03.31.3014: Doing What We Can
Summary: Cyrielle discusses a charity idea with Alistair, requesting his help with getting it underway.
Date: 12-15-13
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Arcology of Sundry, Landing, Imperius
The Arcology of Sundry rises two hundred stories into the sky, a towering monument to the prosperity that House Sauveur has planned for Landing. The first five floors consist of an open-air mall, the weight of the arcology held up by thick composite girders spaced every thirty or forty feet around the circumference of the building.

That mall is carpeted by natural grass, with pathways laid out cobblestones. It is built like a medieval village, if a medieval village was built around a pillar encircled with five stories of ramps with nearly two hundred stories of department stores and residences above.

Artificial sunlight floods the mall terraces at all times of the year, carefully modulated so as to not wash out the holographic signs that front each store. Giant holoscreens float at the top of the five story open area, showing movie clips, ads, music videos, and occasionally, breaking news.

Monday, March 31st 3014

It was a simple missive. A request for Alistair to meet her for dinner; they've only met in passing, but his position and involvement in charities makes him known enough. Schedules have been set and the location chosen is a mid-scale restaurant within the Arcology. To make matters more obvious that this is more of an official meeting, she has requested a more secluded table. The Hollolas woman is dressed in a short, dark grey skirt layered over patterned — like ocean waves — leggings. Her top is a dark blue, shifting thing with soft glimmers like the underside of deep waters. Her hair is worked into a number of braids, captured back with some hairpins that fan out at the crown of her head.

Cyrielle is playing the part of noblewoman tonight.

She waits, eyes focused on her tablet. There is a glass of wine at hand, but by the volume, it's barely been touched.

The Senator is fairly easy to contact and get a hold of. It makes sense, considering one of the strongest arguments against the Leonnidan's re-election was his time spent OFF the Vale, whether for Strong Roots or for the Notice Project. His attire is quite pro-Reversion, with a bright blue tunic and mustard-colored pants. He arrives quite timely, perhaps a minute or two early.

As he enters, he checks his shortbow at the door. The man is rather thin, unhealthily so. He bows low to the noble in greeting.

When the Senator arrives, Cyrielle shifts and half-stands. Her crutches are propped up against the wall next to her chair. "Thank you for agreeing to meet me," she offers, gesturing to the seat across from her. The woman lowers herself back down with a sigh and a wrinkle of her nose. Not directed at him, surely, for her hand does fall to her right leg as she settles in.

"I've not been much involved in the likes of The Notice Project, but I know you have. I have an… idea of sorts that I thought you may be interested in." Not one for toying around or stringing people along, Cyrielle is happy enough to get right to things as she gestures for a server to take his drink order.

The Senator smiles and takes the gestured seat. "I must confess I was intrigued by the request, but I'm always happy to help in anyway I can, my Lady." Alistair's staff has done their homework and is at least well-versed in her recent surgery.

"I am currently acting as Chairman of the Notice Projet, indeed." He orders coffee - black. The politician shifts in his seat and leans forward a bit. "And I am certainly always open to ideas that can advance the cause of helping people - anywhere."

While normally she may attempt to brush off titles, Cyrielle is working this angle in a more official capacity. More or less. Her House isn't behind it, but she does have room to work as she sees fit in some regards. Wine glass is lifted and she takes a slow sip, leaning back in her seat somewhat as she sets it down. "Well, this is something I do believe can help people."

Lifting a menu close at hand, she starts reviewing the options. "But I also believe it could help the war effort at the same time."

The coffee arrives and Alistair follows suit looking at his menu. He's a stickler for etiquette and a respecter of titles - at least until they're requested to be removed. He comes from the land of the Reversion, and he knows to give credit where it's due as a means of survival. "Then I'm all ears, of course." The Senator says with a sincere sort of smile, his attention not at all on the menu and much moreso intetered in the idea as he moves to put a napkin in his lap.

"There are a few nobles who go unnoticed or have… reputations to repair," Cyrielle offers in a quiet voice. Perhaps a vague allusion to particular people. She's not sure what he may know or not… either way, it's not the particular reason for the discussion anyway. The woman seems to finally decide what she'll be ordering; at least well-enough to set her menu down.

"I would like to start a charity. Something small, at first. Perhaps just a dinner- a high price for a seat at the banquet, but all proceeds go towards a scholarship. The scholarship would be for those that want to join Academ, but cannot afford it. There's so much more to supporting Haven than just soliders and Knights. There's medics, engineers, those who want to develop better arms and armor…"

The Senator would have to be rather oblivious not to know, and his packet of Lady Cyrielle Hollolas would have at least mentioned enough in passing by her friendship with a certain Nitrim Khournas. Yet, even if he does piece such things together, he merely nods and sips his coffee. Nobles are always jockeying for some place or another.

