07.01.3013: Dissecting the Dissections
Summary: Cedric finds Lyrienne seeking solace in the chantry, Talayla looking to do the same. A discussion over the culture of Hostile's way of thinking comes about. Discussions ensue.
Date: July 01 2013
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The Grand Chantry
The air on Primus is parched, dry enough to almost crackle. Or perhaps it is the sense of reverence and power that fills the soaring spaces of the Grand Chantry. The nave stretches nearly one hundred meters from the soft glow of the always-open Waygate to the altar where the transepts stretch out perpendicular to the nave, each running another thirty meters from the altar and forming a cruciform floorplan.

At the point where the transepts meet the nave, a dome soars high into the dry air, pierced near the top by small windows that throw light onto mirrors where it bounces down and around the open space. Along the sides of the nave are tall aisles, allowing the easy passage of people around the worshipers in the center. Tall, thin windows draw in even more light in from the landscapes of Primus, making the Grand Chantry nearly glow from marble paving slabs to vaulted ceiling and from Waygate to the gilded statues of the Six behind the altar.

July 01 3013

Lyrienne is not, in general, a particularly religious person. She follows the traditions she's expected to, is a good example of a member of the royal family, and rarely goes to the chantry of her own accord. After waking up screaming again, though, she left the kids with her parents and took a trip to the Grand Chantry. Given her uncle's recent passing, there's not really anything unusual about her presence here. She even wears a black armband. She doesn't kneel, instead simply sitting in a pew and staring up at the dome with a faint frown.

Back when they were wed, Cedric fought being married in the chantry, and has only rarely stepped foot in one, though he's never stopped his wife from taking the kids if she ever felt so inclined. Much like most Orelle, the Captain little time for matters of faith, stating he doesn't need 'invisible sky wizards' judging him. Or their guilt. Or their rules. So it was only hearing from his father-in-law that Lyri had dropped the kids off and went to the chantry draws him enough pause to make him go after. And upon entering, he doesn't look very comfortable, maybe it's accusing stares of statues. But he moves through the pews until eyeing the figure he was looking. Wordlessly, he takes a seat. He's silent for a few moments before finally speaking. "You alright?"

"Ric?" Lyrienne looks down at the sound of his steps, a small, wavering smile flickering before she scoots closer and settles herself against him, burying her face in his shoulder. "Not really, no," she says quietly, taking a slow breath. "Another dream. Worse than the others. And it ended with the sign of the chantry, burned on my brow. Which was a bit hard to see, what with half my skull missing and my brains hanging out." She swallows.

As with what Cedric always does when Lyrienne has a dream, he listens. Even the description of grisly details doesn't ellicit much of reaction save a blink of the eyes. "That's…something." he states quietly. "I wondered if the Awakened of the last war had dreams like these." Probably something he research in due time. He's never been good at dealing with her dreams, about the only thing he can do is be supportive. "Is there anything I can do?" he asks, shifting so she can be more comfortable.

"I don't think so," Lyrienne shakes her head, though she seems grateful for his presence, for the contact. "I wish I knew what it was trying to tell us. What the dreams meant. But I'm just not that good yet. All I can do is guess. And I don't understand it. It's like they're looking for something inside of us. I thought it was inside the Awakened, but now I'm not sure. Now I'm wondering if it isn't something inside of all of us."

"I don't think any of were really supposed to know." Cedric notes. "The idea of preciving the future, well…according to physics, it's impossible. It goes in a lot of theoretical physics about wether or not the future exsists because it hasn't happened yet and…" he laughs weakly. "..that's not really helping much is it? Alright. Well, I will say this; I think what you're seeing is possibilities. Possibilties of an infinite numbers of futures on a infinite number of Havens with an infinite number of Lyreinne Orelles." He doesn't point out that the result of what she saw could be happening to alternate version of herself in another alternate reality. Doubt that'd help any. "It could just be symbolism too." he offers. "If it is symbolism, what do you think it means? The chantry symbol? The disembowlment."

