10.21.3013: Dinner and Cookies
Summary: Klaudea runs into Michael at the Public House, catches up, then leaves with Lincoln to give him the promised re-supply and some cookies.
Date: 25 September
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The Public House Volkan, The Crescent
Tucked into a corner of the commercial district, this dive bar has low ceilings clouded with smoke, a collection of round tables, square booths, and a bar with stools along one wall. It can do greasy pub food, and has a fine selection of beers, whiskeys, and scotches, but not much more than that. The bar stools are the swiveling type that are bolted to the ground so they cannot be used as clubs in the event of a brawl, and the chairs are flimsy things that make poor clubs in their own right. At the back is a shuffleboard table, two pool tables, and a couple of dartboards, often with a good deal of side betting going on.
19 October, 3013

The Public house is rather busy for the dinner rush, and while not necessarily a dining establishment, there is a decent crowd of folks drinking and chowin' down on pub grub. Up at the bar a figure stands and walks out of the joint, leaving another figure sitting there with a hanging head. Shoulders shrug before the bartop is tapped twice and the tender whisks away the empty glass and places a fresh beer before him. Michael looks up and nods his thanks before taking a slow pull off the top. He glances around, looking through the crowd, no longer a 'normal' sight in these parts.

When the Public House is this busy, one has to dive for an opening when they see it, and Klaudea slides into the vacated bar stool, leaning onto the bar on her elbows so she can get the bartenders attention to order a steak sandwich with mushrooms and peppers and fries, and a dark ale. The latter comes right out, and she leans back in her seat to look around now that her meal and beer are secured. Her eyebrows raise when she sees Michael and gives a surprised, "hey! What are you doing here?"

And there's a Klaudea, "Hey Klaudea. I uh, met someone here. They just left." her order comes to mind and it sounds great, he flags down the bartender and copies. He looks back, "So how have you been? It's been some time since soccer by the lake." he smiles.

Klaudea shrugs, which actually makes her wince and she takes a steadying breath. "Other than the regular meeting Sir Thalo's hammer with my armor, I'm doing pretty well. How do you like your new Knight?" She turns the question game back at him with a smile as she takes a sip from her pint.

"Sir Kaedin?" Michael pauses, "Don't breathe a word, but I sort of wish I'd squired to him to begin with. He's great. I had a lot of free time as Young Lady Sir Johana's squire, and it took a lot of effort to really do anything as a squire. With Sir Kaedin, there's no ifs, ands, or buts… do the work or it gets harder and harder." Michael smiles, he lifts his glass back and there's a shooting look of pain before an hand clamps down on his neck over a serious fresh scar. "Agh, that still smarts…" he sighs.

Klaudea nods. "I see." She looks to her pint on the bar in front of her. "I wish it was like thaty for me. Every time I succeeded, or did my work well with Sir Urik, and now with Sir Thalo, they just load something harder on me. Although, I admit Sir Thalo is even more geared towards training me to battle Hostiles, rather than a strict 'learn to fight' as Sir Urik, did. Perhaps being family, Sir Urik was more reticent about me going into battle." She shakes her head, her eyes wincing as she discusses her former knight, killed in battle with Hostiles.

"There's a reason for that though. As knights, you and I won't be able to bask in the glory of winning small victories. Kill one hostile move on to the next two, then three, then twelve." Michael points out, "Sir Thalo is a great teacher, and he taught me what I know with great hammers. I'm glad I paid good attention as his student… knowing how to fight with them protected my fiance and unborn just two weeks past."

Klaudea's eyes blink and she gives a very un-Knightly deep sniffle. Then she turns to Michael again, her brow furrowing in puzzlement. "Well, yeah," she agrees. "That's pretty obvious, what with Hostiles popping up from behind the bushes everywhere, it seems like. I mean… 40 years war… pretty sure that means 40 years before we can basque in our glory," she chuckles. The Ibrahm squire is leaning a little sideways against the bar, her right side towards the bar, seated on a bar stool and talking with Michael. She's wearing a simple tunic and breeches, what one on the know would usually expect to be worn under armor, and a pint rests on the bar in front of her. At the mention of saving his fiance and unborn child she gives a nod. "He is good at teaching, his lessons are hard to forget," she agrees.

