11.01.3013: Dinner in Obsidia
Summary: Just a quiet dinner with a guest.
Date: November 01, 3013
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Formal Dining Room, Obsidia
It's a large table in the formal dining room

The dinner is prepared, a meal all set to be delivered to the formal dining room. Places are set and the wine is chilled. Ana, wearing a gossamer number that clings lovingly to her slender frame, with not even a hint of a baby bump as of yet, is holding a glass of apple juice. Erik is out on patrols, like usual, so they hardly ever spend any time together. It doesn't stop the contented expression from resting fully on the features of the young lady. She's waiting for Densoric and Bianka to make an appearance, the others having been busy this evening to make it.

It isn't long before there is the announcement of the first guest, Lord Densoric Larent. Not much of a surprise he is dressed in his best right down the the colored titanium sigil of his house. Upon entering and being introduced by staff he offers a polite not to Johana and says, "Thank you for inviting me Young Lady Sir Johana. Though I confess a bit of surprise of such a formal setting to include myself." looking about he inquires, "AM I early or were others engaged on other affairs?"

What is love? well, whatever it is Bianka is deep in it, as she opted to miss a Ibrahm Hammer's game to come and have dinner with densoric. That doesnt stop her from watching the last two minutes in the family's sitting room. Dressed in a new tailored silken evening down that hugs her torso well, but has the skirt flairing out, and a pair of nice half a foot tal heels. She wears onyx, silver, and ruby jewelry. And for as fashionable as she looks, the words comming out of her mouth at the game do NOT match. "C'mon you pathetic exscuse for a little leager, PASS THE DAMN BALL! YEAH! tackle that clown… c'mon… c'mon… GOAL! yeah. we rock, in your face, take that you sorry exscuse for a cuuu…. uurappy goalie." She says as she hears Densoric's voice and decides to tone down the language before turning on the vid screen and moveing to join her sister. "Hammers won dear sister…" She says in a voice that says she could care less, but the excitment in her eyes shows otherwise.

It's a trap! "Everyone else was otherwise occupied with the current Hostile situation." Ana responds, directing him to the table. "If you would please have a seat?" Hearing her sister in the background, she glances that way and her lips twitch in amusement. "Your life would never be boring, Lord Densoric. And of course you're welcome for the invitation. We've spent so little time together since our spar practice but I heard from my sister that you may soon be part of our family. You will come to love Obsidia as much as I, I think. Perhaps after dinner Bianka would take you for a walk to see the falls and the lake… though it may be a little cold. Maybe the baths would be better?" Of course she says that where Bianka, who just joined, can hear. "Of course they won.." Laughter filles her expression. "Let's not base this on formality, shall we have a meal then?"

Densoric smiles softly to Bianka and says, "No need to hold yourself back as the dinner hasn't quite started it would appear. We all have those things we get worked up over, I had a similar reaction in book five of the Vengeance Series when I got to a certain chapter known to those who followed the series. But then I hadn't learned to control my outward emotions as well at that time either." He then nods politely to Bianka and says, "And greetings to you as well Lady Sir Bianka, as always you fill out formal wear quite well." He then nods to Johana and says, "Unfortunately we haven't, though you still throw quite the punch. And thank you for taking the matter seriously and accepting the terms of my training, I understanding it is hardly considered honorable by most knights." He then takes the seat and says, "I understand it is Lady Sir Bianka's wish, though you will forgive me if I am a bit reserved and cautious of matters regarding betrothals." Aside to Bianka, "It is nothing personal I assure you." then to the pair, "It is how I was raised, I am quite patient and favor taking my time to try and get an understanding of how well I might get along with someone. Though if it wasn't formal I would have dressed down a bit more." AT the mention of the baths he adds, "I have heard of the baths though only vaguely, forgive any ignorance on the protocols if such arises, though i am wearing enough layers the cold likely won't bother me overmuch."

Bianka tightens her hand behind her back, she frowns, all this talk of patience, and while Bianka finds herselv patient enough, she leans over and whispers somthing to her sister before moving to the table and taking a seat. "The baths are a good way to relax, and let the worries of the world melt away, and the falls and lakeshore are wonderfull as well." She says with a smile as she tosses her hair back, locking her own ice blue gaze onto Densoric.