"I think…" Lyrienne frowns faintly, shifting to set her chin on his shoulder. "I think they're looking for our souls, Ric," she finally says quietly. "And I know that probably seems silly to you. But I think it seems silly to them, too. They're looking for something inside of us. From what I'm hearing about every run in with them, they're taking us apart. They're experimenting on us. They're not just killing, like it's a battle. They're looking for something. And I thought it was what makes us Awakened, but after this, with the chantry symbol, I can't help but wonder if they're actually looking for our souls."

"Souls?" Cedric raises a brow. "That's…interesting. Looking to find something intangible in what most people who subscribe to that idea as intangible." Thoughtful, he gives it a minute to ponder over. "I've been hearing reports of things like that. Nothing concrete, but I suppose that makes a bit of sense, if you think about it. Hostiles are machines, grafted with organic parts. Or perhaps the other way around. If they were machines that started adding bits and organic peices to them, I wonder if this is some vain attempt at trying to find…eh, for lack of a better word…humanity. Or maybe their just doing what do them. Experiment on each other trying to find out what makes the other tick. Could be little more than trying to find a tactical advantage, though the chantry part does seem to negate that idea, doesn't it."

"They were people. Or at least that's what we've always been told. But they've added so much else to themselves now," Lyrienne muses. "Maybe they've lost their souls, and forgot where they came from." She lowers her brow against his shoulder, letting out a slow breath. "I should mention it to someone. I just don't know who," she murmurs. "There's no Awakened on the council now. Emund's going to be busy."

"I don't think you're the only Awakened that had that dream. I'm sure there's somebody high up who has already informed the council about it." Cedric offers. "I think a lot of our assumptions about Hostiles is just guesswork. I really don't know if we'll ever really figure what or who they really were before all this over. At least, not until we've gone to their world. See what that's like. If they even have a culture or soceity, and if they do, what it's even like. If it's the matter of wether or not they have souls, I dunno. I'm already doubtful on the matter if we have them or if they even exsist at all in anyone. In the end, they might be just as clueless as we are. We live in a world of grays, where we can believe in something we don't see. Maybe the Hostiles live in more black and white, and the idea of a unanswerable question drives them batty."

Lyrienne and Cedric are sitting in a pew, though Lyrienne seems to be taking strength from her husband's presence, resting her head against his shoulder. "I'm sure I'm not the only one," she agrees quietly. "I know. But…I just don't know if anyone has the same thoughts, or same ideas. And it was a terrifying dream. I'm so tired of-" She takes a deep breath, tightening her hand on his. "I'm almost afraid to go to sleep anymore."

Outdated. Replaced. The recording echoes around Tal's thoughts. She drifts in to the Chantry, looking a little dazed. She's not the most devout Orelle to ever devout, but the idea of an entire pantheon… She shakes her head. Something about it just seems so disconcerting. Her right hand and forearm are in a sling and cast, with a signature or two. Then, she hears a slightly familiar voice and heads towards the pews. "… huh. Um. Sorry." Oops. Totally nosy, that.

"Start thinking like that, and you'll go crazy, Lyri." Cedric replies. "And you can't stop sleeping, obviously." There's worry tugging at the corners of his mouth, especially when there's nothing he can really do on the matter. "Look, I know it might not help, but the Intent is due for repair for a couple of days. I'll spend with you as much as I can. I can't say the dreams will stop, but I'd rather you not be alone to deal with it." Turning his head around, he's a bit surprised to his sister there. "Tally?" he blinks. "Didn't expect to see you here."

"I'll be glad for the time with you, either way," Lyrienne murmurs, a faint smile curving. Before she can say more, though, Talayla arrives, and she arches a brow at the sling and cast. "Talayla, what happened to you?" she asks, concern in her voice.

