Matt Bomer
Matt Bomer as Lord Densoric Earon Larent
Full Name: Lord Densoric Earon Larent
Byname: -
Age: 24
Planet: Oculus, Moon of Nubilus
Paramount: Orelle
House: Larent
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Lord/Novice electronics researcher/Director of Infrastructure of The Notice Project
Spouse: None Height: 6'4"
Father: Undisclosed Weight: 190 pounds
Mother: Arith Larent Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: None Eye Color: Ice blue
Children: None


Early Years

In the year 2,989 AL Lord Densoric Larent was born to Lady Arith Larent, it has never been disclosed her Densoric's father was but the family has made it clear he is a full-blooded noble and a legitimate child of House Larent. Densoric was given a fairly typical upbringing for a Larent, with his mother setting the minimum standards of his education. Wanting for nothing and growing up, for the most part, with his cousins.

Early Education
Possessing a sharp mind and a strong will Densoric progressed reasonably well in his studies, quickly developing more of an interest in mental pursuits then physical. His mother put an emphasis on skills that would help in in the political arena, after all he was a nobleman, etiquette and administrative became a focus that would last all of Densoric's life.
At age ten Densoric started to learn more physical skills on the insistence of his mother who felt any nobleman worth his salt had at least basic skills in close-quarters armed combat and riding. Densoric however showed little skill in any combat-related field, as he even tried to learn unarmed techniques as well. He didn't even bother trying to learn to use a blaster however, though he showed the most potential with swords but even with these he was little better then the average man-at-arms. In riding he could stay on his horse the majority of the time but that was about as far as his skills went, he certainly wouldn't be a jousting champion.

At the age of seventeen Densoric was progressing well, as skilled as he could get with weapons and riding, becoming capable in administration and etiquette, and even learning a bit of history the young Larent was finishing his studies and getting ready for the Academ. That is until a few weeks before his eighteenth birthday. It was on that day Lady Arith decided to see how well her son's studies in handling situations were developing.
Young Lord Densoric was sent to handle a minor dispute with miners at one of House Larent's titanium mines. Normally the House wouldn't even bother with such a trivial dispute, but Arith felt Densoric needed a proving before being sent off to the Academ. The trip out was uneventful and Densoric, officially speaking for the House, brought the dispute to a quick and creative end. One that would impress his mother when she received word of it.

The complication arose on the way back. The power-glider providing transport for the young noble suffered an electrical malfunction and the last communication received by the family was "We're going down in the clouds!". Holding out no hope of survival given how little is known about the landscape of Nubilus below the cloud cover, the family started to work out arrangements.
Six hours later an emergency beacon lit up marking a survivor not far from where the last known transmission from Densoric's glider was. With a child of Larent on the line a rescue party was sent out and recovered Densoric, the only survivor. Densoric's injures weren't lethal but nor were they pleasant. Densoric would continue to carry a scar on her brow, providing the only visible reminder of the crash.

As Densoric recovered and the citizens of Nubilus heard word of his status, 'Cloudfall' became a popular name for the recovering nobleman. Though some used it in a positive sense due to the luck or providence that spared the boy and others used it negatively due to how foolish or stupid one had to be to crash into the clouds. By the time Densoric fully recovered from his injuries however the popularity of 'Cloudfall' had ceased, though speculated for a time it might have become a byname for Densoric ultimately it was a fad that would never come into common use again. Though some rivals and friends of Densoric do refer to him as Cloudfall, at least those familiar with the story, at times whether to try and insult him or simply show respect it remains a rarely used name.

Serendipity's Reward
Surprisingly to everyone the beacon that guided the rescue party to Densoric also discovered the reason for the survival was a mountain peak that was just a few meters below to top of the cloud cover, and more it had titanium deposits. A new mine was established during Densoric's recuperation and in recognition of his survival and the discovery of a new mine, part of the profits of the mine would go directly to Densoric as a kind of 'finder's fee'. Densoric would use this new source of income well, saving up and even occasionally being given titanium ingots originating from 'his mine'. It is said by those in the know that the broach Densoric wears to the most formal occasions was made from titanium originating from his own mine, which he at least refers to as 'his'. He'd also used his later skills in economics to further improve his income from the mines.

Further Education

After recovering fully Densoric set off for the Academ, there he would further delve into political skills such as etiquette and administration, but also economics and some sciences. Four years later at the age of twenty-one Densoric graduated from the Academ with degrees in Geology, economics, administration, electronics, and etiquette. Though Desoric studied hard, as he realized his limitations in some subjects some classes were dropped to allow more focus to be placed on those he felt were more important.

Around his third year Densoric had showed enough skill in electronics he was assigned to tutor a fellow noble named Ella Rovehn. The two ended up getting along well and even shared a love of gardens which Densoric would spend some time with Ella in the gardens and courtyards around Landing when they were both between classes. For the most part their relationship remained on the level of tutor and student at first but progressed to friends by the time Densoric graduated.

A few 'extracurricular' activities though did get him in a bit of trouble at times, ultimately these boiled down to little more then harmless pranks and an outlet for stress. Densoric managed to get a bit sneaky as he would sneak into offices and dorms to play his pranks, also using a mix of his electronics skills and some tricks learned from his peers who were more inclined to cause trouble then pranks. Fortunately for Densoric these activities remained mostly unknown and the few times he was caught he got off with the preverbal slap on the wrist due to his status as a noble and also because no real harm was done by the pranks.

