05.14.3014: Diving In
Summary: Canis and Ines discuss her children and the life of memory
Date: 5-7 January, 3014
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Canis Ines 

Honor's Keep, The Family House
The courtyard swimming pool
14 May, 3014

Like most noble families, there is a full staff on hand, and part of the staff is an army of servants dedicated to care of children. A couple of nannies are currently looking after Ligonier children, while they play in the pool of the main house. Among them are Ines's five, splashing and cheering as the inflated rubber ball is batted over a net. Nigel is already loving water, although he's being held in the lap of a nanny who sits on a step of the pool, and pushes little floaty toys at him.

Standing back from the railing, in the shadows of a walkway above, the Heir to House Ligonier stands, arms wrapped around her waist and unbound curls cascading around her head. The dark eyes follow the children, returning often to the toddler as he giggles and claps his hands in the water, splashing the face of his caretaker.

It seems that the nobles of the family are gathering well the usual ones who are close it would seem. Canis approaches his sister down the corridor though he can look over to the children nephew and nieces in turn as they play and cannot help but allowing a grin come to his face at this bit of relaxation. "Going to dive in Ines?" he will say once he's close enough not to have to raise his voice much.

The cloud of hair partially obscures her face, and Ines doesn't turn right away at the sound of her brother's voice. Nor does she speak for long moments, but when she does, it's after a ragged sigh leaves her. "Not yet," she replies, her voice unsteady.

Canis looks on at the silence before the answer and his face falls especially when she doesnt laugh or smile or anything his eyes follows her up to down trying to find something out of place. The young man crosses to her swiftly enough though he response not helping. He is concerned now most certainly "Ines, what's wrong?" his voice is lowered not wishing the others to hear.

There's a quick shake of the head, and then Ines raises one hand to her face. Long fingers brush at her cheek, and then she crosses her arms again with a sigh. "Acadia woke up crying last night. She's afraid she's forgetting Nigel." The woman is unable to maintain a steady voice as her fingers curl more tightly, digging into her waist as if to try and create a physical pain to offset the emotional agony. "She misses him, and we spent at least half an hour remembering things they did together, until she fell back asleep."

The young man looks to his sister a moment realizing something isnt right even before he asked. Canis listens to the words looking back with a frown coming to his face "Of course she wont forget him. None of us will and we'll teach those we must." he will say though he does close the gap the rest of the way and wraps his arms around his sister in a tight hug.

Ines shakes her head. "We will. We won'tbe able to recall his face as well as time passes, and all the holograms will be only a poor copy of the man." She lets her head fall onto her brother's shoulder, forehead pressing just before the slope towards the arm. "And that's all Nigel G will ever know of his father. He was barely born…"

Canis squeezes his sister once she's wrapped up "It's unfair I know, but by our memories and stories of valor and who he was he wont be forgotten." he seems certain of his words "The children will have some of his features they will live on." he says all this trying to soothe a hurt he knows that only time will close. "Well will teach him Ines together." he says "Your not alone ever, i'm here to help always."

Uncurling her arms, Ines wraps them around Canis instead. "I will forget. In time… the exact curve of his shoulder, the particular hue of his eyes… they'll be lost to me." Her breath flows heavily down the front of his tunic. "Marie is trying to be all grown up and take care of the twins. I'm worried about her… she's trying so hard to be grown up because she's the oldest, I don't think she's actually grieved for her father. I'm worried she's bottling it all up. The twins have been getting more physical in their play and seem to be working overly hard at having fun to prove that they're okay. But they still have nightmares. Despite my efforts, Phillippe found an Infosphere feed from Amran."

The young knight will hold onto his sister as she speaks taking in the words she speaks. Canis shakes his head "I do not believe you will forget, you will live on because you are strong enough to do so Ines." he had seen the information on Amran and none of it was good and so he winces. "Maybe I can take them on an outing? Get them away for a little while? To the carnival perhaps. I know i've been busy with knight things, but they should know i'm here for them always."

