11.11.3013: Dog Goes Woof
Summary: What started out as a simple joke turned into chaos.
Date: 06 October 2013
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Motts Taphouse
The taphouse is burrowed out from the heart of one of the various elder trees that surround the Heartwood. It is dark, warm, and inviting no matter the time of day. There are not a lot of hard corners, and it feels as though the walls blend in with the ceilings that curve high above. The interior wood has been stained a honey gold, which is offset by the rosewood bar and tables. There are a couple of circular windows that have been carved from the tree trunk, though the glass is stained a soft green to continue to maintain a particular atmosphere no matter the time of day. Scattered throughout the room are tables of various size and chair arrangement, and the aforementioned bar runs along the left-hand wall.
11 November 3013

Once they had finally finished the work for the day and Brie had a bath, she had immediately gone to the Taphouse. Since the Hostiles had been backing off some, she had never had so much free time and now there she sits, at the bar, drinking ale. And more ale.

A bath, and a few similar things, would also be what Tristan has done since they got back. And so, he makes his way into the Taphouse, steps a bit slow before he steps over in Brienne's direction, keeping silent as he does. Glancing around at the various people inside the room, he then looks back to his sister, but doesn't say anything yet. Maybe, if she hasn't noticed him, he'd be able to do something fun, right?

Definitely, Brienne wasn't expecting Tristan to show up, figuring him to have his fill of people for the day. So, she is blissfully drinking ale.. after all.. after ale.

Grinning a little as he moves to place himself right behind his sister, Tristan leans forward a bit, closer to her head, before he does his best dog bark imitation now. Waiting to see her reaction to that.

Oh and her reaction is something to behold. Her glass shoots out of her hand and straight in the air, the beer pouring out looking like it will be landing on the both of them, as does the glass. A squeak of surprise escapes her and her chair wobbles, looking as if it is going to fall over. Brie is a little jumpy.

It's an interesting sight to behold for new arrivals at the Taphouse. Brienne is seated, a bit wobbly, at the bar, with her glass of ale having gone flying straight up into the air. Behind her, Tristan's unable to hold back laughter as he sees her reaction, reaching out to his sister's sides to steady her a bit, while also trying to avoid the two of them getting hit by that glass. "Jumpy today, sis?" he asks, in between the laughter now.

So, this wasn't exactly expected and while the glass is still looming as if in slow motion, the ale is making an appearance. *SPLASH* Drenching the both of them in the very ale smelling ale. They could be a brewery in themselves. Finally, the glass lands. *BONK* Hitting Brie and ricocheting to hit Tristan. Luckily, the stool doesn't tip, but Brienne is still trying to figure out where the hell the dog is!

Entering Mott's Taphouse is a tall young man in blue attire, the least effective local camouflage ever created. Densoric makes his way over to the bar to order a wine, then turns his blue gaze to Brie and her brother. Taking note of their respective postures he asks, "It would appear siege weapons training has begun." with a good-natured tone adding, "MiLord Sir Tristan, Lady Sir Brienne, good to see you both again." Fortunately he's bathed and changed into fresh clothes since his work during the day.

"You're looking a bit confused, sis," Tristan remarks, still unable to hold back some laughter now. Blinking as the glass hits them both, he keeps his arms where they are until he's entirely sure Brienne isn't going to fall down. Pausing a bit as he hears Densoric's words, he turns to look at the man, offering him a nod and a bit of a smile.

"Ow." Brie rubs her head. Good thing it wasn't a heavy glass! But now.. she looks about as attractive as a drowned rat. And she had already bathed after the charity thing they had done earlier in Volkan. Steady now, she reaches down and scoops up the glass, though when she hears Densoric and his observation, she turns narrowed green hues on him. Opening her mouth to offer a retort, there is no biting remark coming after all as she can only laugh. "You're a funny man, Lord Densoric.." Gently, she nudges Tristan. "You.." the accusation softened by her smile. "Are the dog, aren't you." A question stated about as steady as a statement.