"Of course it requires patience." Giving Bianka a quietly patient look at the whispered words. Leading the others to the table, she slips into her seat, figuring Densoric would wait until the ladies were seated anyway. The seating arrangement leaves Densoric and Bianka side by side and Ana at the end of the table near them. Already there is a servant that arrives and pours wine, Bianka's favorite in her glass, Ana's strawberry wine in hers and a citrus flavored one for Densoric. Someone does their research. The servant disappears for the first round of food. "The baths won't be too cold. It would be a lovely way to spend the evening."

Densoric looks to Bianka and nods saying, "I am always in the mood for natural beauty as you know. As to the baths I suppose it would depend upon the protocols as I typically relax from natural beauty and art, though a hot shower or bath can be useful on more stressful days." He then gestures to one of the screens and adds, "Though if that is an example of the falls, I would certainly wish to see it in person at some point." Densoric nods to Johana and says, "If i knew of the option I would have done my research in regards to the protocols." then nods passively as he servant fills his glass then takes a sip. He then adds, "As it seems to be only the three of us, and as you said it is an informal affair, should I be concerned how much 'sisterly gossip' has been shared in regards to myself?" winking to Johana with a good-natured tease in his tone.

Bianka blinks and takes a sip of her grape juice. She told the servent to NOT put any wine in her glass, reguardless of what was said. "That, Milord, is between sisters. I don't telll Ana's secrets." She says with a smirk. "The falls are wonderful, as are the gardens, the baths, the spires, and almost everything within Obsidia." She says as she places her hands in her lap. She does look between the two when Densoric winks at Johana… and doesnt know which way to feel, jealous for Densoric, or protective of Johana as the, apparently, miss interperited signal, but, she keeps her mouth shut.

Seated at the table with preferred drinks already being served, Ana has had her own wine replaced with juice for probably obvious reasons. While Densoric speaks to her, she catches the final wink offered and the following reaction from Bianka. "I am sure my sister would love to show you around, Lord Densoric. The complete tour, if you will." Her sister gets an indulgent smile. "Wouln't you, dear sister?" Ana knows where her sisters affections lie abd js doing all she can to help.

Densoric smiles softly to Bianka and says, "I was actually asking which things she shared with you, not what you shared with her. Besides I'm accustomed to sisterly gossip, as largely my Lord Cousin Antaeus were the only males to regularly spend time together, and with his three sisters I can recall some from my youth. Though I believe the last such thing I heard is when Lady Ariana was a young child. It was merely playful teasing anyway as I met Young Lady Sir Johana some time prior to meeting you. I have no doubt any true secrets wouldn't have been shared whether your Lady SIster knew them or not." He then looks back to Johana and just smiles at the offer and says to Bianka, "So where shall the tour go Lady Sir Bianka?"

Bianka frowns and clears her throat. "I havent decided yet Lord Densoric." She says as she takes a sip of her drink. "I'm famoshed, dear sister, what does the cook have on the menu for this evening?" She asks, changing the subject, and of course, talking about food, which is a propper topic in the Ibrahm household.

As soon as Bianka speaks, the servants arrive bearing the first course, an appetizer of small ravioli with varied fillings and a side salad.

"Honestly, Lord Densoric, what my sister says is true. I trust her fully and she trusts me. Never would I betray that trust with anyone." Even as she speaks, she lightens the harsh words with a smile. "Yes, Lord Densoric is right, we did meet before on the Ring, it has been some time. We also shared a spar, back when I was less experienced." The direct question has her looking a little bemused. "I don't know, I just asked them to knock themselves out in the kitchen."

Erik had gotten back a little bit earlier but it wouldn't do to show up to a formal dinner in armor as well as all dusty. So like a proper noble, especially one married to the heir of the House, he had taken a side passage back to the main chambers to clean up and change. Now he arrives in proper noble attire, an outfit that is more militaristic in fashion. Walking into the formal dining room, Erik sees that the guests have already gathered and as he had feared, he is late. "My apologies everyone, for my tardiness." With a bow to the others, the Ibrahm Knight approaches his wife first to give her a kiss, a touch on the proper side since there are guests.