"Canis," Ines says quietly, gently. "It is because I will live on that I will forget. Do you remember the exact color of the first, old horse that Father put you on when you were old enough to ride? Time… blurs the details." She sighs. "How can I explain to the children that it's okay, that not remembering what their father looks like is okay, they just need to remember what he was to them, what they did together?" Leaning back, she brings the heel of her hand to her cheek, rubbing it upwards and pausing at the lower lid of her eye. "I think the twins would love a trip to the carnival. Marie's been working really hard, she wants to win the youth distance course at the Regatta this year, so I promised I'd take her out this afternoon." She turns to look back down to the girl who's just about to reach her teenage years. "I think she wants to do it for Nigel." A calming breath is expelled. "I really need to find a knight for her."

Canis will look back to his sister though still standing close. He ponders the question about his first horse but will shake his head to the answer "I suppose not but I do remember him all the same." He does understand what she's saying at last. "I would gladly take them to the carnival, and I can help with sailing if you need it too." the knight will offer though the last part will get a bit of thought. "What about Lord Garus? We've remained fairly close from my days as a child. I could speak to him?"

There's a rueful smile as Canis understands her, although she doesn't turn towards him. She repeats the clearing motion of heel of hand to cheek with other hand on the other side of her face, then she moves the back of her hand to press underneath her nose. One sniffle in and then a sigh and her hand lowers. "It is all right. I wouldn't want you to teach Marie the best way to tip over," she teases, pulling her humor back. "Lord Sir Garus?" she finally turns to look at Canis. She's quiet as the idea mulls around behind the calm, dark eyes. "He is Leonnida, it would be a good reassurance from our part that our loyalty stands unwavering to our liege if we were to petition for my daughter to squire in their house."

The young man rolls his eyes at her words "Very funny ah my loving sister the comedian." Canis will smirk however after a moment "I've not tipped over since you made me that one time. Remember Canis look at the dolphin *splash*." he laughs at the memory though her words about the knight get a nod "It would indeed, and he is a decent knight i've fought along side him two or three times myself." he will add his first hand knowledge.

Ines's eyes open wide in innocence. "I have no idea what you are talking about," she replies. "You were just sore at losing the race, and will make up any excuse for not having finished." She grins and leans her shoulder to his as she looks down to the courtyard pool again, almost having composed herself. "I will send him a formal request. However, if you would like to speak with him, and let him know our interest, perhaps put a good word in for your neice, that would be appreciated."

Canis laughs a little more but nods "That must be it." he agrees with her though it's definately light hearted glad to see her mood improving even if he can only do it in bits it's worth it to see her smile. The knight reaches out placing his arm around her still while they look back down towards the children at play chuckling as they splash about. "I will speak to him of course I dont think he'll have a problem with it as long as he's not training someone actively."

Ines gives a hm, and her fingers lace together, arms falling loosely in front of her. "Maybe I should wait for you to find out if he has anyone first. Would have a little egg on my face to make a request if he already has someone." She takes a deep breath, the straightens, and looks to her brother. "All right, then. I'll let you give the twins the good news and shoo them off to get cleaned up and changed. They're your charges until dinner. Meanwhile, I'll put Nigel down for his nap, and take Marie out for her sail. Acadia has her art play group this afternoon, so she will be fine." Her hands separate, swinging to her sides in preperation for walking down the nearby stairs and making her presence known.

"I will speak to him as soon as I am able." Canis will say and he knows it's important so he'll try to do it sooner rather than later if it can be helped. The talk about the twins gets him to turn back looking more formal though it's all a show he adds "Yes Ma'am brought back in tip top shape of course." though he smiles and will lean over and kiss her cheek "We'll work everything out as a family we always have." he will prepare to move down with the other to announce the trip.

Leaning her cheek against the kiss with a smile, Ines is the calm, cool, collected Heir of Ligonier as they reach the top of the stairs. "Of course we will," she replies, reaching down to squeeze Canis's hand. She glances over. "I will be all right. Honest. Those first few weeks were dark, and almost… suffocating. But I've made it through them. The rest will take time." She nods, the smile remains in place, and she turns ahead to her children.

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