"I meant more that… you saw how the 'heroes' of Cape Amran were praised and lauded with medals?" Michael shakes his head, "Sir Thalo is trying to teach you not to expect praise or respect because you did your job." he's working on a beer, a light one by the color. Steak sandwiches on plates with baskets of fries are brought out to them both, since they'd ordered the same thing. Michael nods, "Yes, his lessons are difficult to forget. And I should thank him, of course the way I thank him is by continuing to do my job. Two weeks in intensive care was the lesson I got that next time I do something stupid… take my sword instead of my hammer." he smirks.

Lincoln steps inside, dressed casual…non descript. He's got a tunic that's half hoodie, with his corded necklaces swing on the outside. His hair is loose, and he has the start of a beard. He doesn't look around, instead walks directly to the bar, ordering a strong bourbon. He'll roll his shoulders, an unusual air of stress hangs on him.

Klaudea's expression falls a little flat and she looks at Michael. "They /were/ heroes. Every single one of them. They walked into a battle that they all knew they would most likely kill them to protect all of Haven. They embody the best of what knights and soldiers should be. I hope you aren't suggesting that they stayed on the other side of the waygate in hopes of being honored in ceremonies for doing so." She turns in her seat to her food, arranging the sandwich on her plate. The voice ordering Bourbon catches her attention and she glances to the side as she picks up her sandwich, then puts it back down. A number of expressions cross her face, but she finally manages one of neutral friendliness. "Hello, Lincoln. All right over there?"

"No, not sayin' they did it for glory. What I'm sayin' is they did their jobs. That's Sir Thalo's way, do your job and don't expect praise for doin' well." Michael's sandwich is picked up and bitten into. When Klaudea points out via saying hello, Lincoln; Michael leans back slightly and smirks, "Hey, it's the guy who danced with my fiance at the fashion show. How are you?" His comm device beeps suddenly and Michael takes a look at it. He enters a response then puts it away.

Lincoln looks over, his dark eyes on Klaudea, before giving a small shrug of the shoulder, "I'm good. You?" It takes Linc a moment, but then nods, "Fiance, huh? I'm crackerjack." Wow…dodged that bullet. Smirking right back at Michael, he'll take a sip of his drink. "You ended up kissing my boss that night, didn't ya? Made the pages, didn't it?"

"No Knight needs to be taught not to expect glory," Klaudea says tightly, before she takes a big bite of her sandwich. Lincoln's first question bring a nod, but her mouth is full. Then she almost chokes on the bite she's about to swallow on the following banter who Michael ended up kissing.

Michael laughs, "Oh, I didnt' ask her to marry me until about two… three weeks after the show. And we weren't even seeing each other at the time too." Michael winks, "Nope, Ren was safe from my terrible kissing skills when Avalyn laid her claim on me." he laughs and then speaks with the bartender. His meal wrapped up and an extra basket of fries added in, down goes his beer before he pats Klaudea on the back. "It was good to see you again, Klaudea. We'll have to hang out some time, play soccer again." he walks over the Lincoln, pats his shoulder. Then leans in, "Treat her nice, she's a friend. Have fun though." he straightens and smirks, "And tell your boss he's lucky I never came calling, he'd have been woefully disappointed by me." there's a wink, before "I need to go, the pregnant one summons… good thing fries in on her cravings list." a light laugh before he leaves.

Lincoln stiffens when Michael pats Klaudea on the back, but won't say anything. He'll tilt his head and give Michael an odd look as he gives his advice, "..Sure. I'll put that at the top of my list to let Ren know. Glad my job's not in jeopardy." He's not good with the maths, but even he can tell that's like…add the one…divide the , by 2 and wait the 3 ….How is that even possible? He'll just grin and nod, cause, it's way easier than having the explained to him.