Densoric nods to Bianka then to Johana, "Less experienced? Remind me not to spar again, you beat me the last time, though admittedly it was close." He then nods passively as the food is brought out, does he actually care enough to thank servants? He then nods politely to Erik and says, "MiLord." by way of a simple greeting, after all he's not really met the man before really. Once his plate is ready he adds to Johana, "I'm aware of the privacy, nor would I seriously ask you to betray a trust, simple playfulness on my part as you said to be more informal, and Lady Sir Bianka seems a bit irritated with my more formal side of late. If you wish to make it a more formal setting once more I would be more in my element."

Bianka smiles at Ana. "Nor would I betray your trust sister." She says with a smile, though it fades slightly when her brother in law shows up… she wasnt fond of the people of the Vale befor,e and since the Solon incident, that lack of fondness grows more, even if Erik thinks himself a Ibrami… he still has alot to prove. Looking to Densoric, she frowns and tilts her head. "I am following my sister's lead, truly Lord Densoric." She says as the food arives and she places the napkin in her lap. "Lord Erik… how was the evening Patrol?" She says, trying to be cordial, a kindness to her sister.

Hearing the steps, Ana turns and notices it's Erik. Immediately her expression alters and if there was ever such a thing as the vision of love, she's wearing it right this second. When he kisses her, the rest of the room disappears, no matter how chaste or proper it is and a hand reaches up to graze her knuckles over his jaw softly. "Welcome home," there's a catch in her voice and she manages to take a deep breath to clear it. "You know my sister, Bianka and our guest Lord Densoric Larent. This is Lord Sir Erik Ibrahm, my husband." Formality is out the window, if Ana's reaction to her husband is any indication. "Of course, Lord Densoric. I know you were only teasing and I'd be glad to inform you, if only my sister would give permission." Slanting a crooked smile at Bianka just then, missing the disapproval of her sister for her husband.

Erik is quickly brought his favored wine as well as the same appetizer as everyone else, though the wine bottle is then left for him to refill at his own discretion. Informal.

Densoric turns the blue gaze to Bianka and gives a deep, respectful nod and says, "And doing quite well at the effort as well." smiling softly, likely for encouragement. Densoric then nods to Johana and says, "It is a trivial matter as frankly you hold no real secrets about me to be shared Young Lady Sir Johana." Watching the exchange between the couple he adds, "As to formality, it seems clear there is love between you, no need to tame it on my behalf, I'm aware of the benefits and harms of love and have no problems with it outside of formal settings. Especially as this is informal and within your own home. It is more a personal choice and the tastes of one's company, so I am merely voicing my opinion on the matter so its known as this is more informal." There seems something off about Densoric's voice as he speaks of love, but its tricky to judge if its something negative, positive, or something else entirely.

"Thank you, my wife." Erik lingers for a moment longer than perhaps what is proper and soon he pulls back to straighten his posture once more. His gaze finally returns to the other two at the table, a bow of his head to Bianka first, "Bianka." Then to Densoric who is the visiting lord, "Lord Densoric, welcome to Obsidia. I hope you find the place as welcoming and beautiful as I have." There is a genuine smile that appears from Erik when he speaks of Obsidia before he moves to take his own seat. As for the question from Johana's sister, the Valen nods his head, "It went well, in fact, more than well. Scouts have returned with news and planning is to be done."

Bianka doesnt eat as much as one would see her usualy eat, while in no way without manners… ever… she lo0oks to be lightly grazing on whatever is brought to her. "Lord Densoric, it takes no effort on my own part to follow the example my lady sister has set, it's pure and simple logic and common sense, if others were to follow that example as well, perhaps there would be less… drama within the peerage." She says with a nod, and offering her sister a very heafty compliment. "We should increase the head chef's salary, this ravioli is divine dear sister." She says, and does nod to Erik about the patrols. 'Wonderful, perhaps soon we shall be able to lead a squad together, if you wish, perhaps you will join me tomorrow before my own patrol for training?" She asks, reguardless if it's a genuine offer, or an exscuse to pummle the man is moot, she DID make an offer.

The lingering moment is as private as they come as Ana meets his eyes for a brief moment, hers holding more emotion than she's ever even spoken about to anyone, for him. Even him. Once he straightens, she watches him until he is seated, then she looks towards the visiting Lord. "That's very true, a trivial matter. I believe I know how you spar, how proper you are and what tattoos you sport." His mention of the love between them has her gaze flying back to Erik. Neither one nor the other had mentioned it so blatantly. The words were never needed. "What news did the scouts bring?" The question is voiced instead of anything personal being addressed in front of others. Her sisters compliment is met with a warm smile. "I miss training and I miss patrols." There's just a hint of discontent in her eyes. Or more than a hint. She wants to be out there.

