09.28.3013: Doctor Doctor
Summary: Doctor Delphi meets Doctor Pyotr.
Date: 14 September 2013
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The Ways of Obsidia - Obsidia, The Crescent
The Waygate plaza in Obsidia is as white as the rest of the city, kept spotless and clean. The buildings around the plaza are fronted by small shops providing food, maps, and supplies for tourists. Outside that plaza, the city is made of concentric circles of white marble buildings, filled with arches and domes. Obsidia sprawls along the cliff-top, from where the Falls flow blackly up from the ground, out and away across a plateau. At the center of the city rises the Shard, a circular fortress within a fortress. Decorative arches rise up above the peak of the Shard's dome, coming together in an airy confection. Behind the city rise the harsh volcanic peaks that typify the Crescent, but below, Mirror Lake spreads out from the foot of the Falls, with the veldt stretching out beyond it.
28 September 3013

A long shift makes for a doubly long day for Doctor Nicolo who is only just returning home now that her shift, which started a day and a half ago, is finally over. The path from the hosiptal takes her here, the waygate marking just about the halfway point between the small apartment she resides in and her place of employ. Leg already achking, the tired doc finds herself unable to make it without taking a small break and a bench is sought out, the limp to her gait growing easier to see with every step she takes.

The exodus home is about be joined. After spending the day in the pharmacy of the hospital, Pyotr is also making his way towards the waypoint, using his cane as a balance as he makes his way along, slow and steady. A raise of his brow is given towards the woman as she works out her limp and he gives a slight chuckle. "Best way to work out a cramp from a long day of work is to walk it off, sad but true."

The doctor turns to look at the man as he speaks, Pytor's voice registering to her and drawing her attention as quickly as she hears his voice. "Sadly it is not a cramp," she says gently with a patient expression to be found as well as a tired smile. "My leg was crushed. It's either I sit down and give it a chance to subside or medicate and I'm on call tonight so that really isn't an option." Her head angles to the side slightly. "I am sorry but we haven't met before, have we?"

"Crushed?" Pyotr can't help but to give a hint of a sympathetic wince. Using his cane, the doctor raps the tip of his cane against his left shin and it clacks metallically. "Could be worse. Anyway, no we haven't met yet. Doctor Pyotr Saimhann, pharmacology." Offered as he moves the case to settle back in place again, "And with whom do I have the pleasure of addressing?" His tone speaks of etiquette and training, something hinting towards noble training, at the least.

The sympathy is waved off even as Del mouths a 'thank you' to the gentleman, apologies and sympathy being a fairly regular thing in her life since the accident. Sometimes it's a bit more difficult than others to accept but tonight's a good one and she finds it easier to be gracious to the gentleman. Good thing she is, too, as he gives his name, it causing her to wince and try to rise to her feet. One is not a Saimhann without being nobility, right? Means it's very important for her to get up so she can bow. "My Lord. I am Doctor Delphi Nico…" The doctor's last name ends abruptly when she fails to get her feet under her and her bad leg collapses, about putting her on her ass on the ground. "Damit!"

"Well met, Doctor Delphi Nicodamit." Pyotr says it casually, and there's a small smirk as he moves to assist the fellow Doctor up, using his artifical leg as a brace along with the cane as he offers his hand. "Must not have happened that long ago if you're still getting used to it." he suggests with a slight frown. "It takes time to get used to. And you don't want too try to be stubborn and push too hard too fast. That has it's own reprocusions." The tap of his cane against the ground proves that.

The help is taken but begrugingly so. "No, it isn't that. The accident took place years ago. It just… sometimes I forget that I can not move as swiftly as those who do not rely on a brace for support and my center of gravity…" Between the two of them she's upright and balanced again, her face bright red. "And that's Nicolo. Sorry. Didn't get to finish my end of the introduction before I almost fell, my Lord."

Pyotr gives an amused smile. "And here I was thinking that Nicodamit was a much more interesting surname." he says as he makes sure that the woman is on her feet and straight, before letting her go. "Are you going to tell me how long it has been since you had your accident, or am I going to be forced to guess, or if I get bored one day, rooting around the personnel files." There's a shrug, he may be speaking in jest. He may be serious. It's hard to tell. His arm remains on her shoulder for a moment to keep her in place, before finally releasing her so that she can stand on her own.

