the way of people skills, even after his training. He's better around animals, his cloestest friend is the timber wolf that he raised from a pup. It's mother was found dead by poachers, Dom and his father were able to have the poachers arrested for hunting on private property. The two pups that were rescued were taken in by the family, given to Dominic and Alexis to raise.
  • Dom's wolf he named Crimson, for the dark reddish fur it was born with. In the same trend, Alexis named her's Cobalt much for similiar reasons, her pup having blackish-blue fur.
  • Dominic did the majority of his training under a Sir Anthony Amran, a cousin of the mainline. Sir Anthony was more of a sea knight than a land one, which resulted in he and Dominic having differeing opinions, but for all their disagreements, they tended to get along decent enough.
  • Something that did drag Dominic out of the woods was the Ligioner/Amran continuing discord. Usually regulated to solitary or small group scouting bands, Dominic was put into a archery unit, fighting along the frontlines of the inter-house conflict. Not being too privy as to why, only that it had been going on for generations, it like it does for everyone, breeds a certain dislike of those associated with Ligioner.

The Recent Past and Present

Cape Arman is a scorched wasteland. Dominic knows this because he was witness to it. When the attack first came, he was out apart of his small scouting parties, as he's known to be apart of. He's always been a ranger and scout more often than a front-line fighter, but he can switch to either in a pinch. When his comm broke out that Cape Arman itself was being attacked and overwhelmed, Dom's group beat feet back to civilization, but by the time they would get back, it would be far too late.

They were attacked as soon as they set foot in the city. People were still fleeing through the numerous gates, whatever soldiers were left alive were set to defend against the Cantosan attackers. There was a moment there Dominic wondered what had become of his own family and friends in the madness. Had they made it to safety or had they stayed behind? He suspected his father and Alexis would stay behind to fight. His mother and youngest sister he was praying had been able to make through.

Arms and Armaments


Marker: Zephyr Technologies Ltd.
Model: TR-40A Silent Sentry, classified as Tactical Recon for Scouts/Light Infantry
Aspects: The TR-40A is standard issue for lightly-armored knights and scouts that work along the coastlines of Imperius. The model was considered a 'workhorse' of sorts and was already starting to come into being obsolete by the time the Third System War began. Specifically for their eviromentally-minded features, such as lightweight materials for ease in aquatic situations. Ceramic plating is light and sewed into the synthetic puncture-resistant fabric in key vital spots. This is designed for increased mobility and a decreased acoustic presence. The helmet was designed in specific as a new test model, constructed of angular plates that would increase damage reduced due to deflected blows from blades and bolts. The standard onboard AI was known as Gretchen, given from the programmer who created the armor's programming. The HUD had a higher night resolution at it's time of development, but has since been outclassed by other models that came later. It's Phantom camouflage system was average at best when the armor was first introduced and worked well for what it's wearers needed. The term 'capable' was often bandied about, but more often than not glowing reviews were few and far inbetween.

It was this particular armor that Dominic wore for the majority of his career working for House Amran during the Amran/Ligioner conflicts and the beginning of the Third System War. The armor was mostly destroyed when the roof of the wharehouse fell in on itself, burying him and Cantosans he was trying to kill. It kept him protected from the weight and falling debris, but was rendered dysfunctional afterwards, tending to fall off in bits as he escaped the ruins of Cape Amran.


Maker: Torrent Skunkworks Arms Industries
Model: SR-1490S Nightslider, classified as a specialized Stealth Recon armor for Scouts
Aspects: One of the many models being used by the Haven military, this one in specific is one of the mid-tiers in terms of price, so likely used by vassal houses and their vassals. Improvements to alative shaping on ceramic plates has given the suit an 'angular' look across the plated parts of the body. This allows the plates to be thinner, thus allowing for a greater range-of-movement while giving a decreased overall weight. Swen into the seams like most lighter armors are currently, the plates do not make sound during concealed movement, however are more prone to being fractured in combat and thus requiring replacement more often than other scout armors. The wears have said that the trade-off is worth the ability for a better sneak attack. It's helmet is a stand-out feature in the armor, combining visual view combined with HUD views. After R&D listening to opinions of rangers and scouts from across the Rings and Imperius, many stated the dependence on HUD visual layouts could be limiting, especially when the HUD was unable to visual small envriomental cues that could only be seen by organic sight.

The Owl Sight(tm)visor incorporated into the Nightslider's helmet is Torrent's attempt and fixing the problem. Constructed of impact-resistant and heat-treated carbon nanotubes, the visor uses a combination of organic vision from the user with light incoporation from the HUD, instead of being heavily HUD-dependent like many other armors. This allows for better ability of making trails, foot traffic, and visual cues that the human eye can pick up better through intuition than a computerized HUD can.

Onboard AI designated as 'Shade' but customizable, much like many other AIs. It's comm system runs on frequency cycle-analyzer, masking a wearer's location and hindering attempts listening into a conversation

Like many Scout-centric armors, it's Phantom camouflage system is up to current specs, being able to cycle through several pre-programmed prints for maximum obfuscation. A sub-routine in the armor's AI passively scans the enviroment, then switches to the best that best suits the terrain the user is currently in.

Dominic received this armor when he was sworn into House Hollolas and he has used it ever since he took up his new career in Beacon.

RP Hooks

  • Disjointed Speech: This is mostly an effect due to the mental trauma Dominic sustained as he was a witness to what happened in Cape Amran. And how he ended up as surviving in a city full of Cantosans for a few days before he was able to escape. Since his return, he way of talking is different. Disjointed and made of broken phrases.
  • Wolf Trainer: Crimson is his faithful and constant companion, a large timber wolf that's suggested to seem maybe a bit brighter than the average wolf. At least, he seems so. He and Dominic are a two member pack. They both do things for each other that the opposite needs. So while Dom might've trained Crimson up from a pup, most of what the wolf does is of his own violition.
  • Survivor's Guilt: Dominic is one of the couple hundred survivors of House Amran, even rarer to be a Amran Knight and still be alive. This has left a gaping hole of guilt in the ranger, why did he live and all of his comrades didn't? What did he do to deserve to be spared? Considering the memories of what he saw in Cape Amran, it's possible that he'd prefer that he had perished as well.
Roger Lord Commodore Roger Hollolas : My new employer. I know little of the man personally, save that I am greateful that he gave me a job where I perhaps did not deserve. Loyalty will be given to him as it was to the Amran.
Cyrielle Lady Cyrielle Hollolas : Wasted potential. Wants to be more than what she is, but she lets fear grip her like a vice. Runs away from problems with drink and drugs and becomes angry when I plainly say so. If you so lament your life the way it has gone, doesn't your current actions suggest a need to be changed? Or is it just easier to stay afraid? She seems to realize this, but I wonder how much effort has been put forth to change it.
Brienne Lady Sir Brienne Arboren : A decent woman in a particular situation. One that's conflicted between self-preservation and duty. I pity her situation, but I frown that she is unwilling to make a choice one way or another. That it is easier to run run away into the woods for solace instead of trying to solve her issues.
Declan Young Lord Sir Declan Arboren : He cannot see the forest from the trees. Easier to meddle in his siblings affairs and ignore his own. A sense of entitlement to try and fix all their 'problems' because of his title. Claims much, but sees little.

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