Boris Kodjoe
Boris Kodjoe as Demos Osteros
Full Name: Demos Osteros
Byname: None
Age: 32
Planet: Inculta
Paramount: Orelle
House: Dalton
Title/Profession: Scholar/Journeymen
Position: Scholar Errant
Spouse: Sebryna Striker aka Roxy Rebel Height: 5'8"
Father: Silanus Osteros Weight: 175 lbs
Mother: Ulna Osteros Hair Color: Bald
Siblings: Unknown Eye Color: Hazel towards green
Children: None

Public Work
Image Unavailable
Sculpture Based on Sand Canyons of Inculta - cool passage way for daytime use, Detritus .. IRL: Antelope Canyon


Born on Inculta, Demos learns the craft of stone masonry at school. Later he qualifies for a Crown Scholarship to attend the Academ, where he studies geology vigorously. In his advanced studies he joins a research team on the Ring, to study the moons and the potential of other resourceful benefits of these planetary bodies. He is published in his field before he graduates to full Scholar and at such a time he does achieve this level, he leaves the Academ to become a Scholar Errant. Remaining on the ring, he continues to develop his work and associations with other Scholars and Scholar Errants. While a minor contribution, he is part of a team that helps decipher the meteor as being a ruse to hide the early arrival of the hostiles.

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He is neither well known nor relatively famous. However, he is a noted geologist and more predominantly in and around the Moons of Occulus, he is also of some noteworthiness in part due to his work as a stonemason and an artist.

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This is what makes him … well, him.

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Public Work by Demos (Garden of Light - Detritus) — I only added three strands of light, this is a real sculpture by James Turrell

Musical Inspiration

Image Unavailable
Natural Geological Wonder - RL: Kunming Shilin Stone Forest

On the Grid

Known Associates

Roxy Sebryna Roxanne Striker - Roxy Rebel : An interesting enigma, no desire to unravel as part of the mystery is the joy of it all. I continually find myself growing closer to her. I had given up the idea of finding someone like her at a younger age due to my studies, but she is changing what I have thought, even of myself. I want to give wholly with no demands on what I might get with her. I think there is no one but this one. She has removed any such desire, that is filled by her for me.
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Contradict - Inspired by Sebryna .. IRL: Robin Antar (wonderful stone sculptor)

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


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