Talayla seems concerned, eyes widening a bit. "Huh? Oh, um. Just something was bothering me, that's all," She admits. She smiles weakly. "I was surprised to see you too, big brother." She seems duly respectful and happy enough to see one of her siblings. "How are you two…?" She pauses. A look to Lyrienne. "Um. Funny story, actually…" Uh oh. "I didn't mean to intrude on your guys' time together." She seems aware that it's precious to a captain.

"Yeah…me too." Cedric notes in regards to his being here in a church. "I still feel like I'm about to spontaneously combust any minute. Oh yeah, seems like you're not the only one with stuff on their mind. Let me guess, an Awakened dream?" he asks before Lyri's questions finally gets him to draw attention to his sister's arm. "Not all. How about you tell us the story about getting that little boo-boo."

"No, nothing to intrude on," Lyrienne agrees with a small smile for Talayla, sliding down a bit to make room for the other woman. "I was just trying to come to terms with the latest dream." She looks to the cast again, rueful. "It seems as though everyone is searching out danger lately."

She pauses. Talayla tilts her head. "Sort of. Not just that." She shakes her head. "Have you ever heard of a Hostile talking before?" She asks quietly. She smiles back to Lyrienne. "Thank you." And will carefully park herself. "Umm. Sir Flint Grantham fell when a Hostile hit him, so I went to help him up and promptly got a polearm through my hand." She leaves out the part about the sonic tentacles for now. "… because no matter what story I think of, you're not gonna buy it." Sadface.

"Oh hell." Cedric sighs, tilting his head to the side. "You haven't shown mom that, have you?" he asks. "She'll lose her damn mind if she sees you in a cast." Pinching the bridge of his nose as he listens to the story, he tries not to look -too- upset. "So, you went out into combat then, right." That's not so much of a question as it is a statement. "Tally, I know I can't exactly stop you from going out and fighting but…you don't have any real combat training do you? Besides, what made you want to go out there anyways?" Concern for his sister is currently overriding the information about talking Hostiles.

"The one I ran into only tried to order us to put down our weapons, but we didn't exactly have a conversation," Lyrienne shakes her head to Talayla, then quiets to let Cedric have his discussion with his sister. She already had one with hers about the same thing, she did her duty.

Oh dear. Talayla winces. "No. I spent Midsummer with Sir Barton and visited a few places. I had no idea the Arboren were okay with fire dancers in their trees." It seems to strike Talayla as a fast way to losing one's kingdom. "Yeah… I felt like I should help. Since I have weird powers and all." She looks to him. "I was worried about some people, I think." She seems to want to help out. "That's all. I was in the back with the archers. Behind the tall, burly armor havers," She explains. "I wasn't gonna let Sir Flint get /squished/. That's inhumane." She pouts a little. "And my spells worked just fine."

Cedric just sighs. "Again, I'm not going to stop you from taking part in that, just…" A shrug. "Be careful, alright? I figure I only ever had to concern myself with Benedict being the other one fighting." Now finally, the bit about talking Hostiles clicks in his head. "Heard of it? Well, beyond what Lyri told me that first time, no, I hadn't ever heard of it. Why? Did you hear anytihng?"

"Hey, don't worry. We worry about you too," She smiles to Cedric. "I know you're really good at boat stuff and all." Talayla offers. "I don't think I'm going to go full time on it or whatever. I just - felt like I was there. They had hostages." She looks blank for a moment. "A couple of things. But this is super secret squirrel stuff. And I mean it." She looks concerned, glancing around. "One of them came out with a toddler and threw it at Sir Erik, once it figured out people would aim carefully. Like 'take it' or something. Take? It was hard to hear or see." A pause. "Did you see the news… about what they were doing?"

"Saw enough to be disturbed by it." Cedric replies, noticed that Lyrienne has more or less fallen asleep on his shoulder. "But I can't exactly show that kind of thing around Lyri. Experimentaing on humans. Well, we've done the same to them, suspose it was to be expected sooner or later. Though I wonder if they did that in the Second War." Finally, nods in resignation. "Just don't try to go making a target out of yourself -too- much, eh?"