"We definitely need to ensure that we can get all those who seek to better themselves and our Haven through training get the opportunity to help out. They come from all corners of society. It is a very worthy cause." He sets his menu down as well, looking for a moment at Cyrielle. "So how can an old Dove Senator from the Vale be of service?"

Perhaps, perhaps it is beyond just her oft-compatriot. Cyrielle does seem to be thinking of well and beyond just one particular Khourni lordling. One who may do something to ill-affect any recent rice in good standings. Wine glass is lifted and slowly turned in fingers, the woman's shoulder rising and falling in an absent shrug.

"You have experience in charity work. I don't. I've donated money to causes, but I've never done any planning or organization. I feel a lot of the Citizens and the soldiers are getting press, awareness, and support… but I think those who wish to train and aid in other ways than just fighting are being missed." Cyrielle settles down the glass after a slow drink. "I know you must be busy and if you haven't the time, I understand… But you were the first I thought of in people that may be able to help me get this moving."

Sipping from the coffee, the Senator's true addiction may be now plainly clear as he's finished his first cup now. He moves it politely to the edge of the table to signify that he's like a refill.

"I'm more than willing to help in any way I can. I've a few contacts here on the Spine, and I'd be more than willing to help with organization and similar events." His datapad and stylus appear quite quickly at that. "Did you have any particular preference for type of event? And were you looking purely at raising money for scholarships?"

Thankfully, perhaps, Cyrielle's progress on her wine goes much slower. But not so much so that she isn't ready for a refill by the time the server arrives. Her order, placed, is for light fare; a salad and the daily soup.

"I didn't have anything particular in mind. Something low-key, perhaps. I want it to draw those who would be willing to provide funds, but may not like the… intensity some other events have had. One of the nobles I wish to get involved is not one for partying, which is why I was thinking a dinner." So certainly not Nitrim.

Alistair orders something entirely comparable, probably a soup and a sandwich. It's the polite thing to do in the company of nobles.

"Hmmm…sure, a dinner is always a good standby. Were you looking to have someone speak, or perhaps a silent auction? And did you potentially have a title that you wanted to give to it? Will the funds be going to those within House Hollolas, or will it be open to the whole Spine? Who will be awarding them?"

The questions earn Alistair a long look for a moment. Perhaps even one of mild confusion. The Hollolas rarely engage in such things and Cyrielle? Even less so. The woman looks a bit sheepish, reaching for a napkin to slowly spread in her lap. She smooths it gently, using it as a good distraction that… only lasts a few seconds, unfortunately.

"Ah, well, you see. I don't know. I do want the funds to be open. Perhaps to even work with the Academy, rather than have them be for a specific House or region. I would like it to be a scholarship fund in which hopefuls can submit essays and details of experience to the Academy or the charity… Both, perhaps, and they would be selected and awarded from there."

Nodding, Alistair was mainly asking the questions to gauge and test for responses. It's important to know how prepared someone is, and their potential preferences if collaboration is to continue.

"Making the funds open is a grand goal, just realize that the applications will become numerous at that point. As resources get strained, more and more students will need to find alternate ways of funding. Scholarships will slowly ease their way off the priority lists in many houses, my Lady, as funds get moved to other ventures." Such as mustering an entire continent, perhaps. "And the question of who determines which essays are selected is a rather important one. I suggest a committee of some sort, perhaps of educators or those you might trust."

This is vastly more involved than Cyrielle had considered… but that's, perhaps, why she happily stays out of politics. The woman may not be as martial as some, but she's certainly more inclined in that direction. She can fall into the frame of mind for a battlefield without issue, but this? It's a mess of a whole different variety.

"I didn't think selections would be easy," she admits, with a rise and fall of shoulders again. Their drinks, refreshed, are brought and there's a nod of appreciation. "because I want the matter to be fair. This would be for people who… wouldn't have the opportunity otherwise, of course. So, a committee, yes."

Perhaps if Alistair weren't prone to breaking legs and arms and capable of being useful on the battlefield, perhaps he'd have been a medic. As it stands, he's now a Senator in his third term. This is his own war within the war.

"So then the scholarships are going to be based on need and a submission essay, perhaps detailing their chosen path of study and the like." He nods sipping his coffee, fully aware that some of these finer details may not be interesting to the vast majority of people, even nobles. "Would you envision those to be the only deciding criteria - or would there be consideration given to grades as well? There are pros and cons to every choice."