Densoric nods to Brienne and says, "Thank you for the compliment, though given the circumstances I will forgive the lack of the use of Lord." smiling softly. He then loks to tristan and asks, "Been enjoying herself I have noticed." Then leans in as though to whisper so only Tristan can hear him, "Is something bothering your sister?" in a soft tone. He then makes his way over and as long as neither Brie nor Tristan attempts to stop him, he simply tries to place a single hand against Brie's upper back as though to help her sit upright and allow Tristan to have a seat or whatever else he wishes to do. If there is resistance then he simply lowers his hand and takes a sep back, if there is none though then Densoric seems to take up a position as a human backrest.

Bastien enters the tap house, perhaps dressed a bit too nice for such a place. He's in finely pressed, shiny gray slacks with a black dress shirt, tucked in but left unbuttoned at the top, his skinny, white tie hanging loose around his neck. His hair is perfect, his five o'clock shadow just right. He makes his way to the bar, sitting a stool away from the others. He dips his head a bit as he sits, "My Lords. Lady."

With an expression as much like a puppy as he can manage, Tristan is unable to hold back a grin at Brienne's words. "Woof?" he comments, before he hugs her. "Sorry, it was just too tempting not to do it." Reaching out to ruffle her hair briefly, before he grins at Densoric. "Dogs," he remarks. The newly arrived Bastien is studied for a few moments as he nods to the man, before he takes a seat close to Brienne. "Want another ale, Brienne? Just don't use it for a shower this time?" Looking ready to try dodging any incoming punches or anything.

For the moment, Brienne is confused, replaying her own words in her head. "I did use Lord. Lord Densoric." Not chancing to leave it off. "Oh sure, I have had a wonderful time, thank you. I wonder why I have never been frequenting this place more often in the past, the ale is amazing." Tipping her head to the side, she regards the Larent Lord. "And you, thank you for the compliment, and I will forgive the audacity in touching me." Her lips twitch in amusement, lessening the sting of the words, hopefully. The new arrival garners her attention and the clothing is certainly noticed. Lifting a hand, Brienne tucks damp tendrils of hair behind her ears, and the female half of the brewery that makes up the Arboren siblings, offers a smile to the man. "Good evening." A nod accompanies. Tristan though quickly draws her gaze and her eyes narrow. She certainly looks as if she is not in a forgiving mood. "I do believe I'm taking you to the vet tomorrow. To have you neutered. Yes.." Her grin hitches up several degrees. "I would love another ale."

Densoric nods to Bastien and says, "Greetings MiLord." He then looks back to brie and says, "The wines are good as well." as he accepts his order and takes a sip, placing it down on the bar, perhaps not the smartest thing with the drunk he's acting as backrest for and says, "I'm not sure if your Lord Father would like the neutering much." smiling softly and adds, "Then I will beg your forgiveness for the touch when your mind is clearer." as he becomes a human statue, posed so his hand can act as a backrest to the upper-back asking, "It would appear you are enjoying the rest of your day after so much work, thank you for your help today, it greatly helped the Project." looking to Tristan and adding, "Your help as well Lord Sir Tristan."


Bastien lifts his brow a bit, looking at the others. "You were all working together today, huh?" He turns his seat a bit, interested. "What were you all up to? Two houses joining in a project…"

"Neutered?" Tristan remarks, before he offers a grin, "Wait, that means Mother can't make me marry anyone, right?" A chuckle now as he orders the ales, nodding a little at Densoric. "Seems like *someone else* had volunteered me for it," he says, before he adds, "I think I just got back at her, though." Spoken a bit lightly now.

"I am sure he wouldn't appreciate that much at all." Brie counters, still with that teasing voice. "That may be part of the fun of it. I fear my mother much more than I do my father. I think even my father fears my mother." His continued presence and assistance earns him a look with a trace of chagrin. "It was a good day, though our family of course put on the only drama for the day. It's broken and I'm not sure hot to fix it." The questions from Bastien capture her attention. "We were helping the Notice Project on Volkan. Building a greenhouse. And other things. Several of the houses were represented." Tristans declaration has her cheeks darkening with guilt. "I did. And does this make us even?" Hoping he had forgotten.

Densoric looks to Bastien and says, "We were together for a bit. I am the Director of Infrastructure for the Project so I was mostly seeing to the life support-related systems. I saw them when they were assembling the greenhouse as my local team at the time was working on connecting the new greenhouse to the water grid. Not much of note on my part really." Yes nothing of note from the Director, sounds like a typical 'supervisor'. He then nods to Tristan and says, "Perhaps so, regardless the help was needed, and whether you wanted to be there or not you still helped how you could that is worthy of thanks, especially from volunteers." He then adds to Brie, "If you speak of Lord Keanen and myself, don't worry about it, the matter isn't important enough to concern yourself with and I can be civil enough on the matter."