Klaudea tightens her jaw around her bite of sandwich as Michael's hand lands, but she just gives a nod, and manages to swallow and say, "sure. Good luck with the baby." She sets her sandwich down and wipes her hands on her napkin, glancing between Michael and Lincoln, and then her eyes resting on Lincoln. When Michael walks away, she gives a giggles to the dark haired man, her hand reaching forward to grab her pint. The giggle brings a pained expression, but she she shakes her head, still bemused. "What brings you out this way?"

Lincoln watches her reach for the drink then sighs, sliding over to sit next to her so she's not having to twist to talk to him. "Just looking to be background for awhile, if that makes any sense. Maybe pick up a card game or two. You?" He was actually hoping to make up the pay he was docked for taking such long break the other night. Ren was pissed. He'll sip on his drink, letting the bourbon loosen his shoulders some.

Klaudea shakes her head. "Grabbing dinner. I have to clean armor tonight, but I was going to try to sneak away to see you. Can I buy you dinner?" She glances over, "Are you all right?" she asks again, offering a fry before she takes one for herself.

Lincoln will take the fry, and actually smile around it. "Cleaning Armor? I can see why you'd rather want to see me. That's a pain." Yup…he's cleaned armor. Clients are weird. His shake his head as he finishes the fry in his mouth, "Nawh..I ate at home. I'm all good." Nodding and giving her that bright smile of his, "Why wouldn't I be alright?" The only indication that he might not be fine is the quickness that his drink has disappeared.

"Hmmmm, then can I buy you another drink?" Klaudea asks raising her eyebrows with a slight nod/look at him that is that woman's way of saying she's not buying the evasion. "I wanted to bring you those cookies I promised," she gives him another short, steady look, because of the dinner crowd around him. "I don't know if they're as legendary as your waffles, but they're good. Maybe you can come back to the barracks with me after and hang out for a bit? Or are you working tonight?"

Lincoln smiles back, it's the he doesn't care if she's buying it or not look. "Sure…If you're wanting to contribute to my alcohol intake, I'm not gonna argue." He'll raise an eyebrow, "Cookies, huh. Well…I don't know if anything can compare to my waffles, but sure I'm always game." He'll shake his head with a small laugh,causing his bangs to fall into his eyes, "No…I am definitely not working tonight." his eyes follow his hand as he sets down the now empty glass.

Klaudea chuckles. "You aren't afraid I'm going to get you drunk and take advantage of you, then?" she asks, signalling to the bartender to bring Lincoln another when he has the chance. She does offer another fry, even if he doesn't want full dinner. "And I don't if anything can compare to cookies, so you're just going to have to put your waffles up to prove their superiority.

Lincoln looks up, considers poking her in the shoulder briefly before grinning, "I highly doubt that. To take advantage of me, you might have to touch me." He'll nod his thanks to the barkeep before turning back, using his free hand to run his fingers through his hair, out of his eyes. He'll accept the offered fry,"How do I know this isn't some elaborate scheme to get me drunk and force me to clean your armor? I fear that's more likely." Putting his thumb to his lips to get the bit of salt off of it, "I'll have to see…I'd feel horrible crushing your cookie ego…I know how you knightly types need that." It's really the only explanation for Michael.

Since he's sitting to her right side, Klaudea shrugs that one shoulder as she eats one of her fries. She licks the salt off her fingers, then, without turning her head but depending on peripheral vision, she lifts her hand, her pinky going for his ear to give him a wet willy. If she is able to do so, she'll giggle and say, "touched you." Even though the giggle makes her wince, it was well worth it as she lifts her sandwich towards her mouth. "I'm not a knight, yet," she reminds him.

Lincoln's fine with her touching him, but isn't with with a wet willy. That costs extra! He'll jerk his head up, so she ends up touching his jaw. Giving her his best eyeroll, "Seriously? If that's how you were going to take advantage of me, we need to talk." He'll shake his head , but he's smiling, "I said knightly types. You all have that one thing, that you're too proud to get over. Your's is possible your cookies. The jack off that was here earlier? Possible everything." He'll shrug, taking another large swig of his drink, "It's ok, nature of the beast."

Still grinning, even though she didn't get the ear, Klaudea did surprise him, and that was worth it. "Do people always fall completely into your little niches for them?" she asks, raising her eyebrows just before she takes a bite from her sandwich. "The world according to Lincoln… Dun?"