Talayla nods. "It was all true," She remarks quietly. "I stayed back and helped someone unconscious onto their mount. Sir Nikomachos would know more," She explains. "He and some of the others were waaaaaaaaaay up front," She adds. She seems sensible enough and smiles to Cedric. "I don't. I'm in the back with the archers. Or I was. Seemed smart since I wasn't in a giant set of honking metal armor…" She considers. "I was just frightened when I saw Sir Grantham fall. I wasn't gonna let 'im get squished," She frowns. "But… if you promise not to record this in the infosphere or whatever… there's one thing that did bother me even more. Lord Nitrim told us and was likely going to meet with the Chantry folk to talk about it."

"It was brave of you help out Sir Grantham. I've heard he's a decent man and knight." Cedric nods quietly. "I might have to ask Sir Nikomachos about it when I see him next, if only out of curiosity." He makes a slash mark over his heart. "I won't breathe a word of it."

Talayla glances around. "When Lord Nitrim was fighting on Niveus, he said one of the Hostiles spoke. That it mentioned the Six being obsolete and replaced after he told them off." Pause. "That's about right. They think they might be watching our InfoSphere. But." She puts her finger to her lips. "Others might be trying to watch back. We wanted to see more first. If you can, watch out for any odd data usage or access."

"You know, I never thought I'd actually agree with the Hostiles on anything." Cedric muses lightly. "Distrubing though, them speaking. But, it makes sense. You watch your enemy, learn about them. It makes perfect sense that they'd be monitoring our transmission, even if it's just boring InforSphere crap about movies and culture. Still…I'll keep an eye out."

"The universe is a big place. There's room for believers, athiests, agnostics and many flavors of personal religion. That's fine. It's just disturbing that THAT is what came up," She considers. Talayla nods. "Just - if anything weird or anomalous pops up. And yeah, I would watch, too, I guess." She is thoughtful a moment. "That's most of it. Odd that they held a baby hostage to see what we'd do then chuck it at someone." Sigh and a headshake. "I am sorry I upset you." She remarks quietly. "I did not mean to make you guys worry."

"Maybe they're testing us. Trying to figure out the…human condition. What makes us, well, 'us', you know?" Cedric offers, though he doesn't seem exactly sure. "There's something about it. Questioning our faith, wanting to see what we'd do with a infant. These are very…human traits, aren't they? Do Hostiles have a religion? Do they have children? Are these concepts they idolize or abhored by? They could've killed the child, but didn't? Why? Does that prove they have empathy, or was it something to test us and observe the results of?" He shakes his head. "But…I'm no philosopher. And you didn't really upset me so much as worry me, Tally."

Talayla nods. "Picking us apart, I guess." She considers. "It would tell them a lot about how to deal with us. But I think we're just too slippery. Plenty of people don't follow the rules and just as many do," She shrugs. "They killed lots of others besides the child." She taps her chin. "And it's okay. In that case, I am sorry I worried you. You and Lady Lyrienne are important to me, even if I'm usually off somewhere." Quiet, that is. "And I bet she had that awful dream too…"

"Sure, we are. Indiguality is what makes us unique, even if we don't always agree." Cedric looks away, frowning. "That seems to be more often than I'd like to admit." Looking back, he nods. "She did, it's what she's here. I do what I can, but…as a non-Awakened, all I can really do is support and listen. Maybe that's all I really can do."

Talayla nods and peers over. "I see. It must be tough." She considers. A frown. "That's okay. That's all we can do, too. And make note of it to glean what we can." She shrugs. "But I think that just means you're a good husband too, right? They said my hand would take about a week to mend up. So I'll probably have my friend help me work on my fall brew. Young Lord Declan seems intent on figuring out if I really do use flavor lasers." She is wry. Then a pause. "But you know. If I can ever help, just ask." Nod.

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