Sergeant Devlyn Blake
Harmony Calhoun
Harmony Calhoun as Devlyn Blake
Full Name: Devlyn Blake
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 32
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Sauveur
House: Sauveur
Title/Profession: Sergeant
Position: Sergeant of the Watch
Spouse: Ethan Blake Height: 5'11"
Father: Papa Farlette Weight: 152 lbs
Mother: Mama Farlette Hair Color: Dark Brown, very short
Siblings: Elaine (Elder), Madison, Vale, and Rory (All younger) (All Sisters) Eye Color: Mutable, green/grey/blue
Children: N/A


Devlyn grew up in Arboren, her family owned one of the more reliable Cookeries in the area, serving delicious foods to those on their way to and from the mountains. She now serves as a Sergeant in the Watch, protecting the Sauveurs and the people of Landing as best she can on a daily basis.



Rising to a height of nearly 6 feet tall, Devlyn's body was built in a series of lengthly planes and angles that move rather gracefully. While thin, she carries a good amount of compact, ropey muscle along her frame that would call to mind the concept of athletic before it would the concept of 'skinny'. Despite the possibilities of someone with such a build being considered tomboyish by default, Devlyn's face is exceedingly feminine. The high, well built cheekbones accentuate the curve ofher soft jaw, with her full lips just wide enough to make them very obvious. Her nose is a gentle, steady slope that only adds to the sense of female about her. Devlyn's most pronounced feature would likely be considered her eyes, which are large, almond shaped, and fringed in naturally dark lashes. While always a lighter color, they seem to shift strongly with her mood and the clothing she wears, so the colors range from a blue-grey to a greenish-blue, to a green with almost yellow tint to them.

As her usual, Devlyn wears a uniform of sorts typical to the members of the Watch. Light weight, black ceramic armor adorns her torso in the form of a breast plate with heavier armer covering her legs and arms, including a face mask she's able to pull up should she need it. Her long, black leather coat covers over all of her and includes a hood, looking both to be warm and provide an extra layer of protection. Her hands are covered by leather gloves and fit closely, making her fingers still effective for use with her bow and her feet are encased in black armored boots that strap up to her knees and look very sturdy.


Carnivore - She will choose to eat meat with every meal. And it had better be the primary dish.

Clear of Purpose - Some could choose to refer to this alternately, by deeming it 'Stubborn.'

Driven - There is no doubt that Devlyn has a purpose in life, and she is always headed towards it. There seems to be a nearly invisible force always pushing her forward. Stop and smell the Roses? When the hell does she have time to see the flowers?

Passionate Negotiator - Once she's given her opinion in one direction or another, Devlyn will give herself entirely to that opinion.

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Ethan Sergeant Ethan Blake : My husband, my partner, and the best man to have watching my back.
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