Densoric nods politely to Erik and says, "Lord Sir Erik, thank you for the welcome, and from what little I've seen so far it certainly appears to be a place of great natural beauty which I admit to having a weakness for." He then looks to Bianka and says, "Drama would find its way into events even if all behaved based on your Lady Sister's example. Do not sell yourself short, you very much stand as a Lady of the House. You may be a knight but you are a Lady as well, and it is refreshing to see this side of you. Paired with the knightly side of you gives a more well-rounded view." in a soft, complimentary tone. As Johana speaks of missing patrols Densoric smiles and says, "Sounds as though my hunch after hearing about the latest news regarding you is true. Though still a presumption you are with child as I've not heard any confirmation, the news of… I believe they called it 'illness' and a complaint about being unable to go on patrols. There are few causes that would fit both of those pieces of information I'm aware of." He then look to Bianka and nods saying, "It is true though, I don't believe I mentioned my tattoos previously. I have one on my shoulder-blade, one on my outer shoulder, and one on my pectoral, all on the right side."

The servant that brings Erik his wine and appetizer is given a nod of thanks and the Valen turned Ibrahm pours himself the cup before taking a drink. At Bianka's invitation, he doesn't appear to surprised by the request, in fact he nods his head in answer, "Of course, Bianka, training with someone else is always preferred." It seems like he isn't one to shy from a challenge. As for the question to what the scouts bring, Erik first takes a quick bite from the appetizer before speaking, "A group of Hostiles have broken away from their main camp and were able to track it until the invaders disappeared into the thick forests to the south of the Veldt." When Johana speaks of whtashe misses, the Ibrahm Knight nods his head understandingly as he reaches over to squeeze her hand, "I know, my dear wife, I know."

Bianka sets aside her half eaten ravioli and salad, then dabs her napkin at the corners of her mouth before refolding it and setting the fabric back into her lap. "The forests? Hmm, do we have any foresters on hand?" She asks as she tilts her head. "I mean, if they were drawn out and back onto the Veldt, a squad of heavy Infantry could take care of the lot." She says as she rests her hands primly in her lap. "Alright then Sir Erik, meet in the Training Yard at Six, we can train as the sun rises." She says with a smile.

"Yes, your guess would be on target then. Erik and I are indeed expecting our heir." As unhappy as Ana may be with missing patrols, it seems this very fact alone makes up for it. And then some. When Erik replies and effectively turns the subject to the current state of affairs, she tips her head to the side and considers. "The thick forests in the south of the Veldt?" Already her mind is at work. If she can't fight, she'd find someone to do it for her! "Thick forests, Erik. Why don't you get together groups from here, the Khourni and the Arboren, the latter know a great deal about fighting in the trees." A nod is offered to her sister, not discounting her idea either. "The less populated the area, the better."

When it seems the appetizers are gone, the servants come in to scoop away the plates and bring the next.. the entree, a meal of freshly grilled thick steaks with steamed vegetables and baked potatoes with the fixings. All condiments have arrived also via a tray and are available. Cliche, probably, but Ana had given the kitchen free reign.

Densoric nods to Johana and says, "A resourceful planner, rarely not a benefit. Especially in combat, especially when it can lead to effective and adaptive tactics." in a respectful tone. Nodding passively to the servants once again as the entree is brought in and the dishes taken away. Densoric continues to eat with all the etiquette one who knows Densoric would expect

"I most likely will, Ana, though I think you may be better at that than me." Erik says with a nod of his head, perhaps wishing to get his wife involved on the planning and organization as well. "I didn't think far enough ahead when I sent the scouts out, they weren't properly equipped to follow the Hostiles into the woods, without too much risk."

"I have to do something or go slowly crazy sitting here waiting for Erik to return." The confession given, Ana doesn't retract it. Once the plates are exchanged, she begins eating with a minimal of fuss. "Thank you, Erik, for letting me be involved. I could beseech the House Arboren for their assistance."