"Been…" Delphi blinks and wrinkles her nose. "That is rather forward of you to threaten," she points out, not exactly pleased at having the noble man threaten to look through her files. "But since you seem to want to know that much, my Lord, it was about six years ago, or so." Not that she's exactly sure. She didn't suffer from amesia but her memory of that day is still fuzzy even then and she can't remember how long ago it has been. "What about you? You seem to be in need of aid when you're walking as well."

"Believe me, I have better things to do than file dive. That's no fun anyway." Pyotr gives a grin as he leans on his cane. "Oh. Mine? Since before I was a teenager. I'd not have to worry about it at all, but I inisisted on trying to push harder and faster than I was ready and did further damage to my leg when I was healing." Shrugging his shoulders absently, "And what is your area of expertise, Doctor Nicolo?"

Delphi settles down, her annoyance slowly ebbing once Pyotr makes it known he has no intention of looking into what probably is very private information. Sitting, she gives herself a chance to catch her breath and get over the last of her embarrassment over almost falling. "I am a trauma specialist." Which makes sense, seeing as how she went through a lot of truama herself. Very easily could have inspired her to follow that line of medicine. "More excitement than I need in my life, considering we get so many who have been injued in combat now, but I wouldn't change my field for anything."

Pyotr considers for a moment and then takes a seat across from her as he folds his left leg over his right and lifts his pants leg to expose the cybernetic leg on his left lower. "Considering that the Hostiles were coming for a while, it is probably a safe field to have considered, personal inspiration nonwithstanding." A shrug of his shoulders is offered. "Personally, I went with pharmacology."

A casual glance is given to that limb, its make observed but then dismissed as one she is not familiar with. She is the doctor who is more likely to remove limbs instead of fitting one for prostetic arms and legs and other parts, after all. "Pharmacology is a very important field, my Lord. How do you enjoy it," she asks, her gaze drifting from his leg to his face.

Reaching up to rub the side of his face, across his tattoo, Pyotr considers the question for a moment. "It's a field I've always been interested with. How man has taken what grows naturally in the fields of the worlds and made it as their own, improved it in most cases, or made it more dangerous, and how we have emulated drugs to enhance or heal or otherwise soothe ourselves. I do enjoy seeing what makes it happen and reactions. Perhaps, someday, I will have my own item on the shelf." he says with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Ah. Yes. The dream of everyone who works with pharma. It is an admirable desire, Lord Pyotr. I do hope it is a dream you can make come true for you." There's a light laugh and she actually reaches out, patting him on the hand if it seems like he'll be alright with being touched by a citizen in such a fashion. "For myself, all I can hope to do is save as many lives as I possibly can. Which I guess is equally important when compared to your work. We do seek to do the same thing, after all - saving lives - we just go about it in dfferent ways."

There's a blink as his hand is touched and Pyotr withdraws his hand to reach into his bag. Taking out a small bottle, he applies gel liberally, and rubs it in, the smell of cleaning alcohol thick for a moment. Germaphobe, perhaps? Pyotr offers an apologetic glance as he rises to his feet. "I'm sorry, Doctor. I think I have may have made a mistake. I am not a romantic or a dreamer by any stretch of the imagination. I know that someday I will have a breakthrough in my research - my brother's plans to marry me off notwithstanding." he chuckles at that. "I believe I met my future on that front the other night, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. And I did agree to meet her for dinner, it seems I owe some apologies for my behavior. Not everyone is so accepting off being told how things are." Another shrug as he moves to rise to his feet. "Don't push yourself to rise and bow. Your leg may buckle again." With one last chuckle, he starts towards the way station, glancing at his comm with a sigh.

Ah. She should have asked, it looks like. "I am sorry." When he looks like he is about to leave she almost rises but stops when told not to worry about doing so. "It was a pleassure to meet you, Lord Pyotr. I do hope we can have a chance to talk again soon." Her own leg feeling better, Delphi does rise but only so she can finish the trip home.

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