Bastien lifts his brow a bit again. "The Arborens causing drama?" He laughs, "I have a hard time believing that. Especially building something like a greenhouse. That sounds very much right up your family's alley." He glances at Densoric, nodding. "A great cause. Truly." Then he looks back to Brie. "Why are you more afraid of your mother?"

"Because Mother can be very intimidating, as probably most people in the Haven system, at least those of them that are involved in the political stuff at that level, knows," Tristan replies for his sister, before he nods a little bit at Densoric. "Too many people there, but aside from that…" There's a grin as he hears Brienne's words, before he hands her the new ale now. "It's a start, sis. Still got a bit left, though." Spoken a bit lightly.

While Densoric explains what they had done, Brie offers an absent nod to him in response. "Not really that. Mostly him and the other worker. He's.." She drops it, changing her mind when she hears the questions of Bastien, trying to decide if he is serious or joking. "Have you ever met my mother before?" Tristans response gets a knowing nod. "She is. And I'm not so easily intimidated. Tristin gets a long suffering look. "Would you just put me out of my misery?"

Densoric looks to Bastien and offers simply, "Perhaps because she is the Head of House?" with a soft smile, likely the kindest way of putting it. He then nods to Trist and says, "There are ways to cope with larger crowds, the trick is finding the one that works best for you. Unfortunately I can only give general, mostly cliche options personally." He then looks to Brie and says, "I believe I understand what you mean then." but doesn't voice it, perhaps not wishing to make it public. At her final words he smiles softly and says, "If he does that though, then all of Haven suffers from the lack of your presence." in a soft, complimentary tone. Perhaps trying to cheer her up a bit.

Bastien laughs, and he nods. "Well," and he takes a drink of his own ale, "I certainly understand family troubles, right?" He laughs a little. "Is that why you're droning your sorrows in ale, My Lady? To forget family?"

"Come on, Brie," Tristan replies lightly to Brienne, with a wide grid. "What kind of a younger brother would I be if I didn't use this change, hmm?" Taking a sip from his ale now.

Brie's replacement ale was brought awhile back, but she hadn't immediately noticed it. Now she does though! Wrapping her hands around the mug, she sighs just before she takes a drink. The question draws thoughtful attention to the answer and after several moments of silence, she looks point blank at Bastien. "Actually, I think that's the problem. I've ignored them and avoided them for far too long. My baby brother needs me. I didn't realize it nor does he realize it just yet." Another drink from her mug. "But he will." There is a determination in those eyes as green as the forest canopy. Turning that same look to Tristan, she laughs. "You just love me owing you, don't you?"

Densoric reaches over to take another sip of his own ale, his hand remains gently against brie's back to keep her upright but little else as the ale is returned to the bar top.

Bastien tilts his head a bit at Brie, "Why did you ignore them?" And then to Tristan, "And why do you need her now?"

"He needs all of us," Tristan replies to Brienne, before he lets out a brief sigh. "I've tried a few times to get through to him, but I don't think I've succeeded." Another brief look to Bastien. "Not me, our brother," he offers. The last of his sister's words makes him grin a bit, though. "Of course. And besides, it helps you to stay alert, right? At least most of the time." A sip from his own ale now.

Wait, something was mixed up here. It takes Brie a moment to realize the mistake. "I ignored them because.. Wait, I wasn't really ignoring them, I was off squiring in the Vale. Then I was out on the battlefield. Keanen is smart, he doesn't have to be a knight to get by, he's talented in other ways." Lifting her shoulder she nods to Tris. Turning her head, she looks at Densoric. "I'm not going to fall off my chair." Is she joking? Hard to tell.

Densoric looks to bastien and says, "We all have our studies, whatever their nature, and we all need time to mature and find out who we are. One cannot be faulted for that." as though speaking from experience then adds to Brie, "Though I have seen enough to know your dedication to House and family, and you are not the only one of your House that can take such actions. The matter, if the one I am thinking of, is hardly your fault alone. The fault also lies with the one who has the problem whether its major or minor." Speaking in general terms, though for Brienne the words might mean more as she knows who her feelings apply to more then anyone else.
He then nods in agreement with tristan as though he explains his point better in fewer words. He then looks to brie and says, "Then consider it a personal indulgence you are free to punish me for later if you so wish." as his hand continues to gently prop her up.