Lincoln shakes his head, taking another swig, "Not my niches. I don't make them. Part of my job is to read people. I'm usually pretty good at it." He'll look at her again and shrug, "or is that me being too optimistic again? Should I dial it down a notch for you?" He'll watch her, and then lean over and steal a fry, "Did it bother you? At the Blue Nirvana?" he'll not explain what exactly he's referring to.

"Hey!" Klaudea protests good naturedly around her mouthful when the fry is stolen, but she doesn't seek any retaliation. "Did it? Did what?" she asks, looking puzzled. "Nothing bothered me at the Blue Nirvana," she asks shaking her head. "I wondered what your signals meant… you guys have a language all your own just like we do in training to work together with our units."

"Well…I needed to know which room, if she felt he was a safe enough client, or if I needed to keep an eye on them. It's easier to do that discreetly, than just ask out loud. Clients usually don't like that… But walk in are usually the ones we have problems with, so…" Lincoln shrugs, looking down at his drink before taking another large swing, "Better to be safe, ya know?" He's cheeks seem to be a touch pink. could be from the alcohol, or what he's talking about.

Klaudea nods thoughtfully at what he says, but her eyes darken as she turns back to her meal. "You guys take better care of your whores than most of the fac-" she breaks off and glances around, quickly taking a bite of her sandwich. She finishes chewing her bite and then nods. "It's good that you're looking after… who would have gone in if they needed the other night?" she asks, her sudden turn towards him to lean closer so she can lower her voice almost causes her to drop her sandwich.

Lincoln glances down at his glass again, "No one came in. It was a slow night." He'll finish what's left in his glass, again, his stance is rather casual, his tone is even too, but that alcohol is disappearing rather quickly.

Klaudea gives a nod to the bartender, as she's managed to get most of the way through her food. "Three is the magic number, right?" she murmurs. "One more and then we can go? I'm almost finished here."

Lincoln nod nods, three it is. He's good wight he small talk, it's part of his job , and will finish his third again, rather quickly. He'll offer Klaudea an arm as they leave, always it seems, letting her take the lead on where they're going.

Barracks Volkan, The Crescent
At the base of the Blackspyre are several floors of barracks, training facilities, armories, and cafeterias, all built to house the defenders of House Khournas in rough comfort. Soldiers are bunked in rooms each large enough to sleep 50, with lockers and desks alongside each bed. Deep within the barracks levels, close to the training areas, are communal bathhouses, some set aside for single-sex use and others open to members of both sexes. There, the soldiers and nobles of House Khournas can soak away the aches of a hard day's labor. The corridors are all narrow enough that two soldiers could hold them against a tide, except those leading from assembly areas to great doors that open to the exterior surface of Volkan, allowing the soldiers of House Khournas to march out already in formation if need be.
19 October, 3013

The barracks are fairly empty at this time, most of the squires either out eating as Klaudea was, or they are around their bunks in little clusters chatting or alone polishing armor. There's also the sound of sparring coming from the rooms at the end, and luckily, right now, Klaudea's seems to be out of the way of the others. She leans down and pulls out her trunk from under her bed, wincing at the effort. Opening it, she reaches for a rectangular box on top that's even been tied with a ribbon. Inside are the cookies as mentioned, but underneath the cloth that has the cookies are some little boxes containing tubes of liquid stitches, and also some money tucked in. When he sees the money, she'll give a little sideways pull to her mouth, already working on the helmet of her armor. "I don't know how much you make, either as a bartender, or other. But I did promise you I'd pay you for your time," she says quietly, her eyes on her work, now.

Lincoln grins at the cookies and will nod at the stitches. He'll look around, and then motion if it's ok to sit on the bed…and then does so anyway. "I was on break, no need for the money." He'll pull it out of the box and set it on her bed. He drank just enough that he's mellowed out, that tension when he first walked in is almost completely gone, or at least pushed down. Popping a cookie into his mouth, he'll watch her work on the helmet. He's not going to polish it for her. He's not. He'll let his eyes roam around the room, taking in his surroundings. "I've never been to the actual barracks before…How many actually sleep here?" He'll start in on his second cookie.