Developing more of an alertness to his surroundings between his studies, his upbringing, and especially the crash, Densoric was in a good position to take a more active role in the political scene. The young noble wasn't completely without his fun however. Having had an appreciation for beauty, both natural and art.
Densoric graduated from the Academ at the age of twenty-one with a Masters Degree in economics and electronics, and a Bachelors Degree in geology and Infospheres. He technically passed in history and chemistry but didn't earn a degree in either.


Since graduating Densoric continues to spend most of his time on Nubilus, but he has started to travel more, seeking connections with nobles and in certain cases, citizens as well. Overall despite a bit of a nobleman's typical arrogance and an extreme loyalty to his House, Densoric is for the most part approachable, social, and calm. Hard to insult or anger, easy to get talking to about the sciences or beauty in its various forms, whether he fully understands the topics or not, Densoric is also known to have never been betrothed nor has he been known to publicly date. Though whether he has secretly dated anyone could send the gossip mill chattering. Whatever the case Densoric is known to be single and on the market.

The Return of the Hostiles

When the Third System war begun little changed for Densoric initially. Originally just taking up the practice of wearing the sword his mother gave him when he was younger for self-defense… At least when the situation allowed. After Hostiles being studied broke free on the Ring and were put down, Densoric managed to gain access to some of their cybernetic components, or at least what was left and extracted what he could of their programing code with the intention of translating it some day. Unfortunately even when he brought in help from Lord Brigham Peake, there was just too little to use. Later he would have a suit of Protector Armor made for himself for added protection just in case.
With his research put on hold till more code could be gained, even if his research did reveal some results that would be interesting from the view of a philosophy debate. Though Densoric continues to rent a lab to keep the items stored till he can find further use for the lab.

With the founding of The Notice project, Densoric was among those to sign up, though not one of the more publicly known members, he has been given the position of Director of Infrastructure due to his skills, a position he has taken seriously and even personally does work personally to benefit the Project as opposed to those who simply pay contributions or administer but does no work personally. This has sparked a bit more of the charitable side of Densoric, but he mostly sticks to the sidelines and tries to avoid too much public association to his place in the Project beyond some of the more social events.



Standing at around six foot four inches, this clean-shaven young man has a bit of a distinguished look and though his body is a bit lean and not overly muscular or fit he isn't without a little toning. Possessing ice blue eyes and dark brown hair, some could consider him attractive where others not depending on one's preferences. The only blemish to be seen is a hair-thin and faded vertical scar that bisects his right eyebrow and continues a bit up the forehead. Densoric typically dresses in styles befitting the situation and is always dressed in the colors of his house.


Ambitious - Densoric is highly ambitious politically.
Logical - Densoric tends to jump to logical conclussions before anything else, whether the conclusion is correct or not. He also tends to be highly logical in his perspectives and discussions, also his advice and pursuits as well.
Politically Savvy - Densoric is heavily politically-minded, which has caused him to develop a heavy interest in politics, but also results in him focusing on political pursuits more then anything else.
Practical - Densoric is heavily practical-minded, if something has no practical benefit, it tends to be ignored. Practicality rules all the things Densoric does on an equal level to logic and all else is either governed by the mix of the logical and practical benefits or must have either a logical or practical benefit to even be considered.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Percival Lord Captain Percival Larent : My mother's brother, a bit too martial for my tastes but that isn't uncommon for those in the military after all. He might be a bit too much of a flirt with the younger generations, but at least he's largely respectable in his activities. Also he has complimented me before on my skills which is always good to hear.
Ancelina Lady Ancelina Rosaline Larent (née Cindravale) : My aunt by marriage, a likable enough individual and she treats me like her own which is always a welcome kindness.
Veryna Young Lady Sir Veryna Larent : We don't speak often but Veryna is my older cousin and the heir to our House so she has my respect at least.
Antaeus Lord Antaeus Larent : Younger male first cousin. At times like a little brother, others like a fool I wish to avoid association with. He has potential, but he doesn't take his place seriously enough in ways but who knows with the proper motivations that might change, and at least he's shown some signs of wanting to stop being a child and be a man… Even if I don't agree with all the methods, at least he's trying.
Ariana Lady Ariana Larent : My youngest first cousin and the one I enjoy spending time with most. She is intelligent, suitably politically minded, and is the closest thing I have to a sibling.
MUSH Name Lady Arith Gestatha Larent : My mother and the one that raised me. Despite the situation regarding my father she has persevered and is very much a confident and tough woman in her way. We may not always agree but she has done well at accepting my flaws and cultivating my talents. It is also she and my grandfather, Lord Kornel, I have to thank most for the fact I am even accepted as Larent.
Nefanwy Lady Nefanwy Leonnida (nee Larent) : My aunt by blood. We get along well enough considering my history, and its always good to have someone who seems to be my equal in politics and etiquette.

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs



Born of shame.
Unworthy life.
With tooth and nail.
Fire and drive.
I will rise.
With a word and a gesture.
I will climb.
Proper word and face.
Savage survivor.
I will rise.

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