Bastien nods, "Ah, sorry," he offers to Tristan for the confusion. He smiles at Densoric, "Of course." Returning his focus to Brienne, he asks then, "So why are you drinking yourself to happiness tonight, Lady Brienne? Sir, rather." He smiles, apologetic about that slip.

Tristan nods as he hears Brienne's words. "He's smarter than us, in many ways. If he'd want, he could manage to find his own way easily enough." A brief pause as he looks between Brienne and Densoric, and he takes another sip of his ale. Hoping there will be no tempers flaring now.

Not generally a hothead, but the damned week Brie had was enough to bring her there, especially with the terrible day, where anger, frustration and worry have all compiled to make her very volatile. His hand remaining on her back adds to it. The hand not clenching the ale folds into a fist, the only warning the Larent is bound to get. "Are you saying there's something wrong with my brother?" Of course it was different when a family member said it.. but when someone her brother blatantly disliked? Without the thought even fully forming, her fist is already swinging, directly for Lord Densoric. Sorry Bastien. Sorry Tristan, she's not immediately going to reply.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brienne=Unarmed Vs Densoric=Unarmed
< Brienne: Failure Densoric: Good Success
< Net Result: Densoric wins - Solid Victory

Densoric takes another sip of his own ale and looks to Tristan saying, "Motivation and drive plays a larger role then treatment from what I've noticed. Bad treatment can prompt great results as much as good treatment can prompt bad results. If he has the motivation and drive he will strive until he gains it. Whether he has the aid of his family or not, though help does benefit, but I can understand his reasoning I just don't agree with the results, but then I am admittedly more serious and strict on such matters then most." As there is a slight tensing in her back muscles Densoric looks to Brienne in time to see the clenching fist and as the swing is made the Lord more known for talk then action is able to show some agility as he ducks below the fist which flies missing him fully as he comes back up to a stand. It seems almost like an instinctive reaction, but has he even been given martial training?
Once standing again Densoric says, "My apology for my words, I understand they are harsh but as I said I had a bit of a strict upbringing myself." He then reaches out and attempts to try and keep Brie's arms down, not really trying to hurt her, more just trying to keep her from taking another swing, though she is stronger her drunken state might work to his advantage as he adds, "As to faults of your brother, from my observations they are the results of his own personality and views not the efforts of his family. It is possible he will mature in time, in which case my views of him will change." in a calm voice, doing his best to avoid further attacks.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Densoric=unarmed Vs Brienne=unarmed
< Densoric: Good Success Brienne: Success
< Net Result: Densoric wins - Marginal Victory

Bastien hops to his feet when the fisticuffs begin. Mostly, he's just giving them space, his face filled with a little smile, almost a bit of wonder, as he watches. He remains quiet, just observing now.

Tristan winces a bit as he sees the firsts fly, letting out a sigh as he gets off his seat, and moves over to put a hand on his sister's shoulder. "Looks like you've had enough, sis. I'll walk you home, so we don't get more trouble happening?" Spoken quite gently now.

Drunk is a harsh word. Perhaps a little fitting, but harsh. Brie had never considered what she would do if she missed, but him locking her in his arms definitely wasn't it! Muttering a few choice words, she glares at him through the mirror. "Stop preaching at me all the damned time! And let go of me!" She had warned him. She does the unexpected.. instead of fighting, she goes completely limp in his arms so he either has to hold her dead weight or release her. If he releases her, she's taking a swing again. If not, she's headbutting him.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brienne=Unarmed Vs Densoric=Unarmed
< Brienne: Success Densoric: Good Success
< Net Result: Densoric wins - Marginal Victory

Walking lazily into the taphouse, holding in one hand a half eaten banana and a two foot salami in the other is Ryan, dressed very nicely and recently shaven. There's the faint smell of cologne on him as well, but he also smells freshly showered for those that pay attention to such things. As he enters his eyes quickly spot cousins and then then happening with the lady cousin and the man with ice for eyes. He watches, to see what Ice-for-eyes does, taking a bite of banana first and then salami second.

