Summary: Ryan finds out that relationships, even ones that aren't public and a little distant, aren't just ice cream and snuggling.
Date: 03/01/14
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May 6th, 3014 — Arborenin Medical

Hauled out of the room by a look and a commanding act of taking his ice cream, Ryan follows the pale skinned firey red haired beauty of Dr. Jeanette d'Evoille down the hall up a flight of stairs, around a few corners and into a smaller patient's room. The door is shut, and there's a privacy lock enabled using her passcard. For a long moment the twenty-eight year old that looks twenty-one at best, just stares at the back of the door. Collecting her thoughts and calming herself before she rounds on the noble knight and gives him a glower that could make drakes want and ice bath.

Ryan, not known for catching other people's emotions or intents, cringes away from her. He looks a little afraid and helpless as he watches her. His voice fails him, not the first time but certainly each time this has happened it's like a first. Her voice, however, doesn't and it's calm… too calm. "Why didn't you tell me?" a beat, "You didn't comm when you got in, there was no word that you were on patrol, I had no idea where you were or what you were doing." she shakes, visibly, as she tries so very hard not to break down into tears.

"I-I…" Ryan can't say anything, he's frozen… this is a first for him. This right here, having to deal with the reality that someone who doesn't always know he's alright panicked that they didn't know. He's lost, he can't help and suddenly there's fear welling inside him. He sinks back against the wall and just whispers, "I didn't know…" "I didn't know…" shaking his head and wrapping his arms around himself. Pain, there's some sort of rock in his stomach and it hurts worse than the crossbow bolts that cut into him.

This gets her, she blinks at Ryan's reaction. All the charm, all the smiles, all the praise about how beautiful she is to him… the various portraits of her he's painted… all of it vanishes and before her stands what she'd known all along. He's never had a relationship like this before. How could she expect him to know? She takes a step forward and he tries to recede further into the wall. His fear tears her heart, all her anger gone just like that and now fear of her own begins to well up in her eyes in liquid form. When she gets to him, her arms wrap around him tightly.

"Jeanette," Her real name, not the adorable nicknames he'd come up with for her, and it makes her heart catch in her throat. "I'm sorry. I would make some excuse, but there isn't one. It just didn't occur to me that you'd be so worried about me." His arms wrap around her and he pulls her into him further. Wincing a little with the pain but not making a sound. She rests her head over his heart and just listens to it beating in his chest, a hand absently rubbing up and down his frame.

<Fade to black, I'm sure you'd rather not read that part>

Jeanette helps get Ryan's new bandages wrapped down, there's a smile on her lips that she's finding hard to smother. "Now, as for being worried about you… I hope you realize that I care about you." she tilts her head, "I won't become a companion, so don't ask your family about that. It's not that I don't want to be with you, it's that I'm not the sharing type." she gives him a bit of a grin, "And don't say there's plenty of you to go around… I'm very territorial."

"So then… this will come to an end one day?" Ryan looks at her for a long moment, "But… what if I don't want it to end? I really like you Jeatea… I'd ask my aunt not to get me married-" she cuts him off with a kiss and then shakes her head. "Nope, you won't be doing any sort o thing. I like you, Ry, heck I might even be in love with you… but yes this will end at some point. I will never, ever, let you compromise yourself or your family for me." she smiles. (And the scene gets a little hazy for a few moments)

When all is settled and ready to go, it's been almost two hours since she'd dragged him off to double check his condition and redo his bandages, Jeanette takes Ryan by the arm and marches him back to his room, leaving immediately afterward to try and hide her rosy cheeks and otherwise flushed appearance. There's nothing she can do about the near stupid grin on her man's face, that will hopefully be overlooked as a normal Ryan thing.

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