03.22.3014: Dinner is Ready
Summary: Sammel comes home to find his wife has been trying her hand at cooking
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Elodie Sammel 

Elodie and Sammel's penthouse
Soon to come
22 March, 3013

Early evening finds Sammel making his way into the gardens, from the lift leading to this level. He is humming a little to himself as he does, stepping further into the area now.

"Douley!" the call comes across the garden although the owner of the voice is yet to be seen. "Douley! Where…" there's a lowering of the voice as it begins muttering things best left unintelligible.

Sammel pauses as he hears that call, looking around in an attempt to locate the kitten in question. "Hey, Douley… Come here…" Called out a bit more quietly as he looks around for the feline now.

The leaves rustle, and the little red one pops out in front of Sammel. With a mew, he trots on over and rubs against the man's legs, asking to be picked up.

"Hey…" Sammel says, bowing down to pick up Douley now. "Have you been running off an hiding again, hmm?" Petting the cat now as he moves in the direction of where he heard the call for the cat earlier.

At the sound of another voice, Elodie comes around a bend in the garden, to see the cat rubbing his head underneath Sammel's chin. She gives a sigh and a little shake of her head with a smile. "Are you happy, now? You found Sammel?" She gives a little chuckle as she walks over, resting her hands lightly on his forearm to lift on tiptoes to give the knight his 'welcome home' kiss. "Dinner's almost ready. If it hasn't burned while I was out here looking for this scoundrel." She runs her fingers down Douley's back, her tone light and teasing.

Sammel smiles at the kiss, slipping an arm around her as he kisses her in return. "Let's hope our dear little scoundrel hasn't made sure dinner is burned, then." Gently petting the cat, before he adds, "What's for dinner, then. Or is that a surprise?"

Elodie gives a little shrug as she settles into Sammel's are for the walk back. "I made some beef stew, and tried my hand at some 'drop biscuits' they're called," she replies. "I've been told it's all easy enough that even I can't mess it up."

Sammel smiles as he hears that, nodding a little bit. "Sounds good," he replies. "Lead the way to the meal." Spoken quite lightly, before he adds, "I hope your day was good?"

Having found Sammel, Douley climbs up the man's shoulder to perch there proudly while they walk back to their apartments. "I did," she affirms. "Still a little twinge now and then…" she glances around as they reach their door. "I gave Mr. Wolf the afternoon off, and stayed up here. Had a hot bath, relaxed."

Nodding a bit as he listens, Sammel smiles, "I'm sure Mr. Wolf will enjoy getting some time off. And hot baths and relaxation never goes wrong." Moving to open the door so he can hold it for her now. "As long as one's healthy when one enjoys the relaxation, of course."

Elodie chuckles and shakes her head at him. "I am… honest," she tells Sammel as she walks ahead of him when he holds the door. "I have a clean bill of health. I think Mr. Wolf does enjoy getting some time off, now." She grins back over her shoulder as she heads towards the kitchen. "I think our Mr. Wolf is smitten."

"That's good. The wound you took scared us all a bit, after all." Sammel replies a bit quietly, before he nods a little, pausing at that last. "Oh?"

Elodie nods. "When he told me about his trips to Obsidia before we were married," she says, deciding not to speak of her injury. "He said there was a girl there he used to like to walk with, and that he was protecting her when he was injured. He says her name is Klaudea. I think he likes to visit her on his time off."

Sammel smiles as he hears that, nodding a bit. "Ah, that's quite nice," he replies, as he makes his way over towards the kitchen area as well. A brief pause, before he adds, "I think I've met the girl. At that training exercise Lady Anabethe held at Volkan, or something."

Elodie glances over to Sammel as opens the door to the oven and pulls out the biscuits. "Have you? What do you think?" The biscuits are laid on the counter to cool while she goes to stir the stew.

"A squire, I believe. She seemed capable in the fighting. Dented my armor a bit, I believe." Sammel replies, with a smile, before he adds, "The food smells quite nice."