Looking into the wine glass brought back for her, Cyrielle is thoughtful. "Well… There are always reasons for poor grades and they aren't always… due to being incapable or lazy." She bites into her lip briefly, before there's a small shrug and she lifts the glass. "I think though… that may be something for the commitee to decide, once they're formed."

More taps on his datapad as the Senator sips his coffee, having not really stopped moving since he sat down. "This is absolutely true, so perhaps then we should discuss potential members for your committee then. Any ideas?" Alistair has a few, though his connections out on the Spine are quite limited. "And when are you looking to have this dinner held?"

"Potential members… Mmm." Cyrielle leans somewhat on an elbow on the table, wine glass held in her other hand. She stares off at a point somewhat past Alistair's shoulder. "Lord Advent Sauveur, I think, would be a good choice. Perhaps Lady Lyrienne Orelle would be interested as well. I'm afraid most of the people I interact with regularly are of a more… Knightly fold. Which is," and here her dark gaze returns to the Senator, "another part of why I sought your advice and involvement. You know people."

There are taps as names are added to a list, which will likely be scrutinized and researched by the Senator's staff. The light faire that had been ordered arrives to the table. "It is my job to know people, to better aid my constituents. It's best to know the source of things, rather than trust a datapad message to do the work for you. Technological advancement should not make us all lazy and point figures, in my opinion." But he shrugs and slowly starts on his soup.

Arranging her dishes, Cyrielle does offer a soft chuckle. "As true as it is, I admit, I do love how lazy I can be at times. You are correct, however. It's why many of the ancient sailing methods are still in use in Hollolas, despite the technological advancements. Should the Hostiles ever find a way to be a threat from the sea, we will be ready."

After a few bites of salad, the brunette glances across to the Senator. "So you think this is a good venture?"

"Indeed I do, my Lady. It's quite similar to a small charity called Lion's Scholars I help with in the Roar." Alistair says with an approving nod to her, his datapad on the side of the table still. "And one knows for certain that the Hollolas ships are more of a backbone than most on the Spine may appreciate." Should Waygates go down, for example.

There's a broader smile from Cyrielle at Alistair's praise for the Hollolas ships. And indeed, they have even recently provided what they may when a Waygate has gone down, in the aftermath of the attack on Lazarus Island. The woman continues to eat for a moment, before continuing.

"Lovely. I… well, I am afraid that I know very little about forming a charity. I want to see this move forward, but I will need a great deal of help."

"And I would be more than willing to provide that assistance, though I would encourage you or someone close to you to remain the face of the organization." Alistair says with a smile. "I can even provide some start-up support in terms of giving you the blueprints for similar charities, as well as doing some of the legwork to help fill the seats for the dinner. I do wonder if you want to perhaps have a guest of note, to draw a crowd?"

"It is greatly appreciated," Cyrielle says with a small smile. "As for the face, ah… Perhaps we should find someone of a Paramount? I doubt people will care much for the youngest child of a vassal. Especially one who has achieved nothing." The woman speaks matter of fact; as if it bothers her little in truth.

"I think filling the seats shouldn't be too difficult. There's always nobles and businessmen who want to ensure they're seen doing right. I just want to give them a direction for it…" Cyrielle reaches for her wine, taking a sip. "A musical performer, perhaps? Or a speaker?"

"How well acquainted are you with the members of House Arboren?" Alistair's mind moves to what he feels is the next rational step. Besides, the Senator does have a soft tie to that Paramount. And Valen Lords are rather occupied. "Though it wouldn't be unheard of for a Lady, even one of a vassal, to head a successful charity. It can be a boon to your House, and, it is your idea, after all."

"I am somewhat acquainted," Cyrielle says with a tilt of her head. "I am not close friends with them, perhaps," the woman explains further, "but enough that I could approach some members easily." She does bite into her lip for a moment, glancing down to the soup. "Ah, do you think I could do it? I… well, it'd be a lie to say I wouldn't want to, but I want this to be successful."

"Of course you can, my Lady." Alistair says, not realizing till this moment that it wasn't just lack of personal desire for Cyrielle to lead it. "I can certainly provide support every step of the way. I guarantee that the fundraiser will be a success, and I tell you that not as just a politician, but on my own honor. It's not the easiest job in the world, reminding people that there exists overlooked needs out there in the world." And they continue to discuss the nuts and bolts of the matter. Alistair reminisces about past charitable events, and they move towards setting a date and filling in details for a guest.

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