Bianka blinks and tilts her head. "Lord Tristan is Arboren.. perhaps he can come? I would be able to escort him." She says with a smile, before she first, takes a small taste of her food, and THEN adds abit of pepper and salt. "Well, Ana… I've been offered to reprise my role for the Sequel to Drake Hell, if you wouldent mind helping me learn the script?" She offewrs.

Densoric smiles softly to Johana and says, "You sound like me after the crash Young Lady Johana." He then looks to Bianka and says, "Just avoid dancing, seems Lord Tristan has issues with his ability on the matter."

Offering Bianka an encouraging smile, Ana nods. "He is, Bianka and if you'd like to talk to the Arboren, I'd like to delegate that to you so I can get a few more things done while you do that. It'd be entirely helpful. As for the role, congratulations and I'd love to help you." Lifting her gaze to that of Densoric. "Do you know anything of acting? Maybe you could stand in at times with her also." Just a suggestion.

Bianka blinks at Densoric and offers a smile. "Oh, Lord Tristan did fine at the Hallows eve party, and he was a very cordial Man as well." She says, before looking to her siste.r "Oh, I would enjoy talking to the arboren, perhaps Lord Tristan could give me a few pointers on the forests so that I could better help him when we hunt the hostiles down." She says with a bright smile.

Densoric looks to Johana and says, "Unfortunately no, not beyond emotional control practices anyway but that isn't really acting. I also don't watch much in the way of films or series." He then nods to Bianka and says, "He does seem to do better when more relaxed."

While the others are eating, Ana continues to do the same, the time passing until the main course dishes are taken away and replaced with dessert. There is a small variety on a cart from cheesecake to cobbler to ice cream and pie and cake. Cookies, parfaits, anything you could imagine. The trolley is taken from person to person, beginning with Densoric.

Ana looks at her sister as she speaks of the Arboren and gives it a shot herself. "It is true, Bianka, Arboren is a Paramount house." A nod is offered to Densoric. "I rarely see movies, except the ones Bianka are in or Erik is interested in seeing."

Bianka nods as she chooses a very small dish of pudding, with whipped cream on top, and a cherry, and sprinkles. She smiles and looks to Her sister. "Yes, and he was quite the gentleman, he even said he would watch the movies I was in." She says with a smile. "Do you remeber the one movie where I played the gladiator champion? Wasn;t my death scene so good?" She says.

Densoric nods to Johana then looks to each as they speak and he finishes his meal. As desert is brought out, he simply takes up a fruit salad and eats it, growing silent as he has nothing to contribute to a discussion on movies.

Taking a deep breath, Ana passes up dessert but she studies her sister for a long moment before looking to Densoric. His silence earns Erik a pleading look, but she quickly looks away, back to her sister. "I remember it, Bianka. You were incredible." She lifts her juice… the party was winding down. "If you both would like to visit the Falls, or the Gardens.." she lets that hang there.

Bianka pushes her chair back, twirling her spoon. 'For the gloory of the emperoer.. i shall smited yo…" She says before snickering. "That line took five takes." She says before looking to her sister. "I have an early morning with Sir erik, thouhg I shall escort Lord Densoric back to the waygates."

Densoric rises and nods to Johana saying, "My thanks for honoring me with the invitation." then to Johana and Erik both, "And congratulations to both of you." with a soft smile. He then looks to Bianka and says, "I don't wish to keep you too long as you have an appointment. I can see myself to the Ways if you need to go to sleep right away, otherwise I shall follow your lead Lady Sir Bianka."

As Bianka opts for her line, Ana continues to smile. "Well done, Bianka, well done." At the mention of the waygate, she inclines her head, also rising. "Thank you, Lord Densoric. It was a pleasure to have you over and I do hope you enjoyed Obsidia. You are welcome to visit again, just let me know when and I will arrange a tour for you." She looks between the two. "If you will both excuse me, I am feeling more tired of late, I'll just retire to my room. Good evening." And leaving Erik there among the others, she heads off to her room. For now. Possibly a walk later.

Bianka nods and smiles. "In that case, I shall retire as well, I was up early this morning, and I have another early morning as well." She says as she offers a courtsie. "Sir Erik, if you would be kind to do me a favour and make sure a man at arms escorts Lord Densoric." She says before following her sister out of the formal dining room.

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