08.18.3013: Disobeying Orders
Summary: Elodie finds Sammel after the battle that interrupted the reception.
Date: 19 August, 2013
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Elodie Sammel 

Hospital room
Typical hospital room with a bed, medical monitors, and a Cindravale Knight.
18 August, 3013

It wasn't that way he expected to end up after his brother's wedding. While Sammel might have expected that some of the day would be spent in bed, it was not one in a hospital he had thought about. But that's where he is, as he looks around with a bit of a sigh, shaking his head a little to himself now.

Having been kept inside with the field surgeons at the triage this time, Elodie has been emotionally chafing with impatience as she finished her patients to move on and find Sammel. She's wearing her naval uniform, with the white armband bearing the red cross, and her house patch of Iah on her left breast. Finally, she makes it to her knight's bed side, and leans down to kiss him on the cheek as she takes his hand. "Hm, I seem to remember giving you strict instructions not to get hurt until I was out there to take care of you," she reminds him with a smile, settling on the edge of his bed.

Unable to hold back a bit of a smile as Elodie arrives at his bedside, he offers her a grin now. "Sorry. I think this one Hostile got a little angry that I took out one of his friends…" A brief pause, and a sigh, "But I seem to remember you giving me those instructions as well, now that you mention it…"

"Yes, well, if his friends wouldn't be so rude as to interrupt a wedding party…" Elodie responds, then trails off with a grin. "Think we should tell the Hostiles they are not invited to our reception?"

"Yes, well, if his friends wouldn't be so rude as to interrupt a wedding party…" Elodie responds, then trails off with a grin. "Think we should tell the Hostiles they are not invited to our reception? Just to be sure they don't try to crash our party?"

"Well, it would depend… If Johana and Erik had told them, and this is how they reacted…" It's spoken rather lightly, as Sammel chuckles briefly, before he winces a little. "I wonder why they always seems to be going for my chest…"

Elodie gives a sympathetic wince for Sammel as the chuckle twinges the injury, and gets up to go to the foot of his bed for his chart to see what is actually wrong. It seems this time she put greeting her husband-to-be ahead of checking on his vitals. "Maybe we need to reinforce your armor, or perhaps the Cindravale crest is 'bullseye' in Hostile, and we just don't know it." She clips the chart back into place, then moves up to her place next to him again.

Sammel nods a lirttle as he hears that. "Maybe straightening the armor would be the right way to go. I'm not sure…" A brief pause as he looks to where the chart is. "How dooes it look?" he asks, a bit quietly now.

"Or maybe not getting hit," Elodie suggests, smiling again, knowing the futility of that particular endeavor. She shrugs one shoulder at his question. "You aren't in any real danger, it appears. Your vital organs are intact, if a little bruised. Everything should knit back together properly. No Name is going to miss being exercised for a couple of days, though."

"I'm trying not to get hit," Sammel replies, with a brief pause, before he sighs a bit, "Every now and then, it might seem that way, though." He lets out another sigh now. "Getting sleepy…" he mutters.

Elodie chuckles. "Sometimes I wonder if you're throwing yourself on their weapons so you can get my attention," she teases. Then she squeezes his hand. "You should be getting sleepy with what they've pumped into you. I'll sit with you until you fall asleep. And I'll see you in the morning," she adds reassuringly.

"If so, who could blame me, hmm?" Sammel asks, offering a brief grin now. Squeezing her hand in return, he adds, "But there are better ways to to get your attention, I think…" Nodding at the last part, he offers a bit of a smile. "Thanks…" Eyes starting to close a bit more now.

Elodie gives a smile and nods. "Yes, there are," she agrees, her voice low and quiet, and perhaps, for the first time, a tiny bit suggestive. But she does nothing, and says nothing more. "Quiet, now. Sweet dreams."

Sammel smiles, eyes closing a bit further. "Good night…" he manages to get out, before falling asleep.

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