Elodie shakes her head. "Did you miss having Hostiles dent your armor so much you had to go out and get a girl to dent it for you?" Looking over, she grins at him as she speaks. "Do you want to set the table? I think it's ready."

Sammel is unable to hold back a chuckle as he hears that. "No, not really. I guess it's everyone's favorite entertainment, though." He then grins, as he moves to set the table now. "Excellent. I'll make sure to get that done," he offers.

Elodie chuckles at her husband, then gives a snap to her fingers, "no, Douley. Off the counter," she remonstrates, and the red feline gives her a glare for her rudeness as he slinks to the floor. Serving up two bowls of the stew and putting the biscuits on a plate, she turns the stew down to low and covers it to keep it warm. She carries them all out to the table, setting the biscuits between them, and then the bowls at their places.

"Sorry, Douley," Sammel remarks, a bit lightly, before he smiles again at the smells of the food. "It's smelling quite good," he offers now.

Elodie gives a little nervous smile to Sammel. "I hope it tastes good." She picks up her spoon, and then takes a bite.

Sammel smiles as he takes a bite of the stew as well now. Taking a few moments to let the taste fill his mouth, before he nods, "Quite good," he offers.

Elodie chews her own bite, and nods. "I may learn to cook," she offers emboldened. After taking another couple bites, "oh, do you want butter for your biscuits? I forgot the butter."

Sammel smiles, "Some butter sounds quite good, yes." Getting to his feet. "I'll get the butter," he offers, heading to get hold of it.

Already in the act of pushing back her chair, Elodie stops, and smiles. "Thank you." She settles back in. "So, what do you think of the political ads Niko and Sir Solon have put out?"

"I don't know," Sammel replies, as he brings the butter back and seats himself. "Politics tend to be dangerous business, after all." Taking another bite of his food now, he shakes his head a little. "In a way more so than the battlefield."

Elodie nods slowly as she reaches for the butter to spread on her biscuit. "It is. But doesn't it also have an impact on the battlefield? The Hawks and the Doves and which way the Citizens will go?" She looks over towards him as she lifts her biscuit for a bite.

Sammel nods a little, as he reaches for a biscuit, and then some of the butter. "It does. I just never had the patience for the politics, I guess." Spreading the butter on the biscuit now.

Elodie shakes her head. "Me, neither. But… I feel there's more at stake in politics, now. Before it was just things like tax and trade and scientific advancements. Now it's going to be about troops and strategy."

Sammel nods, letting out a bit of a sigh. "True. As well as those people that believe we should try to negotiate a peace with them, I guess." Shaking his head a little, as he takes a bite of the biscuit now.

Elodie winces at that idea. "Well, it would be nice to negotiate a peace. But how do you figure it can be done when they are so bent on our destruction?" She gives her head a shake and continues to eat.
After some more talking of politics and household gossip, Elodie grins as she sets aside her napkin. "So…" she stands and leans over to wrap her arms around his neck, sliding behind his chair. "What do you say we do the dishes later?" She grins as her lips come close to his ear. "Ronan is apparently quite impatient for a niece or nephew to spoil."

Pausing for a few moments as she moves behind his chair, Sammel smiles as he hears what's being said. "Well, we wouldn't want the impatience to get worse, would we?" he replies, before he adds, "And I'm sure nobody will be angry if we leave the dishes for a little while, right?"

Elodie nuzzles and then nips at his ear. "The only one who would notice is Douley… and he might even be inclined to clean them." She runs her hands down his strong arms looking for his hands to pull him to his feet.

Smile widening a bit both at the nuzzling and the nip at his ear, then as he's pulled to his feet. "As a matter of fact, Douley might actually enjoy doing the dishes?" Letting himself be pulled along now.

Walking backwards, Elodie draws Sammel towards the door that leads to the sleeping rooms. "He just might enjoy being helpful for once," she agrees. She pulls her husband closer, leaning up to find his lips with hers to express her intent in another way while her hand reaches for the door and pulls it open.

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