Not actually using a rag at the moment, but a screwdriver, Klaudea removes the plate from the back so she can get into the wires of the AI. She glances up and looks around, not having complained at all when Lincoln sat down. "This room? Or the barracks entire?" she asks. "There are fifty bunks in here." She nods to the breast plate on the floor. "Do me a favor, kick that as hard as you can?"

<FS3> Lincoln rolls Athletics: Failure.

Lincoln makes a he heard you noise and will eat another cookie. He'll from slightly , he's enjoying cookies? Why is she asking him to kick things? He'll stand and make =an attempt, but it's rather citify. he doesn't fall, thank the Six, but he does stumble slightly, "…Shit…" He'll then laugh at himself before sitting back down on the bed, well…it's more of a flop.

<FS3> Klaudea rolls Unarmed: Great Success.

Klaudea gives a shake of her head, and stands up. Taking a moment to think about how to least use her left side, she gives a kick to the chest plate, and an alarm goes off in the helmet. She nods and sits back down, closing up the back of the helmet again, and /then/ she takes out a rag and starts polishing. "I'm a little worried for your co-workers, now," she tells him with a grin.

Lincoln huffs, "Yeah." The humor is now gone from his voice and he'll close his eyes, running a hand through his hair before he reaches for another cookie. He's eating them rather quickly, or maybe it's just something to keep himself busy.

Klaudea looks over to him as she works. "I was teasing," she says, then she sets her helmet aside, then she pulls her legs up so she can turn to face him on the bed, sitting cross legged. "All right, what's wrong?" she asks straight out.

Lincoln looks up, eyes wide, which makes him look young, "Nothing?" he'll look at her and then huff, realizing it may be better to give her some of it, just so she doesn't harp on him. "Look,I got reamed out pretty hard for the other night. I'd rather you not yell at me too, ok? Just…next time I'll need to….deal with you there, in a room." He'll not make eye contact, instead is looking at the box. "I'll admit. these are pretty good. Maybe brag worthy. Did you make them here, or have to go home to make them…Is there even a kitchen here?" There has to be. He'll furrow his brow, considering that.

"I'm not yelling at you," Klaudea replies. but her face falls. "I'm sorry. I didn't want to get you in trouble. I did," she pauses and looks around, then down at her hands as they fiddle with the hem of her pants. "I did kinda think you were going to take me upstairs… that's why I wore a friend's cloak." She grins. "We have a mess hall," she tells him. "So I went home to get those. Papa's cook is one of the best bakers in Obsidia."

Lincoln shrugs, it's over. But a small flinch when she mentions she wore a friends cloak…he'll try to cover it by shifting the the bed, reaching for another cookie. He'll quickly move to the other topic of conversation. It's just easier. "So…You didn't make these? You can't have bragging legendary rights if you didn't make them!" He'll grin, an over the top huff, "That's just…food identity theft!"

"You're right," she gives in eaisly with a grin. "But then again, I never claimed that I had bragging rights to them, just that they might rival your legendary waffles." She turns around again and picks up her rag. "So I guess chocolate chip cookies aren't my point of pride, then," Klaudea's voice carries a little bit of an edge, as she concentrates really hard on her work.

Lincoln smiles, but then it slowly disappears as she makes the jab and starts cleaning the armor like it's the most important thing ever. He'll sigh, pulling a knee unto his chest so he can put his chin on it while he watches her. "Klaudea…what are you doing with me? I can't figure out what you want." Maybe he's got enough drink in him, or maybe he really is just having a hard time reading her. "I can't… You're all over the place. Half the time you're embarrassed by me , the other it's like you're mad."

"What am I doing with /you/?" Klaudea asks, then she looks up. Being one of those people that's innately too honest to be able to hide feelings that well, it's pain that's in her gaze, not anger. "You're the one who made sure I know what you do because I guess you thought it might change my mind about getting to know you if I did, but it didn't. But you're also the person who seems to think that it's a sport at times to see if you /can/ embarass me, or fluster me or make me blush." She clenches her jaw a little, and then she looks down. "Yeah, I've got some secrets, but that doesn't mean they're bad ones. It just means I can't talk about them, and I don't want to pay someone to share my secrets. If I share those kinds of things with someone, it's because I really know them and trust them. And I don't know you… because you don't let people know you any more than I let people know my secrets." She turns the helmet over. "I don't have to be making a living out of reading people to see that."