Densoric nods to Tristan, though its anyone's guess as to why. As Brie goes limp Densoric takes a step back to use his now back leg to brace her weight better, though as her head flies at his face his own head jerks back, barely missing the collision and says, "As you wish My Lady, your brother can see you home. If you wish to demand punishment later then I offer myself in a sparring match if you still feel the need to vent your anger towards me later." He then takes the other step back, keeping his hold on her arms long enough she doesn't suddenly drop to the ground, though once she is at least balanced, or Tristan is able to take hold of her to avoid her falling Densoric then lets go and nods respectively saying, "Though for the record I'm not preaching, I am simply either trying to help, explain myself better, or the like." He then turns as though to leave unless stopped.

Bastien just watches all of this, amazed. He lifts his small, personal data pad from his pocket and takes a picture of the struggle. "Wow," he says softly to himself. He shoves the data pad back into his pocket, and then looks at Ryan as he enters. "Careful," he says to the man, trying to be helpful so no one else gets hurt.

Tristan sighs a bit now, as he steps in, trying to grab a hold of his sister to prevent her from attacking again. "Let's go, Brie. Save the punches for when you're not intoxicated." Because it's clearly the alcohol's fault that she tried to punch. And it's even more clear that it's the alcohol's fault that she's not doing a good job of the punching. "Please?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Tristan=Unarmed Vs Brienne=Unarmed
< Tristan: Success Brienne: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Well when there's no one to fight, the fight kind of leaves you. Brie watches Densoric heading out, then looks at Bastien. Then Tristan when he grabs her. No no, it's clearly the alcohols fault that she missed him. "Fine.. fine. I'll go home." A look passes to Bastien again, then.. Ryan? "Hey Ryan." A salami and a banana. Sounded like a bad prison joke. She laughs. "Tristan is making me go home."

Ryan watches for a moment, but as Ice-for-eyes tries to hand off his lady cousin Ryan's moving forward. "Brietree?" he asks towards her before his other cousin steps in as well, "Tristmist? You want me to carry her back?" Cause Ryan's um… sort of built and able to do that sort of thing after all. He takes an idle bite of banana before considering it finished and tossing it onto a passing tray. The salami gets settled under an arm and frees his hands up. He'll wait for an answer there, looking to Ice-for-eyes for another moment, "You look like that woman who's marrying my other cousin." he comments after a moment before settling on Brienne again when she speaks, "Hey… wanna talk about it when we get there?" he offers.

Densoric has left his own ale on the bar, shame it'll go to waste as he nods politely to Ryan as he makes his way towards the third Arboren saying simply, "My Lord." in a casual tone on his way to the door, though it wouldn't be hard to really stop him if anyone wanted to. To Ryan's words Densoric nods saying, "Lady Ariana Larent, my cousin, we do have the same eyes I'm told." though obviously not the same hair as Densoric seems to be the only member of House Larent who isn't blonde… At least among the Larents commonly seen.

Bastien laughs, and he shakes his head, "You guys are crazy." He heads for the door, "Get home safe, okay?" And with that, he heads out of the Tap House.

Looking between the others for a few moments now, Tristan smiles at Ryan. "I think it might help her a bit to walk, though. But if you help me to lead her back, it would be greatly appreciated. A brief smile to Brie, "Only trying to keep mother from being very unhappy with you, sis." Lowering his voice to offer something for her ears only.

"No.. I'll walk." Hearing someone mention of her needing help home. "Mom would freak out if someone carried me." Brie offers. She sees Den leaving and sighs. "Sorry Lord Densoric. I'll see you later." She seems to have mellowed. "I just want to go home and sleep."

Densoric pauses at the door and nods to Brienne and says, "We all have those points that drive us to anger, and we all have bad days." smiling softly as though all is forgiven adding, "If you still feel the need for a spar later feel free to summon me and I'll do my best between work and duties." as he turns and departs finally.

Ryan is right there to put his arm around Brie if she lets him, "Then I'll walk with you there and make sure your mother doesn't find out." He affirms, and still smells like cologne, shampoo, and salami with banana. He'll nod to Tristan as well.

Tristan smiles, "We'll both walk with you, sis. Everything will be fine, especially since you get a good night's sleep." Moving to walk with his sister and cousin now.

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