Lincoln lets her say everything, the only change is a slight tightening of his jaw. When she goes back to the helmet, he'll work his jaw a moment, "Yeah…guess you're right." he'll straighten his leg out, moving to stand. "I'll stop teasing you." He'll rub his hands on his pants a moment, blinking and trying to clear his head, "Letting people know me is dangerous. Your secrets may not be dangerous…" He'll shake his head, and turn, getting ready to leave, "Look, let's just…we're even. It's…You don't owe me anything, you got me the replacement stuff and bought my drinks, were good…I'll see you around."

Klaudea shakes her head. "No, my secrets just end up with a side full of glass because I took medicine and money to a sick person that someone else wanted. Which leaves me hoping that I can find someone who can help and won't get me in worse trouble. No danger there." She's going to keep her head down because she's not going to guilt him with the tears she feels boiling up again. She bites her lip. "I'm sorry. I /am/ grateful that you helped me, and I /am/ sorry that you got in trouble on my account. I didn't want that." She lets out a breath. "I just… I'm /not/ a knight. Not yet. And so I have to play by everyone else's rules until I am. I have to play by my father's rules, and by Sir Thalo's rules, and they're not… illegal. They're just… " she shrugs. She can't explain.

Lincoln pauses, damn it….He can hear the tears in her voice.Letting out a sigh, "I'll patch you up, if you need it. I'm not a professional, but I can keep you from bleeding out, and tell you if you have to go to a professional." When she stops mid sentence, he gets another flash of Ithaca, and he can feel that weight on his shoulder settling in again, "Yeah..it's ok. I get it. You can't tell me." He actually sounds like he maybe understands, or at least isn't mad about her not telling. Disappointed, but not mad. He'll stand there, a few feet away from her bed, unsure what he's supposed to do. His thumbs loop his belt, unconsciously , just to give him something to hold. The box is sitting on her bed, forgotten.

It gets to that point where Klaudea has to sniffle or it's going to be all over, and she does, and then she runs her arm under nose. She doesn't seem to know what to do either, pulling her legs back up to sit cross legged on her bunk, fiddling with the hem of her pants again. Finally, she breaks her silence. "Friends?" she asks.

Damn it! Linc presses his lips together as she starts to sniffle. It's the worst part of his job, by far. He always has this urge to go punch people, but in this case, he has no idea who to punch…Or if it's himself he should be punching… Finally, after she asks, he'll nod, "Sure.Yes, friends." Well, one door closes, jump out the window..or something like that, right? He'll give her a small smile, his hair hanging in his eyes again.

Klaudea pushes her the end of her sleeve over her eyes, and gives a sniff, shaking her head as she lifts it to look at him, and tries to give him a little smile. She glances, and notices the box on the bed next to her. She puts the lid back on it and ties the ribbon around it. At least the bow was her doing, because her fingers deftly tie it back the way it was. She unfolds her legs and places her feet on the floor, rising to take it over to him. "Here. Don't forget this… if you stick around much longer, I'll make you clean armor." She gives him a lopsided smile as she speaks.

Lincoln watches her, not moving for a second as she ties the ribbon, before stepping forward so she doesn't have to walk over to him. "Yeah..I knew that was your dastardly plan all along." he'll take the box, but there's a definite change to his demeanor, a definite shift. "Get that done, so he'll not making you do laps or push ups or wrestling a drake. " He'll throw her a lop sided grin of his own and lift the box slightly, "Thanks for the cookies, I'll see you around."

Klaudea shakes her head. "No, no wrestling drakes. Someone might get upset if I pop the stitches he put in wrestling drakes," she tells him with a solemn sort of humor. She gives him a smile and a nod, a little more relaxed, now. "Yeah. Let me know when you have a free night, and we can get pizza or something. That would be cool."

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